Balanced Blends Raw Dog Food Review

Note: This review is sponsored by Balanced Blends Raw Diets.

Balanced Blends is a new raw dog food company that delivers pre-made, frozen raw diets to dogs and cats. It is now taking orders on its website.

Balanced Blends raw dog food review

Balanced Blends recently sent my dog Ace and two cats some of its frozen raw dinners to try. I charged a fee in exchange for my honest review.

My cat trying Balanced Blends raw cat food

What is Balanced Blends?

Balanced Blends is a new raw dog food company that delivers frozen, pre-made dinners to your door.

Dinners are available for dogs and cats in beef or chicken varieties, and the company said it’s planning other varieties such as rabbit and turkey. Food is delivered to the customer’s door, and you can sign up for regular deliveries.

Balanced Blends raw dog food review

The food is made with raw meat, bones, organs, fruits and veggies, vitamins and minerals. The recipes are formulated to meet the AAFCO’s nutrient profile, according to Balanced Blends. (The cat food does not contain produce.)

The bottom line:

This is a high-quality food I would love to feed my pets on a regular basis if not for my senior dog’s current health issues that prevent us from feeding raw at the moment.

I am an advocate of raw dog food diets and even wrote a raw feeding guide, but my pets are currently eating dry food. They got to try Balanced Blends as a treat.

The cost of Balanced Blends:

The regular price of the Balanced Blends raw diets will be:

  • Dogs – chicken dinners: $6/pound
  • Dogs – beef dinners: $7/pound
  • Cats – chicken dinners: $7/pound
  • Cats – beef dinners: $8/pound

(Free shipping on orders of 20 pounds or more. Prices may have changed since the time of this writing.)

Where to buy:

Order now online at Balanced Blends.

What’s unique about Balanced Blends?

1. It delivers. Balanced Blends also offers an easy-to-edit subscription program.

2. Transparency. Balanced Blends stresses that potential customers should ask any questions about the food, operations, etc.

3. Food safety. Balanced Blends said it uses high-pressure processing in its final packaging to eliminate re-contamination. It also uses a “test and hold” protocol where the food is lab tested by a third party and released for sale only after pathogen test results come back negative.

4. High percentage of meat. The raw dog food diets are 90 percent meat, organs and bone. The raw cat food diets are 99.5 percent meat, organs and bone.

Pros of Balanced Blends raw dog and cat food:

  • The price per pound is very easy to calculate based on how the website is organized. (Not always the case with other companies!)
  • The company sets high standards for food safety.
  • Made with organic fruits and veggies (for dogs) and no fruits and veggies for cats (they don’t need’m!).
  • Subscription program available & can cancel, edit or pause anytime!
  • Full list of ingredients listed on the label and the website.

Ace trying Balanced Blends


  • Meat is not organic at the time of this writing (however, this helps keep the price down).
  • Some pets can’t have chicken OR beef, and those are the only two options available (so far).
  • Cost is high but not as high as some of the other raw dog food companies. (Plus free shipping on 20 pounds or more.)
  • Packaging is not easy to open & not resealable. I just put leftovers in large Ziploc bags.

Would I buy Balanced Blends?

Balanced Blends raw dog food - chicken

No, the cost is too much for me at this time.

Would I recommend Balanced Blends to others?

Yes! It’s a high-quality food I would feel comfortable feeding my pets if not for my senior dog’s health issues. I recommend it to raw feeders or those interested in getting started with a raw diet.

How about the rest of you …

Are you interested in feeding Balanced Blends?

Leave any questions about the company in the comments and I’ll get them answered.

Balanced Blends raw dog food

13 thoughts on “Balanced Blends Raw Dog Food Review”

  1. The food looks nice, but the cost is too high for me.
    Our dog needs 1.5 lbs of raw a day, so in order to afford it, I need to prepare his meals myself. It’s actually fun and pretty easy. You will be always checking the meat section for deals and get really excited if you find any. Yesterday, I got chicken quarters for $0.89/lb and boneless pork for $1.49/lb. They had lamb leg on sale for $3.99/lb and after carving out the best parts for us, the dog got the bone and trimmings, a real treat. Our local Mexican store carries inexpensive organs and more funky cuts: liver, kidney, heart, chicken legs, pig heads.
    I don’t purposely include veggies in our dog’s diet, but he eats almost all our table scraps, including grains, like pasta and rice.
    We feed eggs, fish skin, canned sardines, sometimes yoghurt. Our dog would also eat avocado if he finds one, and grass. I saw him eating a dried out lizard and a flying bug.

    I guess these are the reasons I never buy commercial raw: it’s very expensive to feed a large dog, and it’s easy to make your own.

    Did Remy had some of the Balanced Blends?

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Yep, cost is an issue for many people including myself. I like to do a combination of the two – homemade + storebought. Pre-made frozen raw food is just so much easier and it takes some stress away for me knowing it has all the vitamins and minerals my pets need. I always tell people it’s a good way to get started with raw. But like you, I do enjoy stocking up and making the food myself. Out of curiosity, what types of bones are you comfortable giving? I only do chicken and turkey bones. Remy didn’t get to try the Balanced Blends, just Ace and the kitties got to try it.

      1. Our last foster dog was a toothless senior Chihuahua and pre-made grinds would have been a great choice for him. He weighs only 6 pounds and he’s a mellow grandpa, so he would be happy with a pound of food a week. That’s affordable and you don’t have to worry about him trying to eat bones – it’s already balanced and you wouldn’t have to buy your own grinder, which is very expensive and bulky. The grinds are also great for stuffing Kongs.
        Like Ace, our dog eats poultry bones: chicken, turkey, Cornish game hen. He’s a careful chewer so he can be trusted with necks and feet. He also gets pork bones: ribs, neck, shoulder, feet, head. Lamb leg is a special treat. He doesn’t finish beef ribs so I just rinse the leftovers and make a bone broth for him. If I had access to, I’d feed rabbit, deer, other poultry.
        Are you thinking about feeding Remy some bones? Is he an aggressive chewer or does he try to swallow food whole?
        Some raw feeders don’t feed any bones but use calcium supplement.

        1. Lindsay Stordahl

          Remy inhales his food super fast so I’d say he could be a “gulper.” However, he is not so crazy about chewing bully sticks and other chews. He likes them but chews them fairly gently and slowly. So who knows!

  2. I also like feeding the raw as a supplement or treat like you. Shiner loves it! Callie likes it too, but sometimes she decides she’s not up for it unless I add her favorite canned food. I like this option because I don’t trust myself formulating my own raw food diet.

  3. Is this food delivered in one package? I’m currently making my own for our 2 border collies and I package it in 8 ounce portions for each meal. I am assuming so, then I would have to thaw it and then portion it, then refreeze? Not really liking that

  4. Elise Maiberger

    This is a great edition to dog/cat food options. Yes. Cost is an issue for most of us, but I also understand the value of feeding these nutrient-rich foods to our pets. I will buy it and add it to their meals when I can afford it. I have a feral female that just had kittens and it will be worth every oenny to add some to her food since she wasn’t in great health when I literally snatched her off the streets.
    Thank you Lindsey! Great work. I wish you all the success and I’ll support your biz whenever I can..

  5. I have bounced around the idea of feeding my dogs a raw diet and this could be a good introduction. Unfortunately, just like everyone else the biggest barrier for me and feeding pre-made frozen raw diet like Balanced Blends is cost.

  6. Check out Allprovide, I like to have it on hand, comes in 1 lb packs. I use Red Angel Raw primarily and lots of tripe!

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