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Shed Defender Reviews, Dog Onesie to Control Shedding

I reviewed a product called the Shed Defender because it sounded like a product designed specifically for my dog Ace.

The Shed Defender is a onesie for dogs designed for containing dog hair, replacing the medical cone collar, reducing allergies for a dog or person, reducing a dog’s anxiety or protecting a dog from insects.

My dog Ace is often itchy due to allergies. He wears a cone collar during flareups, and we use the Shed Defender to give him a break from the cone of shame.

My readers responded positively to our review of the Shed Defender, so I wanted to share some examples of other dogs the product has helped. I emailed several dog owners to get their feedback. You can read their experiences below.

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And yes, I know it’s hard not to smile and laugh when you see a dog in a onesie! The Shed Defender is a serious product but I can’t help but smile at how funny and cute the dogs look in their suits!

Shed Defender Reviews

Shed Defender reviews

Controlling hair and reducing anxiety

Bleu is a 7-year-old Catahoula dog, and Phil Muldowney said his dog’s dark fur would quickly clump up on the hardwood floors and cover their light-colored furniture.

“Think Western film and substitute tumbleweeds for dog hair balls,” he said.

They did buy furniture covers, but Bleu kicked those off after a few hours. They also bought two Dyson handheld vacuums.

Bleu in his Shed Defender

The Shed Defender has helped reduce and control Bleu’s shedding, Muldowney said. It has also helped reduce Bleu’s travel anxiety so he no longer wears a Thundershirt on car rides.

“We simply keep the Shed Defender on and his travel anxiety goes away.”

Muldowney said he would recommend the Shed Defender to any dog owner who needs a solution to their dog’s shedding, car anxiety or for a dog who needs slight compression to feel safe.

That Mutt readers can get 15% off a Shed Defender with code MUTT15. Click here.

Controlling dog hair in the car

Stephanie Shaw has a large mutt named Kiwanis who could be a German shepherd, Rottweiler and Lab mix.

Shed Defender reviews

She decided to try a Shed Defender because she takes her dog to work every day and they ride in the car together for about an hour, five days a week.

“My car interior was getting ruined—absolutely covered by hair,” she said.

“It was on the dashboard, in the gearshift, all over both the back and the front seats, even with expensive seat covers. It was on the floor, in the hatch, everywhere!”

She said the Shed Defender has been amazing.

“I went from having to spend boatloads of money on vacuums and car washes every week to not really needing to vacuum the car at all,” she said.

“He’s comfortable in the suit and it is more effective in cutting down shedding than I can even put into words. It has been a life saver for our car, and the compliments he gets when he wears it don’t hurt either.”

Shaw highly recommends the product for anyone who rides with their dogs in the car on a daily basis. She said she introduced Kiwanis to his with a “whole bunch of cookies” so he would have a positive experience.

“He has no qualms at all about wearing it every day, twice a day now!”

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Controlling dog hair in the house

Katrina Smith has an 8-year-old German shepherd with a long coat.

While Jake is generally an outdoor dog, Smith started bringing him inside at night because she was noticing he was getting very sore due to his age and the cold.

The only problem was all the dog hair.

Jake wearing his Shed Defender

“The hair that he loses is crazy,” she said. “Even when he doesn’t come inside we still get his hair everywhere and on everything.”

She was trying to make her own onesie for Jake when she found the Shed Defender online.

“At first, the Shed Defender is a little tight and tricky to put on, but loosens up after a while,” she said. “Jake now has the process down pat and doesn’t mind wearing it at all.”

The Shed Defender helped to stop Jake from barking at possums and cats at night because now he gets to sleep in the house. And perhaps best of all, Jake is no longer showing any signs of soreness.

“The hair inside my house is now minimal and Jake enjoys being close to us at night.”

Controlling shedding at relative’s homes

Sadie is a pitbull mix who tends to shed brown hair “all over the place.”

“When I take her to my parents’ house, they do not like the hair everywhere,” said John Moody.

Shed Defender reviews

Moody said he was also looking for something to keep the dog hair out of his truck when Sadie tags along. The Shed Defender has really helped with that too.

The product also had a third benefit—helping Saide feel calm.

“It definitely helps to calm her down even though I did not purchase it for this reason,” Moody said. “She gets very calm and usually lays down or sleeps.”

Controlling a dog’s scratching

Kelli Teague said she loves the Shed Defender. She bought it to control the allergies and scratching of her Chihuahua/Pomeranian mix named Lilly.

Lilly wearing her Shed Defender

She said it has really helped reduce Lilly’s scratching and she would recommend the product for any dog with allergies.

Ordering information—Shed Defender coupon code

That Mutt readers can get 15% off a Shed Defender with code MUTT15. Click here.

The Shed Defender comes in 9 different sizes ranging from mini to giant. It also comes in 8 different colors. You can view the size chart here. Shed Defender also offers free returns and exchanges so you can make sure to get the correct size. If your dog is on the larger end of a size, I recommend you go up a size.

If you have any questions about the product, just leave them in the comments and I will answer.

Also, let me know in the comments if the Shed Defender has helped your dog. It would be fun if you post a picture to That Mutt’s Facebook page here.

Are you interested in a Shed Defender?

Let me know in the comments!

Ace wearing his Shed Defender

karen wager

Tuesday 3rd of March 2020

my friend has a severe allergy to dogs. he cant even come in my house. Will this help?


Tuesday 22nd of August 2017

That pom/chichi mix Lily tho! so cute! I think this works great for short term use like these folks are doing, long as you don't neglect the brushing, especially on the double coated dogs that have undercoat that needs come out. Using an undercoat rake like the Paws Pamper regularly will make sure your baby isn't uncomfortable wearing their shed defender!


Tuesday 22nd of August 2017

I wonder if it would be appropriate for a dog who always seems hot? Wouldn't it make the dog warmer?

Lindsay Stordahl

Tuesday 22nd of August 2017

Jodi, are you interested in it for your dog? I can ask for more details from the company if you'd like, but it's designed to be breathable and it's very lightweight. I wouldn't use it outside in the heat or if the dog tends to be very hot. You wouldn't want to leave it on for hours and hours either obviously.