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Would You Use a Dog Stroller or Wagon for Your Older Dog?

Would you use a wagon for your dog? It’s hard for me being an active person while my senior dog is … not so active.

Can you relate?

I miss my canine workout buddy. My black Lab mix Ace and I were running buddies for years, but today he can only go along for short, slow walks.

It sucks going for walks (and especially running) without my dog.

Sure, I run with my young dog Remy and I do, but I feel guilty leaving Ace behind all the time.

Of course, there are wonderful things about having an older dog …

For example, our main activity is spooning on the floor watching TV. It’s what Ace and I do basically all weekend.

But still, I hate having to leave my old guy behind all the time when I head out for walks.

Stroller for a large senior dog

What about using a STROLLER for an old dog?

I’ve seriously become that person where I’m thinking about either buying a stroller or wagon for my dog.

Ace is not small. He’s 70 pounds. Could you picture me pulling a Lab-sized dog in a wagon? 🙂

And yes, dog strollers do exist.

Check out Piri the senior cocker spaniel on Instagram and the blog Winding Ridge Lane. He rocks a stroller from Gen7Pets:

Piri the cocker spaniel

Wagons for dogs

Have you heard of Poh the Dog’s Big Adventure?

Poh rides in a wagon.

Poh Adventure Dog

Dog stroller or wagon for old dogs on Amazon

I’m not sure which brand Poh’s wagon is, but I’ve found a few on Amazon that look similar. This is what I’m considering for Ace.

Collapsible wagon for dog

Order a wagon on Amazon here.

I don’t think I could bring myself to push my dog in a stroller mostly because of his size, but I think Ace and I could pull off a wagon.

I see these wagons and carts around. Mostly they’re used by parents toting their kids’ stuff to the beach or wherever.

It says on Amazon it can hold up to 150 pounds. Ace is 70.

I’m not sure I would actually use this or if I’d be too embarrassed.

But walks with Ace are only about a mile or less these days. A wagon or cart would allow him to tag along more often with Josh, Remy and I.

Wagon for your dog

What is the best dog stroller?

There are actually a lot of dog strollers to choose from.

My favorite based on what I hear from others is the dog stroller from Gen7Pets.

You can see that it is durable, rugged and good quality, and it’s conveniently available on Amazon.

The Gen7Pets Pet Jogger Stroller is designed to hold up to 75 pounds, so it could work for some large breed dogs. It is also able to hold two smaller dogs.

There are actually many other dog strollers to choose from on Chewy or Amazon.

But honestly, going with the simple wagon might be best for a large, senior dog. Some will hold up to 150 pounds.

Do any of you have a wagon or stroller for your dogs?

I have to say … living in San Diego, it’s not all that odd to see dogs in strollers. I see it probably at least every three weeks so it doesn’t faze me anymore.

I used to be like, “Josh, can you BELIEVE that?”

Now I’ve adapted to southern California.

Granted, it’s always a small dog in the stroller. But, you know.

Oh, and another thing with San Diego is we can walk (and pull a wagon) year round. Although, we do have hills.

Are dog strollers allowed in stores?

It depends on where you live. In most cases, if the dog is quiet and calm most store owners and customers will probably just look the other way or not even notice.

In San Diego, it was definitely normal to see small dogs in strollers while shopping, especially in strip mall type buildings. It was also common to see dogs in public at outdoor restaurants, including dogs in strollers.

However, dogs are typically not allowed in grocery stores, even if they are in a stroller. If the sign says “no dogs allowed” then they are not allowed, even if they’re in a stroller.

Whether or not this is actually enforceable by law is another question. But it’s probably best to respect the business owner’s policy unless you have an actual service dog.

Do you use a wagon or stroller for your dog?

Would you ever buy something like this for a dog?

Let me know in the comments!

Update: Sadly, the two senior dogs Piri and Poh featured in this post have died, as well as my senior dog Ace.

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Wednesday 19th of October 2022

I have a pyrador that loves the thought of a walk but only makes it half a block and has to rest. Really is so sad. I am looking for a wagon he can get into. Without lifting his weight.


Thursday 14th of October 2021

My elderly girl is a giant breed (Newfoundland) and I need a wagon for her because she has terrible spinal arthritis and can't really make it to the elevator in my building anymore. These wagons look great but I can't pick her up over the sides (they look kinda high) and put her in it (she's 125lbs); I need something that would be closer to the ground, maybe with drop down sides, so I can get her in and out. Any suggestions would be much appreciated.

Meg D.

Wednesday 16th of December 2020

You don’t necessarily need to get a bougie big old contraption of a stroller. I personally have a 13 year old English bulldog. And for those of you who know the lifespan on English bulldogs that is very old for a bulldog. She’s also a rather large female she’s 73 pounds. Lately her backend has not been cooperating and she’s been having a lot of arthritis and difficulty walking. So I got her a wagon type card like a radio flyer. It’s not flashy it’s just a little wagon that I pull her in she loves it and it really saves her a lot of pain and Difficulty walking. Absolutely do not knock it until you try it. There’s definitely great for old dogs no doubt. It really improve the quality of her life.


Thursday 1st of August 2019

I know a couple who take a dog in stroller. I thought it quite strange at first, but now having got to know them, I realise how much that dog is unable to go for long walks. They have another dog who does walk. At least they get the fresh air and can have a social life outside, and can go together, and the dog does get to walk a little way, and when its exhausted he can be lifted up (they are both small dogs). ive thought about a trailer for my shepherd to pull my staff-x as he is more than capable, poor little Twiz just cant keep up with him. Hes no spring chicken, but he still thinks hes 2 - I'm sure he does LOL

Caroline Song

Saturday 13th of April 2019

I have a soon-to-be elderly chow as well (and also live in San Diego). My concern is how I’m going to get her into the wagon. She is 65 lbs. Has anyone found a wagon that’s low to the ground or has a built-in ramp?


Wednesday 16th of December 2020

Also in San Diego! I've been considering getting something for my ~30lb Border Collie/Cattle Dog mix, and I found the Titan which has a built-in ramp. I *can* pick her up but she doesn't really like it, so I was hoping to find something where she could get in on her own.