Stop Your Dog From Crying All Day

How do you stop your dog from crying all day while you’re at work?

Most dogs or puppies will settle down and stop crying or barking within a half-hour after they are left alone.

However, some dogs simply cannot relax. They bark or cry for the entire eight hours their owner is at work.

Obviously, this can result in some angry neighbors or an apartment eviction. Some people are even faced with giving up their dogs because they feel like they can’t leave the dog alone barking all day.

They feel like they have no choice but to find the dog a new home.

How to stop your dog from crying all day when you're not home

How to stop your dog from barking and crying all day when left alone

There are ways to overcome this problem. Some people will call the problem separation anxiety. You can call it what you want, but in most cases what the dog really needs is more exercise and rules.

“Separation anxiety” is an overused term by vets and trainers. Most dogs do not have anything wrong with them, but they are crying or barking because of pent-up energy and boredom.

Here are some tips to help your dog feel more relaxed when left alone.

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1. Run with the dog every single morning.

A lot of dogs are said to have “separation anxiety” when really they are not getting enough exercise.

So, run with your dog for an hour in the morning before you go to work. Some people will laugh when I say this, but it’s not a joke. Run with her (or at least walk fast) for a minimum of 45 minutes every single day, even if she is a small dog.

Tip: Use a hands-free bungee leash to make running more fun!

How can you expect a dog or puppy to sleep all night and then go in her kennel all day while you are at work? Leaving her loose in the house is no different.

To a dog, a house is just a big kennel. To stop your dog from crying all night or day, more exercise is a must.

If you are not a runner, then take your dog biking or rollerblading or to the dog park.

2. Buy a dog backpack.

A backpack for dogs will help drain even more energy during the dog’s morning run. A dog can carry a small amount of weight in the pack and it will make her physically more tired.

It will challenge her mentally by giving her a job to do. This will make it easier for the dog to sleep when you are gone, and you will stop telling people, “My dog cries all the time.”

3. Buy a kennel.

If you don’t already have a kennel, get one. Don’t use it as a punishment for the dog. Give the dog a treat when she goes in the kennel, and tell her she’s a good dog.

Leave her in the kennel for a few minutes at a time, maybe one minute at first, and only let her out if she is not crying.

If the puppy will not stop crying for 20 minutes and is quiet for 30 seconds, let her out during those 30 seconds when she is actually quiet. Work with her until you can leave her in the kennel while you are away.

The goal is for your dog to feel safe and secure in her “den” and know it is a place for her to rest quietly.

Once you have a dog that can stay quietly in a kennel all day, you can begin to leave her loose in the house.

4. Ignore a dog that is crying or barking.

The worst thing you can do is return to a dog or let the dog out of her kennel when she cries or barks. Make sure she learns she can only come out if she is calm.

If the barking or crying really escalates, then firmly tell her “No!” Yelling at her will not help. It will only increase her anxiousness.

Just let her know that the behavior is unwanted. Putting a blanket over my dog Ace’s kennel helped when he was learning to stay quietly in his kennel.

Slowly increase the time until you can leave for a half-hour or an hour to go shopping. Eventually the dog will be able to be left while you are at work all day.

Ideally, you could practice leaving her in the kennel on the weekend or days you are home with her so she is prepared to be left during the work week.

See my post: How to stop a dog from whining for attention.

5. Don’t make a big deal about coming and going.

When you leave, just quietly exit like it is no big deal. Don’t tell your dog she is a good girl over and over. Don’t say “Goodbye, Honey! It’s OK! Mommy will be back soon!” This just gives her a reason to feel anxious because she will pick up on your excited, worried energy.

Stop a dog from crying

Put your dog in her kennel a few minutes before you go to work, and then leave without saying anything. When you come home, wait a few minutes before you let her out.

When you do, just calmly let her out and take her outside. Don’t throw a small party for her every time you come home for work or you will be encouraging your puppy to cry all day.

You do not want to “reward” your dog when you return because then she will anticipate your return. You want to “reward” her when you leave so that she actually looks forward to getting a treat when you leave.

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6. Exercise your dog again when you come home from work.

Another hour-walk or run would be ideal for a dog that has been left home all day. If this isn’t possible for you, then at least take your dog on a brisk 20-minute walk and then play with her in the backyard.

If you are someone who says, “My puppy will not stop crying” what you should really be saying is “Why don’t I make more time to exercise my puppy?”

How to stop your dog from crying all day

7. Use Kong toys to entertain your dog.

Buy three of four Kong toys and stuff them with different goodies like treats, peanut butter or squirt cheese. Then put them in the freezer overnight and give them to your dog before you leave for work. These should keep your dog entertained for at least a little while.

The chewing will help her relax and getting the treats out will give her mind something to focus on. Also look for any kind of interactive toys that make the dog work to figure out how to get a treat.

8. Buy a dog Thundershirt.

There is a product called the Thundershirt that basically fits snugly around the dog so she feels “swaddled.”

I have not tried this with a dog yet, but many people swear the product helps dogs feel much calmer. It’s not going to cure the problem, but it might help.

9. Gradually leave the dog for longer periods.

Once the dog can stay in the kennel for 10 minutes quietly, increase that time to a half-hour. Try this while you are home with the dog.

Once she is OK with that, you can act as though you are leaving by just stepping outside for a few seconds. Then leave for five minutes.

Did your dog ever have crying/barking issues when left alone? How did you solve the problem?

Stop a dog from crying

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296 thoughts on “Stop Your Dog From Crying All Day”

  1. Actually it depends a lot on how you have trained your dog to react when she is alone. I’ve seen dogs feeling comfortable to stay alone at home during day hours. On the contrary, I get to hear complaints about dogs being destructive when allowed to stay alone at home. So, your tips will help them to identify the cause of such undesired acts and find a solution.


      I have two dogs .I adopted Lola at 11 months of age. She is now 6 years old and has never had anxiety over us going to work or being left alone for 4 to six hours in the house. Now I have a new three year old dog we added to the family that is totally full of anxiety and destroys things and cries when I leave him. I have had him one month now and I call him my Velcro dog as he follows me everywhere at all times in the house. Sweet and loveable… just full of anxiety. I do not know what I can do. Exercise has not cured it. He had three other homes before our home so he must have had some issues with being ignored or not loved enough.

      1. Lindsay Stordahl

        Oh, that is so hard. Hopefully things will get better as he gets used to your routine. Here is a post I wrote on separation anxiety. I would stick to a consistent routine, keep up with the exercise, work on obedience to boost his confidence. Unfortunately it sounds like he may have had destructive issues in his past homes too due to his anxiety. Has anyone every put him on anti-anxiety medication? It would be worth discussing with his vet and could hopefully be only temporary while you work on his confidence/training.

        1. Diane Reinhold

          I had the same problem with a dog we rescued from the street and never found his owner. I gave him away twice and both times he came back so we decided to keep him. With lots of consistency he became the perfect dog – doesn’t even need a crate now. I found that this worked: Have the dog lay down and stay in an area or room away from you. Start in small increments, just feet away at first and perhaps give him a bed or a place to lay in (With mine I just say go to bed, and no matter where he is he goes now) He needs to learn to be comfortable away from you and build his self confidence. Once he is calm by himself then give him attention. Work on this behavior while you are home and eventually he will be a great dog even when you leave. Good luck.

  2. Very good tips! I’m thinking I will print a copy out and tape it to my neighbor’s door!! Their dog makes us crazy with barking ALL the time. I think they just leave it alone too much… it’s lonely and wants its people!

    Tammy’s last blog post..Kitty Update

  3. castocreations

    I hate putting the dogs in their kennel but hate getting them out even more. When I do let them out I don’t say a word and I require that all three sit quietly. Of course, the second I open the gate they rush out and nearly knock me over. lol But I’m glad that they don’t howl all day when left in their kennel.

    castocreations’s last blog post..Quinn is Doing Better – and Trooper Rocks!

  4. We just had someone contact Sheltie Rescue because they were facing eviction due to their 7 mo. old Sheltie’s barking all day while they are at work. The dog is crated, and they claim that they are exercising twice daily for an hour at a time. We gave them several suggestions, (most what you have posted above), but I don’t think anyone mentioned a backpack, so I think I’ll doublecheck and then make that suggestion too! Thanks.

  5. Hi! i don’t have a dog but I carefull read through. It seems a common sense but I find your tips very helpful and practical. It is uniqgue as well. Is that your dog in the image?

  6. Hi
    I just got a New Jack Russell puppy as a companion for my other dog who is a year old and a collie mix the older dog is really frightend of the new puppy and runs away if it comes near her.. Also the new puppy wont stop crying all the time regardless of where she is can someone help..

  7. Lindsay Stordahl

    Do something your older dog loves, like throwing a ball in the backyard or go for a walk or car ride and bring the pup along so the older dog associates the pup with positive things. Don’t push it, I think they will get along with time. When the puppy is sleeping, you could bring it over to the older dog and let her smell it. Other than that, just give the older dog breaks from the pup, especially when it is getting really rambunctious and nipping, etc.

    As for the crying, the puppy should get over it with time. Try the tips I mentioned in this post. For a young puppy, the crying just means it wants attention, so don’t give in. Praise it for being calm and make sure it is getting enough exercise. I would definitely crate train the puppy if you haven’t already, just so it has a quiet den to retreat to for some down time when you need a break.

  8. We have an 8-week-old English Staffy pup.

    I don’t want him to be an inside dog but as he is so small, he can fit through the gate. I feel he is too small to be out there at the moment as we have a double story house and a really big backyard. We put him in the laundry room (downtairs) at night. He cried. He was easier to ignore before, but he is getting louder. There has been a lot of rain, so exercise has been out of the question. My daughter runs around with him undercover while we toilet him. He seems to cry when he is not with us, e.g., on the veranda, although he can hear us. He wants inside all the time. He starts whinging a lot. I’ve never had a pup before, so I need some tips. We just bought our first home and don’t want to make enemies with the neighbors. Anybody, please help.

  9. Lindsay Stordahl

    Exercise is not out of the question. He is a young dog and he needs it. An hour a day minimum should be about right for a young dog rain or shine.

    How long have you had the dog? If you continue to exercise him and then leave him along for short periods with plenty of his own things to do – like really good things to chew (pigs ears, raw bones, etc), he should be OK. They key is to ignore the crying and whining. Don’t scold, yell or give in by letting him be with you. Let him be by you after he’s been quiet.

    Good luck with your puppy. Be patient. I always ask my neighbors if they can hear my foster dogs barking so I can apologize and so I know if the dog barks when I am not home. Most people are understanding when the dog is going through an adjustment period.

  10. I have three dogs , a Shih tzu who is 6, a Rottweiller who is 8 and a Rottweiller pup who is 17 weeks. They all get along fine and sleep together in the kitchen at night with no problem, but at 5:30 every morning the pup starts crying and barking. If I ignore him he bangs the door and begins scratching. He wakes my children up and then they are tired for school. I have tried letting him out for a wee and then going back to bed. He goes mad as soon as I go. I won’t feed him until 7:30 no matter what time he wakes up. If I stay with him he is fine and goes back to sleep. I have had him sleeping in the bedroom, but he cries to be with the other dogs at night. Any suggestions, please!

  11. Lindsay Stordahl

    Make sure the pup is getting outside late enough at night so having to go to the bathroom is not the issue. If he wakes up when it gets light out, then do what you can to keep the room dark.

    Other than that, the best thing you can do is kennel train the dog. Then, when he cries, ignore him. After a week or two, he will stop crying. If you go and let him out every time he cries, then he has you trained.

    My dog sleeps down in our living room on his dog bed and every morning when it gets light, he comes upstairs and cries at our door. This is usually around the time we get up so it’s not a big deal, but if I don’t want him to cry, I put him in his kennel in the laundry room where it’s dark and he waits quietly for me to come to him.

  12. I have an 8-month-old beagle. I’ve only had her for about a month. I have covered her cage with a blanket to make it dark and safe. I have tried leaving her in her cage, going out and stepping back in my flat, rewarding her for being silent and saying “no” when bakring and howling. I managed to get her up to being alone for an hour and a half, but then today is was as if all the training had been for nothing. I tried going out for 2 hours and after 20 minutes alone she strated barking and howling and tearing her cage appart. I really dont know what to do anymore. I can’t keep the dog if I can’t get her to stay camly in her cage. Do you have some more tips or reasurance that today is not a step back?

  13. Lindsay Stordahl

    Be patient. I know how frustrating it is. I’ve dealt with many similar dogs. They do get used to their kennels, but for some dogs it takes longer.

    The biggest thing is probably exercise. If the dog is tired, she will be less likely to freak out in the kennel, so if you aren’t already walking her for at least an hour every single day, make sure to do so. Run, Rollerblade or bike with her if you can. And do it right before you put her in the kennel.

    Another thing is maybe she is spending too much time in the kennel. For example, if she’s in there at night and when you’re gone, try putting her in there only when you’re gone.

    Do what you can to make that kennel as positive as possible. Stock it with the best treats. I put peanut butter in Kong toys or hollow bones and then freeze them so the peanut butter takes longer to get at. A friend of mine uses squirt cheese.

    Feed her in her kennel if she loves eating.

