MIU PET Multi Functional Pet Shower Review

MIU Pet shower review

Note: That Mutt and MIU PET have partnered to bring you this review.

I have a big 70-pound mutt named Ace.

I bathe him at home because it saves me some money compared to going to a professional groomer (roughly $55 for a bath/brush and nails).

However, I think you can all relate to my struggle of trying to bathe my dog myself!

So … I’m either filling up the tub, doing my best to get the top of my dog’s back wet by pouring water over him with a bucket. Then I lather him up, wait 10 minutes for the tub to drain … only to fill it back up to try to rinse him! Takes forever!

OR … I just say to hell with it and jump in the shower naked with my dog! This is super embarrassing, but believe me it’s just easier sometimes!

Not exactly ideal.

And then of course there’s the option of washing the dog outside with the hose, but then you’re dealing with seriously COLD water.

So what’s the solution?

How about a pet shower tool that attaches right to your sink faucet or shower?

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MIU PET shower review

MIU PET Shower Review:

I highly recommend this product if you bathe your dog at home. It makes doggy bath time so much easier! And it’s worth it for the price, just $21.99 on Amazon.

To use the pet shower, you simply attach it in your actual shower or to a sink faucet (if you have a small dog). The product makes it easy to rinse and lather your dog, and it has a quick on/off toggle for both convenience and saving water.

It also dispenses shampoo, allowing you to rinse and lather your dog with one hand while you pet or hold him still with the other. You determine when to use shampoo with a push of a button. You just fill it up ahead of time with your desired shampoo.

Some of the pet shower’s key functions:

  • Multi-functional for rinsing, lathering and massaging the coat
  • Compatible with most shower heads, sink faucets or outdoor use (comes with multiple adapters to fit most faucets)
  • Ergonomically designed for easy grip and comfort
  • Easy to install (I did it!)
  • Allows you to bathe your dog with one hand while you hold him or pet him with the other

Order the Pet Shower on Amazon

MIU PET pet shower

What I like about the pet shower from MIU PET:

  • Fits almost any faucet and comes with adapters, and it’s easy to install.
  • Works for big or small dogs (or cats).
  • Great product for a great price, just $21.99 on Amazon.
  • It’s easy to add shampoo so your dog’s coat gets a nice lather.

As you can see, poor Ace is thrilled to have a bath! 🙂

Ace using the MIU Pet Shower

What’s not so good about this pet shower:

  • The on/off toggle for turning the water on/off didn’t work as smoothly as I’d prefer. It’s slightly tricky and sticks (although, not a big deal).

Important things to know about this pet shower:

Diverter for pet showerFirst, if you plan to install the pet shower in your shower, it’s helpful to have a diverter (not sold through MIU PET). That way you don’t have to remove the actual shower head every time you want to bathe your dog.

We just happened to have a diverter installed already because we used to have a small washing machine hooked up through the shower. Score!

Second, the hose is a great length at 7 feet and 7 inches.

Consider the pet shower tool if:

1. You’re already bathing your dog at home and need an easy way to get his coat properly rinsed.

2. You have a dog that tends to get muddy paws and you need an easy way to rinse him in the tub.

3. You’re sick of filling up the tub for your dog’s baths and using a bucket to pour water over him!

4. You need an easy way to bathe your dog at home between professional groomings.

Order the MIU PET Pet Shower on Amazon

Ace getting a bath with MIU Pet Shower

Does your dog have a shedding problem?

Don’t forget about the MIU Pet deshedding brush I reviewed earlier this year.

If you brush your dog before bathing him, there’ll be less fur to clean up and less fur clogging your drains!

Order the deshedding brush here – $13.99

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Would you use the MIU PET shower?

Let me know in the comments below.

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Ace with the MIU PET shower

187 thoughts on “MIU PET Multi Functional Pet Shower Review”

  1. Jenelle Cantrelle

    I have gone to the 4 hardware stores here in town looking for this type of tool and here it us in my email. Happy footstompin’ day!

  2. Both of my dogs run on beach at night but there is skunk population – both have been skunked in last week – this product would have been really useful to wash them from the sand and smell!

  3. This would be great, we have three dogs and bathe them all at home because it is easier. Right now we are using pitchers of water to get them wet.

  4. Wow that is really awesome! My younger dog can get pretty messy and it would be so much easier to be able to bathe him using something like that!

  5. Sharon Kennedy

    I use the shower, but it’s still hard to get their tummy! This looks like it would be super helpful. I do think they should consider making a longer one.

