Yesterday, some friends and I attended a cat show in West Fargo. I felt bad for the cats because they were not excited about being in a beauty pageant. Maybe they were just modest. I snapped a few photos, but don’t ask me what breeds they are. I only know about dog breeds. As for the cats with the glowing eyes, that’s not from my camera. Those cats really were evil.

Longhaired tabby cat at cat show

Gray and white cat in cage at cat show

Brown cat curled up in a cat bed at cat show

Tan and gray cat wins ribbon at cat show

Gray and white longhaired tabby cat in cage at cat show

Three longhaired cats win ribbons at cat show

Creepy little cat wearing a tshirt at the West Fargo cat show

Gray tabby cat wins Fargo cat show

And here we have the best in show. Oh wait, I guess that is just my cat Scout, your typical tabby … I think.