How to Teach Your Dog the Place Command – Portable Dog Beds

I love my dog Remy but sometimes he’s just constantly in my personal bubble.

Oh, you’re tying your shoes? Let me get as close to you as possible and “help.” Oh, you’re carrying in groceries? Let me “assist” you.

Remy is finally mature enough where he’s pretty well behaved all day but then in the evenings he still gets these naughty spells where he likes to paw at me, nudge me with his nose (we call that the dolphin punch) and play bite.

Basically, he still acts like a giant puppy.

I tell him “no” when he paws at me or “off,” and I do my best to ignore him. But he’s stubborn.

So one thing we’ve started doing for a few minutes in the evenings is using treats to reward him for staying on his bed or “place.”

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Reasons to teach your dog the place command

The “place” command is a way to teach your dog to stay on a mat, platform, dog bed, rug or other “place.”

How to teach your dog the place command

You can use a different command if you’d like. We started with “go to your bed” and now we just say “bed” because it’s shorter. A lot of trainers use the word “place” so that’s the word I’m using in this post for simplicity.

The “place” command is handy for when you need your dog to remain in one spot. For example, when you have guests at the door, you could tell your dog “place” and he would know to go to his bed or mat. Or maybe you’re just working on something and you need your dog to leave you alone for 5 minutes.

The portable pup bed from Carlson

Unfortunately, Remy has always been a bit obsessed with trying to shred, destroy and EAT dog beds. He does the same with sheets, towels and blankets.

This was challenging when we were trying to teach him “place” because he would just start ripping up his bed or blanket.

So, a good solution in our case was to use the portable pup bed from Carlson Pet Products. Their beds are cot style made of steel, canvas and nylon. They’re not chew proof, but Remy is not interested in shredding his cot.

In fact, when I unfold his cot, he knows to go into “working mode.”

He gets super focused on staying in his “place.” We normally keep the cot folded up in the corner of the room, and when we get it out, he knows what to do! Thank you, Carlson!

How to teach your dog the place command

How to teach your dog the place command

First, choose the dog bed, rug or other “place” you want to use. I think a dog bed is the most convenient. Then grab a handful of tiny treats. You can use whatever you have on hand like bits of cheese or meat. I break them up small.

Two options:

The first option is to sit or stand with your treats near your dog’s bed and wait for him to go to his “place” on his own. Then you would drop him little treats whenever he’s on his bed. At first, you can drop a few treats on the bed to lure him if needed. When he stays on the bed voluntarily, you would drop him little treats every few seconds. Eventually, add the word “place.”

The other option is to simply guide him to his “place” with treats and tell him to stay. It’s easier if you sit very close to him at first. Don’t add distance unless he already understands “stay.”

Here’s a clip of Remy from Instagram when I was first teaching him “place.”

A post shared by Lindsay Stordahl (@thatmuttcom) on

In both cases, I like to use a release word “break!” so Remy knows he can get up. I’ll let him be free for a few minutes and then I’ll say “place” again and he’s expected to return to his bed.

More tips on how to teach your dog the place command:

  • Make it very simple at first. Start with just a few seconds. Keep it fun!
  • Limit distractions at first like other pets in the room
  • If your dog wants to follow you to get the treats, stand right next to his bed and deliver tiny rewards. Take just one step away. Then move back and give another treat. Progress very slowly.
  • This is a harder concept for dogs than we realize. Be patient and don’t expect him to get it the first day.

Details on the dog cots from Carlson

Carlson Pet Products portable dog bed

The Carlson Portable Pup Bed is a cot style bed designed for use at home, in the yard or for easy travel such as for picnics or camping. It folds up in a second and comes with a travel bag.

The cots come in large or small and in multiple colors. We have the large, which is 48” long, 26” wide and 9” tall. It’s sturdy and designed to hold up to 95 pounds. The small is 26” long, 26” wide and 9” tall.

We use our cot primarily for training Remy. It’s normally folded up in the corner of our living room until we want to work on “place.” But sometimes I’ll also set it out on our balcony for our senior dog Ace to lounge on. I throw his blanket over it, and we call it Ace’s “lawn chair.” You can see it’s big enough for a 70-pound Lab mix.

Teach your dog the place command

The cot’s nylon material is waterproof, and we’ve left it outside many times. It’s been rained on and left in the San Diego sun for days, and the color has not faded. We haven’t had to wash ours, but Carlson said you can easily wipe it with a damp cloth and soap.

