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Custom, Embroidered Dog Leashes From dogIDs

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I’ve always wanted a leash embroidered with the words ADOPT ME for the shelter dogs I foster or walk.

I’m not great at starting conversations with strangers, but if a dog is wearing an ADOPT ME leash it welcomes people to ask to meet the dog or to ask questions about her.

And the more I thought about it, I realized an embroidered leash is helpful for a lot of different dogs, not just foster dogs.

Custom, embroidered dog leashes

What would your dog’s embroidered leash say?

dogIDs makes custom, embroidered dog leashes, so the message on your dog’s leash could say whatever you want!

The leashes are also American made, right in the dogIDs office in Fargo, N.D.

My dogs Ace and Remy do not have embroidered leashes (yet!) but they do wear embroidered collars from dogIDs. The nylon is tough, durable material. Remy pulls like crazy and his nylon collar is not fazed.

The hardware on the leashes is corrosion-resistant stainless steel. (dogIDs is in North Dakota, so they’re not joking around when they say their products will hold up to “the elements.”)

Reasons dogs may want to wear embroidered dog leashes:


The leash could say your dog’s name or your dog’s name and a phone number. I chose to include Remy and Ace’s names and my phone number on their collars, and that’s what I would probably put on their leashes too.

Rockey wearing the custom embroidered leash from dogIDs

Working dogs

The messaging could simply say “WORKING DOG” or “SERVICE DOG” or “THERAPY DOG” or it could say DO NOT PET or PLEASE PET ME, depending on your dog’s line of work!

Space for aggressive or fearful dogs

Some dogs just need a little extra space from dogs or people during walks, so a message such as these could go a long way:


With the right color combination, the message can be read from a distance.

Medical issues such as allergies

If your dog has allergies or needs medication, those are things you could consider putting on her leash, depending on how serious her condition is.

Some examples:


Embroidered dog leashes

Advertising a business or rescue group

If you own a pet-related business or a blog, you’d be surprised how much attention a message on the leash gets.

Ace used to wear a collar that said THATMUTT.COM and people would always ask me, what is that?

Also, when I started my dog running business Run That Mutt, I had several leashes embroidered with my business name and then gave those out to my clients. Everyone appreciates an extra leash and it was an easy way to advertise my business.

This could also be an easy way to advertise a rescue group or shelter. Wondering how you can donate something meaningful to a rescue? How about an embroidered leash?

What would you put on your dog’s leash?

Use coupon code THATMUTT for 10% off embroidered leashes at The code will also work for all other dogIDs products.

Visit dogIDs HERE

Remy wearing his embroidered collar from dogIDs


Friday 26th of August 2016

I need these leashes in my life: "ADOPT ME" for fosters and "NO DOGS" for my leash-reactive girl.

Ann Staub

Friday 26th of August 2016

I do like their collars. I have one and it's one of my favorite collars ever. It's not embroidered, but has the metal name tag on the collar.

Lindsay Stordahl

Friday 26th of August 2016

All of their collars are so well made! One of my favorites is the waterproof collar.