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Real Dog Box is a subscription box for dogs that offers monthly single-ingredient treats and chews made right here in the U.S! My dog Wally enjoys his monthly Real Dog box that’s filled to the brim with treats, chews and even a super chew!

It’s the only monthly dog subscription box I’ve purchased religiously ever since I learned about it in 2016. Except when I was sadly in-between dogs.

I’m Barbara and I write regularly for That Mutt. I’m a blogger, raw feeder and dog walker and maintain the blog

If you’d like to go ahead and order a box, you can do so HERE. Using that link will get you an extra bag of treats free!

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Wally with his Real Dog September box

What is Real Dog?

First things first, who exactly is Real Dog?

Real Dog is a happy team of health conscientious dog people who’ve made it their mission to educate fellow dog lovers about the many benefits of healthy, fresh dog treats and food in general.

The company is based in San Diego, where they gently air-dry all of their treats and chews themselves. Once the goodies make it into their boxes, Real Dog adds explanatory cards to each box. There’s one card for each treat or chew with detailed information about each respective ingredient. It explains what it is, where it’s sourced, what its benefits are, and how it’s made.

That’s such a wonderful, educational feature that I’ve never seen with any other brand in the dog treat and food industry, and I’ve fed A LOT of different treats and foods over the years!

Order a box HERE
(starting at $21)

Lindsay’s dog Remy with his September box

Features of the Real Dog Boxes:

  • Single-ingredient treats and chews
  • Different types of chews (light, medium, heavy, super)
  • Variety of treats
  • 100% meat
  • Customizable
  • Great for all size dogs
  • No preservatives
  • No fillers, additives and chemicals
  • Made in the USA
  • Free shipping
  • Text support

Benefits of the Real Dog Boxes:

  • Works as a food topper for picky eaters
  • Treats for raw-fed dogs
  • Great introduction to raw dog food
  • Easy way to add clean food to your pup’s diet
  • Helps clean teeth and exercise jaws

Order your first box HERE
(starting at $21)

Unboxing a Real Dog Box: What’s Inside?

Since every box is customizable, the contents vary a little depending on what you order.

Standard Box ($39): This includes 3 types of treats and 3 different chews (light, medium and heavy). It’s called the Treat and Chew Box.

Treat Only box ($21): You guessed it, this one is just treats!

Chew Only box ($23): Includes just the chews

Additionally, you can add a Super Chew to any box you order for $8 per super chew.

If you’d like to order a box, you can get started HERE! That link will give you an extra bag of treats, free!

I personally order the standard box that comes with 3 treats and 3 chews, and I add one super chew. The total price for my particular box is $47 per month.

Different meats every month – allergies? No problem!

Real Dog uses different meats every month so that your dog doesn’t get bored and gets a broad spectrum of nutrients. After all, not every cut of meat contains the same nutrients, so rotating them is extremely beneficial to your pup’s health.

Since Wally has a few food sensitivities, I made sure to inform Real Dog about them so that those types of meat aren’t included in any of his boxes. For example, he does poorly with chicken and shellfish like green lipped mussels. If your dog has allergies, just make sure to let the team know and they will work with you.

That being said, these are the contents of last month’s box (September 2020):

3 Treats:

  • Turkey Breast (Muscle Meat)
  • Beef Spleen (Secreting Organ)
  • Salmon (Seafood)
Real dog box treats
Turkey Breast, Salmon, and Beef Spleen Treats

3 Chews:

  • Beef Backstrap (Heavy Chew)
  • Duck Wing (Medium Chew)
  • Steer Pizzle (Light Chew)
Real dog box chews
Beef Backstrap, Duck Wing, and Steer Pizzle Chews

Super Chew: Pig Trotter

Like I said before, Wally gets one super chew with every one of his boxes. I personally consider it a good investment because they keep Wally busy up to a few hours and provide a decent workout for his jaws and body. Just like everything else, the super chews rotate every month so that you don’t get the same with every box!

This particular box came with a Pig Trotter super chew, which is Wally’s favorite. It’s an air-dried pig foot that’s a great size for medium to extra large dogs who are strong chewers. It takes Wally about an hour to eat it in its entirety, but I usually let him have it in 2 sessions.

Wally with his favorite Super Chew from Real Dog Box, the Pig Trotter

The chews come in super handy when we take him to dog-friendly places like local breweries. That’s because they keep him busy and entertained while we enjoy some adult time. It’s a win-win situation!

Wally with his pig trotter at a brewery!

Cards in each Real Dog box

Like I mentioned before, each treat and chew comes with an explanatory card. I LOVE that feature!

I know it’s hard to read the cards from a photo, so I’m just sharing the salmon treats as an example.

You’ll see one side of the card shows info on where it’s sourced:

The other side shows information such as the weight, guaranteed analysis (protein fat, fiber and moisture) as well as the approximate calories:

And here’s both sides of the card from the pig trotter super chew:

Real Dog’s customer service

Real Dog’s customer service comes from the heart and has attention to detail written all over it.

They pay attention to their subscribers’ needs and personal situations. For example, one of their team members, Ruby, reached out to me when she heard that my dog Missy’s cancer was back after she had been in remission.

