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Are Weimaraners Good With Cats?

First, let’s consider some general stereotypes about weimaraners.

They’re high energy. They’re rough. They have a high prey drive. They’re hunting dogs, obnoxious and loud.

Now, let’s also consider that many weims do live with cats and they get along fine.

So, are weimaraners good with cats?

It depends on the individual dog, of course. Not breed.

It depends on the cat, too. Is the cat used to dogs? Does he handle himself OK around them?

And as an owner, do you know when to step in and keep everyone safe, what to tolerate and how to safely introduce a dog and a cat?

Bottom line. No, weimaraners are not necessarily known to be “good” with cats (for the reasons above). But, if the dog is raised with cats or perhaps properly introduced later in life in a safe way and given clear rules, it can work out just fine.

Weimaraners and cats

My weimaraner Remy is “good” with my cats.

By that, I mean he is not aggressive with them. We don’t allow him to chase the cats, although he’d love to. But he’s still too hyper and wiggly for their liking. He tries to nose them and paw at them (just like he does to us too). Basically, my weimaraner is rude to everyone – people, dogs and cats. But we don’t allow him to terrorize our cats.

Beamer, our calm & cool, confident tan tabby is very good with Remy. Beamer walks into a room with slow confidence, claiming the area with energy that so clearly says, “You will give me space and respect.” Beamer is 14. He’s been around  a while and let’s just say, He’s seen some shit.

Scout, our more sensitive gray tabby (not pictured) is nervous around Remy. I think he’s getting better but for the most part he stays on the other side of the hallway gate.

Introducing our cat to our weimaraner

All that being said, I trust Remy with my cats. I can leave them in the same room and he might annoy them but nothing that concerns me. I wouldn’t leave them loose together home alone, but Remy is always kenneled when we’re not home anyway.

I’m also careful when there’s food out, but that’s common sense with all animals. I’m careful with food around my Lab mix Ace too.

Remy was raised around our cats from 8 weeks, and I think that’s what made the biggest difference for him. He sees cats outside and he gets excited and wants to chase them, but it’s not the same “drive” I see in him when he spots rabbits or birds.

I wanted to write this post because I saw someone from a Labrador rescue posting on Facebook about how her group had taken in a weimaraner for adoption and the dog couldn’t go to a home with cats. “Weimaraners are cat killers,” she said. “They can’t live with cats.” And then she and others went on about the “cat killer” weims.

Yes, some weims have killed cats. These are hunting dogs with a strong prey drive. You can say the same about a lot of breeds.

Can weimaraners live with cats?

Dogs chase and sometimes kill small animals. Some weims shouldn’t live with cats, and that doesn’t make them bad dogs. There are a lot of dogs that should not live with cats.

Some weimaraners, just like any breed, can live safely with cats. It just depends on the individual dog, how it was raised and how it is introduced to cats.

If you are adopting an adult weimaraner and you are not sure how the dog is with cats, I would be very, VERY careful as this breed does have a very strong prey drive. I personally would not be comfortable adopting an adult weimaraner unless I knew he had lived with a cat in a prior indoor home.

Before we made the decision to purchase a weimaraner, one of my top questions for the breeder was, “Can weimaraners live with cats?” Her answer was very frank and I think accurate:

Cats are generally not an issue when you get a very young pup (8 weeks) because they will be raised with them and generally the cat will lay down the law at that impressionable age, which helps.”

My weim Remy is good with our cats. He knows they live with us and that we’re all somehow this united group or “family.”

Two dogs, two cats and two people.That’s all he knows, really. His family.

Do we have any weimaraner owners reading? Or other people with breeds known for a high prey drive?

Do you have a cat? How do your pets get along generally?


Friday 11th of March 2022

we have an 8 yr old Maine Coon mix cat and are possibly getting a yr old Weim from the animal shelter. do you think this is a good idea. I had no clue they were called "cat Killers" before getting excited to go get this dog. we do have children 8 and under so we do have gates to keep the two from immediately. I did see that google says that slow introduction may be best with cats and dogs but I'd assume that is for all breeds and not just the Weim.

Lindsay Stordahl

Friday 11th of March 2022

It's hard to say but I personally would not adopt an adult weim into a cat home unless I knew the weim had lived with a cat successfully in the past. This doesn't mean this particular weim will be aggressive to your cat, just not a risk i would take. You could try it as long as the shelter/rescue is willing to take the dog back if it's not a good fit.


