Wellness CORE Review and Giveaway

My dogs Ace and Remy got to try the Wellness CORE dry dog food as well as two types of treats from Wellness (the Marrow Roasts and the Pure Rewards).

These are all grain-free products made without meat by-products and without artificial preservatives, dyes or flavors.

This post is sponsored by Wellness.

Wellness is giving away a FREE Prize Pack to TWO readers of That Mutt.

Each winner will receive two 4-pound bags of Wellness CORE dry dog food and a bag of each of the treats I mentioned.

Leave a comment at the end of the post to enter. Drawing will take place Saturday March 18. Click here. *The winners have been chosen and notified.

Wellnesss CORE review – dry dog food and treats

Wellness CORE review

My thoughts on the Wellness CORE products:

Wellness CORE is a grain-free line of food for dogs and cats including dry food, canned food, treats and air-dried raw food. In this post, we’re focusing on the dry dog food and the treats.

The dry food from Wellness CORE is actually my go-to dry dog food brand so Ace and Remy are very familiar with Wellness CORE. They love it!

I often feed my dogs raw food, but I always have dry dog food on hand. Wellness CORE is my top choice; we have it on autoship with Chewy.

The Pure Rewards treats and the Marrow Roasts treats are grain-free treats made in the USA and high in protein.

  • The Pure Rewards are soft (easy to tear) and perfect for doggie training sessions.
  • The Marrow Roasts (pictured below) are soft biscuits perfect as a single reward or to stuff in a medium or small Kong.

Welness CORE marrow roasts

Ace and Remy love both these treats but really went nuts over the Pure Rewards.

Your dogs can try these treats too. Just leave a comment below to enter our giveaway!

What is the cost?

Wellness CORE products are available online through Chewy.com, Petco, PetSmart, Amazon and more.

You can also purchase directly at a Petco or PetSmart location. I prefer to order my dry dog food through Chewy.com and prices there are roughly:

What’s unique about Wellness CORE?

There are a lot of dog food companies out there. Some I trust. Some I don’t. Wellness is a brand I trust.

While it’s always good to read through the list of ingredients on any dog food or treats, I know everything in the Wellness CORE products are healthy for my dogs and cats.

I’ve been using the brand for a long time. When I lived in Fargo, the locally owned natural pet food store carried Wellness products long before Petco and PetSmart offered healthier options. Wellness has a good reputation and is transparent. You can’t go wrong with that.

Pros of Wellness CORE dry food and treats:

  • Real meat as the first ingredients
  • Made with real, pronounceable and recognizable ingredients
  • Grain free (dogs generally don’t need grains)
  • Uses natural preservatives
  • Contains no animal by-products
  • The marketing on the packaging is accurate to the actual ingredients!
  • Easily available online and at Petco and PetSmart
  • Re-sealable packaging on the food and treats

Wellness CORE grain free dog food


  • The price of the food will be a bit higher if you’re used to a lesser-quality brand.
  • Wellness offers so many food options overall (CORE is just one line) that it’s easy to get overwhelmed! I’ve stuck with the CORE line and have been happy with it.

Would I buy this food?

Yes, I already buy the Wellness CORE dry food for my dogs. I plan to keep buying it as it is my “go to” dry dog food brand. They also make dry and canned food for cats, for anyone interested.

Would I recommend Wellness CORE to others?

Yes. Wellness is a brand I trust, and I’ve fed their dry and canned food to my pets for years. I recommend the CORE products because I know the majority of dog owners prefer to feed dry dog food and this is a high-quality option. The food is grain free (no corn, soy, etc.), high in protein and made with high-quality ingredients.

Enter our giveaway below if your dogs would like to try Wellness CORE products!

Wellness CORE review

Giveaway – Win two bags of dog food and two bags of treats!

*The winners have been chosen and notified.

Wellness is giving away a FREE prize pack to TWO readers. Just leave a comment below to enter.

