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Oceangoing Labs

My oceangoing Lab

“The Labs canter, like mustangs on a prairie, right into the sometimes huge and powerful waves. Strong and fearless, they paddle out unhesitatingly toward their target, then return toting balls or sticks, sometimes a piece of driftwood. They emerge, shake off the water, and refocus, ready to take the plunge again and again. They don’t play with or even notice other dogs or people, their eager eyes fixed on their owners and masters, to see in which direction they’ll toss the prize.”

A Dog Year: Twelve months, four dogs, and me, by Jon Katz

Guys, this excerpt describes my ball-crazed mutt perfectly, and beautifully. I recently re-read A Dog Year (aff link) and I loved it just as much the second time.

I hope you all head out with your dogs for much-needed adventures this weekend. Have a wonderful time.


Thank you to Abby from the blog Doggerel for inspiring me to share some of my favorite writing.


Saturday 29th of November 2014

If there was a beach and an ocean we would be there. It was too cold or raining on the days we had to go to the dog beach in Florida this year, so we never got there. Now we are happily romping in the snow back home.

Lindsay Stordahl

Saturday 29th of November 2014

The snow is pretty fun too!