ADAPTIL® – Dog appeasing pheromones to reduce a dog’s anxiety

Today I’m going to tell you about a product called ADAPTIL® for dogs designed to reduce a dog’s anxiety using dog appeasing pheromones.

The product can help a dog feel comfortable in stressful situations. I’ll also tell you about a related product for cats that our vet suggested for my cat Scout.

I’m lucky my two dogs Ace and Remy are not nervous or afraid of thunderstorms, fireworks or being left alone. But these types of “events” are common reasons for a lot of dogs to feel anxious or stressed out.

My dogs do tend to get nervous when visiting the vet or when we travel. They whine and pant and you can see the excitement and nervousness in their faces. I’m sure many of you can relate!

ADAPTIL® for dogs – pheromones to decrease a dog’s anxiety

Adaptil for dogs - dog appeasing pheromones

This post is sponsored by Ceva Animal Health, the maker of ADAPTIL® for dogs and FELIWAY® for cats.

If you are interested in trying either of these products for your pets, we have a giveaway at the end of this post. Both products are available without a prescription through various veterinarians’ offices and through PetSmart and Amazon.

Ceva Animal Health said that ADAPTIL® mimics the natural dog-appeasing pheromone dogs know from birth that can help them feel safe and secure in their environment. Read more about ADAPTIL® here.

Pheromones are chemicals produced and released into the environment by animals. They work outside the body and can affect the behavior of others of its species.

My dog Remy the weimaraner

ADAPTIL® DAP dog appeasing pheromones

ADAPTIL® DAP – Dog appeasing pheromones can help a dog with a wide variety of issues such as:

  • separation anxiety
  • anxiety during thunderstorms
  • fear of fireworks
  • visiting the vet
  • travel anxiety
  • adjusting to a new home (think foster dogs, a new puppy or recently adopted dogs)
  • stress around visitors in the home

ADAPTIL® is designed to help dogs feel more secure and should reduce or stop stress-related behaviors such as licking, trembling, barking, howling, destroying property or having accidents.

I made a short video about ADAPTIL® for dogs here:

Ceva Animal Health said ADAPTIL® is non-sedating and is not a drug. It is safe to use with all other treatments or conditions, and a prescription is not required.

ADAPTIL® is available in several easy-to-use forms including:

  • ADAPTIL® spray – can be applied to your dog’s bedding, a bandana or a toy

ADAPTIL spray for dogs

  • ADAPTIL® collar – good for travel, walks, training classes, etc.
  • ADAPTIL® diffuser – best for use at home for newly adopted dogs, separation anxiety or fear of visitors, storms, fireworks, etc.

ADAPTIL® is available through various veterinarians’ offices, PetSmart and Amazon (aff links above).

My dogs tend to get anxious in the car, so I recently used the ADAPTIL® spray on bandanas that they wore on a road trip. They do not have extreme anxiety, but it seemed to help them settle in during our 3-hour drive.

Adaptil for dogs to reduce a dog's anxiety - dog appeasing pheromones

My cat Scout, on the other hand, can be a nervous wreck! The first time I heard about ADAPTIL® and FELIWAY® was actually through our vet. He recommended FELIWAY® for Scout.

FELIWAY® – pheromones for cats

My cat Scout is so afraid at the vet that he will hiss, bite and scratch when he feels threatened. It’s stressful for everyone when Scout visits the vet! So much so that for a few years I just didn’t take him to the vet because it wasn’t worth the stress.

Because of Scout’s extreme fear, our vet gave us the FELIWAY® spray to help our cat feel more secure. Read more about FELIWAY® here.

Feliway for cats

FELIWAY® mimics the natural cat facial pheromone used by cats to mark their territory as safe, according to Ceva. For this reason, it can help cats feel more secure when dealing with stressful situations such as:

To help Scout feel safer at the vet, we put the FELIWAY® spray on a towel in his cat carrier before we arrived at the vet. We also sprayed it on a towel that we placed over his carrier.

My cat Scout, Feliway for cats

The combination of FELIWAY® and a seriously patient vet helps Scout feel secure enough that he no longer shows aggression. He is quiet and tense, but no hissing or biting. I never thought that would be possible with my little psycho!

FELIWAY® is available in the following formats:

FELIWAY® is available through vets’ offices, PetSmart and Amazon (aff links above).

Giveaway – Win ADAPTIL® or FELIWAY® for your pet

Feliway for cats

April is actually De-Stress Your Pet Month, and Ceva Animal Health is giving away a sample of ADAPTIL® or FELIWAY® to two readers of That Mutt.

To enter, all you have to do is leave a comment below to let me know why your pet could benefit from these products. The winners will get to choose if they want the dog or cat version and which product they would like to try (diffuser, spray, etc.)

