Bully Bundles Review – Bully Stick Delivery and Subscription

Note: This review is sponsored by Bully Bundles. Use code THATMUTT to save 10% on any order.

What is Bully Bundles?

Bully Bundles is a monthly subscription service for bully sticks that delivers to your door.

The company offers 6-inch and 12-inch bully stick chews for dogs. You pick the number of sticks you want delivered (up to 60!), and your subscription automatically renews each month.

The bully sticks from Bully Bundles are sourced from free-range, grass-fed Brazilian cattle, according to Bully Bundles. These bully sticks are 100% beef, and yes, they’re made from a bull’s penis.

Bully Bundles Review

The bottom line:

I really love this convenient, delivery concept and the bully sticks are high quality. My puppy Remy loves the bully sticks and they have seriously saved me from some puppy madness in the last two weeks! The bully sticks keep my hyper little puppy busy and calm when I’m trying to work. He likes these better than rawhides.

Use code THATMUTT to save 10% on any order

The sticks from Bully Bundles are high quality and although Remy chews on his bully stick every day, he hasn’t even made it through a whole chew yet in two weeks. Not even close.

My senior dog Ace is not very interested in chewing anything lately, including the bully sticks. He has some health problems and does not have the energy to chew.

The cost of Bully Bundles:

Bully Bundles 6 bully sticksPrices for a monthly deliver of 6-inch bully sticks:

  • 6 sticks: $16/month
  • 10 sticks: $24/month
  • 15 sticks: $34/month
  • 30 sticks: $61/month
  • 60 sticks (holy cow!): $105/month

Prices for a monthly delivery of 12-inch bully sticks:

  • 5 sticks: $24/month
  • 10 sticks: $45/month
  • 15 sticks: $61/month
  • 30 sticks: $105/month

There is FREE shipping on all orders within the United States.

Click here to view all subscription options

What’s unique about Bully Bundles?

It’s a monthly delivery of bully sticks! Such a fun idea most dogs will love! It’s similar to subscription boxes for dogs, but you know exactly what you’re getting each month.

Bully Bundles review

I’m unaware of any other company that focuses specifically on bully stick subscriptions.

Pros of Bully Bundles:

  • Much cheaper per stick compared to most stores! A single bully stick at two local pet stores in my area are over $8 each for small sticks! Six-inch sticks from Bully Bundles are $2.67 or less.
  • The prices for the different bundles are very clear on the website, including the price per stick.
  • The bully sticks are 100 percent all natural, according to Bully Bundles. No preservatives or chemicals.
  • Made from free range, grass-fed cattle. No growth hormones or antibiotics used on the cattle, according to Bully Bundles.
  • You can pause your subscription or cancel at any time.
  • Bully sticks are generally safe and easy to digest.
  • These are tough and last my puppy a long time.
  • So much easier than going to the store. I like to simplify/automate everything possible.
  • Good option for people with multiple dogs or people who foster or volunteer with rescue groups.

Remy with his Bully Bundles bully sticks


  • The bully sticks are made from cattle in Brazil vs. cattle from the United States. This doesn’t matter to me. *Update on this below.
  • Just two types of chews to pick from – standard 6-inch sticks or standard 12-inch sticks. I like the simplicity. Others may wish there were more varieties of chews, especially if their dogs get bored. Maybe pig ears or braided sticks, etc.

Bully Bundles wanted to follow up on why it uses cattle from Brazil:

“Most USA cattle are actually kept in pens, are grain-fed, and injected with antibiotics and hormones while most Brazilian cattle (including ours) are free-ranging, grass-fed, and receive no antibiotics or hormones. Not only are these latter conditions more humane for our cattle, but they also result in healthier bully sticks for our dogs … And our sticks are still USDA and FDA approved just like sticks from the US would be.”

Bully sticks from bully bundlesWould I sign up for Bully Bundles?

No. Not at this time. I do not need this many bully sticks at the moment for one little puppy. *Update: It’s getting more tempting to sign up.

However, I will definitely pay the $16/month for 6 small sticks if Remy ends up going through his bully sticks that fast. I would much rather sign up for a monthly delivery than stop by Petco every month. $16 is not bad for high-quality chews that last.

Would I recommend Bully Bundles to others?

Yes! I highly recommend you sign up if your dogs need a regular supply of chews, especially if you’re already buying bully sticks at the store. You will most likely save money by ordering these bundles.

More info here

Use code THATMUTT to save 10%

Bully Bundles

Is your dog interested in Bully Bundles?

Let me know in the comments! Which one of your dogs is the “chewer” in your house?

41 thoughts on “Bully Bundles Review – Bully Stick Delivery and Subscription”

  1. After two weeks, puppy Remy is still working on the same stick? That gives me hope, ha ha. I never bought our dog bully sticks because I was afraid he’ll eat it up in a minute. Do they really last longer than that?
    It would be nice to find something for Kuba to chew on in the evenings. He can get a little wild before bed time and bug you play with him. He doesn’t care for rawhide any more. We’ll have to look into bully sticks.
    Thanks for the give away!

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      I bet they would last Kuba awhile. Remy has barely made a dent in his and he chews on it several times throughout the day.

    2. Lindsay Stordahl

      Ace is chewing on one of the 12 inch sticks tonight. He’s been chewing for 20 minutes and its maybe 25% gone.

  2. My Petey absolutely went bonkers for bully sticks…as soon as I would give one to him, he ran outside to bury it…and hours later, would retrieve it and eat it.

    My Daisy, as soon as she hears rustling of the bag they are in, is then glued to my side. She holds a ‘watch me’ longer for a bully stick than any other treat.

    I love them as they are natural and won’t harm your dog, like rawhide does.

