Faux Fur Dog Beds from Treat A Dog – Review & Giveaway!

My dog Remy and my cat Scout love the PupRug Faux Fur beds from Treat A Dog.

They love these beds so much that they will actually set aside their differences and curl up on the same bed together for the first time in their lives! Haha. (They do this for hours!)

The PupRug beds are high-quality, and I really love the look and feel of them! Yes, I’ve sat on them. They’re comfy! I highly recommend Treat A Dog’s beds, and I’ll share more details below.

This post is sponsored by Treat A Dog.

If you’d like to order a dog bed, you can use code THATMUTT10 for 10% offClick here.

PupRug Faux Fur dog beds from Teat A Dog review

What I think of the PupRug Faux Fur dog beds from Treat A Dog

The PupRug Faux Fur dog beds from Treat A Dog are a great quality. I received two beds for review purposes, but I would definitely buy one and highly recommend them.

The main reasons I personally recommend the PupRug dog beds are:

1. Quality. The beds are guaranteed to hold their shape for 10 years! They come in 3 layers/parts: the Memory Foam Orthopedic Bed, the Memory Foam Cover (washable) and the Faux Fur bed cover (washable).

2. Comfort. My pets LOVE the soft “fur” feel of the beds and the Memory Foam cushion

3. Style. The pictures of these beds look nice, but they look even better when you see them in person. Someone even commented on how nice my “rug” looked. Haha!

View the PupRug beds here

Key features of the PupRug Faux Fur dog beds:

  • Guaranteed not to flatten for 10 years!
  • Designed to minimize joint pain
  • Premium Memory Foam base
  • Water resistant cover that goes over the foam (removable and washable)
  • Very soft and plush faux fur cover (removable and washable)
  • Modern design
  • Two sizes and two styles
  • Designed for medium to giant breeds (or for smaller dogs to stretch out or share!)

I highly recommend a PupRug bed if you are looking for a high-quality dog bed that will last your pets several years. They are modern and look nice in your home. Plus, they’re easy to wash.

Check out the beds here


  • The beds come in stylish light colors, and that means they might show off mud or dark pet hair. The rectangular bed comes in grey and the curved bed is white with brown markings so they do hide the dirt and fur from my weimaraner really well. Both styles are also washable.
  • For some dogs or puppies, the faux fur might be tempting to chew. We successfully trained Remy not to chew on these beds, and they are more durable than they look. However, we do not leave the PupRug beds with him in his crate because we know that’s when he would decide to rip them up.
  • Designed for medium to giant breeds in mind, but still nice for smaller dogs or cats

These dog beds might not be for you if you just don’t like the Faux Fur look or if you have dogs that would love to shred the Faux Fur.

For smaller dogs or if you’d rather add Faux Fur to your existing bed, see Treat A Dog’s PupLounge Faux Fur bed topper.

What is the cost? Plus a coupon code

The PupRug Faux Fur dog beds are on sale for $119 on Treat A Dog’s website (normally $399).

You can get a bed for 10% off with code: THATMUTT10 

Order a bed here

The 10% off code is good for all products on Treat A Dog’s site such as dog travel gear or accessories. There is also free shipping on all orders $50 and over. View all products here.

Here is a video we made showing off our PupRug beds starring my dog Remy and cat Scout:

PupRug style and size options

The faux fur dog beds come in two styles: Rectangular or Curved.

I prefer the curved style because the color hides my weimaraner’s fur better, and it is made of a softer and more “plush” faux fur than the rectangular bed.

Both styles are designed for medium, large and giant breeds in mind or for smaller and medium dogs (and cats!) to stretch out on or share.

PupRug Faux Fur bed sizes:

X-Large: 50″ x 30″ (up to 150-pound dogs)
Large: 40″ x 25″ (up to 100-pound dogs)

View the beds here

If you look at the weight recommendations, the large beds are designed for dogs up to 100 pounds but I’m glad we went with the XL so my 60-pound pup can really stretch out.

These beds are also perfect for two pets to share. Like I said, my dog and my cat will share the PupRug beds and it’s adorable. They would not be caught sharing a bed before we had these!

Giveaway! Win a PupRug Fuax Fur dog bed for your dog!

UPDATE: The giveaway has ended. Congrats to Robin F. and Gina P. I will be emailing you.

