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Earth Friendly Dog Poop Bags – Mighty Paw – $2 off

Happy Earth Day! Since April 22 is Earth Day I thought it would be a good time to share with you Mighty Paw’s earth friendly dog poop bags!

I want everyone to have a chance to try out these eco-friendly poop bags, so Mighty Paw is offering $2 off through this Sunday with code TAKE2OFF


Mighty Paw is a partner of That Mutt.

Earth friendly dog poop bags from Mighty Paw

Remy with the earth friendly dog poop bags from Mighty Paw

My husband and I used to live in an urban area in an apartment, so we used a LOT of poop bags for our pups.

My dogs Ace and Remy pooped at least 3 times a day EACH. That was a minimum of 6 bags a day just for my two Crazies. That’s a lot of shit bags sitting in landfills because of us, and I feel guilty about that.

Mighty Paw’s dog poop bags are a better option than standard poop bags for two main reasons – they’re more durable AND they’re eco friendly.

Eco friendly poop bags for dogs

Mighty Paw’s poop bags are made of biodegradable material that is easier on our landfills. Even the box they come in is made from recycled material.

Mighty Paw's dog poop bags

Like I said, Ace and Remy would go through at least 6 bags a day. That’s at least 42 bags in just one week!

Just think how quickly those bags pile up in our landfills and how long they’re sitting there. That’s horrible.

I didn’t have a yard, so I needed to pick up after my dogs every time they “went.” So for us, eco friendly bags were an obvious choice.

Durable dog poop bags

The second thing I like about Mighty Paw’s dog poop bags is their durability.

I worked as a dog walker for 8 years and I’ve used all kinds of poop bags, including plastic grocery store bags. (Can you handle that, California?!)

There are problems with a lot of the standard poop bags out there …

Cheaper dog poop bags are flimsy, they’re practically see-through, they leak. Or, they barely tear apart so I end up ripping two bags in the process! And then of course, many dog poop bags are too small for my dog, and my dog isn’t even all that big (60 pounds).

Mighty Paw purposely designed its bags to be DURABLE. The material is thicker so they won’t leak, and the bags are large enough for a person to fit their whole hand in the bag.

Eco friendly dog poop bags from Mighty Paw

Some of the features of Mighty Paw’s eco friendly poop bags:

  • Durable and thicker
  • Larger size
  • Water resistant
  • Biodegradable
  • Lavender scented
  • Packaging is made of recycled materials

The bags come in two color choices – green or orange.

Mighty Paw eco friendly poop bags

Mighty Paw’s poop bags are available in two sizes – 8 rolls or 40 rolls.

How to order Mighty Paw’s poop bags

Mighty Paw’s eco friendly poop bags are $2 off now through Sunday April 26, 2020.

Use code TAKE2OFF

Link to order

Have you been frustrated by those “cheaper” bags in the past?

If so, you might want to give these a try, and please share this post with any dog lovers who might be interested.

In the comments, let me know if you have any questions about Mighty Paw’s poop bags and I’ll get them answered for you.

– Lindsay

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Barbara Rivers

Thursday 26th of April 2018

I've totally been frustrated by cheap, small poop bags that tear or leak. Thanks for recommending the Mighty Paw bags - I really appreciate their quality.

Lindsay Stordahl

Friday 27th of April 2018

I'm so glad you like them. I totally know what you mean about the cheaper bags. Ha!