You can browse Carlson’s dog beds HERE.

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Does your dog know a “place” or “go to your bed” command?

Let me know in the comments!

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69 thoughts on “How to Teach Your Dog the Place Command – Portable Dog Beds”

  1. Jackpot has his Mat that he will lay on. However it’s a danger to us for slipping on it. The dog cot from Carson would be a much better option for us and Jackpot. Being able to fold and put up when not needed is more of a plus. Good luck to all

  2. I would love this portable pup bed from Carlson because it does seem like something Enzo (my dalmatian puppy) would try to eat or chew at. Right now I take him to my parents house in the mornings on my way to work. This way I can see him on my lunch break and let him out etc. Then when I am leaving to go back to work I tell both him and my parents dog to go to their “beds”, crates in this sense and they both willingly go to their beds. It might just be my own personal preference but crate or cage seems like you are disciplining them, but when I use the word bed its seems like they get to go somewhere to relax now. We did have a little bed in there with a bigger blanket once we put him in a bigger crate but he chewed at the puffy bed and took some of the stuffing out. For some reason he doesn’t do that with the blanket so now we just use that.

  3. We are continually working on the place command with our Wheaten Murphy. Right now we have a mat but because it is level with the ground he doesnt have to go all the way on his place. If we had the cot he would have to get all the way on and it would reinforce this place and stay.

  4. Hamilton also chews his bed, blankets, pillow, the last pages of a really good book etc. we are working on place and he is doing a really good job…I know the cot would be helpful because I need a “place for him

  5. The doggy daycare that my two pups go to has a couple of these beds throughout the yard. At the end of the day, the daycare posts photos of the dogs, and there’s usually one of a dog luxuriating on a cot while other dogs stand wistfully looking on. One dog is often mine so I’ve been thinking about getting them a cot for Christmas. My pup Ollie is like Remy and is constantly vying for attention. Since he’s solid with the “place command,” we want to try your approach with him. We may have to get two cots to avoid a line.

  6. I don’t always like telling Moose to go to his pen for getting under my feet, that is his safe place, but cot would be perfect when I just need him to get out from under my feet, especially when I’m carrying something. Love your blog!

  7. This cot is a great idea. We have 3 dogs and 1 of them acts like Remy. We are teaching her stay and down and bed but her attention span is 15 seconds. Enjoy reading your blog,

  8. My large pit mix Jas would love a raised bed to lay on. She just doesn’t like to lay on the floor so I think this would be pawfect for her! And an easier way to teach her that its her space!

  9. I have never heard the command “place” before and I love it. We especially need this at dinner time because we eat on the couch that Scout is allowed on and he pesters us constantly. We also ban him from our carpeted family room (which means we never go in there either) but would allow him in if he had something to lay on. Rugs, blankets and stuffed beds are instantly destroyed by him but I don’t think he would chew this. Great post, and a product I’m definitely interested in!

  10. I had a similar cot for my Irish wolfhound years ago. As he aged it was harder for him to lay on the ground or floor, due to aging joints, the cot was perfect for him to get comfortable and made getting up and down less tedious. I would love to have one for my lab to lounge around in on our deck and call her own.

  11. Madison would just love one of these cots – she’s a high energy lab mix who’s taking a while to get the hang of place and I think this would really help! Thanks for all the tips above too 🙂

  12. This dog bed would be perfect for our dog, Huckleberry. We spend lots of time camping and this would be a great portable option.

  13. Stephanie serafino

    This would be great for payton to lay on while we are at the office then i wouldn’t have to worry about running over her tail with my chair!!

  14. Bart has his”spot” cue at mealtimes but we have not yet been able to generalize the cue to other situations. This bed would be helpful on working on this.

  15. Oh my gosh! A foldable, portable, indoor/outdoor bed? Yes please! My girl would love a comfy travel lounge bed for her aging hips.

  16. I have a garden in a forest, on a mountain, next to a national forest>> so I garden on a deck 30 feet in the air or all the wild animals will eat my fruits and veggies. I have three Standard Poodle girls and the middle one Ava, a fussy four year old, loves to garden with me, but the deck gets hot or she just gets tired and hates to lay on the decking.. so this fabulous Carson Bed looks like the perfect fussy comfort for my darling Ave… Bless you for the chance to win!
    PS great tips and ideas…

  17. I’m working with our dog, Noelle, on going to a specific space, particularly when someone comes to the door. Her bark is LOUD (and scary) (and non-stop). I like the way you showed us how you work on the “place” command, and think Noelle just might take to it as sweetly as Remy does. The bed looks terrific!

