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What is Petabunga?

Petabunga is a company that makes USB rechargeable LED dog collars.

Petabunga USB rechargeable LED dog collars review

My thoughts on the LED collars from Petabunga:

If you’re looking for a bright LED collar for your early morning or evening walks, I recommend these collars.

We have a blue and a green and the green is especially BRIGHT. I love it.

The collars are heavy duty as far as LED collars go and of course it’s nice that they recharge with a USB cable so no need to buy batteries ever.

Order a collar here – $19.99

Petabunga LED dog collar

Color options include blue, green, red and raspberry pink. I recommend the green. It’s BRIGHT! Although, I haven’t tested red or pink.

What is the cost of an LED dog collar from Petabunga?

The USB rechargeable LED dog collars from Petabunga are normally $29.99 with free shipping. They are currently on sale for $19.99. Shipping is always FREE.

The collars are available on Petabunga’s website HERE. Also available on Amazon. Petabunga ships anywhere in the United States.

USB rechargeable LED dog collars - Remy

What’s unique about these LED dog collars?

Most LED dog collars have batteries that need to be replaced or removed and recharged. However, the LED collars from Petabunga simply charge through a USB cable, which comes with each collar.

Pros of the USB rechargeable dog collars:

Petabunga LED dog collar blue

  • No need to buy batteries!
  • USB cable comes with each collar
  • Shipping is always FREE
  • Many of us need an LED collar in order to keep our dogs safe during early morning or evening walks/runs
  • Price is reasonable, especially for the $19.99 sale (and free shipping)
  • Collar is more heavy duty than some of the other LED collars I’ve seen
  • The collars are very bright and visible
  • Adjustable collars in Small (15.7″ to 17.7″), Medium (17.7″ to 21.6″) & Large (21.6″ to 23.6″)
  • On/off switch + “flashing” mode


  • The company doesn’t make an LED leash – maybe soon?
  • If you have a strong puller (Remy!) you’ll need to attach the leash to your dog’s usual walking gear because the LED collar won’t be strong enough. No big deal.
  • The small will be too big for some dogs (15.7″ to 17.7″), but if you clip the leash to your dog’s usual collar or harness sometimes you can still make it work.

Would I buy an LED collar from Petabunga?

Yes, because an LED collar keeps my dogs safe. I spend a lot of time walking and running with my dogs. In the fall and winter, we’ll be out in the DARK a lot.

Especially at the sale price of $19.99 and free shipping, I can see myself buying these collars for my dogs.

Order a collar here

Heck, the collars are cute during the day, too. See:

Ace and Remy LED dog collars

Would I recommend the collars to others?

Yes, the LED collars from Petabunga are high-quality and it’s nice that they charge with a USB cable. I recommend you invest in this for your dog at the sale price of just $19.99.

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USB rechargeable LED dog collars - Remy