    And try not to always have the kennel mean you are leaving. You could try having her in her kennel next to you while you are watching TV or put her in there while you are doing vacuuming and cleaning, things like that.

    Always reword when she’s quiet. It’s usually best to totally ignore any barking or crying completely. Let her out only when she is quiet.

    If all else fails, you could always bring her to doggy daycare. That would be better than giving up the dog.

    Good luck! Let me know how it goes and if you have other questions.

  14. I just got a 4-month-old Chihuahua two days ago. All is well until it is night time. There was lots of crying last night for about five hours straight. How long will this last? I hope my neighbors don’t get too upset.

  15. Lindsay Stordahl

    Puppies will often cry at first because they are not used to being alone. Just be consistent and ignore the crying. I’ve had puppies that only cry the first night and then they are fine.

    Don’t teach the pup that if it cries, you will come give it any kind of attention. Just ignore. If you want, you could keep the kennel in your room with you. That might be enough to stop the crying because the pup will see that you are near. But only do this if you want the dog’s kennel to always be in your room. Get some ear plugs and apologize to your neighbors!

    Good luck!

  16. We just got a puppy … she is so cute and everything was going good until we had to leave her alone. she is in the bathroom (it’s large) with a kennel (her den that she loves), water and toys. I put the radio on soft music (will try talk radio).
    She cires BIG time for 30 at least 30 minutes. I am on vacation and feel like a prisoner in my own home. I don’t want her to know I’m here!
    Ok … she just heard me typing and started crying again. I go back to work on January 4th and we want her to get use to this system.
    Yesterday I went shopping for 2 hours and she messed all over the floor!! It was terrible!!
    I am a first time dog owner and do not know what to do!

  17. Lindsay Stordahl

    Keep her on a very consistent schedule, kennel her every time you are gone and just be patient. Don’t just leave her in the bathroom, but actually put her in the kennel. This will prevent accidents because she won’t want to go to the bathroom in her kennel. Put her in the kennel a good 20 minutes before you leave and don’t let her back out until you have been home for five minutes or so. This will teach her not to get excited just because she hears you. Depending on how old she is, you probably don’t want to leave her for more than four hours or so.

    You may also want to check out my post on housetraining a dog:

    Good luck!

  18. Hi,

    I have been reading the comments from other puppy owners.
    I too am a first time puppy owner. He is a 9wk toy pootdle.
    We have been on holidays and the dog has been sleeping inside, but we all must go back to work soon and I have been practicing leaving him outside with food/water/bed and some toys that he loves playing with. He has plenty of shaded cool area to rest away from the heat.

    But he cries and just mops around and won’t play with his toys.
    My question is, am I being cruel leaving him outside all day? I don’t mind if he is in the house when we are home but when we are at work we don’t want him in the house.

    Can you suggest other toys to buy so he is not bored. He seems so lonely and sad out on his own.


  19. Lindsay Stordahl

    I don’t think it’s fair to leave dogs outside all the time, but many people do it successfully. Just make sure the dog has plenty of water and shelter from the weather and that he gets plenty of interaction with you when you are home.

    Dogs are very social animals and want to be with their “pack.” They also need a lot of exercise, even if they are small, so make sure you take your little poodle on a lot of walks EVERY day, especially right before you leave for work. Walk him for an hour every day. That way he will be more content to rest while you are gone.

    Most dogs won’t play with toys by themselves, but one thing most dogs can’t resist are Kong toys filled with peanut butter. You can freeze them to make the peanut butter last longer because it will be harder for the dog to get at. Just make sure your dog is in a safe area so no bigger animals will come and attack him or try to take his food.

  20. Even cage training is causing issues because our 2 new rescue dogs will go to the toilet in their cage/bed. The crying/howling/barking is incessant when we attempt to leave them – if we cant break them out of it we will have no choice but to return them to the RSPCA

  21. Lindsay Stordahl

    Unfortunately these dogs likely learned to go to the bathroom in their cages in a previous situation because they were never properly kennel trained or house trained. It is going to take a lot of time and patience to re-train them to understand the rules of your house and to become conditioned to being left alone. It will not happen over night, but it will take many weeks and months. Do not feel guilty about returning these dogs to the shelter if you are unable to take the time to properly train them. There are plenty of other dogs that need homes but do not have separation anxiety issues.

    Below are some additional kennel training posts you may be interested in:

  22. we have a 11 yr old bichon/poodle and he is such a whiner! He has always been that way but seems to be getting worse. A few months ago he started going to the bathroom in the house, I think it is because my daughters got a cat and he doesn’t like that.
    Well, we decided when couldn’t take it any more and now leash him up in the kitchen and that is where he has to sleep at night too. He barks and whines all night long! He was good for a few days on/off but now the last couple he is so bad…He gets lots of exercise, prob. 3-5 miles/day walk…between his peeing and barking/whineing we can’t take it anymore.

    Any suggestions are appreciated.
    email us at

  23. Lindsay Stordahl

    One suggestion I have is to allow the dog to sleep in your bedroom in a kennel. That way he will be close to you and probably won’t whine or have accidents. But if being away from you is not the issue or if you don’t want him in your bedroom, you could correct the whining/barking with a citronella spray collar or an electric collar with a remote. The spray collars will automatically spray citronella whenever the dog barks and the spray is unpleasant to the dog. With an e-collar, you can control when the dog gets a vibration and it should be given at the exact moment he does any crying. The second he is quiet, reward him.

    It is also possible that he will get used to being leashed in the kitchen on his own and just needs a few days or weeks to get used to it.

    As for going to the bathroom indoors, is he relieving himself or is he “marking”? With a new animal in the house, there is a chance that he’s marking and claiming “his” territory. If he’s relieving himself, it could be because of his age and being unable to hold it as long as he used to. Either way, he is not doing it because he’s mad about the new pet in the house. Dogs aren’t able to think that way.

  24. Ive purchased a jackrussell puppy he is 9 weeks old and he hates being alone,ive put his dog bed in my bedroom so he would stop crying because he refused to sleep downstairs alone and his crying and barking would wake up my household because he just wouldnt stop,i put toys and treats in his bed but he still refuses to stop,i thought he would be happier in his bed near mine when we sleep but he isnt, all he does all night is cries/barks and scrathes at my bed to keep me awake but i dont want to give into him and let him on my bed…oh and my puppy allways gets a 2 hour walk before bed too!

  25. Lindsay Stordahl

    Hey Kerrie. It does take some time for a dog or puppy to get used to being kenneled, often a week or more. Patience is the key and staying consistent. If you give in even one time then the dog will think that if he barks long enough, eventually you will let him out. Instead, only let him out when he is quiet. Below are some posts I’ve written about separation anxiety and kennel training that may help. I highly suggest buying some Kong toys and filling them with peanut butter and some yummy treats to keep the dog occupied while kenneled. Chewing also helps a dog relax.

  26. Hi. A week ago I purchased a 6-week-old Labrador puppy. She uses her kennel really well at night time. She doesn’t whine or cry at all, and only wakes up once needing the toilet and goes straight back to sleep. My partner works full time, and I’m at uni and I work. I’ve taken the last week and this week off so I can be with her, but as soon as I’m not there she cries non-stop! The neighbours complained when I left her for a few hours, so I moved her inside instead of a semi inside/outside area. She has lots of toys, food, water and goes to the toilet on newspapers. I really need to be able to leave without her putting up a massive fuss and don’t know what to do. She’s too young for puppy daycare.

  27. Hi,
    We have a 4-month-old German shepherd dog – Sam. He is just great. After the first initial week of crying at night, we broke this by ignoring him. He sleeps outside under cover and has a stretcher bed with blankets and a kennel. He has plenty of toys. He goes to puppy kindergarten and has lots of training. The past three nights he has started to whine again and scratch at the door, not for long, only a few minutes and then settle down again – most unusual as he has been so good. Do you think he is just trying us out again? We are ignoring him again and hope this works.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Yes, I would ignore him but make sure his exercise needs are being met.

      He may have started whining and pawing at the door again because he has gotten older and therefore needs more exercise. As you know, German shepherds are very active and intelligent dogs and they need a lot of challenges throughout the day. I’m not sure how much physical exercise he is getting in addition to going to puppy kindergarten and training, but I would definitely increase it. Two hours of walking every day is absolutely necessary at minimum.

      If he seems to be very attached to you, then try challenging him a bit by leaving him alone for a few minutes here and there. For example, close the door behind you when you go to the bathroom if he’s the type of dog that will follow you right in. Or, close him in your bedroom for a few minutes here and there. Reward him when he’s quiet. If he has a good down-stay, then practice putting him in a stay while you walk around the house. Again, reward him for being quiet and staying. Just look for little ways to reward him for being apart from you so it doesn’t develop into separation anxiety.

      Here’s my post on separation anxiety. Your dog doesn’t have it, but it’s something to be aware of:

      1. Thanks Lindsay,
        I will start walking him further as of today. The breeder I got him from who has been breeding for 25 years said at this age not to walk him too far as his bones are still developing. But after this post I will take him on a walk. We do playtime a few times a day, before I go to work. I usually work in the afternoons so he is usually only on his own for 4 to 6 hours a day, and has been that way since we bought him home at 8 weeks. Now he is 4 months. He generally just lays around the house when I am home. He has plenty of inside time with us until it’s bedtime. He has been so good for 6 or so weeks with bedtime. It’s just been the last few nights he started up again and only for a few minutes. I am sure we will cure it – going for a walk now.

        1. Lindsay Stordahl

          A long walk should definitely fix the problem then if he isn’t getting that kind of exercise. Running can be hard on their joints and bones at a young age, but walking is absolutely a must! If you are concerned at all about your dogs bones, talk to your vet. Walk him every day for at least an hour and he should be much better. Playing in the house is great but it tends to get them more riled up than anything. A structured walk (with the dog at your side) really challenges them mentally and physically. Plus, they get time to bond with you! Good luck!

          1. Hi Lindsay,

            Well, the walk seemed to fix the problem. Obviously, I was not walking him far enough before. He slept all night and not a peep out of him. Thank God!

            The vet said also not to walk him too far at this stage as his little bones and hip sockets are still forming so he goes for two walks a day at 20 minutes each. We also live on the land so he get plently of exercise chasing birds which he finds most amusing. Thanks for the tip – gave us a great night’s sleep.

  28. Lindsay Stordahl

    I’m so glad the extra walk helped. I’m glad you checked with your vet about how much exercise he can handle. He will need more and more exercise as he gets older.

  29. I have recently had to have my German shepherd rehomed due to a break up and being left with a baby and two dogs – she had severe separation anxiety. Ironically my springer spaniel, who has never been any bother when left, now howls and barks continuously until I come home. I am desparate not to have to part with her to. Any ideas? I will consider anything.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      A lot of dogs develop anxiety issues when there are drastic changes to their routines. It’s not a surprise that your springer is having issues due to a new baby, a breakup and losing your other dog.

      The most important thing you can do is stick to a routine so she understands that you will always come back.

      You can also try leaving her for a few seconds and return the second she stops crying/howling. Slowly progress to longer periods. I’m sure you’ve tried leaving extra goodies for her like Kong toys filled with peanut butter and frozen. Most dogs love those. Leave the radio on for her – talk radio often works well. If you can hire a dog walker to come check on her, that might be an option. If you haven’t checked out my post on separation anxiety, here’s a link to that. There are some good tips in the post and in the comments from others:

  30. So we have a 4-month-old pup. She is really good about sleeping through the night and is surprisingly potty trained. We take her for at least an hour or more (probably closer to two) of walks during the day, so we think she is getting quite a bit of exercise. She has also been with us for over a month. But every time we step out of the house – even for 10 minutes – she cries and barks very loudly. We have done what we can to establish an alpha relationship, so that she dosen’t think she needs to take care of us when we leave, but it isn’t getting better.

    Our neighbors are complaining a lot, and we are struggling to get her used to being home alone. We have minimized our leaving and coming greetings and looked up seperation anxiety and are trying to adhere to its advice. Also, we do put her in a kennel when we leave. We have a Kong that she plays with and licks peanut butter out of, but even that dosen’t keep her calm. She also cries the whole time – she dosen’t calm down after 30 minutes. What do we do?

  31. I have a 10-week-old Jack Russell terrier. He cries, barks and goes crazy everytime I leave the house. He will cry for hours on end. I live in an apartment and my neighbors are getting very upset. Is there anything I can do?

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Increase his exercise. How much are you walking him now? You should probably triple that. I know it’s winter and he’s only 10 weeks, but JRTs are high-energy breeds, and smart. They get bored and they need a lot of interaction, exercise and challenges. I know one in Fargo that runs 10 miles every day. He also does agility. Obviously your pup can’t run 10 miles yet, but he still needs a long walk.

      Also, stick to a routine when you leave. Do the same thing every time so he can start to realize that it’s the same every time and you always come back. Ignore him for at least 20 minutes before you leave. Don’t say goodbye. Don’t even look at him. Ignore him for another 5 minutes when you come home. You coming and going should not be an “event” or anything to celebrate or get upset about.

      You could also consider dog daycare if you have no other option.

