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Goodbye, Goodbye – Losing Two Pets

“For nearly their whole lives, we try to hold them back, try to stop their pulling.
Then, in their final years, we just wish they’d pull, pull again.
” – Me


Friday night we lost two family members. Both our mutt Ace and our cat Beamer died.

One week ago, I could not have imagined I would lose either of them, let alone both.

Beamer was sick all of last week, so sick that he turned down bacon and baked salmon! We found out he had advanced kidney disease, and on Friday we decided to have him euthanized.

Ace was having a good, normal day. However, about an hour after we got home from Beamer’s appointment, Ace walked over to the corner of our living room. I noticed him lying there, unable to get up, and Josh and I were both there while he died fairly quickly. We think he must’ve had a stroke or a heart attack.

At first, I was shocked to lose them both at once. Now, I think it’s special they went out together.

Ace and Beamer

Ace and Beams, 2009 or so

Beamer and Ace


So what do I say when there are no words?

I cry into the shoulder of my remaining dog. He’s never experienced these kinds of sobs. I hold my cat Scout to my chest; he’s one of our “originals.”

They seem to be doing OK. Animals move on and live in the moment. But they, too, have lost their companions and routine. They both looked up to their “big brothers.”

And now I wonder, how will I go on without Ace?

Sunday morning, Josh and I got up early and drove to the trail, to continue some kind of “normalcy.”

We ran 7 miles up the mountain—an average long run for us—but the heat and mental exhaustion made it extra difficult. I shuffled, one foot in front of the other, and made the 7 miles back down.

That is how life will be for a while. One foot in front of the other.

Thank you, sweet Ace. I will of course write more to honor my boy when I can find the words.

Josh, Ace and me

Summer 2013 – Wisconsin

Ace and me

September 2015

Remy, Ace and me in Yosemite

Yosemite, Dec 2016

Beamer, Scout, Ace & Remy

Our pack of four


This week, I will most likely be posting the blog articles that were written and scheduled before Ace died. Thursday, I have a fun giveaway/review post scheduled.

We also have an exciting business announcement to make next week. I always thought Ace would be around for this announcement, but he helped us get where we’re going.

Thank you, Ace. You’re a good boy.


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