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MIU PET Multi Functional Pet Shower Review

MIU Pet shower review

Note: That Mutt and MIU PET have partnered to bring you this review.

I have a big 70-pound mutt named Ace.

I bathe him at home because it saves me some money compared to going to a professional groomer (roughly $55 for a bath/brush and nails).

However, I think you can all relate to my struggle of trying to bathe my dog myself!

So … I’m either filling up the tub, doing my best to get the top of my dog’s back wet by pouring water over him with a bucket. Then I lather him up, wait 10 minutes for the tub to drain … only to fill it back up to try to rinse him! Takes forever!

OR … I just say to hell with it and jump in the shower naked with my dog! This is super embarrassing, but believe me it’s just easier sometimes!

Not exactly ideal.

And then of course there’s the option of washing the dog outside with the hose, but then you’re dealing with seriously COLD water.

So what’s the solution?

How about a pet shower tool that attaches right to your sink faucet or shower?

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MIU PET shower review

MIU PET Shower Review:

I highly recommend this product if you bathe your dog at home. It makes doggy bath time so much easier! And it’s worth it for the price, just $21.99 on Amazon.

To use the pet shower, you simply attach it in your actual shower or to a sink faucet (if you have a small dog). The product makes it easy to rinse and lather your dog, and it has a quick on/off toggle for both convenience and saving water.

It also dispenses shampoo, allowing you to rinse and lather your dog with one hand while you pet or hold him still with the other. You determine when to use shampoo with a push of a button. You just fill it up ahead of time with your desired shampoo.

Some of the pet shower’s key functions:

  • Multi-functional for rinsing, lathering and massaging the coat
  • Compatible with most shower heads, sink faucets or outdoor use (comes with multiple adapters to fit most faucets)
  • Ergonomically designed for easy grip and comfort
  • Easy to install (I did it!)
  • Allows you to bathe your dog with one hand while you hold him or pet him with the other

Order the Pet Shower on Amazon

MIU PET pet shower

What I like about the pet shower from MIU PET:

  • Fits almost any faucet and comes with adapters, and it’s easy to install.
  • Works for big or small dogs (or cats).
  • Great product for a great price on Amazon.
  • It’s easy to add shampoo so your dog’s coat gets a nice lather.

As you can see, poor Ace is thrilled to have a bath! 🙂

Ace using the MIU Pet Shower

What’s not so good about this pet shower:

  • The on/off toggle for turning the water on/off didn’t work as smoothly as I’d prefer. It’s slightly tricky and sticks (although, not a big deal).

Important things to know about this pet shower:

Diverter for pet shower

First, if you plan to install the pet shower in your shower, it’s helpful to have a diverter (not sold through MIU PET). That way you don’t have to remove the actual shower head every time you want to bathe your dog.

We just happened to have a diverter installed already because we used to have a small washing machine hooked up through the shower. Score!

Second, the hose is a great length at 7 feet and 7 inches.

Consider the pet shower tool if:

1. You’re already bathing your dog at home and need an easy way to get his coat properly rinsed.

2. You have a dog that tends to get muddy paws and you need an easy way to rinse him in the tub.

3. You’re sick of filling up the tub for your dog’s baths and using a bucket to pour water over him!

4. You need an easy way to bathe your dog at home between professional groomings.

Order the MIU PET Pet Shower on Amazon

Ace getting a bath with MIU Pet Shower

Does your dog have a shedding problem?

Don’t forget about the MIU Pet deshedding brush I reviewed earlier this year.

If you brush your dog before bathing him, there’ll be less fur to clean up and less fur clogging your drains!

Order the deshedding brush here – $13.99

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Would you like to win this product? Just leave a comment below to enter my giveaway. Let me know, how difficult is it for you to bathe your dog at home?

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Would you use the MIU PET shower?

Let me know in the comments below.

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Ace with the MIU PET shower


Thursday 12th of April 2018

I just gave up and got in the tub with the dog. He seems quite a bit calmer doing it this way. But I am always up for something new and this sounds nice.


Tuesday 29th of March 2016

Our family includes a bully and a shar pei rescue we bathe every week to avoid skin issues this product would be a great time and floor saver!


Sunday 20th of March 2016

I have 3 boxers, and throughout the year they get continuously dirty. This would make bathing so much easier.


Sunday 20th of March 2016

I have a smaller mixed breed (mutt) who weighs about 20 lbs so I lift him into the laundry sink which is a perfect fit and the right height for my back. The problem is always having to fish around for the silly plastic cup I use to rinse him, as he moves around a lot and it gets kicked around when I'm not holding onto it. This sounds like it would be perfect, and definitely long enough since the faucet is not high up. Something new to look into :-)

Christine Horner

Saturday 19th of March 2016

Ohhhh i would love this, i have 2 JRT and both are white! Both get/look very dirty on those day's when it wet and damp, after a run a round they look almost brown! Have to bath them all the time, this would help me no end x