Each winner will receive:

  • Two 4-pound bags of Wellness CORE dry dog food
  • A bag of Wellness CORE Pure Rewards treats
  • A bag of Wellness CORE Marrow Roasts treats

Just leave a comment below to enter. Let me know why your dog is interested in the treats or food from Wellness.

Must have a U.S. mailing address to win. I’ll choose the winners at random on Saturday March 18 and announce them in That Mutt’s email on Sunday. Sign up for That Mutt’s email digest HERE.

Everyone signed up for the $7 reward or higher on That Mutt’s Patreon page receives automatic entries into ALL giveaways. There are still 4 spots remaining. Click here.

Would your dog like to try Wellness CORE products?

Let us know in the comments!

222 thoughts on “Wellness CORE Review and Giveaway”

    1. Chloe would love to try a better dry dof food that is made with better ingredients for her!! I’m always looking for better foods for her. She is a 9lb Mini Schnoodle, so she doesn’t go through bags of dog food fast. So, cost isn’t that much of an issue. Thank you for an opportunity to try this new product and give my dog a healthy food and treat she will love!!

  1. My dog Nakita would love to try these new foods. She is very finicky so finding the right food for her is difficult. She is also a bit overweight and her vet says she needs to lose a few pounds. I think that this food just might be what she needs.

  2. I have a large dog with a sensitive stomach. I’m always looking for food and treat options that are healthy, given that I am very careful with her weight and food sensitivity. Would love to try these products

  3. I would like to try this with my dog. I am not happy with what we use now. He is a bit picky, and I am getting frustrated not finding what he likes.

  4. I’m a pet sitter and have big clientele of geriatrics and those with medical issues. Always looking for healthy treats and food to suggest to owners. Would love to try samples.

  5. My two rescued dogs would love some treats and dog food. They have no health issues and can eat all kinds of dry dog foods.

  6. My husband and I have just added a Great Pyrenees puppy to our pack! She is now 11 weeks old and growing 😉 We have not yet tried Core products but would like to give her the best!

  7. My dog Roxie and I have been on the hunt for a dog food that she loves with a quality I approve of. I’ve heard lots of good things about the Wellness brand and we would love to give it a try and share what we think about it with our friends!

  8. Heather dansereau

    My dog Roman would love to try some. Of course he is a puppy and eats anything, but this sounds like a very healthy food I wouldn’t mind him eating,lol.

  9. Sounds like my dog should try Wellness as it sounds like a healthy choice and maybe make him want to eat more! We know that he already loves the treats…

  10. A friend of mine raved about Wellness foods that she fed her Maltese. At the time I had an Eng. Mastiff and 2 Golden Retrievers – couldn’t afford to feed Wellness. Now I only have a corgi mix to feed, and would love to try out Wellness Brand.

  11. My two Goldens LOVED the free sample I received of the Marrow treats! I would love to try the Wellness Core dry food as I have heard wonderful things about it.

  12. Cheryl Blevins

    I am looking for treats that our large puppies will be interested enough in so we can use for training.

  13. Bonnie Fedorochko

    My little pup, Daenerys isn’t thrilled about kibble. She loves “people” food but I’m afraid she’s not getting all the nutrition she needs from it.

    I’ve tried different brands but I’m still trying to find a brand she really likes…maybe this will be it!

  14. allison hoffman

    I would love to try this food for my dog Talou. He is on a grain-free diet because he has been having some skin issues lately. He loves the Pure Rewards treats but we haven’t tried the Marrow ones yet!

  15. I switched my pup from Nutro to Wellness Core. On Nutro, she was the pickiest eater and rarely finished her food. Now she actually finishes her food and is excited to eat. I would love for her to try the treats!

  16. Hello, I have two growing puppies that are almost ready to transition to a large breed dog food. Would like something natural and healthy. Thank you for considering me to try your brand.


    1. Linda Prodoehl

      I would Love to try your product, I have a 7 year old Mix Sheba. I like the fact that it’s Grain Free and the First ingredient is real meat.
      I would Love to try your product.