Treat A Dog is giving away a PetRug Faux Fur Memory Foam dog bed to two winners in the U.S.

To enter, just leave a comment on this post so I know you want IN on the drawing! Just scroll down, and it will ask you to enter your name, an email and your comment. Let me know what you like about the beds from Treat A Dog!

I will choose the winners at random. Must have a U.S. mailing address to win. Winners will be notified by email and posted right here.

Are you interested in a PupRug bed for your pets?

Let me know in the comments!

Please share this post with friends who might be interested in a PupRug bed!

Learn more about Treat A Dog here

Remy on Treat A Dog's bed

213 thoughts on “Faux Fur Dog Beds from Treat A Dog – Review & Giveaway!”

  1. Erika Anglemyre

    Such an awesome idea!! I have a wheaten terrier who is a nap-a-holic. Would love to have something more stylish for my apartment!

  2. Christina Moran

    This looks fun and stylish. I would love to give it a try and see which of my dogs would be attracted to it and use it, it is never the one I think it would be.

  3. Oh my doggies would love this and if it’s easy to clean and durable, that is a huge plus. So yes, count me in! 🙂

  4. My Sam Pete would love one of these Puprug beds. As he’s getting ready to turn ten I certainly think my loyal companion deserves one of these true luxuries!!!

  5. This look like a warm bed. My doodle would love the texture to cuddle in. Maybe she would stay off our fleece blankets with a bed like this.

  6. OMG they’re so stylish!! I am that dog mom with a bed in every room. And they can definitely be an eye sore. I love how these look. And I love that they won’t flatter for 10+ years. My dog is always scratching/pawing at her main bed because the fluff gets moved around. She would love this.

  7. Ellie needs this! She loves furry rugs that she can blend right into and this would be her perfect bed! And it would look amazing in her new baby brothers nursery!

  8. OMG, my dogs would LOVE this bed. And yes, they would probably be willing to curl up together and share it. Jake and Charlie have their paws crossed that they will be the lucky winners!

  9. Dog beds that last 10 yrs, that’s awesome! Very stylish also. Both of my LG Dogs would luv such a great quality bed, perhaps my 4 Cat’s also. Ty for the chance!

  10. My dog, Philippides (Phil, for short) never knows where to rest after one of our long runs together — Sometimes it’s the couch — Other times it’s the recliner — And still other times it’s the king-size bed…

    I’m thinking that a bed like this would solve that problem of deciding where to lay!

  11. Mandy Bannister

    I have a new sweet, precious pup and he would LOVE one of these! He managed to chew through his first bed, so for now, he is using a cozy blanket. He’s too precious to not have a bed as reliable as this!!

  12. I’m not sure Linus would like laying on this dog bed as he prefers the big human bed. LOL! I do though think it would be great to use for photo sessions.

  13. My Bully would love this bed. I think after reviewing it I would love it. He sleeps on a mat by my recliner but rolls from side to side as if he’s trying to get more comfortable. It looks like a great deal.

  14. My 10 year old Lab would love this bed. Orthopedic and memory foam would be awesome for his getting older joints. Plus it’s washable and looks better than the average bed for us human folk!

  15. My 12 year old Cookie is beginning to have a harder time jumping on the bed at night and is curling up on her old (going on 10 years old!) doggy bed instead. I’d love her to have something more comfy…she deserves it!!

  16. I love how this bed is so stylish. I think my dog would love this bed. Washable is a must in dog beds. This is washable, I love it!

  17. I know my grand dog Riley would love this. He could even share it with his sister Maggie! As for my dog, Shaggy, the question would be if he would give up my (our) bed for a PupRug! Hmmmmm …?

  18. My Abbey has one already and she loves it but my other 2 pups are always “stealing” it from her to lay on as soon as she gets up!

  19. These look great! Tomorrow is Archie’s 5th Anniversary of the day we adopted him, what I refer to as the day I found my best friend ❤️ I would love to give him this as a treat to show how much he has changed my life! Thanks!

  20. YESSS! The PupRug bed would be awesome for my new grand puppy Finn. He is 10-weeks old and can use this as a place to unwind.

    Just like us, dogs need that ‘there’s no place like my own bed space. Thanks, Pug Rug for offering a super plush bed-I want one:)

  21. Richelle Wilcox

    I would LOVE to be IN on the drawing! Maybe if I got my Weim one of these he would give me my bed and blanket back. I love that they are washable. That’s important. But they look cozy and warm.

