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I’ll be watching Cesar Millan’s new show, Cesar 911

I’m a fan of Cesar Millan.

His original Dog Whisperer show was popular in 2007 when I adopted my dog Ace, and Millan’s “calm, assertive” methods really reinforced what already came natural to me.

His books and TV show really encouraged me to follow through with rules and consistent exercise for my young dog.

Millan is also a big reason why I started a dog running business. He helped me realize the importance of exercise for dogs, and how damaging it is for dogs when they have no outlet for their energy.

It’s strange to me how so many dog lovers consider Millan’s methods “harsh” or “controversial.” I think it’s very telling about where we are as a society.

Woman walking her black Lab mix

Calling Millan’s methods “abusive” is disrespectful to the dogs out there who truly are abused every day. We do not need to worry about a celebrity dog trainer’s clients. Good grief.

Millan is someone who has made an incredible difference in the world for thousands of dogs and their families. He has helped dogs keep their homes. He has helped restore the image of pitbull dogs. He has helped rehabilitate dogs that would’ve otherwise been killed.

How could I criticize that?

Millan has a new show out Friday March 7 called Cesar 911. It will air on Nat GEO Wild. Check your local listings for air time.

I plan to record and watch the first episode where Millan helps a black Lab mix that neighbors believe should be killed due to aggression. The trailer video is below.

How about you?

Are you a fan of Cesar Millan?

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