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EzyDog Element Jacket Review and Coupon Code

The Element Jacket by EzyDog is a jacket to protect your dog from cold winter elements. The outer shell acts as a windbreaker and raincoat. The interior is lined in a non-pilling fleece to provide warmth in cold temperatures.

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EzyDog Element Jacket review and coupon code

My thoughts on the EzyDog Element Jacket:

I’ve been looking for a jacket for Baxter for awhile.

Dude has very short, thin furs and with the polar vortexes the past few winters (-20ºC or -4ºF before windchills) we’ve had some very short walks.

EzyDog Element Jacket review

But Baxter loves being outside, and he lives in Canada now, so I have to find some way of making him comfortable in the frigid depths of winter.

When EzyDog offered me the pick of anything from their extensive product line, I knew I was going to pick a jacket.

I love that the Element Jacket protects against wind, snow, rain as well as providing good warmth for my chilly fellow.

What is the cost of an Element Jacket?

Baxter in his EzyDog Element Jacket

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The Element Jacket starts at $40 for XXS and goes up to $78 for XXL.

Order an Element Jacket here

What’s unique about the Element Jacket?

The Element Jacket comes in three colours (orange, sky and scarlet) and seven sizes, ranging from XXS to XXL.

EzyDog Element Jacket

The various sizes are important because EzyDog aims to make the Element Jacket snug and well-fitting. There aren’t a lot of adjustments that you can make to help the jacket fit your dog. Elastic panels around the neck offer a bit of stretch and belly straps can be adjusted slightly.

On the back of the jacket there’s a zipper that allows you to access a harness if you use that instead of a collar for walking your dog. The side panels have reflective strips.

Pros of the Element Jacket:

  • The windproof and water resistant exterior combined with the warm fleece interior make this a very useful jacket for cold weather.
  • The variety of sizes ensures you can find the best fit for your dog—although it might take a couple of tries. Once you hit the right size, the snug fit means that the coat stays in place and doesn’t slide around as your dog moves.
  • Roomy “armholes.” Being new to dog jackets, I was worried about chaffing or rubbing on Baxter’s skin, but openings around the neck and arms gave him plenty of room to move
  • Sturdy materials and well-made.
  • The colours are all noticeable—as someone who does a lot of hiking and lives in an area where hunting takes place, I like that my deer-coloured dog is wearing a bright orange jacket. If you’re walking in higher traffic areas, the reflective stripes are helpful with the limited sunlight we receive during the winter.
  • Helps your dog enjoy his time outdoors, even in very cold temperatures.


  • The limited adjustments mean you have to get the right size jacket for your dog. Based on Baxter’s measurements, we started with an XL, but it was ridiculously large. We ended up scaling down to a M which fits perfectly. Oh that big manly chest!
  • Baxter’s furs are thinnest on his stomach, so I’ve been looking for a coat that offers good belly coverage. The Element Jacket stops fairly short—just covering his (manly) chest. On the upside, the jacket is well away from any bathroom functions.
  • The jacket slips on over your dog’s head. If your dog is sensitive about his head, he may need a bit of time to adjust.
  • Limited colours. The Element Jacket comes in just three colours. If your dog is a fashionista, this jacket may not allow her to fully express her personality.

EzyDog Element Jacket review

Would I buy the Ezydog Element Jacket?

Yes. As I mentioned, I’ve been looking for a jacket for Baxter for awhile. This one offers good protection from the elements. I’m looking forward to seeing how it changes our walks this winter.

[quote_center]offers good protection from the elements. I’m looking forward to seeing how it changes our walks this winter.[/quote_center]

Would I recommend the Element Jacket to others?

Yes. The Element Jacket is a good option if you live in cold climates and your dog has thin fur. It’s a pretty warm jacket, so it’s not getting regular use on our walks until the truly cold winter temperatures set in.

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EzyDog Element Jacket

Would your pup benefit from an Element Jacket?

Let us know in the comments!

Julia Thomson is a regular writer to That Mutt. Visit her blog Home on 129 Acres here.

Shelley P

Saturday 12th of November 2016

I love that this jacket is windproof, water resistant and warm :) My dog Kandy would love this jacket for her walks so she can be protected from the elements. She gets cold easily now that she is 17 years and it can get very cold, windy and wet here.


Saturday 12th of November 2016

Looks like this may be the jacket for my Grace. She is a pit mix and has very short hair, and really does not like the cold.


Friday 11th of November 2016

I've bought countless jackets for my hardy llasa apso but she has successfully ruined them as she loves to run in the forests near our home. Being blind in one eye gets her tangled in things as well as very mucky!

Andrea Dixon

Friday 11th of November 2016

My Oscar the Rat Terrier would love this coat. He has a very short hair coat & gets chilled on our walks & hikes as the temps drop. He has a few coats but boy oh boy, this one looks & sounds amazing! Thanks for the chance.

Julie Lyon

Friday 11th of November 2016

My sweet Lily, a 7 1/2 year old boxer/pit bull mix has always lived in the desert of So. California. We just moved to Utah, so our first snow will be a shock to her system. The move has been very traumatic for her and she has also been diagnosed with arthritis in her hips.