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When you love a cat

[frame src=”” target=”_self” width=”687″ height=”382″ alt=”My gray tabby cat Scout” align=”center” prettyphoto=”false”]
Scout is very special to me. My first cat, as well as the first pet I went out and adopted on my own as an “adult.”

I didn’t adopt him in the wisest way. A friend basically handed him over, said he needed a home. The last to go in an unplanned litter.

She knew I’d cave.

I did.

So Scout was a gift; Scout was free.

This is the story of how most of us end up with cats, I think. And we love them just the same.


Scout has traveled from apartment to apartment, these last nine years. He’s always consistent, always close by.

Still playful in middle age. Standoffish to others, but loving to me.

My little buddy.


Do you have a cat? What’s the story on how you adopted him or her?

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