On Tuesday May 1, I’ll choose the two winners at random. Must have a U.S. mailing address to win. I’ll notify the winners by email first and then announce them here.

Do you have any questions about ADAPTIL® or FELIWAY®?

ADAPTIL for dogs - dog appeasing pheromones

Let me know in the comments, and please share this post if it will help a pet you know. Thank you!

This post contains Amazon affiliate links.


61 thoughts on “ADAPTIL® – Dog appeasing pheromones to reduce a dog’s anxiety”

  1. I would love to try Adaptil! Lucy (our dog) is amazing, but does get nervous during storms and fireworks. I’d love to see if it helps her 🙂

  2. Our dog baby has a ton of energy and has difficulty with other dogs and is overly excited when anyone comes to the house. We have tried many different methods to calm her but so far we’ve relied on keeping her on a leash and tons of exercise before guests arrive. I want her to feel safe and secure when other dogs are near or people come visit.

  3. meredith diamond

    My 2 year old dog Sadie is anxious in the car and also a gets skittish when she hears loud noises on her walk. I feel so badly that she is stressed. Would love to try to get her to chill out.

  4. My Vet and staff have attended a stress free workshop and have this diffuser in all of their exam rooms and lobby. Unfortunately, this doesn’t help my Minnie,my rescue, who has panic attacks going and visiting our Vet. I do think the collar would work better. My Noah had terrible separation anxiety as a puppy when I was at work and ate pieces out of every piece of wood furniture in my den! When I finally asked my Vet about this problem, she explained Separation Anxiety but didn’t have an answer 8 years ago. Thanks for the article.

  5. My dog Yoli is not good around strangers at all. Barks and charges at them. No one can really come over or approach us on walks. She is a rescue cattle dog. I am desparate to try anything to get her to be more friendly. She really is a sweet girl once she knows you awhile.

  6. I am curious about these products for I have seen them at the pet stores and online and the online reviews seemed pretty good. Thank you for this useful info. Cats and dogs are living in the house and some of them are stressed from one another. One dog was rescued and has been anxious from the start and one cat is very territorial. I do not expect these products will cure all issues but it may alleviate the situations.

  7. Debbie Whipple

    My poor Sadie really would benefit from Adaptil. She was a rescue dog and is very anxious when someone strange comes in the house and out in social situations. Thank you for the opportunity to win a sample.

  8. LizaJane Johnston

    I would love to try this for Colby, he has separation anxiety and now has anxiety around new dogs at daycare. He’s kind of a hot mess.

  9. Hi! I do enjoy reading your blogs and advice!
    I have tried the adaptil collar on my 2 yr old chocolate lab but didnt notice much difference. She has seperation anxiety and would love to try this product!

    1. Jackie Courtier

      After reading these comments I feel like louie is less anxious than I thought. He does hide under the couch though if the upatties neighbor makes loud noises. Everyday type noises. His anxiety doesn’t last too long but it is unsettling. Is love to try Adaptil. Thank you for reading.

  10. I can relate to the traveling part with my dog now. I wish this was out when my other dog was alive. He did not travel well at all. Was very nervous. Right now my dog gets like yours do. This would be great on a lengthy ride.

  11. Adaptil sounds perfect for my baby! He’s a year and a half and a nervous 8 lbs. of pure Maltese energy, and not the good kind! He barks at every tv commercial, people walking outside our townhouse, in the car (oh boy!) and on walks. Matter of fact, he’s barking right now at a bird chirping outside! My doggie, myself and my whole family need Adaptil! I bet the collar would work very well on him.

  12. My grand dog Tuff sure could use these. He is afraid of thunder, fireworks and even when the smoke detector goes off by accident.

  13. I have purchased and Adaptil collar but haven’t been comfortable using it. Now I’ll try it out. Thanks also for mentioning it can be used with other treatments. We recently go a prescription, which didn’t work, & were going to increase the dose, but we’ll try Adaptil first

  14. We would LOVE to try this. Sasha is a hot mess in her crate during competitions and I’ve been looking for something for her to be able to calm down.

  15. Kodiak is developing more anxiety with noises as he grows older, especially fireworks and storms. His anxiety also keeps us from taking him places and around people as we are unsure as to how he will react. A visit to the vet is also a dreaded event. Adaptil might be a big help for a big bundle of nerves.

  16. We would love to try this as well! Bailey gets anxious on car rides and during storms when there’s lightning and thunder. I think adaptil could be really benificial to her 🙂

  17. I would love to try this on my four year old rescue dog Molly. She has severe separation anxiety and this might help. Nothing has worked so far.

  18. Would love to try this product as I just adopwd Marley from a rescue and he has separation anxiety. He bit be once already and we are training him so that he understands that I will not leave him and that everything is fine. He’s pretty smart and has stopped crying but still gets possessive about toys and his bed.

