Droolers Treats Review and Giveaway – 10 winners

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Healthy, grain-free dog treats made in the United States

Note: This review is sponsored by Droolers and Pipeline Pet Products.

Leave a comment below for a chance to win a bag of Droolers soft treats for your dog. There will be 10 winners. Click here.

What are Droolers?

Droolers are small, soft treats perfect for training or rewarding your dog.

They are about the size of a penny and come in five recipes such as duck, kangaroo and salmon. Yes, kangaroo! Woo!

I love the name “Droolers” because, well, if you know my black Lab mix Ace you know he has a bit of a drooling problem. I’ve found drool on our ceilings! It’s like these were designed with Ace in mind. 🙂

Droolers treats review

Droolers Treats Review

That Mutt has partnered with Pipeline Pet Products to feature the company’s brands (with giveaways!) over the next few months. One of those brands is Droolers, and you might also remember Green Bark Gummies.

The bottom line:

[quote_right]Droolers treats are perfect for training because they are small and soft.[/quote_right]Droolers treats are perfect for training because they are small and soft. You can easily tear them into smaller pieces if you wish, which is what I do.

Both my weimaraner puppy Remy and my Lab mix Ace are interested in the Droolers treats.

I bring them to Remy’s puppy training classes. I also stuff them into his Kong toy to keep him occupied when I’m trying to watch TV without him pawing at me!

Remy with Droolers treats - Droolers treats review

The cost of Droolers:

The price for a 4-ounce bag is $4.99 online.

There are around 50 treats per bag. (I counted them.) The whitefish-flavored variety has slightly smaller treats, so those have about 70 treats per bag.

Click here to order Droolers

Droolers treats for dogs

Flavor options include:

  • duck
  • turkey
  • kangaroo
  • salmon
  • whitefish

What’s unique about Droolers?

1. Good value. Pipeline Pet Products says on its website that one of its goals with all of its brands is to provide healthy treats at an affordable price.

2. Unique protein varieties. With Droolers treats, dogs with an alternative to the standard “chicken based” treats (chicken is a fairly common source of allergies in dogs.) Some of the Droolers varieties include whitefish, kangaroo and duck.

3. Droolers contain Omega-3s and chia. Droolers are also manufactured in the United States.

Droolers treatsPros of Droolers:


  • Good value
  • No corn, soy or wheat
  • Grain free
  • No artificial flavors
  • Source of Omega-3 fatty acids
  • No chicken (a plus if you think your dog might have an allergy to chicken)
  • Manufactured in the United States
  • They keep the attention of my puppy who has the attention span of a goldfish
  • Droolers also interest my senior dog who is picky these days


My puppy Remy with Droolers treats(This one can hardly control himself.)



  • The treats do get a little messy when you shove a handful in your pocket like I tend to do for training classes. Not such a big deal if you use a pouch for your treats.
  • The treats come in one size (4 ounces). Some people might wish they could order a larger bag.


Would I buy Droolers treats for my dogs?


I would definitely buy Droolers if we were running low on treats. My dogs love them, and I prefer to buy soft treats I can use for training. Droolers are a good value and a good product.

Would I recommend Droolers to others?

Yes! I highly recommend you try these treats for your dogs if you’re looking for a soft, highly motivating training treat.

You can order them online or enter our giveaway below. We’re giving away a bag to 10 readers of That Mutt.

More info on Droolers here.

Giveaway – Win a bag of Droolers for your dog! (10 winners)

Enter to win a bag of Droolers treats for your dog. There will be 10 winners.

Droolers_LogoTo enter, just leave a comment below that indicates your pup could use some rewards (or training motivation!).

I will choose 10 winners at random on Friday June 24. Must have a U.S. mailing address to win.

Is your dog interested in Droolers?

Let me know in the comments! Which one of your dogs could use more training motivation? I’m sure you can guess which one of my two needs some work!

Ace and Remy love Droolers treats review

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109 thoughts on “Droolers Treats Review and Giveaway – 10 winners”

  1. we could definitely use these on our walk to keep us from getting distracted by other dogs we might not like!!

  2. Loved seeing they are wheat, corn and soy free ! Which would be great for my Bubby, his food at the very least is wheat, corn and soy free, I try to always get him Grain free, but doesn’t always work out that way but when I can’t get grain free then I always get wheat, corn, soy free 🙂 and he needs some new treats to learn with he’s getting bored with what he has

  3. Stacey Raymond

    My pups would love Droolers, especially for the allergy pup! I might even share with that crazy Weim, Winnie!

  4. Sandy Weinstein

    i cant believe you counted the number in the bag, this is so funny. my 3 gals would love theme, they would be drooling over them as well. i like the salmon, whitefish and the kangaroo. i love that they are grain free as well. i have a rocknbowl, that i put little treats in when i leave the house so these would be great to use. it give the 2 younger girls something to do when i leave. they have to learn to rock the bowl to get the treats out. the older gal i just give her some b4 i leave. cute picture of the 2 with the treats in the middle. love the expression on Remy’s face, his eyes say it all. his eyes look like they are still blue, i thought you said they would change colors.

  5. Mike Campbell

    What a great name haha! My boys would love to try these….and so would I cuz I love to spoil them 😉

  6. Peggy A Schultz

    Romeo and Juliard thinks these are probably the best treats ever and they sure hope they win some.

  7. allison hoffman

    My dog is a horrible car rider so we are trying to use treats to train him to distract him while he is in the car and to use in kongs. He is a picky eater sometimes, so we would love to try these with him!

  8. Linn løkketangen

    Pelle loves to learn, so we’re always running out of treats in our house, because food is one great motivator for labmixes. We’d love to try droolers!