  22. My 12-year-old Westie could really use this bed. She is getting stiff these days. It looks SO comfortable. The faux fur really adds for appearance and I’m sure comfort too. I’m really glad when that.mutt advertises items that are believed in. Thanks!

  23. Patricia G Mcsharry

    What a great item my dogs Would love it something is comfortable and fashionable and I like the idea that it’s washable

  24. My dog needs a new bed and I haven’t gotten him one because I am off work now. The size of these are really good, I love the fabric, and also the memory foam would be good for him and might last longer than traditional stuffing. If we could please win, I would love it and my dog would, too! Thanks for considering us.

  25. My two large breed rescues both try to sleep on one dog bed together but someone always lands on the floor! Lol Would love to give this a try but will probably end up buying another one so they each have one!

  26. I know my two pups would love-love-love this soft furry bed to “share” (maybe) haha, they too like their own separate space but maybe this will bring them closer as it does for your two fur babies! One can dream can’t they!?

  27. Oh. My. God. Yesssss I love these beds!! I love how fancy pet beds, toys, and accessories are getting, haha! Just goes to show how obsessed we are with our fur babies ❤️

  28. These look so comfy and I love the fact that they are washable. We have a bed for our Pyrenees/Newfoundland mix but it’s so big that I have to take it to the cleaners if it gets dirty.

  29. Thanks for doing this! I have a St. Bernard and having her own bed would really be nice since she takes up most of ours!

  30. Julieann Cebulski

    Oh my goodness! I love the look of these! My little Shih Tzu would love the feel of it! (he may even share with his two kitty friends.. )

  31. Sheila Rosselli

    My Tibetan Spaniel mix would love this. It’s a perfect mix of beauty and practicality. Would love to spoil him with this!

  32. What a unique and beautiful dog bed. They look incredibly comfortable and so soft. Any dog would be blessed to have this to sleep on.

  33. Victoria Lougheed

    Wow! That’s a mighty nice looking dog bed. I want a human sized one, please. SRSLY. My dog – my husband calls her an Alaskan Ridgeback b/c she’s part Husky and part Rhodesian Ridge – is all legs and takes up SO MUCH room on our bed! 🙂

  34. Beth Christopher

    My dog loves soft fluffy beds like this! And maybe it’ll be just the thing to help our cat and dog bond like yours!

  35. My pups would love this. They love fur. Having the foam bed would be something awesome to give my older lab for some Cush! Pick me pick me ‍♀️

  36. Suzanne Schrecengost

    Would love in on the bed drawing for my beautiful River girl. She’s an almost (in January) 11 year old Newfie mix with arthritis and we have her on glycoflex which has helped tremendously by comparison. She is having a much more difficult time though recently climbing onto the bed. This looks so wonderfully soft, warm, comfy, inviting. I could just see her sinking down into it this winter for a good snuggle each afternoon, and then settling in each night. It just looks awesome, its really attractive.

  37. If these beds will make my cats and dog sleep next to each other, then I need to get this bed. I love faux fur. My dog currently will drag her bed around the living room. She takes it out of her crate. It would be nice to have a bed outside of her crate for her.

  38. Wow! This looks like the Rolls Royce of dog beds! I think I’d have to share this with my JRT Holly…we could take naps together on it 🙂

  39. These look comphy enough for me to cuddle up with my golden. I love the pictures of Remy all curled up. Reminds me of my weinerimer that I lost recently. It was all about comfort with her.

  40. They look so comfortable! My dog would love the cozy faux fur, but I love that they are washable!!! Thank you for doing this great giveaway.

  41. Lovely looking dog bed and easy to clean, I seriously need one for my 2 elderly dogs. They currently do not have one.

  42. It’s so hard to find a dog bed that actually lasts. This one both looks amazing and the 10 year warranty makes it a no-brainer. Even better, it actually looks like a rug or decoration instead of a pet bed! Super amazing! As a realtor, it’s nice to be able to tell new homeowners about great products like this!

  43. I must be a pet lover as I really enjoyed reading every tidbit. My pets would love to share. I want to be IN to win. I like how it is washable, wetness proof and among other things the memory foam to be good for the joints.