  6. Robert Keenan

    This looks like a great way to make bath time easier. Lately we have been going to BYOD Spa where the sinks and facilities are a lot easier to work with than those at home. When we bathe do Murphy at home, it usually takes longer to clean up the bathroom than it does to give him his bath, Any products in the pipeline to keep my pup from jumping out of the tub and shaking water all over the floor, walls, ceiling and his guardian? Really enjoy the blog. Pet those pups for us.

  7. I have a bad back and this would make giving my dog a bath so much easier for her and myself. Nakita loves playing in the hose but hates her bath. I really feel that if there was an easier way to bathe her, she would enjoy it so much more. I love your Blog.

  8. Agree with Robert about post-bath cleanup taking longer than the actual bath. Indoor tub during winter months then parked in front of the woodstove on a dozen towels. Our cheat: we call Morgan, a strapping 19yo who LOVES our two 70-pound Girls, and who bathes them as gently as kittens. This shower attachment would be so awesome, better than pitchers, yeah.

  9. terrii bollin

    This would be awesome to win. I have a 154lb Bullmastiff that hates to take a bath. It’s so hard because I have a old claw foot tub ad it’s hard to bath him. It’s to expensive to take him to a groomer so I would love to win this.

  10. This would be great for my little bichon frise Pebbles. She doesn’t really like baths and she’s getting older and this looks like it would be more relaxing for her.

  11. Count me in, I rescued an abused gGreyhound 4 weeks ago & my bad, I did not realize how much fun it could running in the muddy yard in the rain. I have many physical limitations, Well he did not want to go into the shower with or without me, needless to say I lost & he won!!! I had to bend &’use warm wash cloths to wipe him down from head to tail! Now when it rains we go out on leash

  12. Washing my big dog is a two person job, leaving all three of us soaked and bent out of shape We would love to have a product like this to eliminate the numerous pitchers, cups, and bottles floating around! Thanks for featuring this product!!

  13. Oh my, I’m that person that just has to get in the shower with my dog and as she’s become full grown (now about a year and 4 months old), it’s getting to be so difficult! That product would be a life saver! 🙂

  14. Since Ace is an older dog you might be having the same issues I’m having. How do you get them in and out of the tub for their bath when they’re old and arthritic? Mine use to be able to just jump into the tub. Tip doesn’t like being picked up but can no longer jump.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Yes, he carefully steps in right now but it is getting difficult. He usually puts his front paws in, steadys himself and then back legs in. He seems to need to know the depth of the water so being consistent helps. I don’t lift him. It makes him even more uncomfortable.

  15. Tracia Birdsell

    Would absolutely love this for my bison/shitzu Lexi Lou! She hates baths and even more so by groomers. The often refuse to bath her…. I seem to be the only one she will allow to bathe her and even then I need help as she gets very anxious. Anything that would help with this experience would be most graciously welcome!

  16. Cathy Witthoeft

    Great idea – your article re mess, too much haur waiting etc. all too familiar. I take Wally to dogwash but stress being chained, always other pets etc. and cost not always worth it! Blueberry facial nice and no mess at home. Would love to win and have free hand to hold him 90 lbs black lab. Love your articles and ideas/tips, and Ace news! Thanks Lindsay.

  17. This would make bath time with my pup so much easier! During her last bath she did so well, until jumping out of the tub roughly 1/2 way through. The process then turned into a game of wet dog tag around the living room. Bath time is not her favorite thing.

  18. It is almost impossible to bathe my dogs. One is too big, the other is small and squirmy!!! This specialized shower-head would be extremely helpful!!

  19. Nice, but I don’t like washing my dogs in our home tub because their hair clogs the tub. I either wash them outside or take them to a self-washing place where they provide the tubs, towels, shampoo, and other grooming supplies but I do the work.

  20. I gave our new puppy her first home bath 2 weeks ago, usually I take her to be groomed. But with the melting snow, and a muddy backyard until the grass grows again, she was a mess after playtime and her walk. It would definitely help to have a tool like this! It’s so inconvenient using a pail to rinse her – I get as wet as she does! She does well, but kneeling on the floor and getting up and down to fill the pail isn’t easy for me at my age 🙂

  21. We don’t have a tub, only a shower with a seat. Thank God the shower head is on a long hose. But my Maggie Mae HATES showers and hoses!! She will swim all day in the river near our house but pee everywhere when my Hubby picks her up to put her in the shower with me. LOL I thought I was the only one who showered naked with my dog. Not as embarrassing now. I almost have to tie her to the handle in the shower to keep her from escaping. Thanks for letting me know I’m not alone!!!