  18. Our Koda just turned out and is still learning “stay” and “place.” Because he has chewed his puppy bed, blankets, towels, cooling mat, etc. he sleeps on either the floor or the bare plastic tray of his crate. He could really use this cot. Thanks for the training tips! Always a welcome to learn something new. 🙂

  19. My 4 year old rescued Labradane has anxiety issues from his first home. He is huge 125 lbs and longer than my coffee table. He is so bonded to me he follows me constantly and is underfoot all the time. He is doing well going to his bed in the living room. Now working on learning to go to his room where he loves to lie in his crate but getting him to go there when I want him out of my way has been a bigger challenge. But we are working on it everyday. He is really strong willed and if he doesn’t want to do something it’s a struggle for both of us. I would love to try the cot. Would be good out on the deck too to give more air circulation in the Texas heat.

  20. This looks like such a nice cot for a large dog like Mazie! We have not yet found the perfect bed. Looks comfy and perfect for traveling to my Parents home. Love this website such a great learning experience!!

  21. I would love to try this idea with my dog Holly. She is a JRT and VERY stubborn. Her energy level, even a 6 years old, is sometimes as high as a puppy. Helping her have a special item for place training would be a good way to help her out.

  22. Suzanne Schrecengost

    This would be so terrific for us. We have already been learning to lay on your bed. But my oldest girl with her arthritis would surely do so much better in and out of her bed from a raised cot. Thanks for all you do!!!!!

  23. That looks like a great dog bed! We have tried the Coolaroo brand in the past. With 3 big dogs in the house, that cot would be very welcome! Great article re the place command. Need to incorporate those tips.

  24. I have this exact dog bed and my lab LOVES it. That is an understatement actually, if she could choose me or the bed guess who would be walking out the door? I would love to gift this to my best friend! Ashe has a black lab as well and he loves her bed but due to financials she can’t afford it at the moment. It would be the perfect Christmas present for her!!!

  25. I would like to use this as a day bed for our fella. He needs a place to call his own in the great room. The bean bags are trying to be claimed by him. The kids aren’t having it. So with this it would make the perfect solution.

  26. We really need a cot like this for our dog for multiple reasons. For one, we love to take her to the racetrack, camping, etc, but also she needs a place other than her bed to go when we use the “place” command.

  27. My son’s mini Aussie would love this bed. The puppy is learning lots of commands from your blog and email and it’s such a pleasure to be around the dog as his manners improve! Thanks!

  28. I am a dog trainer and having the cot in my classes will show another tool to use to teach “On Your Bed” and I would then be able to recommend this product to my Pet Parents to use for their pets at home for training a variety of skills.

  29. I taught “place” using a carpet remnant and a clicker, of all things.

    I was downright skeptical when my trainer put the carpet remnant directly in front of me, handed me the clicker and said, “You’ll need this.” I told him, “This won’t work, we have never had success with clicker training.” He told me, “Just give it a try.” Can’t argue with that.

    He had me put my dog in a sit, tell her to wait, and then point with my whole hand toward the carpet and say, “Place.” This was a problem she had to solve: Why was I doing that with my hand and what did I want her to do? When she went to the carpet remnant, I clicked and treated. Then he had me back off and wait ever so slightly until she moved to a down position on the carpet and then mark. I couldn’t believe how fast she picked it up. I was able to move to “Place” from a distance within about ten repetitions.

      1. I was honestly surprised at how well it worked. She was reliably going to the carpet right in front of us within 3 or 4 reps and lying down 3 or 4 reps after that. I had zero faith it would work at all. I admitted as much to my trainer and that he’d been right, but I think the look of total shock on my face when she just figured it out was probably enough for him!

  30. I would love my daughter to win this cot for her 55lb sweet adorable pit bull mix! She rescued this dog who had been roaming the streets getting thinner by the day. She is a beautiful dog who is the sweetest most loveable dog. We never had a dog before but she stole our heart!❤️

  31. These beds are perfect for teaching the place command! They are also a confidence booster, many of my clients are fearful dogs that are afraid of unknown objects and “place” really helps them stay focused and creates a calm environment for dogs to just relax. These cots would make an excellent addition! I love these giveaways Lindsey! I’ve been following that Mutt for a long time! Keep up the great work

  32. I was just thinking last night that teaching “bed” or “place” would be very helpful at times! I will start working on it this week.Thanks!

