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Petra Pets Natural Dog Chews – Beef Tendons, Pig Ears #Giveaway

Note: I partnered with Petra Pets to bring you this post.

You have the chance to win a package of natural chews for your dog. Just leave a comment below to enter.

Petra Products is dedicated to offering all-natural, eco friendly and affordable products for pets and people, according to its Facebook page.

Some of the products available through Petra Pets include natural chews for dogs such as pig ear slices, elk antlers and beef tendons.

My dog Ace has been sampling the pig ear slices and the tiny beef tendons this month, and he of course thinks they’re a-ma-zing!

Make sure to leave a comment below to enter our giveaway.

More about Petra Products

Petra is owned by Kathi Runnels and Michael Close. The company is located in Central Oregon.

Petra Pets logo

Not only does Petra offer natural pet products, but it also offers products for people such as organic laundry kits made with USDA-certified organic soap nuts.

Soap nuts can be used as an all-natural, one-ingredient laundry detergent, according to Petra. I’m really interested in this because we currently use no soap at all to do our laundry because of allergies to all detergents.

Soap nuts are a potential solution to those with allergies, and that goes for pets too! Some pet owners forget dogs and cats can also be allergic to dyes and fragrances, even in natural products.

Soap Nuts Petra

According to Petra, soap nuts are:


  • Hypoallergenic and non-toxic. “There is nothing to react to!”
  • All Natural, 100% organic, no chemicals, no additives.
  • Can be used to wash dog bedding.


Click here to order soap nuts on Amazon.

More about the pet products from Petra

Petra Pets offers a variety of natural chews for dogs such as pig ear strips, tiny beef tendons and elk antlers.

Since Ace got to try the pig ear strips and the tiny beef tendons, those are the two products I will focus on.

Pig ear slices PetraPig ear strips from Petra Pets

The pig ear strips from Petra Pets are made in the United States with U.S. pork, according to Petra.

They come in a package of 12 strips.

According to Petra, the pig ears are:


  • All-natural and high in protein.
  • Good for the dog’s oral health by knocking down plaque and tarter on the teeth.
  • Good for dogs of all sizes, even puppies.


My only problem with these chews? They’re small and will last a whole 30 seconds for bigger dogs like Ace!

Click here to order on Amazon for $14.95.

Tiny beef tendons

What I love about the tiny beef tendons is you can order bundles of 10, 20, 50 or 100 and save money the more you buy.

I’m all about buying in larger quantities once you find something that works for your dog.

According to Petra, the tiny beef tendons are made from free-range, grass-fed, South American cattle. The tendons are oven baked with no preservatives or additives.

beef tendons

The tiny beef tendons are not too small for larger dogs like Ace. I just make sure to supervise so he doesn’t try to swallow them, but we should supervise our dogs with any type of chew anyway.

I like that it takes Ace a few minutes to eat one of these beef tendons. He has to take his time and actually chew, which is healthy for his teeth and gums.

I know I don’t provide my dog with enough opportunities to chew, so these are a good option.

Order a package of 25 beef tendons on Amazon for $19.95. Click here.

Beef Tendons from Petra Pets

Giveaway – Win natural chews for your dog

Petra is giving away a package of tendons and a package of pigs ears to two lucky readers of That Mutt. Each winner will receive both products!

To enter, just leave a comment below to indicate your pup wants in on the drawing.

*Congrats M.A. Kropp & Faith Collins!

I’ll choose two winners at random on Wednesday July 22. *Must have a mailing address in the contiguous United States to enter.* If you live in Alaska or Hawaii, you could still enter and have the treats mailed to a friend.

Ace with beef tendon

Would your dog like to try these chews?

Let me know in the comments!

For more info, visit

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Tina Moore

Sunday 17th of July 2022

I would love to try the beef tendos. My girl cab down a large bully in no time and I would love to try something new. :)

Sarah D. and Tonya Dog

Wednesday 22nd of July 2015

My dog, Tonya, would like to be an entrant!

Faith Collins

Tuesday 21st of July 2015

I've been looking for a safe, yummy alternative to rawhide. Bowser loves to chew and definitely wants in on this!


Tuesday 21st of July 2015

Tucker would love this, please count us in for the giveaway!

Daniel Scott

Saturday 18th of July 2015

Our rescue dogs, Kouga and Artie have been so good this year. Artie has been helping my wife evaluate the dogs that come into the local rescue group. Kouga is 10 now and he has retired from therapy dog work. I would love to win.