  22. Great idea!! It will make bathing my pooches SO much easier! ALso good idea about jumping into the shower with them. You get wet anyways….

  23. We have a detachable shower head. We made sure we got an extra long one so I could wash my hair over the tub & for pup Simon. Works great.

  24. Thanks for sharing! I also read the reviews on Amazon. Someone said “No control over water pressure.” I didn’t find anywhere you mentioned. Is it a real problem or a potential issue?

    By the way, I hope I am one of the winner, thanks!

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Yes, I can see why they said that. There is a bit of pressure when you first toggle it on, and there is only one setting – no “high” or “low” for how much water comes out. I think it would be fine for most dogs though, unless you have one that really startles very easily.

  25. Omg I didn’t know you could buy these! I have a 60lb basset hound who doesn’t exactly enjoy baths. The only way I can do it myself (as opposed to a groomer) is to get in the bathtub/shower with her and lock her in between my legs which means we both get soaked! I’m just glad there’s no videos the comical mess lol!

  26. I have been coveting this for a while now. My Beagle has been seriously itchy, been to the vet 4 times, tried antibiotics, anti itch sprays, doggie benadryl, tried the food allergy test, clean everything in site and there is no help to end the itching. She has been in a cone intermittently for 8 months. This is no way to live. If I take the cone off she bites and scratches until she bleeds and scars and it starts the cycle over again. After much research and new studies she seems to have barrier defect, and the only thing that helps is medicated baths-1-2 times per week and a leave in conditoner spray. So I am just now tackling this and she is a nightmare to bathe. I paid over $400 in 4 baths at the vet and groomer recently and have to do it myself now for awhile and Lordie this would make it so much easier! Thanks for posting about this.

  27. I bathe my dogs at home because I have 5 collies and could not afford to go to groomers. I usually have to bathe in the bathtub because the weather doesn’t always cooperate to bathe outside, even though I have a standing tub to use outside. I’m think the MIU Pet shower would make life a lot easier.

  28. Our loving companion Lincon is a 120 pound American Bulldog, who is an absolute spaz about getting a bath. Unfortunately he smells more often then he doesn’t because of this. We can’t take him to a groomer, because they refuse to handle him, and he wont get in the tub. We usually fill up warm soapy buckets and bathe him outside in the summer, but we do have a walk in shower, so a product like this may work well. Thanks for the chance to win.

  29. Nancy Pumphrey

    I have a hand held shower and use it for both our 100 lb. Rhodesian and 70 lb. Rhodesian mix. It works great. In the summer when it’s hot I connect the hose to my service sink in the garage and can get warm water. I wash them on the front lawn. Here in California, that’s a way to conserve water.
    A trick when you’re using the hand held shower is to also have a bucket in the shower. When you’re using two hands to scrub, set the shower head in the bucket to keep it from snaking around. You can also use the water in the bucket to help you rinse.

  30. Bathing my two dogs is a pain. I usually end up dripping wet and water all over floor. This new product sounds like a winner, finally my dogs would get a quality bath! :0)

  31. Addrienne mertens

    We only have a shower stall for our doggy bathing. Hafta put a gate up in the shower doorway to keep German shepards in.. 2 of them . We have a cheap hand held sprayer we change out for showers. This unit looks so much better! Has on off toggle and different sprays! I might just get one if im not picked. Thanx for the review. My lill yorkie i wash in the sink. Just had a sprayer installed. Thank you!

  32. this would be so great for bathing our puppy charlie. right now we have to use a cup! this would be make it 100x easier!

  33. I think this would simplify things a lot. It’s not a terribly difficult job now, but it could certainly be improved!

  34. Thank you for your review! Like this product, every time bath my dog would make me in a mess, Maybe this could help me a lot.

  35. my parents put in a walk in shower so now they dont have to lift the fat bassets up but i think a movable shower head would be better for everyone’s backs

  36. Sandy Weinstein

    yes i have a big wash basin in the laundry room. i put a slip proof rubber matt in it to keep the girls from slipping. i would love this. my girls hate baths though.

  37. trying to bathe my mom’s shephard is near impossible in the tub! to keep her still while lathering and rinsing… and we can never reach the underbelly!!

  38. We have two dogs, bathtime isn’t to bad, but this would make things a lot easier. Our daughter struggles to bathe the dogs, so I know this would be a blessing for me!

  39. I would love to win this. We are just about to move into a house with a bathtub that I would be able to bathe my dog Sandy in and I would really be able to use this pet shower.