  18. Murphy turned 1 year old in January, and we changed his food from puppy formula to adult in the same brand. Although he still eats it, he’s not in LOVE with it…grazing small amounts during the day. I think it’s time to try an different brand that still has the same high quality ingredients a dog needs. Thank you for this chance to try it!!

  19. Mitzie Kennedy

    I have just started to feed Wellness Core to my Service Dog. He seems to really like it. On his other food which was a quality food also, he just seemed hungry all the time. He is not that way on Wellness CORE at all. His coat looks awesome & he is doing awesome on this food!

  20. I have 5 picky dogs with allergies. It’s hard to find them great food that they will enjoy eating. I would love to try this with my pups!

  21. I recently rescued a dog thought to be about 18 months old. I also have a 7 month old puppy. Both are good eaters and I keep them on grain free food. Both wet and dry. Being a new pet owner I would love to know what food is best for their health. A sample of your product would be appreciated.

  22. I have heard great things about your food and I would love to win and see if my 2 picky eater pups would enjoy this.


    I have been feeding my rescue pup Taste of the Wild. She was very picky at first and when she took to it a just stuck with it. I would love to try a sample of Core since I have read so many good things about your products.

  24. Sandy Weinstein

    wellness is an excellent product. i use the Holistic Select which is made by wellness now. my dog breeder introduced it to me and the girls love it. they make no grain, organic and they love the sardines and fish. i have called them several times for questions and coupons and their customer service is excellent. if you sign up for their emails they send you coupons every month. the wellness treats are very nice as well. so my girls would love to try Wellness since they already like one of the products.

  25. Izzy would love to try some good food that has meat as its first ingredient and it’s readily available where we shop!

  26. I have to convince my aussiedoodle Luna to eat every morning and every night. I usually have to sit next to her when she eats and the food I get her is supposed to be high quality, but maybe it just isn’t the right food for her. I would love to try something new and see how she responds to it. Also she is currently in training classes so the treats would help a ton seeing I go through treats like crazy!

    1. My dog and many cats can only eat Grain free dry because it’s what’s best and with pet allergies it’s the only food to care for them healthy and happy. They like it too so would love to try Wellness Core and see how happy and healthy they will be.

  27. I am familiar with Wellness & woluld love to give my boys the Wellness Core experience. Andy is a CGCA & Therapy dog; Zander is “in training” but a free spirit, so I am always searching for a valued treat to keep him interested. I am also pretty picky about the treats I give but these two look great!! (I have many friends feeding Wellness brands based on my recommendation & and the proof is in their dogs!) Win / Win all around.

  28. Our 4 pugs eat Wellness Core and all have the most beautiful coats. Wellness is a 5-star food and the pugs love it!

  29. Sugar being our Senior loves Wellsness Core grain free I have to make it moist for her. Glad it grain free and organic the treat will be a bonus for her.

  30. My Lab loves Wellness CORE! I feel at ease that they use the best ingredients and she loves the taste and flavors.

  31. I just got a new pup- Ginny- and knew I was going to put her on wellness! Great food even if it is a little more expensive, but she’s loving it! Has put on weight since I’ve got her(she was a little underweight) and eats it right up!

  32. I’ve fed my 2 English Speinger Spaniels Wellness CORE since we got them, 5+ years ago. They are active healthy dogs with beautiful shiny coats. My vet always compliments on how good they look and their overall health! Love Wellness products!

  33. Toby would love the wellness treats, he needs grain free. He has a couple food allergies, so we are picky about what we feed him. We have tried the wellness treats before and he loves them.

  34. Have had my boxers on Wellness Core Ocean forever….Boxers tend to have severe allergies and this is the only food I found that made their hives disappear in the first week. Love that it is grain free…..Thank you!

  35. My dog Tiki loves Wellness dog food and has been on it since he was a puppy! He is 6 now and I love him sooo much. While I don’t mind paying a little more for this awesome and healthy dog food, I’d ❤ to win some Wellness for my Tiki Barber!!

