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SierraSil Leaps and Bounds Review and Giveaway

What is Leaps and Bounds?

Leaps and Bounds is a supplement for dogs who have arthritis, pain or stiffness in their joints.

It’s made by a company called SierraSil, which also makes a joint supplement for people. The dog version comes in a soft, chicken-flavored treat format.

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The active ingredient in Leaps and Bounds is a mineral (SierraSil) that has been patented as a nutritional supplement for osteoarthritis, according to the company. SierraSil went through clinical trials with people (yes, it’s tested on humans!) that showed it acts as a natural anti-inflammatory.

SierraSil Leaps and Bounds review

The bottom line:

I liked Leaps and Bounds for my senior dog and would consider buying it for him over a longer period (he took it for about two weeks). My goal would be to decrease his pain medication (Rimadyl). I skipped Ace’s Rimadyl for a couple days while he was taking Leaps and Bounds, and he seemed to do just fine without it.

My senior Lab mix Ace

Of course, it’s always hard to tell if a product like this is really making a difference, but Ace has definitely felt better overall lately because he’s recovered from a 7-month illness. I see more pep in his step.

Leaps and Bounds

I also like that Leaps and Bounds is made from a company (SierraSil) that makes health supplements for people. If it’s safe for health-conscious people, it’s probably safe for my dog.

What is the cost of Leaps and Bounds?

The cost is $14.99 per bag (100 treats). This lasts my dog about 1 month.

SierraSil Leaps and Bounds logo

Would I buy this product?

Yes, Leaps and Bounds is a product I would consider buying for my senior dog Ace.

He has some stiffness and pain in his back legs, and it seemed like Leaps and Bounds might’ve helped him.

Since the price is reasonable, I would be interested in ordering this for a 3-month trial in the hopes that it would allow me to decrease his pain medication (Rimadyl).

Would I recommend the product to others?

Yes, if your dog has joint pain, I would definitely give this a try.


What’s unique about Leaps and Bounds?

Leaps and Bounds is different from other joint supplements because the active ingredient is a mineral called SierraSil that acts as a natural anti-inflammatory, according to the company.

(It’s not a glucosamine product.)

Pros of SierraSil Leaps and Bounds:

SierraSil Leaps and Bounds review
  • Healthy, safe ingredients
  • Leaps and Bounds is designed to reduce pain and inflammation in a dog’s joints
  • It can be taken with pain medications such as Rimadyl (Just space them out a few hours)
  • Can be taken with glucosamine (Just space them out a few hours)
  • My dogs think Leaps and Bounds is a yummy treat!
  • Affordable cost (roughly $15 per month)
  • 60-day full money back guarantee
  • Tested on humans first (There’s a version for people called SierraSil
My dog with SeirraSil Leaps and Bounds


  • It’s hard to know for sure if it’s really working. You’d have to try it with your dog longterm and see for yourself.
  • The chicken flavor may not be best for certain dogs due to allergies.
  • Some vets may not be familiar with the product like they are with glucosamine products.
Leaps and Bounds

Would your dog like to try Leaps and Bounds?

My senior dog Ace reviews Leaps and Bounds supplement

Lindsay Stordahl

Tuesday 2nd of August 2016

Congrats to the two winners - Daniel S. and Suzanne S.! I will email you.

Jill Bolken

Tuesday 26th of July 2016

I would love to try this with my old lady, Daisy, she is a 11 year old lab with increasing arthritis and joint pain.

Lindsay Stordahl

Tuesday 26th of July 2016

Aww, sweet Daisy.

Linda Marie Sheppard Daniels

Monday 25th of July 2016

Our rescued 7 year old German Shepherd Dog, Maya, would like to try your product. She said to tell you she woofs you.

Heidi A.

Monday 25th of July 2016

I would love to try this for my 3 ages 2, 6 and 9. Prevention for the young guy and supportive care for my older 2. I like the ingredients! I work for a local healthy pet food store and always on the look out for new, great products to recommend.

Michelle Benson

Monday 25th of July 2016

I have a very old dog, Lucy, who would benefit from This product for sure. I also have a 5 month basset cross who just looks like he is going to have back and joint problems- Is it safe for puppies?

Lindsay Stordahl

Monday 25th of July 2016

Yes, it is safe for a 5-month old pup.