  40. It’s really hard for my parents and i, my folks are in their 70s and I just don’t have a lot of time. So he just goes to the creek and jumps in, that’s his bath. he smells worse then before tho. it doesn’t help

  41. It’s not to bad showering my dog. I have a well behaved 60# female Boxer and we shower together naked as well. It is definitely easier. I would love to win this for her and I both, It would be easier yet.

  42. my dog HATES any type of water period…. so you can jus imagine how fun bath time is for me UGH! it is a process that neither of us like so if I had a pet shower and didn’t have to have him standing in water.

  43. With three, big, furry goldens who love mud, muddy water, deer poop, mud, dead things, mud, etc. bathing regularly at home is a must. This pet shower looks like something I should have tried a long time ago, instead of the one I use which has a small, plastic head on it that pops off on a regular basis.

  44. kathy pickering

    i love our puppies lucy and roscoe males bath time a chore plus hard in winter in nothern new mexico

  45. I really need this for our puppy Lucy. Its really difficult to give her a bath when she starts jumping and tying to get out of the bath tub. I would like to win one.

  46. OMGosh, how perfect this would be for bathing our German Shepherd, who HATES a bath. As soon as we call his name (Rambo) and walk toward the bathroom, he’s running the other direction!! He tries so hard to put the breaks on while we drag him into the bathroom…it’s pretty comical. Maybe the MIU PET Shower would help him enjoy his bath time better!!

  47. My dog Buster is getting harder to bathe. He is scared of the bath so having an adjustable dog shower (head) would be great and not quite so scary and traumatic for him or Mommy!!

  48. This would be soooo awesome for my Collie! He HATES getting a bath. We’ve tried doing it outside in the summer but he runs off. In the bathtub, he shakes and gets water everywhere! The groomer is quite pricey and with 4 kids, it’s also out of the question unless it’s completely necessary. So please consider me for this. It would make bathing soooo much easier!

  49. Mine has never liked a bath even as a pup! Trying to wash him and keep him from jumping out and making a huge mess is a chore–usually I get a bath as well or have to get in there too so it’s easier! ha

  50. We have two medium-sized dogs that are difficult to bathe. They are terrier-mixes and do not like to swim or bathe. It’s always a wrestling match.

  51. I have a Goldendoodle named Lucy. She is so BIG, beautiful and has long beautiful hair. She is actually really good when I bathe her. It is difficult to get all of her hair wet, it takes forever. Then its even more difficult to get the shampoo out of her hair. I feel bad because it takes me so long. She is always so good though. Love her to pieces!

  52. Barbara Portwood


  53. Monica McCarthy

    I have 3 dogs, one large and two small. My large one I have to bathe outside and he runs when he sees me get the hose. My terrier lets me bathe him in the sink but he tries to climb out and shakes. My chihuahua hates baths the most and is very difficult to bathe.

  54. Catharine Riehl

    My biggest problem with doggy bath time is the back pain I get from bending over the sink while I try to shampoo them. The Miu Pet Shower would give me more control.

  55. Beth Ann Fowler

    I have six dogs and not all are bathed on the same day. I am constantly giving baths based in dirt level, hair length and who rolled in the stray cat poop. So, YES! My back and I would love to use the MIU Pet Shower!

  56. LaTonya Atkinson

    Yes I would definitely use it. I hope that it would make bath time easier. I have to fight my dog every bath time.

  57. Kimberly Ceccoli

    Oh my, what a great idea. I have one that just loves the water (of course she is a lab) and then I have another who just hides in the corner shaking when she sees the hose. And then it’s such a chore to get the shampoo on her (or should I say keep most of it off me).

  58. Jaime Cummings

    We have three dogs so it’s a real pain. One runs out while the other is shaking soap everywhere. Lol.

  59. Michelle Schultz

    This would make bath time much quicker and easier for our cat Cali who is 16 years old and scratches us during her baths.

  60. May Lynn Mahler

    I’d love to win one of these MIU Pet Showers! Boy would it help my back oye ve! My teeny little silky and yorkie are no taller than a June bug so this would help get them the spa treatment they deserve!!! thanks for the chance 😉

  61. We have five rescues- two big dogs with long hair and one medium, two small… bath time is a night -mare! By the time I get to the second dog, my back hurts from hefting the pitcher of water for rinsing! I usually end up having to break it up into different weeks which means I am ALWAYS washing a dog, every week! I tried but couldn’t find a sprayer to go on our tub nozzle, and never could find one- and our shower is smallish, so I couldn’t fit in there with the dog. If I won this, I could wash them all one right after the other!

