Goodbye, Goodbye – Losing Two Pets

“For nearly their whole lives, we try to hold them back, try to stop their pulling.
Then, in their final years, we just wish they’d pull, pull again.
” – Me


Friday night we lost two family members. Both our mutt Ace and our cat Beamer died.

One week ago, I could not have imagined I would lose either of them, let alone both.

Beamer was sick all of last week, so sick that he turned down bacon and baked salmon! We found out he had advanced kidney disease, and on Friday we decided to have him euthanized.

Ace was having a good, normal day. However, about an hour after we got home from Beamer’s appointment, Ace walked over to the corner of our living room. I noticed him lying there, unable to get up, and Josh and I were both there while he died fairly quickly. We think he must’ve had a stroke or a heart attack.

At first, I was shocked to lose them both at once. Now, I think it’s special they went out together.

Ace and Beamer
Ace and Beams, 2009 or so
Beamer and Ace

So what do I say when there are no words?

I cry into the shoulder of my remaining dog. He’s never experienced these kinds of sobs. I hold my cat Scout to my chest; he’s one of our “originals.”

They seem to be doing OK. Animals move on and live in the moment. But they, too, have lost their companions and routine. They both looked up to their “big brothers.”

And now I wonder, how will I go on without Ace?

Sunday morning, Josh and I got up early and drove to the trail, to continue some kind of “normalcy.”

We ran 7 miles up the mountain—an average long run for us—but the heat and mental exhaustion made it extra difficult. I shuffled, one foot in front of the other, and made the 7 miles back down.

That is how life will be for a while. One foot in front of the other.

Thank you, sweet Ace. I will of course write more to honor my boy when I can find the words.

Josh, Ace and me
Summer 2013 – Wisconsin
Ace and me
September 2015
Remy, Ace and me in Yosemite
Yosemite, Dec 2016
Beamer, Scout, Ace & Remy
Our pack of four


This week, I will most likely be posting the blog articles that were written and scheduled before Ace died. Thursday, I have a fun giveaway/review post scheduled.

We also have an exciting business announcement to make next week. I always thought Ace would be around for this announcement, but he helped us get where we’re going.

Thank you, Ace. You’re a good boy.


115 thoughts on “Goodbye, Goodbye – Losing Two Pets”

  1. What an awful shock. I’m so, so sorry to read this article.
    I enjoy your blog posts and especially liked hearing about Ace- old dogs are so special.

    They were both so lucky to have you as their human.

    Thinking of you and sending love- unfortunately can empathise only too well. I hope you will be okay.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Thank you, Susie. I will be OK. It helps to know so many others, unfortunately, understand.

      1. annette sanders

        I am deeply saddened by your loving companions passing on. but now they are on the rainbow bridge waiting for you to be reunited once again. My condolences to you and your family.

    2. Thank you for sharing your story. I am sorry for the loss of your fur babies! I came across your article when searching for people who have lost pets in a close proximity of time. We had/have two cats, Sampson, who is 18 and Hercules who was 15. Hercules had issues with mega colon and began having bouts of constipation. While dealing with getting him regulated, Sampson began bleeding at the mouth. We took him to the vet and the vet said he had a tumor under his tongue that was inoperable and to just make him comfortable. Hercules in the meantime stayed in the hospital for 4 days but after being discharged, we were told to follow up with a specialist to see if what they thought was a mass on his liver was correct. He died 3 days after being discharged from the hospital. Now, Sampson is grieving and the tumor under his tongue is affecting his eating. He is hungry but because of the tumor it is very uncomfortable for him to eat. I am trying everything I know to help him eat and keep hydrated and to avoid euthanizing him. He is my baby. He was a rescue. People keep telling me they are old cats but they are both my babies and I cannot handle losing Sampson, especially close to losing Hercules.

    3. Lindsay, I just read your article and it was the only thing that helped me get through this evening. 3 weeks ago my 17-year-old chihuahua became ill and was hospitalized in ICU for 5 days. I was told he probably wouldn’t that make it but he is a fighter and made it home. Meanwhile, my 12-year-old female chihuahua waited for her brother to come home, once he got home she became ill with different symptoms and within a week she was gone, well it was a shock because she was just fine,,,or was she, I was told that she had many internal issues but when her brother was gone it could have triggered her illness to come to a head and she could not go on.. well now Chico has been looking for her as he too is still recovering and tonight he just couldn’t go on. I could not believe I lost two pets together in the same month and then I came across this article and it for some reason made me feel better when you said you were happy they went together and I believe Chico missed her and she called him home. I am beyond devasted but I know I will have their memories forever.. Thank you

      1. Lindsay Stordahl

        Oh I’m so very sorry your dogs died. It’s so hard. Thank you for leaving a comment. I hope you’re hanging in there ok.