      Make sure to check out my post on dog separation anxiety:

  32. I have a 10-year-old male shih tzu. He is always friendly, and quiet. But the past weekend I locked him in the room for a few hours because I had a party coming in. After that, he been crying every time I leave him alone in the house.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      He must’ve really felt isolated during that party. Shihtzus really like to be with their people. Is there anything else that’s changed in your routine? If you can continue sticking to your old routine as much as possible, I think he will go back to feeling fine when left alone again. I wouldn’t make a big deal out of coming and going or it will reinforce in his mind that he has something to worry about. If you act normal, he’ll act normal.

  33. I have a 2-month-old Doberman, and when the family is around he is a great dog. My whole family either has work or school so we are gone for most of the day. We set up a small pen next to the doggy door so he can easily access it. But if we leave him alone for 5 minutes, he cries incessantly and tries to climb the small wooden gate, mostly getting his paws stuck between them. I did read that we should leave him in his kennel, but he just cries the same. I also want to take him for exercise in the morning but since he is so little he hasn’t even gotten all of his shots. I just don’t know what to do to not disturb our neighbors and to make a comfortable environment for him.

  34. Lindsay Stordahl

    You know, it’s just consistency and a lot of patience. Get the dog on a routine and IGNORE all crying. And start taking him for short walks every day, 10 to 20 minutes to start. Definitely keep him in a kennel so he is safe.

    Check out my posts on puppy training tips:

    Kennel training tips:

    and separation anxiety:

  35. Hello. Lots of good information on here! I have a Jack Russell terrior/ French bulldog mix, just about a year old. I used to crate her during the day until she got out of the puppy phase and have been leaving her in access to a living room and part of the kitchen and bathroom. I never used to have any problems but for about the past three weeks, my neighbors said she just started crying all day long and whining.

    She doesn’t really bark, and is never destructive (except a chew on an occasional shoe here and there). I have tried the Kong with peanut butter, bones, slow release treat balls that I put her breakfast in, and I just don’t think it’s enough to keep her occupied. Can you give peanut butter every day? I have someone that goes over every day at about 1 p.m. for a couple hours, then again at about 4 p.m. for a little, then I get home. And they have every day since she was little, so it’s not like she is home alone all day long.

    I am losing my mind. I don’t know what to do! Poor little girl sits at the door and cries until I get home. I have tried going down the street and coming back, and I can hear her at the door. I leave a radio on during the day with classical music. She used to just sit on the couch, and I would leave, no issues at all. And now I have to put some treat toys out so she doesn’t get in the way of the door and I can leave. I don’t understand what the problem is all of a sudden when she never had one before. Nothing has really changed. I’m guessing maybe she is bored? I don’t think it’s seperation anxiety, but it could be. She does sit on me constantly and with a small apartment, she is always in the same room with me. And I take her everywhere with me on weekends.

    Please help! Thank you!

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Have you tried going back to using a kennel? She maybe feels more secure in the kennel and knows “what to do” in there when you leave since that’s what she is used to. Dogs get very accustomed to a routine. Don’t feel bad about continuing to use the kennel for at least a few more years.

      Another issue could be a lack of exercise. Jack Russells need a TON of exercise. How much energy does she have? And how far are you running with her every day? I would at least double whatever you are doing. Does the person who visits her in the afternoon take her running or walking?

  36. Hi! I have 2 18 month old border collie x’s and they have recently started howling and barking whenever I leave the house irrespective of how long I go for. Its driving my neighbour up the wall and she continuously phones me to come home and sort them out!! They are walked everyday for a minimum of an hour and I try to let them have a good run in the field whenever possible. I’m a stay at home mom so am with them all day in the week. They are also inside dogs and sleep in the house at night. They have a sheltered room (enclosed balcony) with access to the garden when locked out with their comfy beds! Any help advice will be greatly appreciated 🙂

  37. Lindsay Stordahl

    Give them yummy treats whenever you leave. Teach them that really great things happen when you leave. I recommend Kongs filled with peanut butter and then frozen, like two or three of these per dog.

    And when you return, ignore them. You returning home should not seem like a reward to them, so don’t give them any attention.

  38. I recently adopted a shh-tzu terries mix ,he is 4. He is such a sweet doggie. However he whines when we leave him alone. I think I have anxiety myself because I hate to hear him cry. It depresses me. My boyfriend tells me to let him cry and just shut the door, but it makes me feel like a bad doggy mom. I don’t want to return him because the kids and I adore him. Please tell me what I should do. We live in a townhome and I’m not sure if my neighbors hears him or not, but he whines and bark and beat at his crate.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      How long have you had the dog? He may just need some time to adjust to your schedule and get used to being alone.

      Put him in his kennel 20 minutes before you leave and completely ignore him. Put some Kong toys in his kennel with him, filled with peanut butter and frozen beforehand. Stick to a routine, and don’t give him any kind of attention before you leave. Ignore him when you return for at least five more minutes. Teach him that you will come and go throughout the day and it’s no big deal. You always come back.

  39. Hi Lindsay!
    We just got him a few days ago. He is our first pet therefore I am new at this and I am searching for any advice. I am still learning, and I just want to make sure I am doing what is right. Thank you so much for your feedback. As I read through others comment I feel better knowing I’m not alone.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Take your boyfriend’s advice and just let him cry. Unfortunately that’s about all you can do! He should get used to being alone. I know it’s hard. Hopefully your neighbors will understand.

  40. My poodle cross whines. If anyone in the house moves in the morning, she starts whining in her crate until someone comes and lets her out. If I leave the room, she whines. As soon as I arrive home, she whines. I found out she is whining when I am out too. I have tried everything; treats in her bed (but she won’t eat at all if her crate door is closed so that didn’t work), leaving her for longer and longer periods, banging the crate, saying no loudly, spraying with water …. I even bought an ultra sonic collar but whining doesn’t seem to set it off. Can you offer any other suggestions?

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Sounds like she wants to be near you at all times and that she experiences some anxiety when she is not with you. I would start stretching her limits by encouraging her not to be with you every possible second that you are home. Don’t allow her to follow you around all the time. Ignore her if she whines for attention. Definitely ignore her when she whines in the kennel.

      You could try the Thundershirt, which is designed to help dogs calm down in different situations. I’ve gotten mixed feedback on it. But you may be willing to try anything at this point.

      Also look into my suggestions for preventing separation anxiety in dogs:

  41. Hi,

    We have a 10month old Border Terrier, who is generally obedient, eager to please and a great dog to have around. We walk him for 20 minutes in the morning and an hour at night. We both work full time, but I come back at dinner to let him out of his crate and walk around. We also put him in his crate at night. Initially we only used the crate until he was around 5 months old but he kept urinating and deficating everywhere. When this didnt improve we started using the crate again and there have been no accidents.

    However, he cries at night, sometimes all night, most of the time it is just for 20 minutes. It is a high, piercing cry which is hard to ignore. He also cries at around the time we usually get up which we can cope with. He cries/barks when anyone comes to the door even though we do not make a fuss with coming or going. We have tried making him sit and stay, which if he listens and follows command it does calm him down. He also cries when both of us are here, has had a long walk, food and played with. We can’t figure out a reason why he cries so much! When he isnt crying he seems to be happy! When we visit my mums chocolate lab he does not stop following him round and mounting him, constantly! Is there anything else we can do to stop this behaviour? We are trying extrememly hard!



    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Border terriers are extremely high energy. I know your dog is not getting enough physical or mental exercise. Increase his exercise as much as you can. Take him running or roller blading. Get a dog packpack for him to wear. Take him to the dog park to run around.

      Do you ignore his crying or do you give him attention for it? Make sure you are not giving him unintentional attention when he cries by talking to him, looking at him or going to him. Just ignore! Leave the room if you have to. But do make sure his exercise needs are being met. In addition to needing a lot of exercise, border terriers are very smart and they need a job. It doesn’t sound like your dog has a job. Do you work on obedience with him? How about agility?

      1. Hi Lindsay,

        Thanks so much for your reply. Certainly we can increase his excercise, I run with him a couple of times a week, and walk him everyday and take him to the fields in additional to this. I will look into the back packs, it is very hard to wear him out.

        We completely ignore his crying, we asked our vet about this very early on. We do not have eye contact with him at all. I have noticed he is very clever, and responds so well to training. He sits, stays, lays down, goes to his bed, goes outside, shuts cupboards, spins round, stands up and runs back to us both perfectly. Do you have any more ideas on training? Anything that involves him rolling over we cant do, he hates being on his back. We have a tunnel only, but will look into agility training. When you say a job, could you explain this more? I am not sure I know what you mean!

        Many thanks again for your help, it is very much appreciated.


        1. A job could be going rollerblading with you every day for an hour. Or it could be training for agility. Or wearing his backpack on walks. Or visiting nursing homes. Really, anything that gives him a sense of purpose and a challenge.

          Sounds like you are really trying to give him enough exercise, so that’s great. I’m sure he could always use more if he’s anything like the border terriers I’ve know. But, it’s not possible to run, run, run all the time, either. So one thing you could do is work on things that actually force him to practice self control and relax. Like, can he reliably lie down and stay quietly for five minutes on a rug or dog bed? That could be a good goal. Teach him a release command like “free!” Then build that up to ten, 15, a half-hour and so on.

          For mental and physical exercise, I love your tunnel idea. I’m sure he loves that.

          You could teach him the word “speak!” and also the word “quiet.” Also, when you take him running and walking, make him walk in a formal heel position at your side. This will also put him in a calmer state of mind while teaching him some self control.

  42. Hi,

    I have an 8 month old Yorkshire terrier female. I got her when she was 2 months and ever since she has been whining and crying every day! We have tried everything for her to like her crate but everytime she’s in there she cries no matter how much time she has been out excercising during the day. The reason why we still put her in there is because we can’t seem to get her potty trained. Sometimes she’ll even “act” like she pees outside twice and then walks in the house and pees/poops anywhere! My parents want to give her away and I really don’t want that to happen but i dont know what to do anymore! She’s gotten a little better because she actually plays byherself when we’re watching tv or doing hw…she never cries when she’s out of her crate but it’s impossible not to put her in there because she will definitely pee or poop somewhere when she’s out, she was even starting to pee in her crate! Please help me!!!!! How can i potty train her now? Are the pads a better idea? How do i get her to stop whining so much when she’s in her crate at night and in the early morning?


    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      The first thing you have to do is decide whether you are able to commit to helping your dog. It will be a time consuming and difficult task. It will take a lot of patience.

      I recommend you follow all the steps in these posts about ways to prevent separation anxiety and also the steps to stop it.

      You need to teach your dog to be comfortable by herself. Purposely create distance between you and your dog. The same goes for anyone else in your family who she is attached to. Don’t pick her up all the time. Don’t give her attention if she whines or cries or barks. Only pet her when she is calm and quiet. Don’t allow her to follow you everywhere. Close the door on her and don’t let her through until she is quiet. Put her in her kennel for short periods when you are home and let her out only when she is quiet, even if she is quiet for five seconds. If she loves to eat, only feed her in the kennel. Use extra special goodies in her kennel like Kong toys filled with peanut butter.

      For the potty training, check out the tips in this post:

      When potty training a dog or puppy, simply do not give them the opportunity to have an accident. Take her outside to the same spot each time. Give her a treat when she goes. If she doesn’t go, then put her back in her kennel and take her out again in 20 minutes. Repeat until she goes. Once she’s gone outside, then give her a bit of freedom but always supervise so you know where she is and what she is doing. Whenever I get a new dog or a dog comes to visit me, I keep it on a leash and near me 24/7 until I know it is 100 percent housebroken.

      I never recommend puppy pads. They teach the dog to go in the house, which is not what you want.

  43. I just bought an 8-week-old mini dachshund and she is crying all day when I am at work. I don’t know what to do. We get up early every morning so we have time for play and I try to take her on walks before work but she doesn’t really know how to go on a “walk” yet. What do I do? My roommate is really upset becuase she said she crys all day long. Help please!!! I don’t want to have to get rid of her 🙁

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Give it time. Don’t scold her when she’s crying. Completely ignore the crying. Return to her (or have your roommate return to her) whenever she is quiet. Give her lots of goodies in the kennel like Kongs filled with peanut butter. Use two or three of these and freeze them over night so it’s harder for her to get the peanut butter and/or treats out. Take her for walks the best you can to get her tired. Don’t let her out right away when you get home, especially if she is barking. Wait until she is quiet, even if she is quiet for 15 seconds. You have to start small. Try not to make a big deal when you are “reunited” because you don’t want her to associate a reward with you coming home. You want her to anticipate rewards (treats, Kong toys) when you leave. Also sticking to the same routine every day will help her adjust and predict the schedule, making her more secure. Leaving a radio on near her might also help.

      Just know she is a pup in a new environment and it will take her a few days or weeks to get into the routine. Make sure you are not rewarding her for crying by going to her, even to scold her.

    2. Hi Caitlin, I know its been a while since you posted but I wondered how your mini dachshund was getting on and if she overcame her anxieties? We’re having some issues with our 9 month old boy!

  44. hi everyone my sister just gave me a 10 month old golden lab she got rid of both of her dogs because she didnt have the time i got one and some1 else got one he was okay for the 1st week or so now were into the 2nd week and he cries after me all the time even if i am upstairs or even in the room sometimes any suggestions to wat i can do?