  36. Lynette worrell

    My dog loves loves loves loves the core treats especially the marrow treats. He is older and not easily excited but acts like a little puppy when he is going to get a marrow treat. My cat and dog both love wellness food and I love that the company is reputable and conscientious.

  37. my dog Zoey is 1 year old and she eats a high quality kibble but unfortunately she’s just not happy with it. Can be a real chore getting her to eat everyday. therefore its definitely time to change it up for another brand of quality food.

  38. I love Wellness products! I used to recommend them all the time when I worked at a pet store. I have tried the wet cat food for my kitty and she loved it! Would love to have a chance to try some dog products for my Coonhound:)

  39. My dog has been eating Wellness brand for over 10 years. We have never tried Core but would love to try it.

  40. My dog Oscar is a chewer and would love to try the Wellness marrow treats and my other dog Wylie who has allergies would enjoy any of the soft grain free treats from Wellness.

  41. My 16 year old Golden Retriever ate wellness his whole life and we have started our new addition Mia the same good food, and of course she loves treats too.

  42. I like that meat is a top ingredient on the list. I have no problem spending money for quality pet food and Wellness is a great food!

  43. I have a dog with IBS. Wellness Core Ocean is the food he does best on. I would love to win this prize pack for him.

  44. i just started my dog on the Wellness brand of grain free dry food. it was recommended she had a grain free diet due to skin issues. she love it & no more scratching!! i am going to have to try the treats now too.

  45. Scrappy noodles loves his dish full! Wellness keeps him happy and he keeps me happy- a perfect pairing if I do say! Would love to try this with him!

  46. Our dogs have been raised on Wellness Core. We wouldn’t feed them any other dog food other than Wellness! It has the best nutrition and they love it! They also get a Wellness treat every morning! They really have the good life!

  47. Tiffany sommers

    My Lil Sammie Da Bull would love to try wellness core. She is on wellness supermix chicken adult formula now. We found wellness about 6 years ago when we made the switch from an unhealthy super market brand that was causing her allergy issues. It was the best switch we ever made! Thank you wellness!

  48. Otto loves wellness core! It makes his tummy very happy. When eating wellness core Otto doesn’t have gas and his poo is regular and healthy looking. Very important to a doggie mom! 🙂

  49. As a proud new Mommy to a blue female pit named Sadie I am on the hunt for the best for her to make her grow strong and healthy

  50. All I’ve ever fed my 8 year old goldendoodle has been Core original – now have a 4 month old that also loves it. I’ve never tried the treats – not in stores in our area, would love to try them.

  51. lori calderone

    i would really love to try core for my dog he is a real picky eater except for table foods i have tried so many different dog foods still havent found one he likes yet

  52. We love Wellness! Convinced my parents to try it and all of a sudden, their airedale (who was showing early signs of hip problems) walked like a puppy again!

  53. Roberta Merwin

    My dachshunds always eat Wellness Core Reduced Fat–one of the very few lowfat grainfree foods on the market. We all know doxies tend to overeat and put on weight, but my 12 year old dogs are still fit trim, and active on this food.

  54. I started feeding my two dogs Wellness food about 2 months ago. The absolutely love it and are even healthier than before!

  55. We feed the Wellness Core Small Dog Grain free to our cats along with caned Catfood. It is the best choice for the male cats who had issues a few years back and with this mix all our animals are proper weight and healthy with super shine to the coat and no more health problems. They did not like the Cat version though! The dogs on the other hand thought the cat food was awesome…go figure!

  56. Mey mey would love to try Wellness dog food because he has so many allergies. I want something that will make him stop itching and just be happy.

  57. When we made the switch to Wellness dog food, we saw a dramatic change in my pup Taru’s digestive process. Not to mention he scarfs it down! He would love to have a chance to try out more dog food from Wellness.

  58. Joy Nonnweiler

    Wellness is the only food my little Zeva likes and her brother DiNozzo loves it too. We would be so happy to win a prize of Wellness food because we eat it every day!