  2. Robin Bjerken

    I am so sorry Lindsay,
    I believe Pete and I walked with you and Ace once in Fargo. My sympathies go out to you. Molly (weimaraner) will be 17 next month, she has good days and bad days,we have often wondered when we will know when the time comes to say good-bye.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Thank you Robin, yes we did get to walk with you and Pete. Aww, sweet Molly. The seniors are so special.

  3. I am so, so sorry to hear this, Lindsay. I can’t believe you lost two of your fur pals at once. I’m glad I got to meet Ace at least once. Lots of hugs and positive energy your way.

  4. I am so sorry to hear about Ace and your kitty, as the owner of a senior dog, it’s our biggest dread that one day they will be gone. They give us so much joy, hugs and kisses from Tootie, Addy & Parker.

  5. Lindsay, I am so sorry for your loss. Ace and Beamer were so special. I enjoyed reading your stories about them. Especially since my own dog Abby was Ace’s age. I lost her on February 25 this year and lost my beautiful Sara who was also a ginger cat last August. I still miss them so much. I know how you feel. God bless you and comfort you with the knowledge that you gave both Ace and Beamer a wonderful life.

  6. Oh, I’m so sorry. There can never be enough time with our beloved furry family members, and to lose two at once… I hope you’ll remember them with more smiles than tears sooner than you’d think possible.

  7. Oh my gosh I’m so horribly sorry. I might have cried reading this, especially knowing it was almost like they couldn’t live without each other. I hope they’re somewhere, cuddled up together. What a shocking loss.

  8. Lenya M Wilson

    I am sooo sorry for your losses! I know this is a difficult time and I want you to know your community is here for you and sending you and your family hugs.

  9. Lindsay & Josh. Tears have welled up in my eyes. I’m so sorry for your loss. You gave them both wonderful lives!! RIP Beamer and Ace…..

  10. I’m so sorry Lindsay. While I don’t have a single favorite story about Ace, I started reading your blog shortly after losing a dog myself. I found it super easy to relate to the senior dog life and I always admired how great a dog Ace was. I can’t imagine what it must be like losing two family members at once. Sending tight hugs from Panama.

  11. I am sorry to hear this news. Our sweet animals only long for our love and I know you gave Ace and Beamer that each and every day. Thank you for being so open and available to help us love our animals too 🙂

  12. We are all so sorry for your double loss. Ace has been there forever and it will be hard to go on without him. Mom’s advice is to cry a lot, go over photos, and take your now only dog to places you loved to go with Ace. Talk to him about Ace and cry on him. It will be good for you, and he will help you make it through. What a tragic evening for you.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      I took your advice already, Emma. Thank you. We went to Ace’s favorite park today. I was going to go by myself but took Remy along and that was a good choice.

  13. I am so very sorry for your losses. I can’t imagine what it’s like to lose two pets at the same time. Stay strong! It does get easier with time. Much love!

  14. So sorry Lindsay to hear about the loss one is bad enough but 2? Thinking of you it must be heart wrenching. keep as strong as you can be xx

  15. Julieann Cebulski

    Oh my goodness… I can’t even… I will remember your quote at the top of the page each time my Kylo pulls on his leash. We always think they will be with us forever.

  16. Oh Lindsay, I’m so very, very sorry! I can’t imagine knowing your sweet Ace is in heaven now, with his friend Beamer. I hope they get to meet and play with my furbabies up there. My heart aches with you!

  17. Cecily Hunter

    What sadness…I am so sorry for the pain you are feeling, and for the loss of your furry family members. We are never ready when it happens, and the days and weeks that follow can feel surreal, and so painful. Sending lots of love.