  19. My little dog Dobby cannot control his excitement and noise levels when I get home or visitors arrive and it causes absolute chaos, getting my other two dogs hyped up. Our new neighbours let off very loud fireworks on new years eve that continued for over an hour and got him into an extremely stressed state to the point that I was concerned about his health. He now gets extremely anxious if I am out in the garden after dark or if there is any distant banging noise or door slamming and is inconsolable. I have tried everything suggested but nothing seems to help calm him once it is set off. I would love this to be “the magic formula” that helps him.

  20. My dog has anxiety issue and has taken to bite our hands to get calmer. We are working with a behavioral therapist, but our hands would be thankful if something could also help calm him down….

  21. Brittny Vondal

    My pups Toby and Feeny are both rescues and tend to get extremely nervous whenever we leave to go to work or have people over. Our vet mentioned trying an anxiety reducer but I’d like to try something gentle and drug free first. Has anyone had luck with adaptil working for their nervous dogs? A sample to try would be great!

  22. My Cody loves new people and having the windows open in the car but too much and he definitely gets stressed out. He’s not a fan of crowds or the vet either, which is tiresome because we go monthly to the vet because his allergies and fits during nail clippings. Adaptil seems like one of those “too good to be true” but the results really make the difference. The spray and collar would make it super simple right before the vet and until we get home. Peace and love!

  23. Would love to try..our rescue staffy is the worst case that our vet had ever seen. Hates storms, rain and separation. Destroys fencing and runs away

  24. Steel doesn’t like loud noises. She hates the ones she can feel. When the college fires a cannon when the football team scores and when fireworks go off, she’s a mess. If we win, we would love to try the ADAPTIL® diffuser.

  25. I just recently got a new pup and so far the only thing that seems to upset her is a pending thunderstorm. It’s must be the smell because she gets nervous before the thunder and lighting begin in our area. If we are lucky enough win, we would like to try the ADAPTIL® diffuser.

  26. Molimo is skittish around new people. She needs her safety net. I wonder if the ADAPTIL® diffuser could help her expand that safety zone when times are tough for her.

  27. I have recently taken on a gsd rehome. She suffers anxiety about being confined and seperation and men. I think she would benefit hugely from this so maybe she could stop destroying my house/crates/kennel/you get the idea!

  28. My dog is extremely nervous when we leave her to go to work or have guests. So I think I will try this. Thank you so much for sharing the information…

  29. I would love to try this for Maddox since his rescue a year ago he has come a long way. Unfortunately he is still very fearful with new people and new places. He shows this with shaking and barking I would love to help him see there is nothing to fear. It makes me sad he is so scared I want to help him overcome it.

  30. My pit Daisy was a rescue. I got her shortly after my dog Peanut passed from cancer. Daisy had been beaten with a broomstick on the head for not mating by her original owner. The dog was taken away and she went to a shelter where she was eventually scheduled for euthanasia 3 times. But, she had so much potential that she was rescued by the shelter workers. One adopter returned her because she was a challenge. A friend knew I had lost may Peanut after 14 years and was devastated and she had decided to foster Daisy to save her from death. Soon, she told me Daisy’s story and sent a photo. I didn’t know if I was ready but I went to visit her. Daisy met me at the door barking ferociously, but we came in and sat on the sofa. Within 2 minutes Daisy’s head was in my lap. We were sold on each other! It was difficult at first, but she has come a long way in this year. I use a cane and she never cowers when she sees it anymore. She still barks ferociously at the door and keeps it up until he is introduced to visitors. She is terrified of thunder and fireworks and there was no calming her. If it rains, she gets a Thunder shirt, benadryl, and a calming salve under her nose to lessen her stress. I happened to have my bed raised during a storm and she got under there and went to sleep. What a godsend; finally some relief for her! It hurts when you cannot comfort your heart. She does not do well with excitement, so when someone arrives I tell her to go to her kennel. She feels very safe there in usual circumstances. Also, sometimes with excitement, she will lunge at my sons dog who lives here. Other than that, they sleep and play together daily and rough house in the yard, but tails are always wagging. I’m careful because she is a young, strong fit white full bred pit. My son’s dog is a pit mix but Snoop is much older and half Daisy’s size. Snoop was a street dog and usually he can hold his own, but I would hate for Daisy to ever hurt Snoop. I hope this will help her. All her problems come from insecurity, but her confidence is growing. She is with me 24/7 and she is comfortable and secure in her home with her new master. My Daisy has come a long way. I would love to win this sample to try and make her a bit more secure. thanks

  31. I have an older foster beagle, with CHF. She has blended quite well into our pack of 3, we plan on letting her live her life out here with us. The only issue she has is separation anxiety, which has become worse as she gets more attached to me. I have tried the comfort shirt which only makes her hot. I would love to try this to see if it helps her.