After I signed up for new Real Dog boxes for Wally, they included a hand-written note welcoming him to my family. That’s rare these days and speaks to their attention to detail.

Real dog box review

Real Dog Box: Are there any cons?

There’s really only one con, and that is its short shelf life. That’s the general downside of air-dried treats and chews because they don’t contain any preservatives. Air drying is it!

However, storing the treats and chews in the fridge helps increase their shelf life, especially in the summer months. I even put most of my treat and chew bags into the freezer year-round and pull them out when Wally’s ready for them. That way, the chews last even longer than if I only put them into the fridge, and both Wally and I appreciate that!

Speaking of food, I’ve been feeding my pups raw dog food since 2015, so that’s even more of a reason to love Real Dog’s treats and chews. Raw dog food consists of the 3 major categories muscle meat + fish, secreting organs, and raw meaty bones. And so do Real Dog’s boxes!

That’s why their treats are a no-brainer for raw-fed dogs, but they’re also great to introduce the concept of raw dog food to anyone who’s interested but isn’t ready to make the switch quite yet.

They also make great food toppers for picky eaters as well as wonderful nose game treats!

Try Real Dog Box for your dog!

If you’d like to go ahead and order a box, you can do so HERE!

Remy with his September box

Would your pup like to try a Real Dog Box?

Let us know in the comments!

Barbara Rivers writes regularly for That Mutt. She is a blogger, raw feeder and dog walker and maintains the blog K9s Over Coffee.

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    1. I would love to give healthy treats to my fur children but unfortunately like many today I have lost my job and am surviving on my unemployment and what little savings I had saved. So sadly I can not afford to pay for this. Maybe when the world returns to a sorta normal again and I finally find a job.

  1. These look amazing. We have two dogs who love to chew, and one with digestive issues so we steer clear of chemicals and grains and try to go as raw as we can.

  2. These treats look great! my dog loves chews, and i like that these are single ingredient with different levels of chew!

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  5. Charlotte Anderson

    Thor loves treats of all kinds, he gets mad at his mom because she only gives him healthy ones! He loves running to the door when the doorbell rings just see if the mailman brought a package that has treats for him!

  6. Always looking for healthy treats for my pup! Very interested in the super chews – he blows through everything we give him extremely quickly.

  7. Chessey Lynn Kristoff

    Bruiser loves treats, he is a strong chewer though and this makes it rough to find things that will last for more than ten minutes. My sanity is always looking for something that keeps him occupied.

  8. Puppy Memphis is coming home tonight. Our family is thrilled and have been preparing for weeks. I’ve been doing a lot of reading to determine what is best for our Mini Aussie, Memphis Boy. This article had great info on smart natural choices for him so thank you! Hope to be the lucky winner so we can reward him with great treats, like the Pg Trotter. Thanks, Cardiff by the Sea native.

    1. Allison hoffman

      My malamute would love to win this! It’s his birthday November first and he’ll be 10 years old! He is a big chewer so he’d loves either the chews or treats!!

  9. We would love to try these treats. We have just started to expand our raw diet and would love to see how the 4 pups would do with these treats and chews. So far there isn’t very much that they don’t like, so I am sure these would be a hit.

  10. I am so glad your products are made in the USA!
    I have two huskies Nico and Chloe… Nico will eat anything and Chloe is super picky even when it comes to treats.
    Would love to try these treats!
    Would Chloe be a yes or no… Would love to find out

  11. Hi, thanks for the chance. My 6 year old Dobie, Jaxson and one year old standard poodle are both working dogs and both serious chewers. I love single ingredient carefully sorced treats and chews. Trick or Treat or is it trick for treat?

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  14. I see Real Dog products on Instagram often, and have always been interested in getting my dog some. I know she would love them! I love the fact that the are a single ingredient, 100% meat.

  15. My dog would love to try Real Dog. They outta offer a sample (not free) but smaller type box, that you can order to see if your dog likes them. $20.00 is a lot of money to find your dog doesn’t like it. Just a suggestion. Reading your description it sounds like a awesome monthly box (if my dog likes it?)

  16. The boys would love to try these. Nacho and Jaxon are so food and treat motivated it’s insane. Both will do tricks for treats. Food wise Jaxon waits patiently and Nacho spins in circles. They both enjoy new flavors and scents. Thank you for the opportunity. 🙂

  17. I’m Milo puppy the Jackapoo
    When you throw the ball I know what to do
    I’ll fetch it every time and drop it at your feet
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    Hope he wins!!

  21. My Sophie would love to try out a box of treats and chews. She’s 20 lbs and loves to chew, I haven’t met a food she doesn’t like! If I got a hard chew too big for her I would bring it up to the headquarter house of the rescue I volunteer with. We have some that have been long term boarders due to behavior or medical issues.

  22. Diane T Vassalle

    Did somebody say treats? Sophia, an English Mastiff, loves her cookies/snackies/treats. We are trying to watch her weight to keep stress off of her joints so we always try to buy healthy treats. I’m sure she would love yours!