  62. My dog is timid and afraid of everything, this gadget here would help me so much! I could spray my dog in the tub without me getting a bath with my dog LOL

  63. Lauren Peterson

    It’s fairly difficult, because of the way our bathroom is laid out. It’s small anyway, and has sliding doors. To lean over the part near the faucet, squishes me between the shower door and sink. To be honest, I usually just climb into the shower with Waffle. Much easier 🙂

  64. My dog runs when she even sees the hose. I have to get a cup and warm bucket of water to try to give her a bath. It is a struggle every time. I get a bath also because the water goes everywhere. This would help so much.

  65. My dog really battles a bath in my laundry sink. I think this would be a big help. I could out it in the shower with me. Awesome!

  66. I have 3 dogs. @ are smaller and i have to bathe them in the sink. This is no easy task. When we finished not only have they had a bath, I have had one and the floor has had one. My other dog is 55 lbs. and huge. Tried to give him one in the tub…major disaster!!! I could really use this for all of them!

  67. Laura Harrison

    I, too, give our dog a bath at home. The thick coat of a mini Aussie makes it difficult to rinse real well with the bucket method. Currently, all we have is a coffee can to rinse with. I would love to have this.

  68. It is tough, we have a different pet shower currently that is worn, when you try to plug it in, you aren’t quite sure, until the water comes on and the pressure soaks your entire bathroom! These are a plus for the dogs when they are working though!

  69. It will really help clean Bear my daughter’s large dog. This will make her life easier and helps me with a great birthday gift.

  70. I have a huge rottweiler and she is difficult sometimes to bsth, this would be awesome to have, it would make both our lives so much easier.

  71. Barbara Portwood

    little happy dogs–no big problem to give a bath–but our big ones–a disaster. this would really help.

  72. I have 2 dogs- a Doberman and a Pit-mix (stray rescue). It’s impossible to bathe either of them in the tub because they try to jump out (creating a GIANT sized mess) if I look away for a second and we don’t have a flexible shower head. So, I LITERALLY have to shower with them (at two separate times of course). I stick them in the stand up shower and lock them in with the sliding doors. Poor things stand with their noses in the corner. I wish bath time was more enjoyable for them.

  73. I have a yorkie and the constant bending of the tub is getting really old. he is so small I always afraid of having too much water and him hurting himself in the huge tub.

  74. This would be a great way to wash my husky mailmute dog/ horse and save me a trip from the local dog wash! Would love to win!

  75. This would be SO ideal for our small Maltese, Neo! The force of the faucet scares him but it’s impossible to get fresh water to wash him off without it!

  76. What a fantastic invention! I’d love to win this for my elderly dog. It would be so much easier to wash him with! Plus, I am sure he’d enjoy the massage effect of the shower head. 🙂

  77. Elizabeth Marcheschi

    I have three (3) 90-pound dogs and I am not big. Bathing them is like wrestling a furry, uncapped fire hydrant and trying not to get soaked.

  78. Our white dog could actually look that color with this! Reasonably priced, but of course winning one would be better. I like the review – which included both the good and the bad.

  79. This pet shower would be such a great help with bathing our pug, Bella. Currently, we are using a plastic cup to rinse her off in the bath tub and it’s time consuming and is hard to rinse off her belly.

  80. Candace Galan-Calderon

    This would make it so much easier to bathe my dog, right now I have to use a cup to rinse him off!

  81. This would be so great as it is hard to accommodate our dog under the faucet of the tub. We have one yorkie who does ok under the faucet another one who keeps trying to jump out and since I can’t move the faucet around with her it makes it hard and then we have a husky who we can’t even give a bath to in the tub because she doesn’t fit under the water spout!

  82. It’s very difficult to bathe my dog, she’s a medium sized dog so that makes it easier but I live in a camper with a tiny shower/bath combo, not really room in the tub or bathroom for bathing her.

  83. Bathing LokiBear is like trying to wrestle with an Octopus. This MIU PET shower really looks like it would immensely in keeping LokiBear clean, and help me to win the wrestling match

  84. I have 2 dogs, a Boston Terrier and a Rat Terrier. They both love baths. I would love to use the pet shower because it hurts my back to hunch down and bathe them in the bathtub. Thank you!

  85. We have 3 dogs and it is so difficult to bathe each one. Our Pru is a long haired mixture and does not like to be bathed at all. Our Zeus is a black lab and very large. so it takes forever to completely bathe her. Our Rusty is a beagle and when we begin he starts to bark as if he is telling us what he thinks of us!