  3. We love bully sticks! We might have to consider a subscription. Stetson would be very happy. How do these smell? We noticed that some bully sticks have a stronger odor then others.

  4. Moo for sure. The cat could not care less, but Moo guards the stick from her anyway. Whenever she does that I tell her that neither me or the cat wants her gross chew stick, but she never listens to me.

  5. I have heard great thinks about bully bundles, Both Nala and Cody are chewers but Cody is younger so by far worse then Nala about chewing on things he isn’t supposed to chew. We tell Cody he is part of the reason we can’t have nice things especially new dog toy because he breaks them in 2 minutes. 🙂
    Remy is looking too cute!!

  6. These look great! They’re made from bull penis?! I din’t know that was the bit bully sticks were made of. I actually kinda like that; it makes me feel the whole animal is being used. I’d probably say my puppy Link is the main chewer in the house right now, but only because he chews EVERYTHING. My pants, the blanket, my other dog, a $20 bill . . . Hiccup loves bully sticks, too, though.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      I’m glad my puppy’s not the only one who tries to chew everything! Does your pup try to inhale his food? That’s another thing Remy does that we’re working on.

      1. Yes! And he makes my other dog do it, too! We’re still working on keeping him from stealing Hiccup’s food, so Hiccup’s been eating faster while I distract the puppy with treats as soon as he’s done with his portion.

        1. Lindsay Stordahl

          Haha! I’m glad it’s not just Remy! At least Hiccup is a good sport. I can’t feed my two dogs together. I’m pretty sure Ace would get aggressive if Remy tried to go for his food. And then there’s Beamer in the mix who tries to get everyone’s food too … He has to eat in a separate room. What have I gotten myself into? 🙂

  7. My Phyllis loves Bully Sticks! It probably takes her about a month to get through one, but she chews on it daily!

  8. Tish Rickards

    This seems like a great idea. I always need several ‘new’ toys. One for Kira, my older lab mix, one for Rory, my little black mutt that was SUPPOSED to be a lab mix and then several extra, so no arguments about ‘that was MINE’ break out. Just like toddlers!!

  9. allison hoffman

    This is such a great giveaway because Bully sticks are expensive!! My dogs LOVE bully sticks but they don’t get them very often because they are pricey so it is an extra special treat! One of my dogs loves chewing them and the other likes to toss them up in the air, play with them, and bury them before he decides to find it again and finally chew it 🙂

  10. Both of my dogs are chewers!! These bully sticks would keep them busy for hours. My puppy will hide his from his big sister!!

  11. Jean Patterson

    My two Rottweilers love the bully sticks, but they are too expensive so we don’t get them…

  12. We are first time pet owners. We rescued two loving dogs.. Myla is a Lab mix & shes 7 months old.She loves to chew on anything she can get. Tennis balls, Kongs toys including the Big red chewing treat dispenser & multiple other toys we get for her. None of them last more than 1 month. She can tore them apart literally in pieces.Either she popped the tennis balls & Recently,our Uncle gave our dogs a Bull stick. First time she enjoyed her treat & kept her busy.
    On our 2nd dog Mac , He is a pointer mix is 13 months old. He is more mellow than Myla but picky eater. Some treats he wont even look nor eat but the Bullstick he seemed he was entertained & enjoyed it real good. They were both busy & seemed having a great time. We even called their names & none of them looked at us. We know we need to buy these Bullstick treats for them & now understanding that it is healthy we will check if we can get them.Thank you for great info. We dont get bored reading your email/ post.
    Mac on the o

  13. We’d love to win some bully sticks. We usually get them from Costco when they have them, but they are kind of expensive elsewhere.

  14. Lambeau is a huge chewer! We were buying bully sticks for a while, but he does go through them so fast it just got too expensive. He will go through a 12 inch stick in about 45 minutes or an hour. It’s insane. But he loves them, and gets them once in a while.

  15. both of my dogs love to chew on bully sticks, but one (named Moose) is the crazy chewer that can have them gone in minutes!

  16. I love the idea of a home delivery service like this. Our Sophie would love to try out some bully sticks. Count us in! Thank you for the great review and a chance to win some freebies.

  17. Great delivery service! We haven’t tried bully bundles but my bulldog puppy loves bully sticks.

  18. Sandy Weinstein

    my 3 gals love bully sticks. the oldest has a hard time with them, however, the 2 younger girls love the small ones. i like them because they last a long time, most of the time. mine prefer the smaller bully sticks because they are small dogs and the smaller ones are easier on their teeth. my girls weigh abt 15 lbs. the 2 younger girls are the chewers. Evie used to like them, but as she has gotten older, almost 15 yrs old, they are harder for her to chew, so she gets softer treats. thank you.

  19. Haha. It’d be amazing if bully sticks would last longer than 5 minutes. I have super heavy chewers. 🙁

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Haha! Have yours had bully sticks before? I imagine some dogs go through them much faster than others.

  20. Linn Løkketangen

    We bought some small ones, about 3-4 inches for Pelle, our lab mix, he was four months at the time. When he got tired of not getting anywhere with it he swallowed the thing. We were a bit freaked out by that, but he was fine. Considering some longer ones so he actually can’t swallow it! Not at first, anyway :p

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      That worries me with the shorter sticks too. I throw them away once I think my dog can swallow it, which is why I get the 12-inch sticks. But I’m glad your pup was fine!

      1. I read a tip when we first started using bully sticks that if you are afraid of your dog swallowing it when it gets short to attach a small vise grip pliers to one end. The vise grips won’t (or shouldn’t!) shake off, and the dog won’t be able to swallow that last small bit of the stick. It did work for Lambeau. When I remembered to go get the vise grips before I gave him his bully stick, that is.

  21. We got the bully sticks very quickly (I just forgot to come back and mention it!). They are good quality and Lambeau loves them!

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