  45. How much exercise is the dog getting? I recommend at least an hour of running with you every day. If that is not possible, then at least 90 minutes of on-leash walking. My guess is he is just bored and wants to play constantly. You can also work on obedience with him. Teach him a solid down-stay so he learns some self-control to stay in one place for up to a half-hour at a time. Start small with only a few seconds. Release him with the word “Free” or “OK.” Also, make sure you are not with him at all times or he will be too dependent on you. So give him some alone time each day, even when you are home. Leave him in another room or in a kennel for a few minutes and let him come out when he is quiet.

    And never look at him or pet him when he’s crying. He cries for your attention, so the worst thing you can do is acknowledge him. Just ignore the crying. If he won’t stop, then purposely sit with your back to him or get up and walk right out of the room, closing the door behind you without saying a word. Return after a few seconds only if he is quiet. If he cries, leave again.

  46. Hey Lindsay.
    I am fostering a shelter dog who has been a stray his whole life. As far as we know he is about 2 years old. He has never had a bath, taken a walk, been in a house, or played with a toy before I got him. He learned very quickly not to go to the bathroom in the house, but he always pees in his crate. I know you aren’t supposed to “over bathe” a dog, but he lays in his pee and doesn’t seem to care. He barks and cries and howls in his crate all night long and I can’t get sleep. He does the same thing the entire time I’m at work. Ignoring him doesn’t work because he’ll literally do it until I get home or get up in the morning. I put a blanket around his crate and he just pulled it through bars of his cage. I’ve tried giving him toys and treats and I just don’t know what to do. I cant sleep and I feel bad for my neighbors. He can’t run freely through the house because he’ll become bored and destructive. He cannot go a minute without someone being with him and I don’t know what to do. He is so incredibly sweet until he goes in his cage. I can’t go another sleepless night and neither can my neighbors!!! Please help!

  47. Oh by the way, I tried walking him and he is incredibly scared and will not walk. He freezes in fear once we leave the driveway. He doesn’t know how to play with toys so he only likes bones, but bones don’t keep him from peeing or barking in the crate.

  48. I recommend you get a different foster dog. It is not worth this much stress. Is there anyone else who could foster him who is home more than you are?

    If you decide to keep trying, you have to do something to exercise his body and mind. I’m sure this dog is just full of pent-up mental and physical energy. I don’t care if he’s scared to walk, get out there and walk anyway. If it really is impossible to walk him, then look for ways to challenge his mind indoors through obedience training and games. Play some games of tug to also get rid of some extra energy. Try really hard to get him out for walks to build his confidence. Get him into some obedience classes if possible.

    Thank you for trying with this dog. I know how stressful it can be and I know all you want to do is help him. If only he could understand!

  49. hi i love your blog but i have a problem i have a 1 mo. old cocker spaniel pup and even if i leave him for 2min he starts crying and in the next 2 weeks ill have to leave him at home for 8 hours coz of school so i just wana no is there any other way except for excersise coz my dog is to small to be taken out for a walk and i do not want to buy a crate as they are to expensive sooo please helppppppp me its too small to train and she is in a very new enviroment as i just bought him yesterday pls pls help i dont want to give him away

    awating ur reply


    1. Dogs should not be taken from their moms at one month old, so I assume your puppy is two months old. It takes all puppies some time to adjust to their new homes. The best thing you can do is ignore all crying. Put the puppy in a crate at night – yes, get a crate, and ignore the crying. He might cry all night for the first few nights. Just ignore it and the crying will stop. Get a toy called the Kong and fill it with treats and peanut butter and give that to the pup to keep him occupied in the kennel.

      You can also take him for short walks. And it is never too young to start training. I suggested getting him into obedience classes so you can learn more about how to take care of him.

      1. thanks for your reply will work on it but i stay in india and we do not get kong toys here so is there something else or can i get a chewable and eatable bone

        1. Just look for any kind of toy you can stuff treats in. I’ve even used plastic bottles, but make sure to supervise if you do that so the dog doesn’t eat the plastic or cut its mouth.

  50. and also my dog dosent show any symptons of anxiety but still cant be in a room alone for a long time please help i dont want my dog to keep whiningit is very depressing to the enviromrnt and how long should i leave him in the cennal and how long to see if he is keeping quiet

  51. and plus ive bought him a chew toy (a big rubber bone) but he dosent seem to like it he dosent bite it but he bites everything else

  52. and he keeps whining even when im sitting behind him watching tv and i think its because he is missing his mother and the new enviroment is there any way to slove

  53. I have a 9 month old Cocker spaniel and every time i leave the room he barks , cry’s and scratches at the door. He sleeps inside and goes out side for the day time and he just sits at the back door crying all day. I walk him for 45 min in the morning and 30 mins in the night, I am trying to clicker train him but he is not listening to anything doesn’t want to know about treats or food all help please. I only have him 3 days and i have giving in the last two nights and let him sleep in the bedroom i know worst thing ever but i am afraid he will wake my son up as his bark is really loud i have fostered dogs before and never had this problem.

    Please Help Me

  54. Have you tried putting him in a kennel in your bedroom at night? How about kenneling him in the house during the day and loading the kennel with all kinds of yummy treats and goodies?

  55. He will not go into the kennel at all i have one and he just bites at the bars barks and crys all night! Last night i left him down stairs and he barked for a while i came down and bang the door from the out side and he stopped. But at 2 am i had to come back down again. I don’t want to give him treat out of training as he will not respond to the clicker training then.

    1. When dogs are in an anxious or panicked state of mind they do not have the ability to focus on a treat.

      I recommend you continue to use a kennel and give it some time. Give him a good two weeks to adjust. Be patient! Wear ear plugs when you sleep. Just completely ignore the crying and barking when he is in the kennel.

      I don’t like to recommend an e-collar right away, because sometimes the dogs just need some time to adjust to their new environment. But you might want to think about getting an e-collar with a remote and giving him a vibration correction the second he barks or cries. Then return to him the second he is quiet.

      Here is my post on e-collars:

      And if you haven’t already, make sure to check out the posts I’ve written about separation anxiety:

  56. I think i have it sorted out last night i left him down stair and sat on the stair for a few mins before going to bed when he started to bark i banged on the door from the out side and he stopped and that was him quiet for the whole night thank god!

  57. I have a 10-week-old cavalier king charles spaniel who has been with us for just over two weeks. For the last week when we’ve been at work we kept him in a pen area inside with the radio on and watched him with a webcam, and he was pretty content to sleep and play on his own. Yesterday we stopped using the pen and just blocked off an area in the living/dining area so he’d have more room, and today we’ve noticed he is sleeping a lot less and is crying and scratching at the barrier a lot more. Is this just because he isn’t used to having so much space/freedom while we’re out and isn’t used to the environment yet? I left him a Kong and some chew toys but he seems to spend more time pacing around than playing.

    He’s been a really good, independent dog up to this point when left alone and has been happy to play on his own even when we are there but he seems scared and confused. Is this normal? I am wondering if its because he just spent 4 days in our company too (we just had a long weekend).

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Sometimes dogs are more comfortable when they have a smaller space. That way there is no pressure on them about what to do. They can just relax until you come home. So I would try the pen again for a week or so and see how it goes.

  58. Hi there lindsay.
    My girlfriend and I recently got our chow puppy last week Thursday and she is now 9 weeks old. She was fine in the beginning but for the past 2 days of leaving her alone while going to work she has been crying so much I even got a warning today from the estate complex. It’s a bit frustrating.

    Surprisingly she is very well potty trained. And not made a single mess in the house. Can I leave her in the house rather till she gets a little bit older?

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      I recommend you stick with the crate. A 9-week-old puppy will definitely have accidents when left alone for a long time and she will probably still bark if she is loose, anyway. Crates are beneficial because they provide a safe place for a puppy or dog, and once the puppy adjusts, the crate helps them remain in a calm, less-anxious state of mind. There is no pressure on them. They can just chill out in the crate. And when you are still potty training the pup, crates are a very beneficial tool as most pups will not pee in their crates.

      But I do know how stressful and worrisome the barking can be, especially when you have neighbors complaining. You could try leaving her confined to one room, like the kitchen area or a bathroom or laundry room. She might adjust to that better than a crate. However, she will most likely cry and bark in that room as well and it will set back the potty training a bit.

  59. We have a 7 year old BLAB. She is an excellent dog. We do and always have kenneled her at night and when we are gone from home. Sometimes we kennel her when we are at home a little to make her not so aware that each time she is kenneled that we are gone from home because she does for sure deal with separation anxiety. She does not bark when we are gone but she has an extremely loud howl and our neighbors in our apartment complex have been complaining to apt management. They are saying we are facing making some decision with her because its not going to be able to go on as it is. Anyone have any ideas for us? We love our dog, especially my son and hate to face the idea of getting rid of her. But cant face eviction becaue of this either.

  60. Lindsay Stordahl

    Lots of exercise might help – worth a shot. Try taking her out for two hours of walking or running every single day. I’m serious. Get up early and stay up late if you have to. Just try it for a week.

    Another thing you can try is the Thundershirt. It works for some dogs.

    And another option to consider is taking her to dog daycare while you are at work. I know it’s expensive, but if you can pull it off, it would be worth it if you can keep your dog. In the meantime, start looking for a house to rent where your neighbors will not be so close.

    Those are my suggestions. Obviously I do not know your exact situation, so I know I can be insensitive at times.

  61. Tamsin Gerrard-Doyle

    Hi Lindsay,

    I have a 2.5 year old Jack Russell, whom we have had since he was 8 weeks old. He sleeps downstairs in the dining room & has been fine, but for the past week has started crying & scratching at the baby gate to come up. at first it was happening at 4 in the morning, he was going to bed fine, now he wont even go to bed, my gut says to ignore him. He gets plenty of excericse at least 3 hours per day & is taken for a toilet walk just before bed, he also spends the evening getting lots of affection. Im not sure whats changed his feelings about his bed, or what to do about it.



    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      He has probably gotten more attached to you over the years. My dog sleeps wherever I put his bed, and he likes to try to sneak into my bedroom, too. Ignoring your dog for crying is probably best. Wear ear plugs at night if you have to. You can give him a favorite treat when you head to bed like a Kong toy filled with peanut butter. If he seems overly attached to you in general, try creating separation from him randomly during the day as well. Make him sit on his bed 10 feet away while you watch TV. Or don’t allow him in your lap at all times, things like that. Also make sure he is getting enough mental stimulation in addition to his exercise. Does he do obedience work? Agility? Do you have a dog backpack for him to wear? Giving him some mental challenges throughout the day should help him feel more relaxed in general and ready for bed at night.

  62. My chiwawas drivin me nuts with it he was fine and then he went crazy I cant pee with out him wanting in the bathroom. Im going to try the exercise thing but im beggining to think hes just really weird

  63. Hi there, we have a 2 year old shih tzu maltese, when we first bought him he was in the shop for four months…. we out him in our laundry and he barked and scratched the door all night.. now he is sleeping up with us. he now barks when we leave him alone. he never has until he turned into his “teenage stages” of two years old. we are trying everything … leaving him for short periods of time and then lengthining it… playing with him when we want to.. telling him quiet and sprinkling a little water on him whan barking at dogs… he is fine when we are home.. its just when we leave him… he has the run of inside and out. then we tried just inside and he rips the surtins.. so now we shut him out side (when left alone) and he barks constantly.. now someone has to be home 24 7 we simply can not leave him at all. this is a real problem and we have no idea what to do! please help! 🙂

  64. Hi,

    We recently bough a puppy, weirmarana which is now 9 weeks old. My partner’s parents bought the brother which is the same age. We leave our puppy at my partner’s parents while we are at work. Our puppy and his brother stay in a crate and a den together. They are quite when they are together. I assume they feel comfort. When we later bring our puppy home, he likes to sleep in his crate, but the gate needs to be open otherwise, he will bark constantly. Unfortunetly, due to our neighbours I feel I cannot leave him behind close crate doors because the neighbours would go mad. We are currently sleeping on the sofa in the living room and our puppy sleep in the crate with the door open. However, we get up approximitely twice at night to let him out in the garden for a wee. He is quite ok sleeping, but I cannot see how we can sleep in our beds in our bedroom and let him alone in the crate without barking. Any advice? Do you think being with his brother worsen the situation? Please advice, Many Thanks, Sincerely, Helene

  65. Lindsay Stordahl

    Could you move his crate to your bedroom at least at night? He might be fine with the door shut if you are right there.

    I’m sure he barks when alone at home because he is just not used to being alone. Are your partner’s parents usually at home with the dogs or do they go to work as well? Are they in a house without close neighbors around? If so, they could try separating the puppies to help your pup get used to being alone. They could leave them in separate rooms when no one is home.

    Sooner or later, regardless of the situation with your neighbors, your dog is going to have to be left alone at your house. So start conditioning him to feel OK when alone. There is always an adjustment period when you get a new pup, so give it some time. If needed, explain the situation to your neighbors and tell them you are working on the problem. Usually people are understanding, especially if they are dog lovers.

  66. There are some really good points on here that i will try them on my pup hes a 9 month old malteses cross bichon frise..when i first got him he had the full run of the home however he peed and pooped anywhere he pleased on beds every i decided to crate train him…he has been howling all night for at least 8 hours, it is 4.00 am im at my wits end he wont eat in his crate either..he just howels whines and trys to escape any advice would be great …i want to sleep

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Ignore all crying and sleep with earplugs. He will eventually stop if he realizes he gets no attention for crying.