  32. Our new guy Max reacts to EVERYTHING..poor guy. I would have thought since he came from the city, he’d be used to noise. We live in the country and everything sets him off. The wildlife even get him going. He also has separation anxiety so badly he does poop in the house (he’s getting better and the poor guy try’s hard but his anxiety gets the best of him and he can’t help it ). We are going to get something to help him calm down so, this would be perfect to be able to try to see if it helps our poor guy.

  33. This would be amazing for my dog Doc! We recently moved and he’s still unsure about his new home and gets bad anxiety whenever I grab my keys to leave. I hope this will help him adjust quickly!

  34. I would love to give this a shot with my dog Rose! She can be very anxious in the car and at training classes. Thank you!

  35. Both of my dogs get nervous during thunderstorms and fireworks. The thundershirt works for my small one but my other dog needs something extra. It would be nice to try this for her.

  36. Would love to try either! My dog Ginny hates when company comes and I’m also trying to help integrate a stray cat into the family who doesn’t like my cats!

  37. I would love to try this product, my dog suffers from anxiety and we have tried several things which don’t seem to work so I am eager to try this.

  38. Cristy Robbins

    I have two rescue dogs and they both start shacking and panting really bad in thunder storms. It’s so bad I think there gonna give thereself a heart attack tried a couple things but nothing works as of yet. I would love to give this a try

  39. I have always loved, and had great success with, the DAP diffuser products and have recommended them again and again to fellow dog fosterers (as recently as this past weekend). I haven’t tried the newer varieties containing ADAPTIL. I’m sure it’s just as good, but I think the product also worked just fine on its own in the past.

  40. Sandy Weinstein

    i tried the wipes with my oldest gal many years ago. (she is now deceased). i have 2 other gals that could benefit from Adaphil. my oldest hates to get her nails done. she was ok as a puppy, then one time i let my previous vet clip her nails and since then she has been a terror. she now has to be sedated to have her nails done, which cost almost 100.00 each time. so i would love to try this product to save a lot of money. please. she does not like going to the vet either because she knows what is coming, so she shakes in the car. i have dogs. it would also help because Tressa gets upset when men come to the door. for some reason she does not like certain men, with others she is fine and loving.

  41. I need to find something for my dogs who will be 1 soon. They have only seen one thunderstorm and they freaked. It be a really long miserable summer for everyone if they don’t calm down

  42. I would love to try this! My dog Pete has always been a nervous dog! Camping season has started and I normally give him Rescue Remedy in his water, but would love to try something different.

  43. Patricia G. Mcsharry

    Sounds perfect for me Charlie he doesn’t like fireworks loud noises motorcycles jet engines running get super nervous shakes and won’t stop

  44. Valerie Aguilera

    We just had a litter of golden puppies, and as they grew, I noticed them getting tougher and rough housing a little too much. I tried an adaptil diffuser for this. It seemed to help lessen the fights. We are personally getting a new puppy, and I plan to diffuse next to her crate.

  45. Amanda Anderson

    My little girl is reaching 2 years old and still gets anxiety even if i just go to the bathroom. We’ve tried dozens of products and medications and nothing works. Would love a sample of this to see if it may be our miracle worker!

  46. I just adopted a Ridegeback Hound name Tex from the animal shelter and they said that Tex has separation anxiety issues. I have only had him for 4 days. He seems fine riding in the car and being left as I ran into a store. I work from home so he has not been left home alone yet. I would like to try the diffuser in the house. A great bog.

  47. My dog Holly would love a shot at trying out Adaptil! She is a mess when it comes to fireworks, gun shots, cars backfiring… basically any loud, unexpected sound sends her into a panting, crying, drooling, shaking mess of herself 🙁

  48. My dog has recently started exhibiting separation anxiety and it’s getting worse. I’d love to try this to see if it makes a difference.

  49. I have had my dog for going on 4 years now. He has had a lot of medical issues but never separation anxiety until about 2 months ago. He used to lay on top of the couch, now he scratches at the door and has his nose to the corner sniffing. He has been put on new medication recently can it be that? How do I stop this new problem?

    1. My female, Boone, pants and paces around the house during a storm and eventually will jump in the bed with me and pant and shake. I haven’t been able to calm her down until the storm is over. So if this works I would love to try it! My Boone baby could be calms during storms! I want to see it happen!

  50. So I have been using this collar for about a month now and it helps my nervous dog tremendously. My trembling beagle gradually became a lot calmer during thunderstorms and when left alone. When it happens he just goes to his safe spot and lay down. I already bought more for the next few months supply. It does work!

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