  9. Charles Gardner

    Sounds like a very healthy and enticing Treat that even our finicky (cat like) Chorkie would love. I could also use them as a training tool for our recently rescued Chihuahua mix. Can’t wait to try them!!

  10. Caitlin Pomorski

    These sound great! My dog would definitely love some small treats like this, as I usually use pieces of dog food for training!

  11. We just got a chocolate lab about 1 1/2 months ago and we were told she had her shots but we ended up taking Lucy to the vet and she was diagnosed with Parvovirus. But she really needs some kind of training for just about everything especially obeying commands! Please help

  12. LOL For once I have a pair of mutts that are NOT Droolers. But I am totally sure that they would LOVE these Droolers. Perfect for training and walking!!

  13. My puppy, Aglet, and I prefer soft treats for training. He plays with hard treats and refuses to eat them.

  14. I would love to try these for my dog — she could use some incentive in training her to not bark at other dogs!

  15. I have a pomeranian and hard treats are too much for her. She listens when treats are involved, her brain is in her stomach!

  16. Both of mine need more training help. Always a work in progress and always looking for a tasty treat that will motivate them!

  17. Fantastic they’re chicken free!! Would love to try the Roo or Salmon for my guy 🙂
    Best of luck to all!

  18. My little Rufus is very treat motivated for training – and I only offer him the best – he (and I) would love to win a bag of droolers!

  19. Marcia Hamilton

    I have a young Havanese pup that works and trains well for treats. I would love for him to have some variety in his training treats and Droolers seems perfect for that!!

  20. I have tried these Droolers, and they motivate my 6 yr old Griffin dog better than chunks of hot dog… And more healthier for her !!

  21. Our foster Chihuahua could definitely use the treats for training. I think she’s never lived in a house before (or so it seems). In many ways, it’s like having a puppy.
    Kuba needs to learn new tricks for the Intermediate Trick Dog title and so far, we’re stuck on trick #1 – Balance & Catch. It’s bad, ha ha.
    Thank you for the give away!

  22. We’re always looking for good treats for training. They sound like they might be a little bigger than what we’re used to with our current treats, but as you said you can easily tear them into smaller sizes.

  23. We’re bringing home our first puppy Barrett 2 weeks from today! I’ve been reading everything I can get my hands on to prepare for training and these would be a wonderful help!

  24. Tug loves Droolers. Given how big he is and how many treats he goes through in a training session, it is helpful they are not very expensive.

  25. My little Winston would L O V E to win these treats. I also L O V E the fact that there is no artificial flavored and grain free!

  26. Yogi, my 6 months old Golden Doodle is pretty naughty right now. He is very motivated by treats, and I would love to try these treats to improve his behavior.

  27. Jacque Hutchison

    I would love to try this treat for my two rescue dogs, Toby and Zoey. I am always looking to try new treats that are healthy and tasty. Zoey is very food oriented and learns new things quick with treats. They both love treats in their Kongs.

  28. So I have Mia Rose (red nose pit) Leila Elizabeth (pit) and my baby Ginger Anne(cairn terrier) and let me tell you they have to be the most spoiled girls which has turned them into picky eaters! So I would love for them to try these and see if they pass the test and if they don’t I also train dogs for a living and I’m sure they would enjoy! Thank you! Love your blog!!!!

  29. Steel should have been a helper dog. She is always looking to carry or deliver something for you. She loves a little “thank you” for her work and Droolers might just help her with her drooling problem!

  30. Hmm, my father in law calls Molimo Goober because she’s always drooling if you don’t produce the goods fast enough. Is this really a good plan? I’m not sure if these will motivate her to train or just dehydrate her. Thanks for the chance to win!

  31. I read your blog faithfully daily. I have even started a folder to save some of them for future reference. My heeler, Nakita loves training treats and I’m absolutely sure that she would love yours. She loves doing tricks and learning new things and I’m sure that your treats would motivate her to learn even more.

  32. Wow! I’ve never heard of these treats before! My dog loves to learn new tricks, and getting her different types, flavors, and brands of treats keep her interested and motivated!

  33. Louise morley

    Never heard of these treats. I’d love to use them at the dig shelter when I’m teaching the shelter doggies new tricks so they can find their furever homes

  34. Kangaroo is sure unusual! With our dog sports, we are always in need of tasty small treats for practice. Count us in on the giveaway!

  35. Oh I have to say our Buddy needs some extra treat motivation! We adopted him and his sister from our local rescue. They both have anxiety issues and needed to be homed together but where having a hard time finding one. They are so good….we have been working with Buddy on putting a leash on him for the past year! He is terrified of them. We have been going very slow to not make him scared…he is doing so well…but we have so far to go. I think the treats would be a great motivation for him. We are hoping he can go for some walks this summer!

  36. With our newest addition, that makes a “6 pack” in our house. So please count me in for your Droolers treat give away. Treat motivation training is a constant here! Thanks for the opportunity!

  37. Hi – would love a pack of treats for Zuko! But we are in Cape Town South Africa. Maybe a little far.
    Love Amanda

  38. Ranger always wants more/new treats! He is particularly interested in kangaroo, since he has such a refined palate.

  39. I have been looking for some small training treats for the dog we adopted in April. It seems like there is an abundance of treats that I don’t want to buy, but I have not seen or tried Droolers until you wrote about them here.

  40. Congrats to the winners: Rachel, Charles G., Sarah B., Hannah, Jackie, Brian, Peggy, Robin P., Rick and Sandy S. You will be notified by email if you won (note that there were multiple people by the same names who entered so you’ll get an email if you won).

  41. These treats are awesome! My puppy, who absolutely loves treats & will do almost anything for them, plus soft for my older dog, whom has bad teeth. These are wonderful! !

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