  67. ive been reading the website and love all the information you have put on here (thank you!) but ive been trying to follow all the instructions and my puppy still whines and barks when me and my girlfriend step out for a bit. like just today, when i woke up and took the dog outside to do his business, he went on his designated area and got praise. so i brought him in and he was fine. maybe half an hour later me and my girlfriend stepped out for an hour or two and we have been kennel training him so we left him in the kennel with a toy and a chew stick. as soon as we step out the door (this being without any word of us leaving to the dog) he started to whine and bark and whine some more we ignored it and left the apartment to do what we needed. maybe an hour or two later we come back and as i am getting out of my car he is still whining and barking and i can hear it coming from my apartment. so we walk up the stairs and enter the apartment giving him no mind, and we see that he has pooped in his kennel. i wait for him to calm down a bit before we let him out and he made such a mess with the poop. so my question is am i supposed to clean the bed and have him use it again? or is he just going to be able to smell it and think its ok for him to poop on it. also if i could get some help with the whining! (sorry so long)

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Usually I just wash the bed/blanket when that happens. Most dogs don’t want to eliminate in their kennels, but when they are that anxious, they can’t really help it.

  68. I have a 10 month old cocker spaniel. I am having a nightmare with her (she is fine to be left alone when i go upstairs, to the garage etc) but my neighbours have informed me that she constantly cries when i am out. I leave her with food, water, pigs ear, chew and 2 treat filled kongs. She gets walked for 40-60 mins before I even think about leaving her and will only leave her for max 4 hours.

    I am unsure weather to believe my neighbours 100% as they said she cried from 11am till 4pm one day, which is ridiculous as I wouldnt leave her that long.

    i have done the thing where you leave her for a few minutes and gradually got it to one hour but yet they still think she is crying.

    I also have a DAPT plug in which is refilled every month.

    Any suggestions or am I just a terrible dog owner?

    Many thanks


  69. Lindsay Stordahl

    Gosh. You are doing all the right things. You could try a Thundershirt to possibly help calm her a bit more. These are basically dog coats that fit tightly around their core, “swaddling” them. Also Kong toys filled with peanut butter and then frozen so they last a bit longer. And of course leave a radio or TV on for some white noise and the sound of human voices. Stick to a routine so everything is predictable for her. Be patient.

    How long have you had the dog? Sometimes they just need some time to adjust.

    Does she stay in a crate or loose in the house? Usually a crate is best or a single room.

  70. We have had her since she was 9 weeks old. She is the perfect puppy in all other ways. She is fantastic with my nieces, has never gone to the toilet in the house, has a great recall and is adorable.

    She is normally in a crate, however for the first time last night we left her in the hall whilst we went out for a couple of hours. Thought we were going to come back to poop, wee and a howling puppy! What we came home to was a quiet sleep puppy who hadnt even touched her chews!! I asked the neighbour if she had cried/barked and she said no.

    Now i just feel guilty because she obviously didnt need want to be in her crate. Although, she does go in there at night and is very happy to, as she takes herself off into in when i turn the tele off.

    So fingers crossed this is working 🙂 I feel better knowing other people are going through the same thing x

  71. Lindsay Stordahl

    Usually if the dog cries in the crate she will also begin to cry out of the crate – but not always. Maybe your dog just hated being in the crate! I hope so!

  72. Mohammad Toubaili

    I just got a 2 year old German Shepherd, he is still a puppy but he whines and barks all night, i have him on a running cable and i cannot sleep at night because of his whining and barking, and we built him a fence in a small area around my septic tank, and he either goes under it or jumps it,i though giving him more room to run around would stop him from barking but now the problem is him getting out, so if any one has any ideas to get him to stop barking or whining at night please reply thanks…

  73. Lindsay Stordahl

    Is this a serious question?

    If your dog is outside all day and all night, he is not getting enough companionship. On top of that, he’s not getting any physical exercise or mental challenges. German shepherds are smart dogs and very active. Tying him to a cable outside so he can pace back and forth in a yard is not exercise. Taking him for at least six miles of running/walking per day would be exercise. He also needs training and problems to solve every day. I would get him a dog backpack and start taking him for long walks while working on obedience commands like sit, stay, down, etc.

  74. I have a three month old beagle Sheltie mix, she has been really good about using her crate. She sleeps in it at night and during the day for naps. She recently has stop using her crate, after we left her for an hour. she wont go in it even if her favorite toy or treats are in it. I don’t know how to get her back to using her crate.

  75. I have a 3 month old pomeranian, hes been fine after we got him home for the first couple weeks, but now he starts to constantly whine during the night and day. I will definetly try these suggestions. I had a feeling it may be boredom.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Sticking to a consistent routine will help, as well as ignoring him when he cries. Step up his exercise when you can, as well as training so he gets a good mental workout, too. And make sure to leave him with some tempting goodies like Kong toys filled with peanut butter when you leave. Best of luck with your new puppy!

  76. I have a 14 year old yellow lab who has been wonderful! We went away for 2 weeks last summer, and for the first time left her with a dog sitter. The dog sitter came 3 times a day. Even though I told the sitter to let her out for a minimum of 45 minutes, I don’t think that happened.

    She used to sleep all night in her bed in our family room. She now has to sleep right outside our bedroom door. She recently began to pace all night. No one is getting any sleep any more.

    We used to be able to leave her all day in our basement workshop. She was in this room during our 2 week vacation. We installed a camera to watch her, and the other day she really started to cry and whine. She paces almost the entire time we are gone.

    I recently brought up the crate and set it up in our family room, so we could retrain her. I only intend to put her in this at night so we could all get some sleep.

    Any suggestions on how to calm her down?


    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Since she is 14, I think you should talk to the vet to rule out any medical problems. Do you think it could be that? Possibly it is uncomfortable for her to lie down or something like that?

      I also want you to think about your own emotions when you left her last summer. Did you feel guilty? Did you treat her differently when you returned? I don’t think it’s likely the pet sitter did anything wrong. I am a pet sitter and dogs do just fine when I visit them three times per day. The go back to their normal routines very easily when their owners return. I do know, however, that if the owner is acting anxious, the dog acts accordingly.

      If you need to re-train her, I do think you have the right idea. Go back to the basics. If she is in a kennel, she is not going to be able to pace around and add to her own anxiety. Encourage her to lie down in the kennel with a yummy Kong toy filled with peanut butter or her other favorite goodies.

  77. First of all lindsay u can’t put a handful of treats in a dog kennel. That can make them sick. Best thing u can do is care 4 them everyday so they no u one can under stand ur pet as much as u do. That’s life babe deal wit it

  78. Hi. I have a nearly 2 year old collie cross terrier, i rescued him a year ago but since i have moved into my new house last october my neighbours have done nothing but complain! I have tried create training, being the alpha dog, leaving treats and toys and he is walked twice a day anyway. He is well behaved while im home the problem is only when i am out at work , etc. I dont know what else to do and it seems my whole street has had enough of his howling.
    Please help? I really dont want to rehome him.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      You need to slowly decrease his dependence on you by leaving him for short periods at a time and increasing that time. You definitely need to keep him in a crate. A dog that is anxious out of the crate will also be anxious in the crate, but with time he should learn to feel more secure in the crate. Try some anti-anxiety medication from your dog’s vet if you believe it is necessary. It’s not ideal and I normally don’t like to recommend this. But if you are facing getting rid of the dog, it could help you out while you work on conditioning him to being left alone. The goal would be to eventually take him off the meds.

      Increase the exercise. Double whatever he is getting. Try dog daycare once a week. Fill his Kong toys with extra good treats like real meat. Some people even fill them with chicken broth and freeze them. Find something that is really tempting to him and use three or four Kongs if needed to keep him occupied.

  79. Thanks Lindsay. We will take her to the vet to be sure she is ok. I forgot to add that she did have a urinary tract infection when we got home. She may associate that room with pain.

    You are correct. I did feel VERY guilty about leaving her so long, so I’m sure I feel very anxious and guity around her now.

    Thanks for the advice.

  80. Hi Lindsay
    I have a 7 year old cockerspaniel that i adopted from a shelter.i work nights and usually get home by 12 midnight..he howls n cries everytime i leave.i even had to take him to work a couple of times because my neighborhs are complaining. I cant afford a kennel n i just want him to learn how to stay alone and not cry. i really love my dog n dont wanna take him back to the shelter please help

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Unfortunately these things take some time, like weeks or months. So only you know if you are able to work on this with the dog or not.

      I suggest leaving him in a bedroom or bathroom. Giving him lots of Kong toys filled with peanut butter. Leave a fan on and the TV and radio. Stick to a consistent routine. Increase his exercise as much as possible. And perhaps most importantly, stay calm and relaxed yourself. Try to picture a perfect scenario without feeling bad. Dogs respond to our own feelings so much.

      If you really have to get this under control immediately, you could look into a shock collar or anti-anxiety medication. This would be a good question to ask your vet.

  81. I have a 4 year old bichon frise. He used to sleep in a cage but after time grew to sleep without it. Recently he began crying all night long so we put him back to the crate but that hasn’t had any affect on his constant cries. We are finding it difficult to deal with now as I live with elderly grandparents and I am in my exam year at school. Please help, my grandparents are talking about getting rid of him :'(

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Where do you have his crate at night? Could you put it right by your bed? I realize this may not be ideal, but most dogs will be quiet if they are right by you. This won’t exactly decrease his dependence on you, but it might help him adjust to the crate and quiet down for the time being.

      I always suggest lots of exercise and general obedience training, working up to a long down/stay for up to a half-hour. This requires a lot of self-control from a dog, which will help build his confidence and lessen the dependence on his owner. Also buy Kong-type toys and fill them with peanut butter or extra yummy treats.

  82. Hi, I have a 14 week old lab. He is lovely in the day but he cannot be left alone, i have to have him in my room at night as my neighbours complained to my landlord. I am going back to work now and need desperatly to find a way to leave him on his own without the constant crying. Every time he is left he crys non stop until he is let out. I also tried him with a crate from the begining but he would get his teeth and paws caught as he tried to escape so i have had to stop using it. Please help.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      What kind of crate did you use? One of those wire ones? I highly suggest you continue with the crate training, and use one of the plastic ones. Those are sturdier and seem a bit safer for dogs that try to get out. Stick with it, and it will pay off.

      You may have to consider dog daycare for him since you have neighbors complaining.

  83. From what I have read, I am beginning to think I am more worried than I needed to be.

    My boyfriend and I recently got a puppy. And luckily, my boyfriend works close enough to run home mid-day to let him out for a potty break and a quick run/play session.

    However, when he is put in his crate during the day (and sometimes we have to shove him in there or toss a treat then shut the door quickly), he cries and howls and whines so pitifully that it just breaks my heart. This only lasts at the most 15 minutes and some days as short as 4 minutes. (we recorded him) And when we crate him at night, he goes right to sleep.

    We have only been him for 4 weeks; he is 12 weeks now. I beginning to think that 15 minutes is not that long, but it sounds so sad. We do resist (if we are still at home) and ignore him. He is just too descructive to leave out yet. And the crating has worked for house training….2 weeks and counting since the last accident.

    Will he ever be content in the crate during the day? Should I worry about it? Is he doing ok? All our other dogs are great in crates… quiet and happy to be in there. But they are 14 and 7 years old and were adopted crate trained.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Oh my, you do not even have a problem! It’s normal for a pup to cry for a few minutes while getting used to a routine. Do not feel one bit bad for him. The crate will keep him safe and help him learn to calm down when alone. Once he’s older he will have earned the privilege to be loose when left alone. But don’t start with that until he is at least a year old.

  84. Hi, I am dog sitting for a friend and am concerned with leaving him all day while I work. where he has been passed to a few people in the past couple months due to his owners struggling with home situations, I think he may be worried about being left alone. I think he feels we’re not coming back. He is a 3 year old staffy and he is so kind and gentle but after his first day alone in the house my neighbours came around to say he sounded distressed. Pasing the house and howling and barking for 5 hours straight. I have walked him twice a day, he has treats and toys and plenty of attention ( when I’m here ) What can you suggest I do?

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      It would probably help to keep him confined to a small room. Make a comfy bed for him and leave a radio or TV on. Give him some Kong toys filled with peanut butter. Exercise him as much as possible.

      How long will you have this dog?

  85. Hi. I have a 5 (almost) month old miniature pincher. This dog makes me want to pull my hair out. I have tried the king but it doesn’t seem to work. He has finally stopped crying through the night and is becoming better at using the bathroom outside. The real problem is whining. The most annoying high pitched whine that has my ears ringing the rest of the day. I get up to use the bathroom he has to come with me else he sits outside the door and whines. He always has to be in someone’s lap else he sits at your feet and whines while staring at you. He jumps on everybodys lap. I know he knows the simple commands “no” and such but it literally takes up 12 times before he listens. But the big problem is the constant need to be by me or my fiance 24/7. When we leave he barks for 20 minutes, which doesn’t bother me because I’m not home to hear it- when people come over we have to keep him in his crate because the company doesn’t like it when he jumps in their lap (it hurts because he is so energetic) and he’s barking his butt off. I could probably get him more exercise so he’s not so hyper… But my big question is why is he so needy? I need my space… In my eyes he is a big baby who needs to learn to be alone sometimes. I don’t want to resort to a shock collar but if I have to I will. My fiancee is at work all the time so he doesn’t understand why I always have a headache. Please help I can’t get rid of him its my fiancés dog and I don’t want to make him unhappy and I want the dog to have a good home!