  18. Words cannot express how my heart aches for all of you. May you find peace in the days ahead with your wonderful memories of Ace and Beamer.
    As Lord Byron wrote:
    He possessed beauty without vanity
    Strength without insolence
    Courage without veracity
    And all the virtues of man, without his vices

  19. Sandy Weinstein

    i am so so very sorry for your loss of 2 of your beloved “children”. i just cant imagine losing 2 at the same time, one is bad enough. my heart just breaks for you. my girls are my children. i know that when i lost Evie in Aug, after a long hard fought battle from cancer, i was a basket case. i stayed in bed for the entire wkend. even today, i still cry almost everyday. on same days, i just break down and cry for a long time. now that my 2 girls are 8 and 7 and will soon be 9 and 8, i tell them i want them to be puppies again. again, please accept my sincerest sympathies for such a great loss. i hope that your remaining kids will be able to handle the adjustment. i know that my youngest went into a great depression, so much so that we had to go to the vet. she adored Evie. maybe Ace just wanted to be with Beamer and wanted to be in heaven with his friend.

  20. I am so sorry for your heartache! I hope your wonderful memories help ease the pain of your grief!

  21. So very sorry for your double loss. I lost my spaniel last January and was distraught – despite having lots of friends and family, he was the one I spent most of my time with and was my best pal! I still miss him but time and another dog have definitely helped. At least they are together. Thinking of you

  22. Lindsay, I am so sorry on the loss of not just one, but 2 much loved furry family members…..we lost our mini dachsie in January, the house hasn’t felt the same since…’s so hard to lose their sweet souls….pets just don’t live long enough…..sending love and healing thoughts along to you….

  23. Krizzia Mariles

    I have been reading your articles for over a year so I feel somewhat attached to Ace. I’m praying for you and your family for peace and support + for these two sweet souls who are now in heaven 🙂

  24. Patricia M Fitzpatrick

    OMG, I’m so sorry. The worst part about having pets is that they usually die before us. But as you know, they brought you an unimaginable amount of joy to your life and you theirs!

  25. Alma Jimenez

    Greetings Lindsay,

    First hug and kiss,

    I am Italian and that hug and kiss is for comfort, because they are part of the family. Yes, I will miss him, so very much. I came onto Patreon because I totally enjoyed your pictures and your babies. Also, I am sorry that you are going through two losses, that is difficult. Sincerely, Alma

  26. Ace and Beamer. Special characters in your life and they both touched our hearts in every piece of article you shared showed how much you loved them. They will be always remembered by your readers.

  27. So sorry for your loss. I will miss hearing about your two babies on the blog. I’ve been through the pain of losing a furbaby so I know how much it hurts!
    We always carry them in our hearts and remember their own individual little personalities and things they did.

  28. I’m so very sorry about Ace, I worried about him thru his illness and checked on him regularly. He was a special boy.

  29. Oh I am so, so very sorry to hear about your two sweet babies!! What an awful shock. I hope you can find comfort in your memories of your babies. Big hugs and lots of love going out to you!

  30. amanda anderson

    So sorry for your loss, I know Ace and beamer knows how much you loved them and cherished them. They were both specical and will forever be in your hearts.

  31. Marla Saville

    Oh, no words can express how sorry I am! I sobbed while reading your announcement today. We all know that losing our pets is absolutely the worst pain. Time, sweet memories and eventually new, wagging tails….

  32. Sandy Sutter

    I remember you and Ace in my agility class. He was such a good dog and a gentle soul. He always tried to do what you asked of him. So sorry. We never have them long enough. I write with tears in my eyes thinking of you and Ace and the dogs I had at that time that are also gone.

    Thoughts and prayers for you and your pack as you grieve.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Thank you so much, Sandy. I also have special memories of Ace at our agility class. Thank you for all your time there.

  33. Dear Ms. Lindsay,
    I don’t know where to start following your blog. I enjoyed when you talked about your positive & negative interaction with Ace & Beamer. Knowing they both passed I can’t imagine how that felt. I cried as I was reading your sweet memories with them. I don’t think I am that strong thinking my 2 dogs will leave me one day.
    I am want to give you Hugs for showing us how unconditional love is. And for being a good parents to your pets.
    Thank you and Hope it gets easy for you and your husband everyday without them.