  59. My dog has been on Wellness Complete Health and she loves the Wellness treats. She would love to try the Core . Thanks for the chance to win.

  60. Our Border Collie Apollo loves any of the Wellness products we give him. All natural insures it’s nutritious for him!

  61. Elizabeth Figueroa

    My little ones eat Wellness toy breed and have for a long time. I would love to try them on another Wellness product. Especially the treats.

  62. I have 3 beagles that I feed Wellness Core, we haven’t tried the treats yet, but plan on doing that in the near future.

  63. I feed six dogs Wellness Core fish formula as it contains no chicken product. My mastiff develops skin issues with chicken. Since switching to Wellness Core, no issues. Love love ❤️ Wellness!

  64. Shannon Cushman

    My little chihuahua LOVES the Wellness Core! It is one of the only foods she will regularly eat. She would love to try the different Wellness treats, as she has not had those before. I’m sure she’d go bonkers for them!

  65. My two rescue boys both require grain free and love the wellness kibble, but haven’t tried the treats! Thank you so much for giving my boys a chance to win. Harley and Bug would love to thank you as well and looking forward to joining you and Ace on your journey.

  66. Our beagle, Bandit, loves his Wellness food, both canned and dry. We’ve never tried the treats, though! Being a beagle, Bandit has never met a treat he didn’t like. Would love to win a prize pack!

  67. mary margaret chanick

    Our two Pons(Polish Lowland Sheepdogs)have been raised on Core Wellness and have done beautifully. No tummy problems ever. They are both chow hounds and enjoy their meals. We were unaware of the treats would love to win a product we believe so strongly about.


    I import (26 pounds bag every month from U.S.A to India) for my Golden Buddy.His health is my number one priority and I trust wellness only. Thanks to the team wellness for the Excellent products and quality.

  69. My dog has so many issues with allergies that I have to give her only really high quality food and treats. I love Wellness and she always does well with their products! She just had dental surgery and I’d love to be able to spoil her with these treats that I know won’t upset her skin. 🙂

  70. Tara Daly-Tardiff

    My dogs been on Wellness since her birth. She’s got a lovely shiny coat and sparkling eyes. She’s happy and healthy, loves it – what more would you want!!??

  71. I have a 14 year old long coat Chihuahua who used to have G.I. Issues and had pancreatitis twice. After doing lots of research, I switched him from his previous 4 star dog food to Wellness Core grain free dry food for small breeds about 8 years ago. He hasn’t been sick since – not once. I’ll never switch him again and I tell all my dog owner friends about Wellness Core grain free. It’s quality food that I believe in.

  72. We’re interested because Dexter eats Wellness Small Breed but we have never tried the Wellness CORE variety

  73. My dogs and my cats would love to try Wellness!!! Byron, Bailey, Miss Molly, Hess and Leelee would be so excited to eat all the wonderful products Wellness makes.

  74. We feed our pets Wellness Core Reduced Fat because of the quality of the product. Our greyhound just celebrated her 12th birthday and has not slowed down. We did noticed the size of the bag is only 24 lbs. now – Petco charged us $69.99 plus tax. Please let me know where we can purchase it as stated above — CORE Dry dog food: $10 to $58 depending on if you buy a 4, 12 or 26-pound bag.

  75. Wellness is a great product, but its tough to justify the price point. Still, my dog will love a bit of high quality feed mixed in with his usual grub.

  76. Both my puppies are really sensitive to their food. I dream of getting them a brand they both would love ! Wellness is really impressing me with their food quality! I would love to introduce this brand to my pups !

  77. My pup loves the marrow treats! We also feed him Core. We are trying the wild game blend now and he really seems to enjoy it.

  78. Abbott has a sensitive stomach and Wellness is the only brand we’ve found that doesn’t bother him. He loves it so much that he will even do all his tricks for a bite of Wellness kibble.

