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Dog Paw Sponge – Affordable, Easy Way to Clean Muddy Paws

Use after walking your dog to keep floors clean

Note: This is a sponsored post. Read more to learn how to win a Paw Sponge for your dog.

My dog Ace and I got to try out a product called the Paw Sponge.

The Paw Sponge is perfect for muddy, spring days!

It is an actual sponge designed specifically for cleaning a dog’s paws. The sponge is soft and flexible and able to absorb water.

Boy do I wish I’d had a few of these on hand when I was a dog walker in Fargo, N.D.!

My clients’ dogs would get so muddy in the spring, and I had to try my best to wipe their paws with a towel before allowing them back in the house, often in homes with clean, white carpets!

It’s sometimes really tough to clean all the mud chunks from under a dog’s nails, and it’s even more challenging if the dog has long hair. Can some of you relate to this?!

Golden retrievers and springer spaniels come to mind! 🙂

The Dog Paw Sponge

More details on the Paw Sponge dog paw cleaner

Dog Paw sponge golden retriever

The Paw Sponge is not trying to compete with some of the more “complex” paw cleaners out there.

The point of the Paw Sponge is to have something very simple and affordable that you can always have on hand, and I love that about it.

To use the Paw Sponge, you just slide it over your dog’s paw. Then squeeze and rotate a bit to get any mud off the fur and nails.

I recommend having a paw sponge by the door when you return from walks on rainy, spring days. It would also be nice to have one on hand in your car for when you go hiking or to the beach with your dog.

Just look at this filthy mutt from our Easter beach outing last weekend!

He likes to roll in sand and gets it everywhere, and then we have to load him into the car afterwards.

He’s so disgusting! So yes, Paw Sponge comes in handy.

My dirty mutt Ace

The Paw Sponge can be used for drying wet paws. Or, you can add a bit of water for when you’re trying to clean off mud, sand and other filth! (Hopefully not poop, but let’s be honest, I know what happens to Midwestern yards when all the snow melts! I call it “poop soup!”)

Paw Sponge logo

I was surprised to read on the Paw Sponge web site that you should be able to use each sponge at least 100 times!

I asked if this is really true, and according to Paw Sponge they have done several tests with more than 100 uses every time before the interior of the sponge started to fray.

The only thing that might ruin it faster is if your dog’s nails are too long. Or, if you order a size that is too small.

The sponges currently come in two sizes:

  • Regular (4″ length)
  • Large (5″ length)

The large is just barely big enough for my 70-pound dog’s paws, so I definitely recommend the large size for most dogs.

Due to lots of requests, the company said it is also working on an XL – “ginormous” size that should be available by mid-summer.

The Paw Sponge is a low-cost, simple way to clean your dog’s muddy paws. It says on its web site that it is not trying to compete with other, more complex paw cleaners out there. Having tried some of those other products, I really like the Paw Sponge for its simplicity.

Still, I do want to point out:

  • The current sizes are too small for dogs over 80 pounds or so. (There will be a larger size soon.
  • You may need to buy at least two sponges so you can wash all four paws without rinsing the sponge, especially if you have multiple dogs!

Ordering information for Paw Sponge

If you would like to go ahead and order a Paw Sponge for your dog, you can do so HERE.

Orders are taken through PayPal, and shipping is included in the price.

The company is located is California and I’ve had a positive experience working with them.

Paw Sponge size regular and large

How do you wipe up muddy paws? Do you think a Paw Sponge would help your dog?

Miss Cellany

Tuesday 26th of January 2016

I used to buy doggie wipes and kitchen paper (the really strong stuff) for wiping mud / sand off on walks. I used a wet flannel to clean his feet when we got back to the house EVERY time we came into the house, not just when he'd walked through mud but even if he'd just walked on the pavement (I don't wear shoes in my house so the dog's feet needed to be clean too or all the street dirt would be walked in). Never thought to use a sponge but it's a damn good idea. Only problem with it is on walks you'd need to bring water along for effective cleaning (but I suppose you'd normally bring water out for your dog to drink anyway, though you'd probably use a lot rinsing the sponge out between paws).


Monday 19th of October 2015

I tried a sponge before and it made my hands a mess and still dripped on the floor when wet, just squeeze a wet sponge and see what happens. Looks good and cheap but not a good solution. I've tried others too, they use water filled containers, when the paw is removed the paws are wet and you still need a towel. I have tried the big dog door mats also but my dogs just step over or only one or two paws land on it and still leave paws wet and muddy. There must be a better solution.

Kim M

Monday 13th of April 2015

I have a muddy yard so this would be very helpful. I love to try this for sure for my pugs.


Saturday 11th of April 2015

We have two very active German Shepherds and lots of mud now that the snow has melted in eastern Pennsylvania. The Paw Sponge looks so much more effective and convenient (not to mention more attractive) than and our old frayed and tattered bath towels. Jazz and Zoe would be delighted to try Paw Sponges (and so would I).


Saturday 11th of April 2015

I have something similar already so no need to enter me. I just wanted to say how helpful something like this is, especially now with April Showers! One drawback, though, is Maya and Pierson are less excited about coming inside because they really don't look forward to me messing with their paws. They let me do it, but the look on their faces is pathetic. :)