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Basically you need to ignore him. A lot. He whines for attention. So as long as he is getting some companionship, training and exercise every day, he does not need to be touching one of you 24/7. Somewhere along the line he because way to dependent on you and your fiance. So slowly decrease that dependence. Totally ignore him when he whines or acts excited in general (hard for a minpin, I know!). Tether him to a doorknob so he can’t follow you everywhere. Ignore the whining. Return when he is quiet for even a few seconds. This will take time, but you should slowly see improvements. And definitely increase his exercise. Take him running every day if you can. Also be very firm with him when you tell him “off” when you don’t want him in your lap or on the couch. I would actually enforce a no dogs on the furniture rule right now and keep it that way. Teach him that he will be just fine sitting on the floor. That alone will be a challenge for this dog. Tie him to a chair across the room if you need to to keep him off your lap. He will whine, but don’t even look at him. You could try squirting him with a water bottle when he whines, but make sure he doesn’t see that as a reward because he has your attention.

  86. Hi,

    I have a 7 year old dog, who’s pretty well behaved. He’s been starting to cry recently–for no physical or internal reason that I can discern. He gets lots of exercise and play time, plenty of water in his bowl at all times, fed his regular food and lots of treats, hugs and pettings–but I am away from home for 8 hrs a day… He’s always been a very emotionally needy dog–very cuddly and loving (to humans only–he’s not a big fan of other dogs). We had another dog, but he passed away 6 months ago–but my other dog never really cared much for him and didn’t mourn his passing because he wanted all human attention on him and he was jealous of the dog that passed away. I am afraid he might be depressed. What can I do to help him? It hurts me to see him this way and to hear his cries 🙁

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Does he cry when you leave him alone? Or does he cry in general?

      It’s hard to know what is causing him to cry, but I have a strong feeling that it’s because he is so in tune with you. Obviously you were grieving over your other dog and probably still are. All of that change can be a lot for a dog – losing the other dog and picking up on the deep sadness from his owner.

      I would do your best to look at your own feelings. Try not to feel bad for your dog when you leave him home alone. He will pick up on this nervousness/guilt and act accordingly. Instead, think positive thoughts – what a lucky dog he is to be able to lounge around in this nice, climate-controlled environment with a bed and treats while I slave away at my job!

  87. Hey… i have a hound puppy that i do take for walks like 6. times a day she is 6 months and never been alone since i had purchased her until now… i live in a small apartment and u can hear everything threw the walls and she crys everytime i leave, she is quit for about 5 minutes then she starts whining and a loud whine. i leave her for a few more minutes but then she. doesnt stop i dont no what to do including that im expecting in 2 weeks but if i leave her in the car she doesnt cry why is that…. she just sits calm and doesnt have a care in the world but i hate leaving her in the cars for hours while im at my friends its not good for her… thanks

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      She doesn’t cry in the car because she associates the car with being with you and going somewhere fun. She associated being left at home with just that – being left alone. You will have to slowly get her conditioned to being left home alone.

  88. Hi, i just want to say thank you to everyone who has commented.. I thought I was the only person out there with a puppy that cried all night. The first 2 nights were ok, he did wake when my husband got up for work at 5am and went into the bathroom where he sleeps in his bed to fill his bowl with puppy milk, he did cry after he left.. But last night we were woken at about 1am with him crying, he cried all night and we had the worst sleep. So i know now to ignore it, iv filled his bed today with lots of warm things(even though it is summer here) and to give it some time.. I hope this works.. but thanks for the reassurance.

  89. Hi,
    Im really glad to find out I am not alone in this. We got a 2 month old puppy two days ago. She was with us the whole first day and we closed the kicthen and put her bed in ther for her to sleep at night. Sh whined for about 10 minutes and went to sleep. Yesterday, i did the same only to find her in bed because she had jumped out of the kitchen. I decided to put her on her crate but she cried for a good 25 minutes and I was scared my neighbors would complain so i took her out to my bedroom. I know i am doing the wrong thing but her crying makes me so sad as well as fearful of my neighbors complaints. Should i bring the crate tonight to my bed ? I panicked and called the person that gave her to me telling her i might have to give her back. My husband tells me I need to be stronger but it is so hard to ignore the crying. Also on Tuesday I will leave her for the first time alone for 8 hours do you reccomend me leaving her in the kitchen outside her crate or inside?
    Thank you so much!

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      I recommend the crate when you are gone. It is not such a big deal if she is crying for a half-hour. That is normal puppy behavior and she should get over that if you ignore her. You are not doing her any good by going to her every time she cries. You are teaching her she gets attention for crying.

      At night, I think it would be just fine to have her kennel in your bedroom. That way she’ll learn to accept the kennel but she will also be right next to you. Most dogs don’t cry in their kennels if they can see their owners.

  90. Hi, My partner and I have just bought home a 9 week Labrador pup and would just like some advice that we are doing the right thing…

    Our main concern is the barking during the day when I leave, although I have taken time off work to house train him and try and avoid this issue as our neighbours are likely to get upset but when I go back to work I want to make sure he isn’t disturbing everyone.

    What are the best things I can do to ensure my pup is going to be well trained and fairly quiet?

    So far he has a kong filled with peanut butter, is getting quality and play time, a tray of water, stuffed chew toys, a ball, liver treats when he sits down and is booked in to puppy pre school in 2 weeks from now. We are trying to restrict him to the backyard as he kept weeing on his bed inside the house and preferably we would like him to be an outside dog. He plays fine when we are with him and he is still sleeping a lot and will flop down anywhere. Is he just too young still? It has only been about 4 days that he has been with us…

    Any tips?

  91. Hi Lindsay,

    I have a 9 week old Cockapoo puppy that is having a very tough time adjusting to her crate. I’m really conflicted about night time. Most of what I read says to ignore the crying but she’s so little and I know she has to pee. I’m certain it’s the main reason she’s yelping at night because once I started letting her out to pee she only cries out twice a night as opposed to all night. I’m worried though. Since she’s yelping to pee and I go let her out am I creating an expectation that I’ll come when she calls? Should I just let her soil her crate and buy good ear plugs? This seems cruel.

    The day time is another story. I took a week off from work to try and get her used to spending her days in the crate. I’ve made it really comfortable. She has lots of toy options, hidden treats and a Kong Filled with peanut butter and I praise her constantly. Yet whenever I put her in she tries to quickly rush back out and if I lock it she screams and it’s non-stop screaming. I tried to encourage her to go in on her own with treats but she tries to stretch her whole little body the length of the crate to grab the treat so she’s not taking the chance of getting locked in. The only thing that works is to put her in and let her scream but then lay there with her until she calms down enough to sleep. I’m home right now but as of next week I’ll be out of the house all day. I have someone coming in mid-day to let her outside but then it’s right back in until I’m home. I know she isn’t going to accept this and will probably scream the whole time. She’s perfectly content to sleep her day away as long as she isn’t in the crate.

    Can you offer any suggestions. I’m just sick with worry about leaving her next week. She spent the first 8 weeks of her life in a kennel at the breeders house so I wasn’t expecting such an aversion to her crate. Thank you so much!!

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      The trick is to go to her before she starts crying. If you know she has to pee once in the middle of the night, then set your alarm and let her out before she cries. That way you are not rewarding her for crying.

      As for during the day, since you are in a house and not an apartment, I would just let her bark and carry on. She will eventually overcome this if you keep working with her. Don’t worry so much. Worrying will only increase her anxiety. I do like the idea of someone visiting her midday to let her out and break up her time alone.

  92. Hi Lindsay,

    I just rescued a 2-3 year old German Shepard this last thursday. We introduced her to the crate properly and she loves it, so far no negative feelings with the crate she will go in there just to lay down. we exercise her twice a day for a min 45 mins each. She is on a strict potty schedule\feeding schedule\Exercise schedule. So far so good ! With the wonders of modern technology I have been able to monitor her on my phone through my at home web cam. The first time leaving her in her crate (6hrs) she was fine for the first 5 mins then whined for a while, then gave up. I came home everything was okay. that went on for a couple days except for today ! Today i set up the web came like normal and left, she was okay for a couple mins then whined and gave out a very quiet bark lol. and then bit the cage and started to move some of the bedding around. we have always had a blanket over the back half of the crate, and she was pulling the blanket through the cage and biting it. It seems like we have had backwards progress today ! Also when my wife got home our dog was acting out, very combative and non obedient ( which is unusual she learned all her tricks in like 20 mins and loves repeating them ). Unfortunately my phone had a hic-up and i couldn’t view her after the whining and chewing so i dont know what transpired past that point. Is there anything I can do to prevent that initial Whining and Destructiveness because it seems like every time i leave to work there is a period of time where she is okay and then she starts to act out for about 5-10 mins….then gives up.

      1. Lindsay Stordahl

        She sounds a bit bored. The problem doesn’t sound too bad as of now. I know quite a few dogs who will pull on their bedding or yip a bit. Sounds like you are doing all the right things.

        A few things you could try:

        Don’t feed her in a bowl at all. Make her eat all her food from puzzle-type toys to make her think and burn some of that mental energy. She’s very intelligent. There are all kinds of treat-dispensing toys out there you can fill with kibble.

        Try using a dog backpack on all of her walks. Fill it with a small amount of weight. This will burn more physical energy and give her a job, burning more mental energy 🙂

        Congrats on the new dog! I think you are handling everything correctly.

  93. Hi i have a 3yr old staffie, i had him from a loving home 3weeks ago, the problem is if i go out of the house he cries and barks constant, but if i take him to work i can leave him in the cab of my van and he just sits there quiet, i have left him for over 30mins and not a peep, do you think if i get him a cage it would stop him been so anxious in the house when left, any help would be greatly recieved. Mick

    1. I have the same issue. My doggy is fine in the back of my car for any amount of time whereas in the house she barks constantly when left alone in the house. Even when she is with someone else (that she likes) she still whines until I return. I’ve done everything bar getting her a Kennel. I guess I’ll have to get her one.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      He is likely quiet in the car because he associates the vehicle with you. I’m sure his past owners brought him in the car too, and he associates the car with being with people and going somewhere fun. A lot of dogs are this way.

      So, unfortunately a crate at home will not be a quick fix. I would still get one to keep him safe and out of trouble. Plus, a lot of dogs are a bit calmer if they are in a kennel because there is less pressure for them about what to do. Instead, they just take a nap.

  94. I have a 4 month old yorkie chihuahua mix. She’s about 4lbs. She’s a very intelligent puppy. However I cannot get her to stop crying when I leave the room, take a shower, or leave the house. I have a kennel for her. I give her treats and a kong when I leave. I also have lots of her toys, and a shirt that has my scent on it in the kennel. However, As soon as she hears the house door open she starts whining. Also when I get home, all of her treats are still in the kennel untouched. I let her out of the kennel once she she stops crying, then give her a treat. She also runs around crying for about 10 min after I let her out of the kennel. I only leave her 4 hours max in the kennel. Not everyday either. Only every couple days she will be put in there. She will walk in and out of the kennel while Im home. I try and take her for walks as much as I can but she seems to just shake because it seems to cold for her. She also spends a lot of her time playing with our other dog for hours. I also try and teach her new things as long as she can pay attention. She catches on fast. However, this kennel thing just isn’t working for her. Once it gets nicer outside she will be going on very long walks so I’m sure that will help her.

      1. I have this same exact problem. He doesn’t care about the treats I give him he just cries and barks. If the door is open on the crate he goes in and takes a nap or plays on his own. But the second you shut the door he flips out

  95. i have a 4 year old male sharpei, and all he does is cry to go for a walk he looks at the front door crying he goes in the back garden and even before doing his buisness his crying! myself or my husband takes him for a good run up the local fields and as soon as were back he starts to cry again! i dont know whats up with him its getting worse and very stressfull? please help i need this crying to stop.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      I think you should work on obedience training with him. Sit. Stay. Down. Heel. That type of thing. Give him a mental workout. I suggest taking him to obedience classes where you can get some help from an instructor. Also make sure you take him outside when he is quiet. Have him sit or lie down first and wait until he is quiet for a few seconds. Then slowly increase the time he is expected to be quiet before you take him out.

  96. hi thier, thanks for our repley i do all these things with being strict with him he is a well behaved dog other than the crying! he sits lies down sits at roads i havnt practised heal with him though! but on a whole he is a very very good dog! its just this crying even when his nakerd from a walk he will have a drink then start crying again to go back out? this is the only problem we have with him! would him bein neatured help??? im running out of things i can do for him and i dont want to have to give him away beacuse he is depressed and we cant take much more of it! if its easily solved. gem

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Teach him a solid down/stay command. Work to the point where he will lie down and stay for up to a half-hour. That is a good challenge for all dogs, and nearly every dog is capable. Start with a few seconds and slowly increase the time he is expected to stay. First with minimal distractions and you right there in the room. Then more distractions and distance. Reward him for being calm and quiet.