  34. Lindley I no I haven’t been in touch with
    awhile as was out of the country, but I’m sitting here in bits knowing Ace is in heaven I’m in shock and your cat as well so sad to see these two butiful babies gone together but thats the way it Always was they were always side side, you can garentee they are in heaven side side looking down on you all they were so lucky to have you as there human family, ye all were the perfect family pack ,
    wow I’m broken hearted
    Just remember they will be with you all the time right there by your side
    Please know that Ace and your cat would not want there adopted mum and dad and family to be sad, be happy you had the butiful years ye had together butiful memories you will cherish forever may they both rest in peace in heaven lindsay you are an amazing human being but you have to move on and take care of your other babies now
    I sit here now with a tear in my eyes, and belive me I know it’s hard I’ve been true it myself I hope you will be OK soon
    I will pray for Ace and his little friend God rest them both
    But the good part is every time I see the thatmutt.Com website there will be Ace looking right back at me on the website heading
    God bless them and god bless you and your family
    Regards Holly tilly and there dad gerry.XXX

  35. How does your heart handle it? I can’t imagine losing two dear ones in a matter of hours! When I had to eurhanize my boy, Boris, at a mere 10.5 years due to an inoperable brain tumor, I thought I’d die with him. We have a puppy now who acts like him, stretches like he did, has the same “itchy spots” as he did, and reminds us so much of Boris. I think he has helped us look ahead, and I’m elated that you have more pets to help bridge that gaping hole in your heart. My heart hurts for you, and I wish you healing and memories.

  36. There’s something truly special about an older dog. The young’uns are great, of course, and I’m glad we got to experience Lambeau growing up. But my OldDog, my Murphy-boy, who was somewhere around 13 when we had to let him go will always, I think, be my Heart Dog. He was a Lab, like Ace, though Murph was a chocolate. He was the dog that within 24 hours of this stray showing up on my porch, convinced my husband (the man who had always said “No dogs!”) that we needed a dog. The dog that got me out walking and enjoying just being out there in the sun, and rain, and snow, just because. The dog that was there with me through some tough times, and some really wonderful ones. He’s been gone five years now, and I miss him still. I am so very sorry for your loss of both your friends. They become such a huge part of our lives and when they die, they leave such an empty space. Cherish the memories, and live as Ace would have wanted you to- with joy and love.

  37. I’m so sorry for your losses Lindsay. I hope you find comfort in knowing that you gave Ace and Beamer a full lives with so much joy, fun and love. And now they are paw in paw crossing over the Rainbow bridge and will continue to share their memories together. Take care. Audrey

  38. Oh I am so very sorry, no, there are no words, we chose to euthanize our pup Mugsy due to his rapid decline to Lymphoma Cancer this past sat, and my best friend had to do the same with her wiener dog, it’s been a very rough time for us all Lindsay, my heart feels like it’s being shredded, I hurt for our pets left behind as well. My only comfort is knowing how well I took care of him and we all know how well you took care of yours too, sending huge hugs and I’m sorry I don’t have a memory of a story, I can barely tie my own shoe right now, too sad girl

  39. Michelle Malott

    Oh, Lindsay – I have tears in my eyes and my heart just aches for you as read this. I am so sorry. There is no sorrow like the one of losing a beloved dog or cat, let along both at the same time. Ace was such a good, good boy – I so enjoyed reading your posts about him and meeting him a few times when you were in Fargo. That face alone was enough to melt your heart. And Beemer – he’s been a constant in your life for a while too. A little furry, orange personality whose presence you’ll miss dearly. I wish there were words to say that offered some relief from the pain of these losses. I can say after losing Zeke, Zoe, Drake and 2 cats over the last 2 years, that the deep feeling of missing them in your life doesn’t go away, but I think you find a way to live with it. Somehow. And of course there are your others, who do help give some comfort. Hugs to you – take care of yourself.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Michelle, thank you so much for your nice words. I’m so sorry to hear you have lost Zeke, Zoe and Drake and 2 cats. I have such good memories of your goldens, including King, who I was also lucky enough to walk. And your tan cat who looked so much like Beamer. So hard to lose them.

  40. I’m so sorry to hear about Ace and Beamer! I’ve enjoyed getting to know Ace over the years and I know how deep your bond is. Sending you lots of healing thoughts and love.

  41. Lindsay this is heartbreaking news. I loved those stories about Ace. Sending healing thoughts your way. I enjoy your blog so much…..thank you for helping so many of us out there with our special friends.


  42. Randy Daniher

    Lindsay, Sorry to here of your loss…hard. this too will pass and becomes what we are. And you are a compassionate nurturing person. Thank you for remaining vulnerable and open for us all and the documentation all along the way can be shared and built on . Thinking of you and wishing you peace.

  43. This happened to me three years ago. We lost our bulldog due to a probable heart attack on Sunday and we had to euthanize our mixed mutt of 14 years on Tuesday. So painful. I still tear up when I think about it. My heart aches for you

  44. I’m so sorry for your loss. And two of them! 🙁 Our hearts go out to you and your family. At least they lived wonderful lives. You can always smile and remember their memories. Much love and hugs.