  33. My two 18 month old weims Olive and Willow know “get in your pen”, but their pens are in a bedroom upstairs. I think this cot would be great to teach place while we’re together downstairs and maybe I can get my couch back. Enjoy all the information you pass along in your blog!

  34. My dog is head butting my hand as I’m typing this reply! I have to work on “place” training with her! I’m sure she would love having a cot as her “place”. I rescued her a year ago. She was used as bait in dog fights. A police officer found her without food or water in the basement of a drug house. She now thinks she’s a Pittie princess

  35. Our Weim Vera always has a burst or energy at night no matter how much exercise she gets during the day. I always get a dolphin punch.

    We have a bed for Vera but will use these tips to make sure she knows to go to her place when told.

  36. Thank you for this post! I’m interested in this cot because our border collies curl up in a fold out chair very similar because sleeping on the floor is getting hard on their joints (even on a rug). So it’s time to get some cots or thick beds.

  37. We were just talking about getting our border collie her own “place” for many of the same reasons that were mentioned in the article. This bed looks like a great option.

  38. My dog Byron would love this bed. We are working on place-he is slowly understanding. He can be very stubborn but is learning with constant repetition and love and will have this learned soon!

  39. The dog cot from Carson would be perfect for my rambunctious pups. Any other beds or mats we’ve tried, they’ve either ripped apart or used as a potty mat. This material looks great and they’ll so enjoy having a place not on the hardwood floors. I would love to teach them “go to bed” with this mat in times when I need some peace.

  40. I love the expressions on both of their faces. Ace is so dignified and Remy is so intense–definitely in working mode.

    Baxter came to us knowing “go lay down” means leave me alone and go to your bed. I don’t know how we discovered it beyond saying it and him doing it, but we didn’t do anything to train it. It’s pretty foolproof, so we’re very appreciative to whoever instilled this behaviour in him. Although he’s very good at giving us guilty looks over his shoulder as he slowly trudges away. GLD is a command we use only when needed, because it’s about the most tragic one ever in Bax’s world.

    1. Poor Baxter! My friend calls that expression on her dog “end of the world” face. I am picturing Baxter with “end of the world” face.

  41. I have made several attempts to have my dog ‘stay or go’ to her bed. Results have been mixed and she does not stay for long. (yes I reward and praise her) Hoping that with consistency and maturity (she just turned 1) that she will improve.

  42. I would love to have this bed from Carlson. It would have two uses that I could see. One for my continued work on teaching Place to my GSD pup and the other to let my older American Bulldog have a comfy place to nap. Thanks!

  43. I seen this called hot spot training gonna try it with Zen. The portable bed would be great cause I have to take her to sitter before work and this would be easy to transport back and forth. Also it looks like it would be easy to clean which would make it ideal to take on fishing, beach, and camping trips. Looks like the perfect hot spot

  44. Ginny would love this!!! She loves to lay up off the ground to keep
    Cool. She would also love it because it can be folded up and put away when not in use to help keep things a little tidier!

  45. I was wondering if the cot made much noise? My very timid 2 year old golden retriever, Zuzu, is terrified by her crate. I think it is the noise the gate makes, but we can’t even use it because of her fears. I’m wondering if the Carlson cot would be a better option for her.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      It does make some noise. You could put a soft blanket on top of it. It shouldn’t slide off and that would decrease most of the noise.

  46. my girls, 2, know the command and listen most of the time. they know to go to bed, go outside, sit, etc. sometimes the younger girl has a harder time, learning to stay. most of the time the girls are very good. they have their days though. the older girl was trained with a clicker in the beginning. they would love this cot to sit on outside on the deck. they love being out on the deck. it is enclosed so they cant run off after the deer. I find it easier to train and work with one than 2 at the same time. one does something and the other sometimes will not listen if the other girl is not doing what she is supposed to do. they are like 2 peas in a pod. most people cant tell them apart either.

  47. My husky Max would love this dog bed. He gets too hot on regular dog beds. Being elevated off the floor would help keep him cooler.

  48. Chance understands “bed” but my challenge is she likes to get off whenever it suits her unless food is involved…. too many cooks in the kitchen at our house!
    I’d love this bed as we take our girl with us everywhere, kids sports are especially hard to keep a very social pup controlled, but if I had a “place” that she knew she shouldn’t move from unless freed, it would make our days more enjoyable!
    Love your down to earth honest blog too

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