  79. Henry B eats this food and loves it have not given him any of the treats. We order from Chewy as well, highly recommend both

  80. I just recently switched Charlie to Wellness Core, so I am definitely interested in this! I don’t normally enter anything with food as I need to switch his food slowly.

    He has a sensitive stomach and has never had an issue with the dry food.I would love to have him try the treats!

  81. We would love to try the Wellness treats! I adopted my dog Bailey and she is chock full of energy, so I’m always using treats to train her and best of all, spoil her!

  82. Bella would love to win this awesome prize of Wellness products! ☆♡♡••○☆♡□○•☆▪ Bella loves yummy food and or treats. She is such an awesome girl and deserves the very best.

  83. Jolene Johnson

    I feed my cat Wellness Core and she’s been doing really great on it, so I’m considering trying it for my senior dog as well! He has really bad allergies and skin issues and I’m curious to see whether a good switch would make a difference. Thank you!!!

  84. Chip would love Wellness food! He has sensitivities and Wellness’ dedication to quality would be great for him.

  85. I am a volunteer rescue foster with a mama dog that delivered NINE babies last night! This mama dog would love to have the good fortune of receiving high quality treats and food!!!

  86. I have always fed my foster pups Wellness puppy and puppy treats! Would love to try the rest for my adult dogs! My cats love the Wellness Core and I imagine the dogs would too! In fact the dogs would probably
    Just eat the cat food 🙂

  87. Deborah Walden

    Using Victor and Zignature for my 2 dogs,Boxer has sensitive stomach,and rat terrier is on Victor,Would love to find something they both could eat

  88. Our rescue Basset Hound loves her Wellness CORE Ocean formula! She had some skin issues when we adopted her and they all completely cleared up with feeding Wellness! Love it and will not use another brand!

  89. I’ve always fed my dog high quality food; so I’d be curious to try Wellness Core,and see how she does on it.

  90. We started using Wellness for our diabetic Aussie who developed pancreatitis & food allergies. They were the only company that would give us detailed info about the product.

  91. Juno, my almost 2 year lab, would love an early birthday present! She is an active frisbee catcher who could benefit from super healthy grain free dog food. She can’t wait to try it!

  92. My babies would love some grain free dog treats 🙂 Maybe then they will leave my food alone!! ❤️❤️❤️❤️

  93. I have never heard of Wellness but after reading about it it sounds like a great product and something I am really interested in!

  94. I have a little picky eater but I do try to find different foods for her that she will like so she doesn’t get bored. I love that meat is the first ingredient and it’s only simple ingredients. I think she would loveee those marrow treats!

  95. Our old English bulldog has a very sensitive stomach. We have to really mindful about the the food he eats. Thankfully he has had no issues since we started feeding him core wellness dog food. We cannot thank wellness products for creating a product that our four legged family member can finally eat!

  96. This is the only food my cats will eat, they love it! I didn’t realize that you sold cat treats, I’m going to have to buy some to see what they think because they don’t like other brand treats!

  97. We have feed wellness since getting our first yorkie. We now have four. We don’t have any of the problems with ours that others have had, no dry skin, no itching, lots of energy, and no stomach problems. Our vet told us it is because of the high quality food and treats we give them. We wouldn’t even think of feeding them anything else.

  98. 2 picky eating boxers here. One with skin problems, the other with GI problems. Wellness core is the only one that worked for both of them, and we tried about 12 different foods from moderate to high end! So grateful for a brand that supports their health and keeps me from buying different food for each dog!

  99. Our furbabies would love to get these goodies! I’ve been eyeing core for awhile! Those treats look like winners, lot’s of begging would happen!!

  100. Kelsey Campbell

    Thanks for the review! I have been switching between grain free dog food brands for a while now to find the one I like best, I will give Wellness Core a try now

  101. Wellness Core is the only dry food I feed my dog because it is high quality and he likes it. I trust the Wellness brand to keep him healthy and happy.

