Win 20 Pounds of Balanced Blends Commercial Raw Dog Food

UPDATE: The winner has been selected, and the successful Kickstarter campaign is over.

One of my readers has volunteered to have 20 pounds of Balanced Blends raw dog food shipped to someone interested in feeding raw.

The reason this person decided to do this is because one of the common barriers to feeding raw dog food is cost. We all know commercial raw dog food costs more than dry dog food.

You may remember I featured Balanced Blends on my blog last month.

Balanced Blends is a new raw dog food company that delivers frozen raw diets, and the company ran a Kickstarter campaign through May 27 with promotional discounts on its food.

The Kickstarter campaign is designed to give pet owners a chance to order the food at an “early bird” rate. (Balanced Blends is a fully funded company.)

The Kickstarter campaign is a promotion where pet owners can:

1. Pre-order raw dog food and raw cat food at a discounted price + free shipping.

2. Receive an extended special rate for up to six months.

Balanced Blends raw dog and cat food

Would your dog like to try raw food?

The reader I referred to above already donated $90 for the pre-order Kickstarter campaign which ended up equaling 20 pounds of raw chicken. This also includes a six-month special offer to receive 25 pounds of food for the price of 20.

Both the 20 pounds of raw food and the six-month special offer will be transferred to one lucky reader of That Mutt.

[quote_center]Any time I can really introduce someone to the benefits of raw, I like to jump on it, and this seems like a good way to me.[/quote_center]


“Any time I can really introduce someone to the benefits of raw, I like to jump on it, and this seems like a good way to me.”

I thought this was very generous.

How to enter the giveaway

This giveaway is designed to help someone get started with raw food if cost has been a barrier.

*The winner has been notified.

If you would like to be considered in this giveaway, you can do one of two things:

1. Leave a comment below that indicates your dog would like to be considered. No need to explain why.

2. Or, you can email me privately at and I’ll enter you in the drawing.

I’ll choose one winner at random on May 28, which is the day after the Kickstarter campaign ends. Must have a mailing address in the contiguous United States to win.

Would your dog benefit from raw food?

Let me know in the comments.

*Thank you to the reader who volunteered to donate this offer. This person chose to remain anonymous. Balanced Blends sponsored my original review post last month.

33 thoughts on “Win 20 Pounds of Balanced Blends Commercial Raw Dog Food”

  1. Wow, that is very generous! I’d love to get some free raw food for my boys. I’ve always wanted to go raw but sticker shock stops me every time. I’ve been compromising by occasionally supplementing my dog’s canned food with home-made raw meals.

  2. Nala and Cody would love some raw food especially since I have heard the great benefits of feeding raw. I thought about switching them but haven’t work up the courage to figure out the ratio myself because I would hate to feed an unbalanced diet and pre-made chubs as costly. Thanks for the opportunty

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Feeding a pre-made brand like this is the easiest way to get started. Takes so much stress away.

  3. Oh how I would love to feed this to my furbabies ! I bet it would help with their allergies that we haven’t been able to get over. What a kind and generous reader that is!

  4. Sandy Weinstein

    i think i got an email abt this from kickstarter. i remember reading about it. i am a fan of raw. i have been feeding raw in combination with a little kibble for sometime. i learned about raw from my dog breeder. i have used many brands (Red Barn, Nature’s Variety, Blue Ridge, Primal, Nature’s Logic, etc.) i currently use the venison that the hunter gives my when he hunted deer on my property. it is human grade venison. the youngest is not a fan of raw. sometimes she will not even touch her kibble or veggies if the raw has touched it. she has always been a finicky eater. one day she likes her food and the next wont touch it. if you make your own diets you have to balance them with proper nutrients. i used to cook all the food for my girls. i did not use commercial for a long time. they got 97% extra lean ground sirloin but i cooked it along with veggies and supplements. i did not have 3 dogs then. in the raw i prefer venison, rabbit, buffalo, and turkey. some dogs dont do well with chicken. it is not the chicken per say, it is what the chickens are feed. that is a great deal. do they have other meats than chicken? i would rather feed complete raw, but i cant really afford it. i know at my vet school, they dont like it, and if you take a dog there that has eaten raw, they will put the dog in isolation for the entire time while he/she is at the vet school. what is funny, you rarely hear about raw food being recalled for dogs/cats.

  5. Sandy Weinstein

    i was reading your article and the price on Balanced Blends and saw they offer beef as well. i like the beef. i also noted the price. it is pretty reasonable, i know the Blue Ridge is abt 3lbs for a few dollars more.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      I think it’s reasonable too as far as pre-made raw goes. And free shipping on 20 pounds or more helps.

  6. allison hoffman

    Wow, this is an amazing giveaway! I would love for my dog to eat a raw diet but it is definitely expensive! I would love for my dog to be considered for this. Thanks for the opportunity!

  7. Like others, I’ve thought about going raw, but with two lab mixes and a beagle, the price gets outrageous pretty quickly. We are currently feeding a mix of canned/kibble Natural Balance Limited Ingredient Diet. I’m concerned that if I tried making my own, I wouldn’t achieve the right nutritional content or that it would take too much time. My kiddos would love to give this a try. Thank you to the generous reader who donated the “prize.”

  8. Would like to try it was always cautious cause its not so easy better the phos to calcium ratio correct and organ meats thanks for the consideration

  9. What an awesome way to help make the plunge into raw! I’ve wanted to feed my little guys raw for a while now & am afraid to “do it myself” – and end up not giving them a balanced diet – so commercial seems like the way to go – and yes, it is expensive……please sign me up for the contest!

  10. Deborah Foley

    I think raw food would have a huge impact on my dog with food allergies and a skin condition. It’s just too expensive since I have three dogs.

  11. wow this is wonderful! I tried to start my boy Merl on raw, but my mom was diagnosed with cancer and it was just to expensive to continue with everything going on, especially since he’s allergic to chicken of all things!!

  12. I love feeding my girl raw, been doing it for two years, she is a 10 year old boxer, and acts like a spring chicken. She only looks old for all the gray in her face. Raw is pricy but knowing all the good ingredients in it is sooooo worth it

  13. My Bella would love this! Been feeding her raw for about six months now and she is doing great, but I feel like I’ve fallen into a routine and need to get some more variety in her diet.

  14. Our baby is 8 yrs old and sometimes acts like he has forgotten what he is doing outside. He is a 180 lb Englishmastiff. He’s been on kibble his whole life. I wonder if a raw diet would be better.

  15. We lost our 13 year old lab about 2 weeks ago, the hardest thing I’ve ever had to do. We have a new puppy that we will be bringing home June 18th. I love a holistic tic lifestyle myself and would like to transfer that to my new baby. Problem is I feel so overwhelm reading everything, trying to learn how to do this… What to buy, where to buy it, how much and how often to feed, handling resistance from vet/family, the list goes on and on… But I’m determined to do what’s in the best health interest for our new addition.

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