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K9 Nature Supplements Review and Coupon Code – Hip & Joint Revita Chews

K9 Nature Supplements is a company that makes natural supplements for dogs with mostly human grade and organic ingredients.

My senior Lab mix Ace got to try the company’s Hip & Joint Revita Chews to potentially help his sore joints, and we have a chance for your dog to try them too!

This post is sponsored by K9 Nature Supplements.

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K9 Nature Supplements Review

My thoughts on the Hip & Joint Revita Chews:

My dog Ace has been taking the Hip & Joint Revita Chews for about three weeks. He is an almost 11-year-old black Lab mix and the joints in his back legs are sore and stiff. He does take Carprofen (Rimadyl) every day for managing the pain, and his vet always recommends glucosamine and fish oil supplements as well.

The Hip & Joint Revita Chews from K9 Nature Supplements contain glucosamine and omega-3 fatty acids. I believe these ingredients are beneficial to my aging dog. However, I am not able to observe a dramatic difference in how he feels after taking the chews since he is already taking a pain relief medication. He does love the taste and had no trouble taking the chews!

K9 Nature Supplements also suggested Ace could take their natural pain relief product called Nature’s Aches Away along with the hip & joint chews. However, Aches Away would need to be used without Rimadyl, so we chose not to take him off his prescription medication.

There are potential side effects to Rimadyl, so if you’re looking for a more natural option for pain relief, you could look into the Nature’s Aches Away for your dog. The active ingredients in the Aches Away are fish oil, cat’s claw root extract and willow bark extract. (Cats claw is a plant material traditionally used for treating arthritis and more.)

What is the cost?

Hip & Joint Revita Chews

The Hip & Joint Revita Chews come in jars of 60 chewable tablets for $26.99 and the Nature’s Aches Away comes in jars of 55 soft chews for $26.99.

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60 chews will last my 70-pound dog 60 days because he takes one per day. Smaller dogs will only need half a tablet per day and dogs larger than Ace will need 2 tablets.


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What’s unique about the product?

K9 Nature Supplements was created by scientists who have a passion for natural and holistic health for dogs, according to its website. The company’s supplements are all natural and mostly organic. Of course, there is a time and place for pharmaceuticals, but K9 Nature Supplements is an advocate for holistic and natural healing whenever possible.

K9 Nature Supplements says it only markets products that they themselves would give to their own dogs, ensuring the highest quality, safety and key benefits of each ingredient.

Its supplements are reasonably priced and all orders shipped in the U.S. come with FREE shipping if ordered from their website.

Pros of the Hip & Joint Revita chews:

  • Made in the USA with natural ingredients
  • Could reduce or eliminate your dog’s need for NSAIDs like Rimadyl
  • Contains 375mg glucosamine & 200mg chondroitin per tablet
  • Glucosamine helps repair damaged joints
  • My dog loves the chewable tablets. He thinks they’re treats!
  • One jar lasts my 70-pound dog 60 days
  • Works as a preventative for healthy dogs
  • Contains fish oil for healthier skin & coat health + heart health
  • Free shipping in the U.S.


  • Some dogs have allergies to shellfish. Glucosamine, one of the key ingredients, is derived from shellfish. The company recommends Nature’s Aches Away (vs. the Revita chews) for dogs that have sensitives or known allergies to joint supplements.
  • There are other brands that offer higher amounts of glucosamine and chondroitin per dose. However, K9 Nature Supplements said it uses a minimalist approach where each ingredient is scientifically researched to determine the lowest dose that will work in a dog’s body. That way, your dog is not getting too much of any of the ingredients. (If you’re wondering what the best dose is for your dog, it’s always best to consult with a vet.)

Would I buy this product?

Yes, I would buy about three month’s worth of the Hip & Joint chews to try as a longer term trial to see if it helps my senior dog. I believe in the benefits of glucosamine for people and dogs, and I like that this product has limited ingredients since my dog has a lot of allergies.

Would I recommend the product to others?

Yes, if your dog is having joint pain or stiffness or if she is prone to joint problems due to her breed, I would recommend trying this for 60 days to see if you notice a difference. It would also be a good question to ask your vet (but be prepared for your vet to try to sell you whatever glucosamine brand she carries).

Younger dogs can also take the supplement as a preventative.

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Giveaway – Win a combo pack for your dog!

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Would your dog like to try these supplements?

Let me know in the comments!

Natural supplements for dogs from K9 Nature Supplements


Wednesday 6th of October 2021

product is great however the companys customerservice is ridiculous. had the same problem twice..ordered then had to track down my order, very poor response from them, they never shipped and put me through the ringer for a took over 2 weeks to get a straight answer and it somehow became my problem. same occurance TWICE.... Ill find another company that treats me better for my money, and actually ships the product ordered


Thursday 16th of February 2017

I could use this on my senior dog it would be great n he just one of three

Meghan Williford

Thursday 16th of February 2017

Please pick me!!! My dog Marley had TPLO surgery in October and her surgeon recommended that she be on a joint supplement and fish oil supplement for the rest of her life (she just turned 4). It would be awesome to win this!!

Josee Leclerc

Thursday 16th of February 2017

I have a Newfie born with hip dysplasia. This could sure help my big boy! :)


Thursday 16th of February 2017

My Max would love to try these! He is very food oriented to any food or treat!