  102. Kristine Smith

    Wellness food sounds great!!!! I neef to try it for my. A furbabies for sure on the treat end. The food gives them the fore hydrant effect. Almost like they cantt do protein. So i give tnem them the best snacks. Which is the food and the treats I can get this type a try as well.

  103. WELLNESS CORE IS THE BEST DOG FOOD EVER!!! I researched and found dogfoodadviser.com, that’s where I found it 3 yrs ago. I got my friends using it now. I get so many compliments on my girls.

  104. Wellness is a great dog food company. I found wellness core after the largest dog food brand made my 5 month old puppy deathly ill. I recommend it to EVERYONE!

  105. Jessica lahait

    I feed wellness complete health lamb and barely. I’d love to try Core with my dogs. Also if anyone I know gets a new dog as a gift I buy them a small bag a wellness

  106. Our Spirit has been on Wellness Large Breed Puppy food since we got him at 7 weeks old. He loves it and apparently it loves him as well. He is now getting ready to turn 1 year in May and he will not be on puppy food. Would love to try the Wellness Core.

  107. Our foster fail babies would love to try this. We have a house full of kitties and can’t imagine a day without them.
    Our newest one is Lottie Dottie and she is our blind kitty.

  108. Andrea Greynolds

    Grain-Free, no animal by-products, real meat with high protein sounds like a winner not only to me, but my dogs as well. Thanks for introducing us to this product. Dry foods are important also for healthy digestion and the crunchiness for their teeth. I also know that healthy dog foods can be not so tasty for the pups, therefore, looking forward to them trying this food.

  109. I am trying to find a high quality, all natural food for my two year old Australian Kelpie mix and Wellness looks like a great choice!

  110. My dog currently has a bag of the beef Marrow Roasts but has never tried the CORE dry food. I’m sure she would be interested in anything new and delicious!

  111. Linda Henderson

    My two dogs love treats and I love to spoil them. I’m also very selective as to the origin of the food they eat. Diesel and Sydney would would be so excited to try new and quality treats. And I would be both excited and relieved to find a great new treat for them.

  112. Our Chihuahuas Bella and Lola Love the Wellness core small breed and love the pure rewards treats. This is the only brand of dog food we get. They would be so happy to win this and would bark “Thank You” if they won. 🙂

  113. My allergic lab Gus eats wellness core salmon & whitefish and seems to do pretty well on it he was on Simple Salmon before that, but was still itchy. My old guy Gunner is on Wellness Senior and still has a spring in his step, he does very well for a 120 lb shepherd lab mix.

  114. Would like to win so can donate to one of the rescue groups I support, Young at Heart Pet Rescue and Heartland Animal Shelter. Can you confirm you are not owned by Unilever or Proctor and Gamble?

  115. My dog Casper eats the Wellness Core Air Dried food. He absolutely loves it! He doesn’t have most of his front teeth and we were looking for something soft for him that wasn’t can food. He feel in love and so did we. His breath improved and he has more energy. When my brothers dog comes over she runs for the food. We have to pick his bowl up because she would eat every last bite if we allowed her too.

  116. My boys (labs) Spooner & Porter love Wellness… thank you for giving me confidence & comfort in what I feed them…

  117. My dogs would love to try Wellness Core dry food and treats. Wellness sounds like an excellent brand! I love that their products are high in protein and grain free. I have a dog with allergies so this would be a great option for us.

  118. Christina Clark

    My fur kids love Wellness; they are shiny, happy & healthy. Paws crossed we win some free new food & treats to try.

  119. My 14 1/2-year-old golden retriever, Molly, loves Core Wellness large breed. And she is doing better on this then she has on any other dog food!

  120. I don’t know if I’m too late to enter, but I have been researching dog food a lot lately and this brand is at the top of my list. The ingredients are really impressive!

  121. Big fan of wellness core grain free kibble. My dog has been eating is since he was a puppy he’s 4 now. We do have to mix it with other items these days to keep him interested because he’s spoiled. This giveaway sounds like a great mix. So pick Gunner for your new treats

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