  44. Heather Anne Chalkan

    I think Jackson would love this bed and it would match our decor, bonus! Thank you for sharing! We want in on the giveaway for sure!

  45. These are WONDERFUL! I am looking for a comfortable, stylish bed for my older Australian Shepherd to stretch out on, that would be comfortable for him with his sore hips. This looks like it would be perfect for both the living room and my bedroom. Thanks for sharing! It also looks like it colder months!

  46. My two pugs would love this so much! They both have achey joints, one from patella surgery and the other due to age. They are all about finding the most comfortable spot in the room and they LOVE fluffy, furry things!! We have a faux fur throw that they fight us for!! lol!! This could solve that problem. It looks like a great product.

  47. Love to try this for my Bostons and cats, they all love fuzzy beds and blankets. I appreciate the idea you can take it apart to wash, and my pups are now seniors so memory foam sounds good!

  48. My German Shepherd, the dashingly, handsome scoundrel Mr. Rhett Butler definitely needs this bed! I have a hot pink faux fur rug that is meant for another area of the house but he always steals it to curl up on. I think he would much prefer the faux fur curved bed and needs it! We have hard tile floors and the orthopedic cushion coupled with the faux fur, which is a big draw for him, would be much better for his hips, especially during the winter time!

  49. bonnie massicotte

    the faux fur would be sooo comfy for the old bones of my dog! and the idea that it lasts that long is wonderful. It becomes like a blankee to a baby and they can use it for so long

  50. This bed would be great for my Aussie, “Namaste”. His birthday is on the 13th and he will be 14 years old. He has many issues with his joints and the bed would be great for him.

  51. Mary Alice Kropp

    We have a flat faux lambskin rug that Lambeau loves. I bet he’d like these even more. And they look great, too. More like a rug than a dog bed. Would love to win one!

  52. My name is Waffos & I’d love to win the awesome bed .I would have a fabulous place to lay my body & head. Thank-you for the chance to win. If I do , I’ll be so happy & smile with a big grin !

  53. We have 6 cats and 2 dogs that would all love this, especially as it’s getting colder and our floors are cold hardwood.

  54. My rescue boys would love something like this! One has a metal leg after being hit by a truck, and he loves to be on comfy surfaces since his accident.

  55. Hanna Swift Bird

    These beds look great! My two medium/small pups would absolutely love these, they love to cuddle. Their current beds have lost a lot of cushioning and it’s only been a couple of months, these say the cushioning would be much longer lasting which would be amazing. They look so cozy 🙂

  56. These are lovely and look comfortable! My 10 month old border collie puppy Jaxon would love to snuggle in one along with his brother Max who is a miniature pincher beagle mix. Thank you for the chance to win.

  57. I have two older dogs and one younger dog. Cody has some joint problems but loves sharing her space with her pal Fozzie. We have been using pillows on the floor to help her get more comfortable but this might be just the thing to help her stay active with her pals.

  58. I absolutely love the style of these beds and the fact that they are orthopedic. Our boy, Blue, is a 100 rotty mix who just turned 11. Because of his size and age he HAS to have a bed like this for his old man joints. We do everything we can to keep him comfortable so he will have many years left with us! Not only do we make sure he has a soft spot to land but he is also on J/D rx joint diet! We would absolutely be over the moon if we won a bed for our big general giant ♥️

  59. Roseanne Coggan

    Would love to win this beautiful dog bed for my 12 year old Border Collie she has a arthritis in her back due to a heeding accident that caused her a broken back.She had surgery and extensive rehabilitation and was eventually able to walk again.This bed would be a godsend.

  60. Jacque Hutchison

    My American Bull-dog mix”Zoey” would love this bed. She had knee surgery when she was a pup and has arthritis which bothers her more with winter coming up. Very nice looking bed too!

  61. I love that it looks nice and it won’t flatten for 10 years, my puppy will be 1 next week so I would like to see him have a great bed for life.

  62. I would love this bed for my rescued retired racing greyhound. She is about 7 years old with severe arthritis from racing. It would be nice to give her something soft for her

  63. Zeus Dog here. That is one awesome looking bed. My human mom – as good as she is – has me sleeping on a pink floral Laura Ashley quilt. Can you imagine a big handsome black lab like me sleeping on a little girl’s quilt? Truth be told I ususally sleep on the couch or mom’s bed, but there are times I use the floor quilt. I would love to rest my handsome body on that incredible looking bed.

