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Separation anxiety in dogs

How to End Separation Anxiety in Dogs – $4

Stop a dog's separation anxiety ebookI work as a pet sitter and dog runner, and I also foster dogs. I have worked with many dogs that cry, bark, howl or damage property when left alone, and I would love to use my experience to help other dog owners.

The cost of my dog separation anxiety ebook is just $4. It’s available on Amazon here.

What does the ebook on separation anxiety include?

My ebook on how to stop a dog from barking, crying and feeling anxious when left alone includes information on:

  • What I consider separation anxiety
  • How to prevent separation anxiety in the first place
  • How to help a dog that has separation anxiety
  • The importance of establishing a routine for your dog
  • How to purposely create mild separation in a positive way
  • How to remain positive when you do have to leave your dog
  • Kennel training your dog
  • The best toys and treats to help your dog
  • Other products and tips to help your dog
  • Shock collars – are they good or bad?
  • Tips for hiring a dog walker (I’m a dog walker myself)

How do I buy the separation anxiety ebook from this page?

1. Click the “Buy Now” button at the top of the page. It will bring you to a secure payment page in PayPal.

2. Either log into your PayPal account or choose “Pay with a debit or credit card” if you do not have a PayPal account. The cost is $4.

3. After you complete your PayPal purchase, you will receive an email with a link to download your ebook.