  45. Lindsay; I am so very sad for the loss of two of your very best friends.I have experienced that loss several times and I still miss each and every one of them. Take peace in knowing that animals are extremely important and loved by our Creator and He said “in whose hands is the soul of EVERY living thing” That includes our pets! Ace and Beamer are spending their first few wonderful days in heaven together! Grieve because of the hole they have left in your life for now but take joy in knowing you will walk..hike..and run together again.

  46. Oh, Lindsay. I’m so, so sorry. You’re right; there are no words. Please know my heart is with you. I’m incredibly grateful to have had the opportunity to get to know Ace for all these years, and I’m grateful to you for sharing his face and his stories so that we did have this chance to get to know him. He will be missed. Beamer, too, of course and there is some beauty in them being together.

  47. Lindsay, I am so sorry for your loss. I read posts on social media about one of my friends relatives passing away, and though I am saddened, it really doesn’t have the emotional tug on my heart as when I read about even a total stranger’s loss of a beloved pet. Maybe it’s their total innocence and complete devotion that elicits the fear of losing my own best friend, because I know their lives are so short compared to our own. I worked for so many years without the benefit of a furry companion, and now appreciate that with acquiring my LBL (little black lab) Libby, I have made the best decision of my life. You are fortunate that you still have two devoted fur balls to comfort you, and a ton of memories of Ace and Beams.

  48. Carol Pritchard

    So sorry to hear of your loss and know all too well how hard it is saying good-bye either when expected or unexpected. Like family members wishing for them to be there always. When we were committed to getting our current dog Lily, we had thought Tatsa May would be along for the journey, even if for a while as she was getting older like your Ace – but she passed three weeks before. I still think of her and miss her like all the others that have been in our lives before. Fortunately Lily has the two cats Ollie and Molly who she has bonded with in a crazy way and know when she first entered our lives they were still missing Tatsa. The bond animals have with each other is strong and they too go through a grieving process like us. I was quite surprised when our sons dog came with them last summer and she came roaring in the house with our youngest grandson she came up to Lily sniffed her, growled and proceeded to check the other rooms when we realized Skeena was looking for Tatsa. She only comes for visits a couple of times a year, but a connection she had with Tatsa was stronger than we realized. Thank you always for your tips and ideas – your family is a shared one and they are appreciated. Carol

  49. Ace was a very good boy. I am so sad and sorry for the loss of two of your best friends. It breaks my heart. You are in my thoughts and prayers, Your pals, Lenni and Sam Pete

  50. I’m so sorry. How truly awful! We lost the first of our four “originals” 5 years ago, just a few months before she would have turned 10. Oddly enough, she was the youngest of our four cats. She ended up with a fibrosarcoma/mast cell tumor that literally appeared overnight, so it wasn’t a sudden or unexpected passing, though I would have let her go sooner, when she was more at peace and in less discomfort, instead of a couple of months after the diagnosis. It’s hard when the entire household isn’t in agreement.

    The second of our originals passed the two years later, at 14 years old.

    A year later, our middle dog passed quite unexpectedly. I won’t go into detail, but he would have been 10 in just 6 more weeks, and was not, by far the oldest of our original pair of dogs. It was definitely a shock and a horrible feeling. Worse than losing either of the cats, who had been with us much longer. We’ve raised all of our pets since they were babies, and they’ve all enjoyed really long lives. It’s hard to see them grow old and know they won’t always be around. Losing Leo felt like my heart was lost somewhere, walking around outside my body,and I couldn’t find it.

    I was prepared to feel that way again this last time, but it was very different compared to the sudden passing of my own constant canine companion last November. She would have turned 14 in January. I honestly thought she’d make it until then, and beyond. I got her just a few weeks after my 26th birthday, and I thought she’d be here for my 40th, but… no. Something a former vet misdiagnosed was, indeed, something much worse. Inoperable, really, in either case, and I can definitely say I would not have done anything any differently, had I known (and I never let myself forget that it still could be the worse option, instead of what we were led to believe). We were told 2-3 months, which I knew better than to expect, but in reality, we only had her 2-3 more days. It was a hard decision to make, but her quality of life took a sudden turn and I knew I had to do right by her. She has always been here, my whole adult life, and now she’s not. She was MY “original”, and it is just so much harder without her. We know they won’t live forever, but we cannot truly comprehend life without them until it happens. So many parts of every day, you feel like you’ve forgotten something. We’ve moved into a new home since then,and yet there are times I think I see her in the hall when I turn the corner… I still have two other dogs- the “second generation”, and two remaining original cats, but it’s just not the same. I’ve fostered several puppies and thought I’d grown accustomed to “losing” them, in a sense. But, no. Not really.