    1. Katherinr Clark

      Is your dog really saying that? Ha Ha let’s see his picture I bet he is really cute. labs are awesome I have one myself

  64. Everything I want in a dog bed for my Perdita. She will love this. A great place for her to rest rather than the cold tile floors, which are great in summer, not so much now that it’s colder.

  65. These beds look awesome!! I have 2 rescue dogs that lived on the streets for years. They had a very rough life and they deserve the best. They are sweet, loving amazing dogs. They deserve one of your awesome beds!!

  66. Chessey Lynn Kristoff

    I always have room for an extra bed! My elderly toy poodle always takes the crib mattress that we bought for my extra large dog. It is very important to me to keep those large dog common callasus at Bay!

  67. I would absolutely love to win one of these beautiful beds! They’re pleasing to to eye, and I sure they would get one or two laws up!
    My third rescue dog will be coming up from Florida, at the end of the month. What an awesome treasure it would be for a girl who’s never known love!

  68. How timely! My two dogs are quickly approaching their senior years and I had just started to think about upgrading their bed. Please count me in! They look great and I love that they were designed to be easily washable. Much thanks.

  69. I would love to win this faux fur bed for my pups. Looks so soft and cuddly, the ultimate in comfort, something I want for my furry family. Thanks for the chance to win it for them

  70. Wow! What do you think doggies? Can Mum win you your very own “furry blanket” ? Would be awesome since my own furry throw has a mysterious way of sliding off the bed whilst I’m sleeping and ending up underneath my black Akita mix “Arya” , yes she lives up to her “Game of Thrones” namesake a warrior princess who needs her very own furry throne! My other dog, Loki, looks forward to stealing it whenever he can (sometimes she shares with him)

  71. Patricia Retchloff

    Would love to have one, please enter me in the drawing. Looks comfy enough for me to curl up with my pup.
    Have several friends that would like it also.

  72. It’s getting colder now, (NC), and pups definitely need a new place to snug on. Blankets and towels were lost in hurricane Florence. We all would love to give Ruin and Zeke this gift to cuddle on through this winter.

    Thank you,
    Dani, Ruin, and Zeke

  73. Sandy Weinstein

    a definite yes for my girls. i have a black furry (fake fur) throw and they love to sit on it. i had to move it because my oldest likes to make her bed in it. one day i came home and found black fur everywhere. i love that the bed has memory foam as well. looks like a really nice comfy bed.

  74. Malley Heinlein

    This bed looks great for older dogs. My two are eight and ten, and I’m thinking this would be nice for them.

  75. I just got a faux fur pillow & my dog loves it. I think she would love a faux fur bed. and it would be much more washable than a pillow!

  76. We would love to win one of these comfy beds to use in one of our senior dog’s kennel at the Franklin County Humane Society and Adoption Center, in Columbus, OH. I have volunteered there for years and cringe every time I see a senior dog sleeping on a cold floor. Thank you for considering us.

  77. Wow! I love these dog beds! My “twins” would love to share one I’m sure. They love to lay on blankets on the floor & I think they would love the feel of the fur. I would love IN on this giveaway for sure. I know mom & pups would enjoy this beautiful, well made, washable bed for many years!

  78. Caitlin Miskolczi

    These rugs are very stylish and look comfortable. I might even share with my dog, lol. I would love to have one in my doggies life. #furtheloveoffurbabies

  79. This bed looks amazing! Both of my pups would love to sprawl out on there – heck I’ll get on it with them since they’re not allowed in my bed! lol thanks for sharing!

  80. Katie Del Guercio

    My pup Max would love this! When I adopted him, he took most of his naps on a faux fur bean bag while adjusting to his new home. Much to his dismay, he is too big for it now. I know he feels cozy, safe, and warm in the faux fur and he would love to have this bed. Plus, the stylish quality of these beds doesn’t hurt for mom either 😉

  81. My Great dane Tobi is obsessed with faux fur! He has faux fur rugs to relax on it would be nice to have a faux fur bed instead for him!