      How much physical exercise is he getting? I would suggest a good 60-minute walk or run at a minimum. Get a dog backpack for him to wear for extra mental and physical exercise.

  97. I do have an eight-week old golden labrador mix, and she has already picked up the concept that I am only around her when she is silent, so instead of whining to receive any attention she uses silence. To do that, I did ignore her whines on a two-day weekend break while sitting at my computer, then rewarded her when she was quiet. It was a short time period at first, but now I can leave her at home. Our neighbor who has just sneezed is actually LOUDER than Sasha right now.

  98. johanna hilsbeck

    We leave several stuffed kongs and toys for our puppy and he starts crying and barking once he has finished all of them. And he’s very fast at it, so he’ll finish each one in under 4 minutes. He gets tons of exercise and likes to lie down in his kennel. Sometimes I think the kongs actually get him more revved up. Do you have any suggestions?

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Probably just ignore the crying completely. Go to him when he’s quiet. Maybe he’s crying for more Kong goodies! Also, do you freeze the Kongs? That makes them last longer.

  99. i have a 10 month old staffy cross pitbull. the past few days she has started to cry all day and night i dont work but have to children so am in all day most days. she started crying a few days ago…. jumping on my settee when she knows she isnt alond taking my childrens toys, i dont know what i can do, she gets walked maybe not as much as she should but am willing to improve that, she always gets a walk at night for 20mins when my partner gets back from work, she has one of them treat toys but only give her that if i go out for the day, i would be so greatfull if you could help….

  100. Lindsay Stordahl

    She needs more than a 20 minute walk. I suggest a 60-minute daily walk at a minimum. Also work on basic obedience commands like sit, stay, down for a good 10 minutes daily. She sounds bored and full of energy.

  101. We have a 5 month old husky/beagle mix. She barks for at least an hour and a half every time we leave. This has been the case since we got her at 10 weeks. We originally thought it to be a crating issue, but even left in a room, she exhibits the same behaviors. We know this because we have been videotaping her. Our upstairs neighbor (unfortunately we live in an apartment) has complained to management and we are nearing a point where we may have to let our little pup live with my sister until we can move to a house.

    We give her a kong (if it’s frozen, she will just ignore it) and she finishes it within minutes. She has a beating heart…makes no difference; same with a thundershirt. I walk her for at least a half hour before I leave each morning and my husband comes home within 1.5 hours (2 at the very most). She gets plenty of exercise throughout the day. We do other training with her as well, such as sit, lay down, wait, recalls, leave it, etc…My routine is the same every day. We have tried desensitizing, but it doesn’t seem to be helping. She is on clomapramine, it doesn’t seem to be helping. The vet even gave us a sedative and she barked, bit, dug at her crate, right through it (even though it was obvious that it had kicked in…she was so sleepy when we left her).

    We left her at my sister’s the other day and they left the house, putting her in a crate with their husky. They waited around and never heard her make a peep. Getting another dog isn’t an option for us right now (only allowed one in the apt.) What does this mean?? What can we do?? Will the desensitizing eventually work?? We can’t do anything anymore because our neighbor is ALWAYS home, so we can never leave our poor little puppy.

    By the way, this is NOT a bored bark. She is clearly very distressed, with excessive drooling, yawning, biting, digging, and plenty of noise. She is absolutely fine at all other times-very obedient and sweet. Leaving her is the only problem! Forgot to mention-she exhibits anxious behaviors when only one of leaves as well. She will run around whining for quite some time. We ignore this behavior and pay attention to her when she has calmed again. Please help!!

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      I normally don’t like anti-anxiety meds but this may be a case where you should discuss further options with the vet. Maybe there is a different kind that could work better or a different dosage.

      The fact that she was quiet at your sister’s is not necessarily because there was another dog. It could’ve just been the different environment. She very well might start barking and crying at your sister’s as well if she were to stay there for a few days. Did she bark the very first day you left her alone when you first got her or did this develop over a few days or weeks?

      Separation anxiety does generally get better, but it does take a lot of time. Could you take two weeks off from work to help desensitize her more? Could your husband then take a week or two off after you?

      You could also take her to dog daycare once or twice per week, not necessarily to help with her anxiety but to give yourself a break from the stress of worrying about her. It could also help tire her out mentally. With the Kongs, I would try having one or two fozen and one or two not frozen. If she can calm down enough to chew on the non-frozen ones, maybe she would then start in on one of the frozen ones. Experiment with different fillings. Frozen beef broth works well for some dogs. Or fill them with actual chicken or ground beef.

      Another option could be to hire a dog walker/pet sitter to break up her time alone.

  102. I just adopted a 8month old yorkie due to a PCS. For some reason she can’t be away from me and she just cries and barks even if she is in the presence of other family members. She doesn’t even get tired when she’s alone. why is this happening. She has a Kong and it keeps her occupied only while the treats last. What can i do to stop this?

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      This is very common with small dogs. The dog was probably carried around and never separated from her previous owner. You can help her by building her confidence and lessening her dependence on you. Don’t hold her all the time. Make her sit on the floor, not on the couch with you. Completely ignore her when she cries, barks or paws at you. Reward her when she is calm and quiet.

  103. Nicola Burnham

    Hi, Last week I adopted a retired greyhound from the greyhound trust. He is 3 and a half and has only finished racing in March. He has never been a house dog before and apart from the howling and barking when left alone has taken to his new lifestyle really well.

    Even when i’m at home but in another room he howls and barks, i think to get attention. He has toys and one of my partners t-shirts. When we go out he has the run of the conservatory and garden, and has at least an hrs walk per day.

    Do you think it is still early days for him?neighbours have mentioned his howling and I feel bad leaving him some days seemingly not happy.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      He might feel more comfortable if you leave him in a dog crate/kennel. That might be how he was left alone in the past during his racing career.

  104. Hi! I came accross your post while searching for something to help with my two year old pug who has some issues being left alone. She is a female, and since she was a puppy we have never been able to leave her alone(or with other dogs) without her crying and digging and pawing at the door. It has gotten so bad now that I have to work, that the landlord has had to talk to us about her constant crying that goes right up to one in the morning until we come home. I’ve tried the crate, the kennel, the treats, the leaving her with our items of clothing, we have also tried leaving her with another dog, but she still cries and screams.

    I tried to ease her into staying by herself for months. I started by leaving her for a couple of minutes, and eventually worked up to ten minutes. Which is when I started working so I thought it would be fine to leave her for longer periods of time, but this morning my landlord told me she does not stop crying. I don’t know what else to do, and am seriously considering medicine because I am afraid she is going to hurt herself one of these days. What would you advice me to do?

    1. Have you had any progress since your comment? When neighbors and landlords are upset, I think it’s ok to start considering medication. The goal should still be to eventually get the dog used to being alone so the meds are no longer necessary.

  105. I have a 3 month old Yorkie bichon mix. I have 2 roommates and usually when I leave for work, its a lot earlier than the other girls. I take Lucy my puppy out 2 -3 times just go to potty and she plays sometimes in the morning with the old dog ( 12 1/2 year old yellow lab/golden retriever mix. My one roommate then puts Lucy in her crate when she leaves, which gives her 1 hr of play time. Lately, Lucy has not been able to play with the older dog due to her having a cold. She barks the entire time while my roommates are home. How do I get her to not bark in her crate in the morning.

    Also note, I have her in a larger crate due to her being so little and in case she needs to go potty.

    Please help me with suggestions.


    1. How are things going now? I think you should take your dog for an hour-long walk in the morning for exercise before you leave the house.

  106. Hi.
    We just adopted a 2 year old lab x (unknown) from a shelter. His only known history is that previous owner couldn’t keep him due to landlord rules, he has been at the shelter for 6 months, had a 3 weeks trial with another family but was returned as they had another dog who was dominating him. He is a very gentle dog, can sit, stay, be directed to his kennel or mat and walks well on a lead. He has major seperation anxiety. If he is outside but can still see me inside, he cries. If he is in the back yard and i’m in the front gardening (with a see through fence) he cries. He cries if he is inside sitting on his mat and he can’t see me in the kitchen. He is sleeping outside in a kennel, cries for maybe only and hour or so now, still needs to be told off twice, but then sleeps fine. When we go to work we are feeing him and leaving a treat in his kennel, but he won’t touch them. He isn’t interested in toys outside unless you are there with him. If i’ve been sitting outside with him, pop inside to make a cuppa, he paces the back door and cries. He gets a 45min walk first thing in the morning and another one before bedtime. Suggestions??

  107. HELP. 1 yr old Bishon crying ALL night. She was trained in the kennel,l but outgrew it , so now she sleeps on her “bed” in the utility room. She scratches at the door all night and cries. We are loosing so much sleep, not sure what to do. She is at times having to stay in the room during day when I work part-time 2-4 days a week. Her interaction is during evening w/ kids.

    1. Try getting her a new kennel that is just big enough for her to stand in and turn around. Either keep her kenneled in another room or if you don’t mind, possibly in your bedroom. Increase her exercise, too. Walk her for at least 30 mins every evening.

  108. Hi, I have a 14month old beagle. She is quiet when I leave for work but once I come home and go out again she starts barking and does’nt stop.

    She used to bark in the beginning when I left for work but she stopped doing that for awhile. She is usually left alone for about 6-8 hours.

    Only problem now is that I can’t go out after I come home from work since we get complaints from our neighbors.

    I’m just confused why she is quiet when I go to work for a longer period of time but she barks crazy when I leave to run some errands…..for like 10-15 minute or few hours sometimes.


    1. It might be related to your own energy. When you leave for work you are probably tired and relaxed, spending less time getting your dog excited. But then when you come home from work I imagine there is a lot of excitement from you both. Then when you go out again, the dog is still in that state of mind. Try being calmer when you are reunited after work, and also take the dog for a walk before you leave again if you aren’t already doing so.

  109. I got rid of each and everyone. If they dnt fit in the family n adapt well then they r out. Its to stressful with a special need child and a bipolar schizo father inlaw to have to hear dog cries because its too attached or anxiets.

  110. Shannon Kelly

    Hi I will try all that you suggest. As far as the exercise goes, I have an Australian/Silky Terrier, weighs 10 lbs. I do a very strenuous walk up a steep hill, then the path is flat and i go down and up 2 big flights of stairs. There is time for recovery in between, but I am wondering if that is too much exercise for a small dog. It takes about 45 minutes total. Thanks for your help.
    Actually, I should clarify, I meant that there is time for cardiovascular recovery between the hill and the 2 flights of stairs (totaling about 500 stairs). And I have only had the dog a short time so haven’t brought him along for this, though he loves long walks.

  111. Help! I adopted a St. Bernard/ possible pointer mix from the local shelter yesterday. He is about the size of a big lab and he’s around 4 years old. In the shelter, he was the most mild tempered, relaxed dog there, not saying a peep. I visited him every day for 5 days before bringing him home. It has been 16 hours and although I love him, hes driving me crazy. He was a good boy his first 4 hours alone. I came home, took him for an hour walk, and slept in the same room as him…. For about 3 hours. He cries and cries all night and I pet him and reassured him and took him out and got up early to walk him again. But he’s just whining and whining unless I’m comforting him every moment. His past is a mystery and I feel terribly guilty for leaving him alone… Even for a nap because the crying never stops!!! Heeelllppp! So tired 🙁

    1. You have to ignore him when he whines. Do not feel sorry for him. Just ignore it. If he whines for two hours the first night and you ignore him, he will whine for an hour the next night. Then less the next. Just keep ignoring it.

  112. I have a 6 month old labradoodle I have recently moved however when I leave he barks and yelps , he goes for a long walk before I leave about 45 minutes and then again when we get back , I’ve tried leaving without a fuss but still he barks something awful he did tire himself out but with living in a 4 in the block I’m worried the neighbours will get angry , I also leave the radio on

    1. Hi Vicky, Did you have a solution? I recently moved and my dog has the same problem. I have tried everything including leaving TV on, throwing treats around the house, leaving without a fuss and casually increasing the amount of time I leave, herbal medication/calming treats. I left today for four hours and he barked for four hours.

  113. We just got a pit bull mix looks like with lab. Boy about 4 months old. First days were OK. Noticed he’d follow me to restroom, shower, kitchen, and if Im sitting Indian style he has to be in my lap (clearly too big to be a lap dog), if I lay on my stomach he has to lay between my legs or right next to me half way over my leg. When laying on back he has to be right next to me. If I sit up and my lap is blocked he lays around my butt. Has to always be touching. Pees on blankets, even right next to them if they are on Me. Potty training is a nightmare. Goes all over house then when we take him out he goes then as soon as we come back in e uses bathroom inside. We have 12 yr old and 14 yr old daughters in the home too. So Not sure how bored he can be. An always plays with kitten

  114. Plus he crystal and barks entire time we are away from the house. We leave him free inside cuz all tile floors in Livingston kitchen and my fiancee will shut our bedroom door for alone time and dog will cry, bark and scratch at the door the entire time. When we open the door he curls up next to one of us. AGAIN has to b touching us always.