    Our family has lost several older canine family members in recent years. Friends have lost very long-term pets, as well. Even some of the more well-known “internet sensation” dogs have earned their wings, of late. It’s uncanny… except that they were all about the same age, 13-14 years old… many of them ill at the end. It never gets any easier. And it’s so sad.

    I’m so sorry for your heartbreak.

  51. Diane Jacowsky

    I am so so sorry I’m very very sad for all of you. You are amazing and I so love your blog. Words are so hard at this time but just try to find some comfort and knowing that your babies love you so much and that they all know how much they are loved. Diane

  52. Oh Lindsay…Ace and Beams two beautiful souls destined to be together. I was gutted to hear of this news. Please accept my virtual hug. Love going out to you and your family.

  53. That they went together is the easiest and hardest part. Wow. That type of double loss, there is very little guidance for it. Melvin and Jake died within a year of the other. It broke me in new ways but that they were back together…I was sometimes more jealous than sad. We are meant to carry on. With their love in our hearts. xoxo

  54. So very sorry for your losses. They will live forever in your memories and in your hearts. Thank you so much for sharing them with us.

  55. I’m so sorry— such a huge loss. They were both loved and cherished and died with people they love by their side.
    I don’t know the best way to grieve, but I hope you find comfort in knowing you gave them wonderful lives.

  56. :……( I am so so sorry for your loss. I can’t imagine what you are going through right now, but I hope you find comfort and peace. This makes me tear up as I have two very old lady mastiffs in my house (12.5 and 10.5). Beautifully written tribute to a wonderful pup.

  57. I am also so very sorry to hear about your kitty. He was such a beautiful stoic cat and I am sure he will be missed by everyone in the house.

  58. Linda Massey

    I am so very saddened to hear about your loss Lindsay. Ace was an incredibly beautiful boy inside and out.
    We were so fortunate to have you and Ace caring for our 2 fur babies when you lived in Fargo. You both had amazing patience and Ace’s gentle soul was evident right from the start.
    It is comforting to know that you were blessed with many wonderful years together.
    Keep on honoring Ace with your blogs…We never want to forget him.

  59. Oh Lindsay-I am so sorry for your loss. My heart goes out to you. We have only met through email (you wrote a piece about my rescue dog, Georgia, years ago)…but your story today makes me sad for you. I have loved hearing your stories about Ace and Remmy, and your blog has helped me. Please take care.

  60. Darlene Appling

    So sorry about your loss. Losing our fur babies is like losing a family member! Sosad they bring us so much joy and love and laughter!

  61. Darlene Appling

    I’m so sorry to hear about your fur babies. Losing our pets is like losing a family member. They bring so much love joy and laughter to our lives.

  62. I am so, so sorry for your loss. I can’t even imagine what you are going through or your emotional pain. I got my dog as a small puppy about two years ago, and your blog had helped me a great deal in training her. I love her so much, I literally can’t imagine life without her. I wish you and your family the very best as you find a way to heal.

  63. I never met Ace but I feel like I know him well because of your blog. He`s the best dog ever. God Bless you and your husband.

  64. Jeanne duncan

    I am so, so sorry. I can’t imagine. I lost two precious dogs within six months of each other and that was awful enough. It’s so painful to lose these creatures, but may their memory be a blessing.

  65. Terribly sorry for the double loss in your family. I was crying of sadness when I read your words. It all seemed so unreal. I am sure that Scout and Remy feel the loss as well. Beamer being sick must have already been hard for Ace. Somehow it really makes sense that they continue together. My mutt Mac is very sensitive and gets easily depressed when I am sad. He stays by my side and kisses my tears away until I feel better. I can see the empathy deep in his brown eyes and thank God for what a good boy he is.
    Mac and I send our warmest, and most comforting hugs to you all.