Monday 1st of February 2021

Thank you so much for this article and coments! I am from Austria (sorry for my English) and I found this article, because I have been searching the internet for hours! I We got our Weim puppy (9 weeks) three days ago. We also have two cats (8 and 13).

I am a little bit worried as I read „weimaraners are cat-killers“ on several websites! We dont want to go hunting with our dog, so I was wondering if he will develope a high prey drive. I know that weimaraners are hunting dogs, but I didnt know that they sometimes kill cats in their own household. People also wrote that these dogs were well trained!

By now the cats own the first floor. The dog cant go up. One of my cats (Ramses) is very curious and behaves like the dog wasnt there. The dog seems interested, but not too much. He observes the cats walking around, but also looks away. Sometimes he wants to play with Ramses. Then he kind of jumps towards the cat, but stops in front of him. By now Ramses didnt have and reason to defend himself, so the dog didnt receive any boundaries from him! Ramses even sleeps close to him and also shows the dog his back side. I am always close to them when they meet each other and also praise the dog for staying calm. If he is too enthusiastic, I stop him and let him sit down. Then he can watch the cat, but most of the time he gets distracted and goes somewhere else :)

My other cat just needs more time to get closer to the dog. She is curious but shy, but the dog has already seen her on the stairs.

Well, I wasnt worried until I read the „cat-killer“ articles! I think the dog is doing good with the cats, but I am not sure if I can trust him entirely when he is grown up - I know it is hard to say now. Now he is a cute puppy, but in a few months he will be grown up and much stronger than the cats. Have you and idea at what age I can see the strength of the prey drive?

I have to add: we had a hunting dog + cat before, but not a Weim! It is just the breed what concerns me!

What do you think? I am over converned?

Lindsay Stordahl

Tuesday 2nd of February 2021

I think you will be OK because your puppy is growing up with the cats and will learn they are a normal part of the family. Allow your cats to set their rules when needed and make sure your puppy is not pestering them too much. Reward calm behavior around the cats. As your puppy gets more energetic, don't allow her to chase the cats, even if just playing. I think you will be just fine!

If your puppy/future adult dog is ever around a new cat, just be careful with intros. Also, if a stray cat ever approaches the yard or something like that. That's when the prey drive can kick in.


Sunday 31st of March 2019

I got a weim as a puppy when I had a ten year old cat. The weim lived to be 12 and the cat lived to be 22. My weim would kill a squirrel, a bird, a fish, a frog, grubs, pretty much anything she could catch. She never bothered the cat except she’d puch the cat out of her way and eat it’s food if we didn’t stop her. She was a house pet but also a hunting dog. When my cat was old, senile and going blind I think she accidentally walked over one of the dogs treats. We weren’t in the room but we heard a commotion. The cat was fine. I think the idea that a weim can’t live with a cat is absurd. It’s a dog by dog situation just like any breed.


Sunday 31st of March 2019

I should add our weim never bothered the neighbor’s cats either or any stray cats.


Tuesday 27th of November 2018

I have a weimaraner who grew up with a cat, a lynx point siamese. My cat loved our weim, but our weim was a little terrified of the cat. The cat tried to sleep on top of him, and he would look at us with a really worried look, then gently get up and move. Our cat would come up to sleep on our dog's sheepskin in front of the fire. Our dog would move and let the cat have the entire sheepskin while he settled in a really uncomfortable spot looking worried. That being said, cats that are outside get him really excited and he wants to chase them. He did chase our neighbours cat one day to my horror and had him cornered. When I got there, the cat was all puffed up, hissing at my dog, and our weim was just staring back, with a silly happy look on his face, wagging his little tail. So, I got the impression he wouldn't do anything to the cat, but I could never assume that to be true. Our cat got an aggressive cancer and died in June. We are actually going to get a new cat in January, and I am hoping it goes well.

David Grant Du Preez

Friday 22nd of June 2018

I have three cats. They are used to dog. Last year I brought a stray kitten home and my Chocolate Labrador adopted him. They slept together in the sitting room. My lab passed due to a kidney failure. The kitten which is 8 months grieved over him. I am thinking of getting a Weimaraner puppy. Would it be a good idea? My dogs travel with me between my home in Upington, the beach house and house in Cape Town. I have two Pomeranians.

Lindsay Stordahl

Friday 22nd of June 2018

Is it an adult weim or a puppy? A puppy would be just fine as the cats and the poms will put him in his place. With an adult, you'd just have to choose one carefully that has been around smaller animals and of course supervise very closely. It sounds like you have experience with big dogs so I'm sure it would be OK.