  86. Gabrielle Tyson

    This is a really cool and simple product! I need this in my life, because I am guilty of jumping in the shower naked to bathe my dogs too. LOL I am glad you admitted it…I was beginning to think I was the only weirdo that does this. My two dogs are both very large, so it’s usually easier that way.

  87. That looks ideal for giving my dogs a bath! My larger dog is nearly impossible to get completely rinsed off in the bathtub with just a cup.

  88. I would definitely use this. I think my Labrador Retriever, Harry, is the only Black Lab that hates the water. If I get him in the tub though, with a nice spray like this, I could be done in half the stime!

  89. My dog is such a challenge to bathe that she hasn’t had a proper bath in years! Luckily she loves snow and rain and I get to bathe her in a storm…sigh. This would be such a better solution!

  90. OMG…..! JT would just love having his own pet shower . He soul look mommy ( me) in my eyes saying ( Thank You ) so much for not putting me in that big swimming pool that I hear you and Daddy call bath tub…!
    WOW….! My Mommy Rocks

  91. Denise Ouellette

    This would make my life easier in the tub, my frenchy doesn’t like water near her ears so I have to take forever using a pitcher

  92. This would make bathing my collie so much easier. Socks could get bathed more frequently with one of these.

  93. I would love to use this for my dog Hank. My cat Spunkie might even like it. I have a Cain Corso and he is a really big dog and it`s hard to give him a good bath in the tub.

  94. I don’t have a correct-sized sink to wash my dog so I have done the jump-in-the-shower-with-your-dog thing. He hates it; I think because he is not good at protecting his eyes from water coming from above like that. Usually I take him to a service where you can wash your own dog and that works pretty well. It would be nice to have the option of washing him at home some of the time.

  95. I tell my dog to sit in the tub he is a 120 pounds and he shakes and shakes the water and will not sit needless to say I also get a bath when he gets one.
    swagnerd1981 at gmail.com

  96. Bath time is the pits. Dozer hates bathtime, shakes all the time and soaks me to the bone. I need to wear a raincoat

  97. Dianna Sowards

    I have a Jack Russell and a Pomeranian and this would make bath time much more enjoyable for them and me.

  98. Jennifer McWilliams

    It would be awesome to have a pet shower, my dog loves taking a bath but I get lazy with it because it is so difficult. This would definitely make it easier!

  99. I have my husband take both our dogs in the shower with him. We have a large pit bull who weighs 79 pounds and our pug. It hurts my back to wash them so he does it. They seem to mind at first but they get in and are so happy when they are getting dried with the towel. They also get a dog treat so everything is forgotten we are forgiven for making them upset and clean. We love them so much.

  100. Addie is always trying to jump out of the tub! It’s so hard to keep her in AND rinse out the suds… I only have two hands! This shower would be awesome for her, and I think it would make bath time a lot less traumatic for both of us! Ha.

  101. My Dog cannot stand the bath….this looks like a much easier way to give my Dog a bath that he may actually enjoy

  102. Philip Lawrence

    Actually, my dog doesn’t seem to mind a bath especially if he knows he will be brushed afterwards. I’m sure he would enjoy being bathed using this Pet Shower.

  103. Jessica Gengler

    I have a beagle terrier mix and she gets me soaked every time. I would love this to help with bath time!

  104. Arica Hutchins

    Oh this would be perfect. Our bella hates baths so to hear the pressure of the faucet run is also unnecessary anxiety. This would help so much. She is allergic to fleas and i think this would help. I use a cup to bath her and my back hurts so bad this is great for everyone

  105. Christine Horner

    Ohhhh i would love this, i have 2 JRT and both are white! Both get/look very dirty on those day’s when it wet and damp, after a run a round they look almost brown! Have to bath them all the time, this would help me no end x

  106. I have a smaller mixed breed (mutt) who weighs about 20 lbs so I lift him into the laundry sink which is a perfect fit and the right height for my back. The problem is always having to fish around for the silly plastic cup I use to rinse him, as he moves around a lot and it gets kicked around when I’m not holding onto it. This sounds like it would be perfect, and definitely long enough since the faucet is not high up. Something new to look into 🙂

  107. Our family includes a bully and a shar pei rescue we bathe every week to avoid skin issues this product would be a great time and floor saver!

  108. I just gave up and got in the tub with the dog. He seems quite a bit calmer doing it this way. But I am always up for something new and this sounds nice.

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