  66. Oh I am so sorry Lindsay. Our fur family members worm their way into our hearts so deeply and it hurts so much when they die. And two at once …. I knew Ace and Beamer were certainly senior citizens and that this message from you would come at some point. Thank you for sharing their lives. And now I have to go fix my mascara before I leave for the 8th grade band concert. Can’t have tear smeared mascara running down my face. But first I need to go hug my dog. Thanks to your wise words throughout the time I have been reading your blog, I have been able to help Zeus become the dog he wants to be.

  67. Patricia G. Mcsharry

    We are very sorry for your loss don’t spend too much time crying. Remember the great times you had together take the rest of your pack and go to the places that they enjoyed.
    Charlie and Hope

  68. I don’t know what else to say except “Sorry.” I have always loved big, black dogs and Ace seemed like such a sweeties. I have so enjoyed your stories about him. Sorry about Beamer, too. Orange cats are so special
    “Blessed is the person who has earned the love of an old dog.”

  69. It took me a while to be able to write this as I sat looking at my own 8yr old plus lab and wondered how I was going to cope when he passes. Just like loosing a member of the family or a good friend the wonderful memories will always remain but laced bittersweet with there absence. Words and good intentions will never replace them in our lives or our hearts but the heartbreak we share can make the loss just a little bit more bearable. All the best.

  70. I am so sorry to hear about your loss.
    I am from Malaysia and have just adopted a puppy few months ago.
    I enjoyed reading your articles and getting tips on how to overcome my struggles of being a new puppy owner. Just want you to know that your positive articles reaches pet owners all over the world and helps many to become better pet parents.
    Sending love to you.

  71. I am very sorry Beamer and Ace died. It’s so hard, and I know what a big hole they leave. Somehow, both of them dying on the same day is comforting for me. Almost like they planned it that way to ease the load of putting everyone through it twice, if that makes sense. I’m sure gonna miss those two. I hope you’ll keep writing about them and the topic of pet grief. Ace and Beamer will be forever in our hearts. xo

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Thank you. I’m so glad they were special to you too and that they got to spend time with you.

  72. Hi Lindsay, I saw your newsletter the day after we said goodbye to Linus and made a mental note to check back, but couldn’t open it at the time. I’m so sorry to hear about Ace and Beamer. Your blog is one that I’ve followed since the beginning so even though I’ve only met you and Ace in person a couple times you seem like old friends. I watched Ace for a short period while you and Barbara went in to get coffee and I could see his bond to you as he didn’t take his eye off you once you left. Rest In Peace, Ace and Beamer.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Thank you so much Colby, I’ve been thinking of you and Ali a lot. Thanks for watching Ace that time we went in to get coffee. I know he pretty much barked the whole time! Haha. Who would’ve thought that you, Barbara and I would all lose a dog in the same week? So sad, but we’re so lucky to have had them.

  73. I am so sorry for your double loss Lindsay! I know how hard it is to lose a dog and a cat, so two on the same day…my heart bleeds for you guys! As painful as it is losing these wonderful family members it is so worth it for all of the love, good times and learning we receive. You are doing a great job on your blog Lindsay. I look forward to reading your articles as do many people and I admire your athleticism. Keep up the great work and I wish you all the strength in moving forward and healing (although we never fully do).

  74. Lindsay, I’m so very sorry to hear about the losses of Ace and Beamer on the same day, that’s just unbelievably hard. I lost my previous pair of dogs within 10 days of one another in a similar way – one declining over a long period and one suddenly. Take the time you need for yourself and may your other pets be a comfort to you. I know that Ace was your inspiration for this blog and so many other things and will always be with you.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Thank you so much, Lara. It means a lot and I know how special your dogs (current and past) are to you as well.

  75. I am so sorry for your losses. I too have had the awful pain of losing a “fur baby.” It really does break your heart. I still cry and it has been 2 years. They just steal your heart. I feel for you and your husband along with Remy and Scout.

  76. I know this post is old but I’d like to share my appreciation and also potentially hoping you may be available for an email chat one day. I went on the internet to google this very thing. I felt like I certainly must be the only one experiencing this. On Wednesday I lost my 15 year old cat to old age. And on Friday I found out my beloved dog has advanced kidney disease. After being in the ER for 5 days I’ll be picking him up today to come home. And although he’s coming home with treatment and care, the vet believes he will be coming home to get comfortable. I feel so overwhelmed in this grief. And shocked. And angry at fate or luck or whatever it is. This was my first of each cat and dog in my adult life. And I’m sorry it is at the expense of your own suffering, but this post has helped me know I am not alone in this experience. So thank you for that.

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