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Evercare Lint Rollers Review and Giveaway

Every pet owner can use a lint roller, but do you have a GIANT lint roller?

We tested out three products from Evercare, including the Extreme Stick Mega Surface Roller designed for removing pet hair from stairs, beds and other difficult to reach surfaces.

We also tried their small “Lint Flip” travel lint roller which fits easily into a purse or bag. I plan to keep mine in my car.

I know pretty much all of you could benefit from these products because, let’s face it, cleaning up pet hair is a constant battle!

To enter to win a FREE prize pack of the three types of lint rollers mentioned in this post, just leave a comment below. Click here. I’ll choose two winners. *The winners have been chosen.

This post is sponsored by Butler Home and Evercare.

Evercare Lint Rollers Review

My thoughts on the Evercare lint rollers:

I like these products because they work well, and they’re more stylish and functional than an average lint roller.

Evercare Lint Rollers review

Sure, they’re still “just” lint rollers, but Evercare has a variety of different options and sizes.

I’ll show you the three products we received:

Lint Flip Travel Lint Roller

The “Lint Flip” travel lint rollers are small enough to fit in a purse or bag or to keep in your car. I recommend them for pet sitters, dog walkers and dog trainers but they’d also be nice for people who work office jobs and need to “de-hair” before work.

The nice thing about these is you just “flip” it shut when you’re done to keep the new sheet clean or to hide the nasty hair already stuck to it!

Cost: $6.99 on Amazon (Comes with 30 sheets)

Lint Flip Rollers

Mega Surface Roller

This is the giant lint roller I referred to earlier. It’s a lint roller on an extendable handle designed for easily reaching stairs, rugs, beds or other difficult to reach surfaces.

It’s easier to use than a vacuum and saves time. The handle extends out to 36″. I use it when I don’t have the time to use the vacuum or Swifter or just want to quickly get the loose cat hair off our bed.

Cost: $25 on Amazon (Comes with 25 sheets)

Mega roller from Evercare

Get the Mega Surface Roller HERE.

Reusable Fur Erase Sponge

This is a reusable dry sponge for removing pet hair from clothes, carpets, furniture or your car. It works really well for removing dust and hair from our smooth couch and rugs.

It really is like an “eraser” because you use a little friction to rub the hair off the surface. The lint rollers mentioned above work great for removing hair, but the eraser is better at removing dust and lint.

The only downside is you have to eventually wipe the hair and dust off the sponge but it’s reusable.

Remy with the Fur Erase sponge

Cost: $6.63 on Amazon. More info HERE.

What’s unique about these products?

The unique thing about Evercare is that it makes several different lint rollers and lint brushes in all sorts of different sizes. They’re also more stylish than your average lint roller. For example, the Lint Flip Travel Lint Roller comes in four different colors.

Pros of the Evercare Lint Rollers:

  • Many different sizes and options to meet your needs
  • Stylish and fun
  • Affordable
  • Available on Amazon and various retailers
  • They work well
  • Replaceable rolls available for all products


  • The Mega Surface Roller comes with 25 sheets. It would be nice if it came with a replaceable roll but you can order more as needed.

I would recommend these products for …

The Lint Flip Travel Lint Roller is perfect to keep in your purse or car and I would recommend it for professionals who work with pets or any pet owner who needs to “de-hair” before work! Both these products would also make fun gifts for anyone who has pets.

Evercare lint flip roller

The Fur Erase sponge is a product I never would’ve purchased but now that I have it, it’s really nice to have. I recommend it for wiping lint, dust and hair off your furniture or cloth car seats. Our couch finally looks clean without having to vacuum!

And finally, the mega stick lint roller is also an easier alternative to vacuuming. Obviously we all need to vacuum on occasion but the mega stick is nice to use in between. My cats sleep on my bed and it works well to quickly catch all the loose hair in a few swipes.

View all of Evercare’s products HERE.

Giveaway! Win a prize pack of products from Evercare

Evercare lint rollers review

Evercare is giving away a FREE prize pack of products to TWO readers of That Mutt. Must have a U.S. mailing address to win.

*The winners have been chosen. Congrats to Patti S. and Thomas S.

Each winner will receive:

  • A Lint Flip Travel Lint Roller
  • Mega Surface Roller
  • A Reusable Fur Erase Sponge

To enter, just leave a comment below to let me know why you’re interested in these products. Which one of your pets sheds the most?

I’ll choose two winners at random on Tuesday Sept. 26 and email the winners.

That Mutt’s $7/mo Patreon members receive automatic entries into all giveaways including this one. We still have 10 spots available. Sign up HERE.

Would you like to try the products from Evercare?

Let me know in the comments!

Florence Lamboy

Saturday 23rd of September 2017

i have two dogs a lab and a chow i vac 3 time a day i really could use theres lint rollers i desperately need this.

Kerry Schwidde

Saturday 23rd of September 2017

I have 2 Dogs & 3 Cats. The amount of defurring products that I go through weekly is crazy. My Golden Retriever sheds year round just like my Cats. A never ending battle, lol.


Thursday 21st of September 2017

We desperate need this! Our Teddy is The Monster of Shedding and we need HELP!!!


Thursday 21st of September 2017

With three dogs I don't even know where to begin with all the hair in my house!

Jolene Johnson

Thursday 21st of September 2017

I have a Lab, a Lab mix, and a cat that all shed like crazy! Lint roller are definitely my friend, and that mega roller would be perfect for my bed.