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UV Flashlight From RAVPower – Get Rid of Pet Stains #Giveaway

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Note: I’ve partnered with RAVPower to bring you this review and giveaway.

Leave a comment below to enter my giveaway for a FREE UV flashlight + external battery charger from RAVPower. Click here.

We all know pets are disgusting. I mean, they just are!

I got to try the LED UV Flashlight from RAVPower, and – as suspected – I realized my carpets are spotted with numerous stains from my pets.

When you live with cats and dogs, it’s handy to have a UV flashlight so you know exactly where to clean after you thought you cleaned everything … and didn’t.

Sigh …

You may not think you need a UV light to locate stains, but trust me, you do. (Unless you’d rather just not know!)

More about the UV Light and External Battery Charger from RAVPower

This is a pocket, 2-in-1 device so it’s both a:


  • UV Light and
  • portable phone charger/external battery pack.


The UV flashlight can be used to spot stains our pets leave on the carpet, floors, furniture or walls that may not be visible otherwise (but still cause an odor).

UV light RAVPower

The 3200mAh external charger/battery can be used to charge your phone or other device. I use it to charge my Android.

The product uses “iSmart” technology that automatically detects and delivers the optimal charging current, according to RAVPower.

RAVPower external battery

The RAVPower UV flashlight/portable charger is currently on sale on Amazon for $19.99 (normally $29.99). Click here. Use coupon code THATMUT1 to save an additional 25% off at checkout.

Who really needs a UV light + external charger combo?

Yes, it does seem like an odd combo!

But when you think about it, they’re both useful tools to have on hand.

RAVPower external batteryI picture using this product while traveling.

You know, when you’re staying at a hotel and don’t want to bother searching for another outlet to charge your phone? (Because seriously, there’s never enough outlets.)

Instead, you could just use your external charger.

And going with the travel theme, you could also use the UV light to inspect your hotel room, but some things are just better left unseen! 🙂

What I like about the RAVPower UV flashlight

I like that the product is slim and sleek, so it’s easy to throw in a purse or even a pocket. It’s lightweight, and according to RAVPower, the actual dimensions are 3.8” x 1.2” x .9”.

The UV light is powerful, and it easily showed me where all of my pets’ (many) stains were. The product is well made and doesn’t “rattle” like some cheaper products do. I suspect it will last a long time.

[quote_center]The UV light is powerful, and it easily showed me where all of my pets’ many stains were.[/quote_center]

RAVPower UV light for pet stains

Pet owners who could benefit the most

A UV light can be helpful for anyone with pets (or let’s face it, kids too!). I especially think it could be helpful for finding “hidden” odors from:


  • Puppies in training
  • Temporary foster dogs or foster cats (Been there!)
  • Visiting animals if you do a lot of pet sitting
  • Dogs or cats that tend to “mark” in the house
  • All CATS, because cats are the worst!


Unfortunately, after using the UV light I am now aware I have quite a few pet stains on my carpets! Good thing I also have a couple of stain/odor removers on hand.

Giveaway – Win a free UV flashlight/external battery pack from RAVPower

Want to win one of these little guys?

Just leave a comment below to indicate you want in on the drawing.

RAVPower external battery pack

I’ll choose one winner at random on Thursday July 30. Must have a U.S. mailing address to win.

*Congrats to the blog winner, Patty T. and the newsletter winner, Kari F.!

That Mutt’s newsletter subscribers will have an additional opportunity to win in a second giveaway. If you’re not signed up for my newsletter, you can do so with the form below. Subscribers receive an email from me about once per week with dog training tips and more.

Ordering information + coupon code

If you’d like to go ahead and order the RAVPower light + charger, it’s currently on sale for $19.99 on Amazon. Order here. (Normally $29.99.)

You can also use promo code THATMUT1 at checkout to save an additional 25% now through Aug. 5. (It’s for the model I reviewed, which is the RV-PB28.)

Would you like to try this product? Which one of your pets is the guilty one?

Let me know in the comments!

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Wednesday 29th of July 2015

my dogs were reading ThisMutt and were trying to cover the screen - I came from shower and told them to move aside and then I saw this giveaway - they begged me not to enter - but I told them it was not to punish them - just to keep apt clean lol

Lindsay Stordahl

Wednesday 29th of July 2015


Patty T

Tuesday 28th of July 2015

I'm a little scared on what I might find with this, but I am interested in winning. Between my current and past dogs, and visiting dogs, there is no telling who the culprit has been!

Tammy Onufreiczuk

Tuesday 28th of July 2015

Please enter me in the UV flashlight giveaway. Thanks!


Tuesday 28th of July 2015

Sign me up

Faith Collins

Monday 27th of July 2015

This is terrifying and gross but I'd be using that thing alllll the time! We want in! Thanks for the awesome giveaway opportunity!

Lindsay Stordahl

Monday 27th of July 2015

Haha, I hear ya! :)