  23. I have both personal pets and rescue dogs that I foster and I try very hard to make sure they all eat healthy food and treats. I recently adopted a new puppy and I am being especially careful to ensure she is chewing appropriate chews and not picking up naughty habits. Your Real Dog products sound like something she would love to try, along with the rest of the pack!

  24. My sweet Bailey would love your New treats and chews! Because he’s such a good boy he deserves to be treated with you delicious treats and chews!

  25. Our cattle dog/pit bull mix Luka loves treats! We have been trying new treats and foods to get him to stop eating the sticks and walnuts in our backyard. See Luka when you eat good food you feel better! Also, I have been trying to get him to run with me and sometimes I have to coax him with treats. One day we will do a 1/2 marathon together…

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  31. LuAnn Davis-Jindela

    My 2 border collies would LOVE to try these treats and chews. So very hard to find healthy chews for my boys!

    1. Carrie Darrington

      My dog is on a raw food diet. I feed her fresh meat and veggies. She would love some treats.
      Thank you for the giveaway and a chance to try them.

  32. My 2 are always keen to try new treats!! Even though their owner makes them healthy tasty ones. But they are not always as chewy or long lasting as they would really like!!

  33. Sharon Contreras

    My dog, Draco would absolutely LOVE these new treats! He gets tired of milk bones and jerky treats and your treats sound so nutritious and yummy. I believe Draco would love it!!!

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  35. Hi, I would love to win a box of treats for my friend’s two puppies, Pilot and Leonardo. I’ve shared information with her about raw diets, including your website and she is interested in feeding raw now. This would be another good introduction for her. Thank you!

  36. My baby is family i do alot of research before feeding my baby anything this product is everything I am looking for as treets once i move to my new home i will be getting these treets.

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  38. We would absolutely love to try out dog treats that are healthy and free from the typical commercial fillers. I foster for many rescue organizations so this is a great opportunity to try out new brands in hopes to support other organizations that hold the same core values as we do! We would be eager to use your treats for the mutts that come into our organizations before they find their forever home and family

  39. I would love to win a box of treats for my three German Shepherd’s. All my dogs eat raw for and I’m very picky on what treats I give my dogs. This sounds like a great treat for them.

  40. As a foster mom for many litters of pups and dogs, Oh I am a big advocate of using positive reinforcement such as praise and yummy treats to set up a solid foundation for house leash potty training. Many of the pups that come into my foster care have previously never had the opportunity toExperience the pleasures of being rewarded with treats or being indoors.Using these healthy treats will be a great encouragement to prepare them towards being a good canine family member

  41. Jessica Garcia Castro

    Yes my 8 year old pitbull could really use some treats to try and cheer him up since we just found out he has a cancerous tumor on his neck.

  42. Yes My Mom’s Dog Dakota I’m Her Auntie, Loves And likes her treats and chews this would be an awesome surprise for her as I haven’t gotten to see my mom and Dakota for a long time I miss them so much! Thank You for the opportunity.

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  44. We have been members for over a year now and my dogs love the everything, I especially love the super chews for their ability to deep clean their teeth. The company has also always been super accommodating and customer service is the best I’ve experienced. With two dogs I can never have enough treats and chews!

  45. My pups love trying new treats. I just started them on a Raw food diet and I would love to find some treats that they will eat. They are super picky.

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    We have a Labrador mix Daisy and just adopted a new pup Lilly who is a Australian shepherds during the pandemic. We would love to win our pups some new treats!! thank you!

  49. We would be very excited to try this. I have been a raw feeder for a year now and there is so much to learn! I have since gotten rid of any kind of biscuits and “jerky” treats and have been on a quest for a variety of quality natural and preservative free treats and trues! I have found the preservative and well sourced the hardest to find especially for training purposes. These look like what I am looking for.

  50. I have 4 dogs:Kono, Nani, Kolohe & Maui. They would love some treats and chews!! My pups are obsessed with real dog box! We use the treats for so many things like training or for taking pictures haha and the chews are great for them because they’re yummy and keep their teeth clean!! We’d love to win.

  51. Savannah Folwell

    My German Shepherd Jade absolutely LOVES Real Dog Boxes! It’s the best subscription box I’ve ever signed up for and plan on doing it for all future dogs too!

  52. This giveaway sounds amazing and Real Dog Box sounds amazing!! I have an older fella, Benji, who doesn’t act his age at all. He is very good motivated and I’m always trying to find the best of the best for him. It seems like this may be it and we would love the opportunity to try them out 🙂 thanks for all the great information you provided about them!

  53. Special Four Says Ruby Koda and Boschi would absolutely love to be the winners! They are all three working dogs of different degrees… Boschi is a puppy in training , Ruby is a service dog that I use for demo work and the other is a K9 in training!
    They are all extremely fit and active and hyper… As well as heavy chewers ! I go through so many toys and treats each week it will be nice to have someone sponsor me! However winning just once would be great too!

  54. We appreciate a company making healthy and delicious treats locally and are always looking for new sources of goodies that are tasty and good for my precious furry companions.

  55. Rupert loves single-ingredient treats and could always use new treats! The peace of mind I have with giving him single ingredients treats is awesome bc I know these treats are healthy and fuel him for the better!

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