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Wellness CORE RawRev Dog Food Review and Giveaway

The brand new Wellness CORE RawRev dog food is a combination of grain-free kibble and 100 percent raw freeze-dried meat.

My dogs Ace and Remy got to try the new food along with the new Wellness CORE freeze-dried treats. Both products are free of artificial preservatives, dyes or flavors.

This post is sponsored by Wellness.

The company is giving away a FREE prize pack to TWO readers of That Mutt.

Each winner will receive a 4-pound bag of the Wellness CORE RawRev food and two bags of freeze-dried raw treats!

Just leave a comment at the end of this post to enter. (2 winners!) Click here. *The winners have been chosen and notified.

Wellness CORE RawRev dog food review

Wellness CORE RawRev dog food review

My thoughts on the RawRev food

My dogs Ace and Remy got to try the Wellness CORE RawRev dog food which is grain-free dry food mixed with freeze-dried raw bites. Learn more about the food HERE.

While I prefer to feed a raw diet, I always keep dry dog food on hand and Wellness CORE is my top choice.

It’s great there is now an option that includes at least some raw food.  While the majority of dog owners are not interested in feeding 100% raw for a variety of reasons, this is a nice “in between” option that will appeal to most dog owners.

My dogs also got to try the Wellness CORE freeze-dried raw treats. These are single ingredient treats made with 100% beef, boar, salmon or turkey. My dogs had the boar option.

Wellness CORE freeze dried treats

What is the cost?

Wellness CORE products are available online through Chewy, Petco, PetSmart, Amazon and more. Click here.

The RawRev food and 100% freeze dried treats are brand new, but you will likely start seeing them around soon!

You can buy Wellness CORE products directly at a Petco or PetSmart store and other pet specialty stores.

The RawRev food comes in Original (turkey and chicken), Wild Game (duck, lamb, boar and rabbit) and Small Breed (turkey and chicken).

Prices may very but range roughly from $19.99 for a 4-pound bag to $64.99 for a 20-pound bag.

The food is available in 4, 10, 18 (Wild Game only) and 20-pound (Original only) bags. Learn more about the food here.

What’s unique about this food?

Wellness is a brand I trust, and it has a good reputation among pet owners. With so many dog food companies out there (some better than others), that’s saying a lot!

The RawRev food is one of the few options out there that combines dry food and freeze-dried raw, although there are other brands that offer this too.

It’s also nice to see treats that are made with one ingredient (MEAT). This is helpful for dogs with allergies to various protein sources, grains or other ingredients.

Pros of the RawRev food:

  • A great way to introduce some raw food to your dog’s diet (raw food is more natural to dogs!)
  • Meal meat as the first ingredients
  • Made with real, pronounceable and recognizable ingredients
  • Grain free (dogs generally don’t need grains)
  • It’s a naturally preserved product
  • Contains no animal by-products


  • I wish there were more freeze-dried raw pieces in the food, but this food is not made for people who want to feed 100% raw

You can learn more about the food HERE.

I would recommend the RawRev food for …

Wellness is a brand I trust, and I would recommend this food for anyone looking for a healthy dry dog food option with the added benefit of some raw bites.

I normally order Wellness CORE dry food through Chewy, but now I’ll look for the RawRev option.

More info here.

Giveaway – Win a bag of RawRev dog food and 2 bags of treats!

Wellness is giving away a FREE prize pack to TWO readers. Just leave a comment below to enter.

*The winners have been chosen and notified.

Each winner will receive:

  • One 4-pound bag of the brand new Wellness CORE RawRev dog food
  • Two bags of the 100% freeze-dried treats

Just leave a comment below to enter. Let me know why your dog is interested in the treats or food from Wellness!

Must have a U.S. mailing address to win. I’ll choose the winners at random on Saturday April 15 and notify them by email.

Everyone signed up for the $7 reward or higher on That Mutt’s Patreon page receives automatic entries into ALL giveaways. There is still 1 spot remaining. Click here.

Would your dog like to try the RawRev food?

Let us know in the comments! Also let me know if you have any questions about the food and I’ll get them answered for you.

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