  82. Ugh these are gorgeous! My dogs recently learned that their beds aren’t toys and they love cuddling and sleeping together so the x-large bed would be amazing for them! I love that the beds can blend into your home and add to the style of your house! Amazing!! We would love to be the winners of the giveaway!

  83. I think my giant shelter pup would love the warmth as he is always stealing my blankets and making a nest in my bed with them

  84. Renee Garvey Halm

    These look very comfy, and just might attract my two 60 lb dogs to sleep NEXT to my bed instead of on top of me! LOL Yes, please!

  85. Angela Fletcher

    My new puppy would love one of these beds to share with his cat sisters! I love the look of them and the fact that they are washable and guaranteed for 10 years. I live in a log home, so the faux fur look is perfect!

  86. My 9 year old rescue dog spent the first 5 1/2 years of her life as a breeder in a puppy mill. She spends many hours in her bed…besides the fact that she has severe hip dysplasia, I think she just relishes being able to relax and feel safe! It looks cozy and comfortable and I love the fact that it is

  87. This would be a great soft bed for our senior golden retriever. We’ve been out of our home for some serious renovation and remediation and we both need some spoiling. I like that is it both fashionable and has cushy memory foam for doggie comfot.

  88. They are beautiful and would make excellent beds for my older dogs with arthritic problems. I know they will love all the fluff to curl up on.

  89. Kimberly Williams

    These beds look so PAWMAZING … I would be so absolutely honored to win and review one!
    My friends will love seeing the fabulous pics of me all snuggly on my fabulous 14.4K Instagram account @diorabelle

  90. My dogs love to be lazy and this bed looks very comfortabe. It would be enjoyed everyday as they love their beauty sleep!

  91. Wow, this bed looks and sounds awesome. I would love to have the chance to win this bed and give my ELLIE a comfy bed to lay on other than my bed.

  92. Catherine Alford

    These beds would be perfect for my pups (especially the 13 year old Weimaraner would love an orthopedic bed)! They are beautiful and the modern design fit in with my home decor. Love them!

  93. Looks so comfy and will definitely be a nice alternative to jumping up on furniture or laying on thin beds on hardwood floor for my older, arthritic dog! He might have to scoot over and share with me!

  94. I’d love to treat my dog to something he’d love…this bed! He’s my rock, heart and soul and deserves a little luxury;)

  95. This bed would be perfect for our dog since he prefers soft blanket type beds over the really thick cushion beds or couch type beds but he needs more padding than just a blanket so this would be just right. Thank you so much for this awesome chance!

  96. Treat a dog, no kidding! What a great dog bed. It looks comfy, cozy and pretty too. And washable on top of all that is hard to beat. Some beds are a real pain to take apart and throw in the wash. All those pillow parts and such. This one looks like it’d be super easy to wash up. Enter me. Thank you.

  97. My bed was Honey’s bed, until I had a serious spine surgery recently. Now that’s a “no no”, because he can’t jump up, and I’m not allowed to lift him.
    So he’s been sleeping on the shoe rug near the front door,
    Ugg ! I put things on top to dissuade him, but he outwits me every night.
    He needs a bed of his own ! A place that’s all his !
    If he “wins” a bed, he can sleep near me on my side of the bed to be close.
    That’s all he wants is to be close !!!

  98. I think my Bach would love this. I like that there do not appear to be any visible threads or seams as he’s all about ripping any edges and tearing out the stuffing. Perhaps he’d be less inclined to do so with this bed.

  99. I ordered the PupRug Faux Fur Memory Foam Bed (rectangular) and regret it. It’s not of the quality I expected from the product photos. The fur cover is stringy, not fluffy like the photos depict, and the “memory foam” filler is super thin and will provide little support. After opening the package (how else could I examine my purchase?), I contacted Treat a Dog to ask about returning it. And guess what? After opening the product they will not accept a return. So I am about to throw a brand new $119 substandard dog bed in the trash. So disappointed.

  100. My name is Coco and I am a super cool dog. I was surfing the internet with Mon. Finding all kinds of cool stuff like this cozy bed.i sure would like to plump down on one of these a wesome beds.i am sure one of these nice cozy beds will keep me warm and my weary bones comfortable from the cold and arthritis


  101. My puppy Jimmy loves his bed. We take it with us when we go on vacation along the Oregon coast in the summer. We use a portable wind blocker tent to keep him cool while we spend the entire day at the beach.

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