  115. Please help us!, We just adopted a 5 year old minature daschund Nala, at first she was very quiet but than she started crying when she saw her reflection. I gave her some stuff animals not thinking anything of it but now she has become almost obsessed, she cries if she can not have them and I have been trying to limit her access to them but she cries, non stop and she will also cry if we try to leave the room. We were in bed wanting alone time and she cried and scratched outside our bedroom door non stop she kept getting louder and louder, we tried to ignore her but she just started barking. She also is not house broken and decided to piss and poop inside while she was left alone, we are trying to teach her to only go outside but she has yet to go outside. We have only had her for less than a week and we want to train her so badly, we love this dog but we need her behavior to change …please help us, how do we stop her crying and how can we train her to go to the bathroom outside, if she only goes when we are not at home.

    1. Just a passer-by, but my advice is: crate train your dog!

      I had similar problems with my rescue border collie/sheltie/dachshund type mix. When I brought her home from the shelter she wasn’t house-trained, barked when alone, barked when accompanied, barked in the crate, and generally was a needy wreck. At first I deeply regretted my decision to adopt her. However, things can get better! What worked for me was making “house rules”, making/sticking to a general routine for her day, and giving her time to adjust. Two months later, my little dog sleeps quietly at night, is housebroken, and is just generally much, much, much more peaceful. We are still working on some stuff, but that is to be expected with rescue dogs.

      I used crate-training advice from, which is a great resource, though you should be careful with some of their training opinions since some of their methods might be too harsh for a very sensitive rescue dog. Their advice on bringing a new dog into the home and teaching pack structure for pets was useful to me. Also, since my dog was nervous and unsure, obedience and trick training (I did clicker training) helped, since it gave her something to do and helped her understand how her new life was set up (e.g. “good things happen (treats! praise! attention!) if I pay attention to this person and figure out what they want me to do!”). I think anxious, unsure dogs generally benefit from positive training and having a normal routine for their day.

      Crates are great for housebreaking and for providing your dog a place just for them, where they can relax and nap and hunker down when things get stressful. They aren’t abusive so long as you do not keep your dog crated all day and deprive it of attention and other needs.

      When I first brought my dog home, if I wasn’t with her, she was either crated near me, in the house on a leash, or loose in the yard. The first two or three weeks were rough (whining, anxious, scared, barking 24/7), but she came around. One thing that helped was: when I wanted to chill out quietly in the evenings (tv, nap, computer, etc) and my dog was being a barky nuisance, I’d move the crate in near me and put my dog in it. We’d chill out together, with her in her crate. I also moved the crate into my bedroom at night so she could sleep in the same room and know she wasn’t alone. I think it helped her understand that the crate is just her place for chilling out and sleeping. My dog now goes happily into the crate at night with an attitude of “Finally, let’s go to bed!

      One note about barking: if your dog is constantly barking, it’s best to IGNORE IT, not holler at it to shut up. I think when you do that your dog just thinks you’re barking too. She’ll get tired of barking, eventually, so long as it doesn’t pay off for her. If none of this helps, it might be a good idea to talk to a professional animal behaviorist or a dog trainer who’s training philosophy matches yours.

      Give it time, and best of luck to you and your new dog!

  116. I have a 2 years old minpin who used to be fine in her crate. I could left her there and she will go to sleep during the day while I was at work. After I was in a car accident, I was home a lot and that’s when the problems started. Now, when I leave her in her crate alone she cries and started barking (which she never did before). I still walk her like I used to, the only change is that she doesn’t stay in her crate that much during the day since I’m home. I guess she lost the habit of staying in her crate while I’m not home. Should I crate train her again? The neighbors started to complain and I’m going back to work soon. What should I do?

    Thank you

  117. For everyone here with this issue.

    There is a Kong type toy, a ball, orange. You throw a handfull of treats in it. I use my dogs dog food, she still seems to think it is a treat.
    When rolled, it occasionally drops treats. This should offer a bit of mental stimulation as well as play.
    Maybe try only giving it to your dog when left alone. With maybe strong smelling treats.

    Never had this issue myself, but thought it might help.

  118. Please can you help us, we rescued a 18 month old staffi cross 3 weeks ago from the cats and dogs home. She is a lovely natured dog and brilliant with our3 boys. She was a nightmare the first couple nights but we ignored her and now night times she settles lovely but we are still struggling with leaving day times, our neighbours complained to the council after three days even though we put a letter through explaining we were training her and to call us if they had any problems.

    So we now feel we are living with a ticking time bomb and are desperate to sort her barking out.

    We always walk her before we leave and when we come back we leave calmly with a stuft Kong and hidden treats around the room, the radio is on and she is shut in our dining room. we set our phones to record her, this will record the first hour only.

    I know its early days but im terrified that we will have to take her back as we are in rented accommodation and the land lord only agreed to us having her as long as the neighbours were ok, the other side said she is no bother and listening to the recording she isn’t always for example we left her yesterday for a good few hours and in the hour recording she didn’t bark once but tonight we left her for 18 mins and she pretty much barked on and off for most of it.

    I really need to sort this out as my neighbours have way too much time on these hands and have been recording and documenting every movement. They have said they are prepared to give us a couple months to sort it or they will take complaint further. Please held x

    1. Hope things have been going better. I would leave the dog confined to a single room and keep using longs. Just be as relaxed as possible and give her time to adjust.

  119. My partner had 2 dogs when I met him, and we found out from neighbours that both dogs howled and barked all day, one dog has since died but we now find out the remaining dog is still barking and howling all day, also some days / nights she goes crazy in the room she is in jumping on furniture and knocking things off shelves, (we leave the back door open all day so she is not confined) I am not really a dog lover and this behaviour has not endeared me to dogs ! she is approx 11 years old. As she behaves so badly I ban her to the conservatory, HELP , what can we do, we are about to try a collar that zaps her a bit if she barks, and bless my neighbour as she is home all day she has offered to have her to see if that helps, but I feel she is like a very naughty child and is getting her way of being with someone all day, I can see us not going out at all as we will be to afraid to leave her and then the neighbours will be upset.

  120. Hi, i just got my 8 week old puppy a week ago.
    whenever i leave the room, he starts crying and barking slightly. now he’s starting to get even LOUDER. is there any quicker way to get him used to being alone?
    im really worried too because our neighbor has a baby and im worried that my puppy would make too much noise for them :\

  121. Hello, I have a 4 month old yorkie poo named Oscar. He is a momma’s boy for sure! I can’t leave the room without him following me or whining. I can’t even take a shower without him crying. It’s not like he’s alone either, my fiance will be in the room and he still cries for me. We tried the kennel, that didn’t work. He hates it. We tried leaving him in the bathroom, that didn’t work either. He pooped all in my bathroom and got it all over my apartment when we let him out. We have resulted in leaving him to roam free so he would feel more comfortable when we leave but he cries the entire time and scratches up our door. I take him for long walks everyday and play with him when we are here but since he’s a puppy he sleeps like 5-6 times a day. I give him treats before we leave and don’t say anything when I walk out, but he continues to cry. We live in an apartment complex and don’t want to get a noise complaint about him. We really have run out of options with him.
    We found a device that puts out a high pitched sound only dogs can hear when they bark or cry but it’s kind of expensive. Plus he’s a puppy and I don’t want it to harm him. Should we try the device and see if it works or do you have any other ideas that we could try on him? Please help! thanks 🙂

  122. I have a female dog almost 3 years old. I was told she was a yorkie chi mix but she was a rescue dog and they didn’t know it seems. The vet said she was too big for either of them. She is believed to have some terrier in her. I’ve been told she had some Jack Russell in her, and I’ve been told she had some schnauszer in her, and I don’t know. She weighs about 12 lbs. I have complaints that she barks the whole time I’m gone. I can go to my neighbors very nearby and she doesn’t bark hardly at all, some times none at all. She’s never been a whiner or cry. She doesn’t follow me around in the house but she used to act happy when I would hang up the phone or leave the computer. She would sit at my feet if I was on very long. She wanted my attention.She’s ok with that now. She used to want to sit in my lap most of the time and sleep with me every night and went to bed when I did, she doesn’t do that now either. She doesn’t seem to need my attention much anymore. She seems to be growing up and away from me a bit. Is it that she is just growing up? She is stubborn and is too hyper to listen. She jumps up on people at the door and only slows down when they are inside. I have never been able to get her to stop this. She also is so hyper that it’s hard to play with her and can’t be still long enough to be taught anything. She is full of life when trying to play and yet sleeps all day in peace. She doesn’t whine or cry when I leave yet I’m told she barks the whole time I’m gone. I don’t hear her bark when I’m leaving or when I’m coming home. When I take her with me she may bark a couple of times then she sleeps until I come back. She does bark at people outside especially if they stand around talking. She is so excited to see people come to the door that it’s hard for me to hold her, and the only way I can is to hold onto her collar. If she can she will even slip out of her collar. She is very strong for her size and it’s very hard for me to hold her and she moves so fast. She loves to run outside but will not come back until she is ready, no matter what I do. No one can catch her and if you reach out to get hold of her she’s gone. When you reach down to her she backs away, she does this inside and then wants to play, or she doesn’t want to be picked up or petted. She also gets hyper when being petted. She has been known to be mouthy especially when she was a puppy. She plays so out of control that she scratches me a lot. Since I don’t know what breed she is I don’t know anything about her traits. She was 9 weeks old when I got her and she was very much loved and babied. Now I think I’ve done this to her. I have a neighbor who complains but the neighbor before her didn’t. I live in an apartment. Any suggestions. I’m thinking I may have to give her up and it breaks my heart. I’ve never given up a dog before. Please, please help.

  123. I have a 2 year old lab. She is a good pup but when we put her outside she wines and wines and wines. When we have her in the car she wines ESP when we put on the indicator, she gets exercised a lot, not sure why she is doing this but it’s really annoying and the neighbours don’t like it I’m sure 🙁 any suggestions? Thanks

  124. Puppy is 9 weeks old & had a very bad start in life, the vet has told me she has severe anxiety because of how she was treated. I can’t leave him alone at all or he will cry & howl. He follows me & my children contantly & will only eat if someone is with him. He is very underweight as he was starved so I need him to eat. His still not able to have his injections as his still too weak. Please help me as I have to go back to work soon & my neighbour are complaining already.,plus I don’t want him to be in upset or scared.

  125. I have a seven month old jackabee. We adopted her at six weeks from a foster family, there was no mother and since then we have had to deal with aggression and dominance issues. We have those under control for the most part but when we leave she howls and cries like she’s dying. We have a kennel for her but we leave her baby gated in a dark kitchen which is 6 by 3 1/2. So it’s not a huge space. Are we giving her to much room? How do we stop the crying?!

  126. I have a four month old Mini Schnauzer. I’ve had him for about four days,and he has become attached at my hip. When he’s walking with me, or laying on me, he’s perfectly happy and snuggly. But if I am even out of his view point, he starts howling at the top of his lungs. He’s not left alone a good portion of the time, because my mother is there, but he’ll still whine. I take him out to go “potty” in the morning before I leave, usually for 15-20 minutes, and he NEVER uses the bathroom. But when I leave in the morning–he poops and pees ALL over the room he is in. I want to keep him, but I can’t if he continues this…PLEASE HELP!

  127. I just adopted a five year old shepherd/collie cross, very well mannered, very low maintenance (i.e. laid back in the house) I take her out for long runs until she’s tuckered out before I go out to work, when I leave for work she cries very loudly for a couple hours. I was reading about kennel training and that seems to be the most effective strategy you’ve mentioned to alot of other people. I was just wondering if putting her bed in the bathroom and closing the door would have the same effect?

    When I adopted her she was so fragile and scared of everything, her previous owner must’ve been abusive, I just want to go about this delicately, but effectively.

    She is now not so fragile and trusts me, will play/cuddle etc. any advice will help, thanks.

  128. I have a 3 year old female (Schnauszer, Jack Russell mix) so I’ve been told, and she acts like it. She is so hyper, when she gets excited she will not listen to me. When people come to the door shes all over them. I don’t have much company maybe thats the reason. She loves people and when they get inside she wants all attention on her. She wants them to roll or throw her ball so she can fetch it. She plays rough, she paws at them and me and leaves scratches. When I have company I usually have a fly swatter either in my hand or theirs, to protect them from scratches. We don’t hit but she thinks we will. She doesn’t mean to hurt but she plays too rough. She is very strong for her size and when I try to hold her when people come to the door she wrestles and she either jumps out of my arms and if she can’t, she will slip down through my arms and gets down. Every chance she gets if she sees a chance to run out the door while I or others go out, she’s gone and will not listen to my calls. It’s as if she don’t hear me. She only comes in when she gets ready. You can’t catch her, she is so fast and if you try to the farther she gets away from home. I know it’s dangerous but I just had to leave her out until she comes to the door. While she’s out she barks at people, and she has a big voice. Most people around here know she won’t bite but she has scared a couple of people. She doesn’t lunge at them, she just keeps in her place and barks. If they scold her it just makes her bark more but she still doesn’t try to bite. I don’t think she will bite but I wish I had more control over her. She barks like a bully. She barks if she’s inside and sees someone out, but isn’t this normal, and when she hears someone talking outside she barks, is that normal too? I had complaints about her barking while I’m gone but only from one neighbor only, the one that don’t like me. Haven’t had any complaints in a good while now. What I do is, if I’m at my neighbors close to me and she starts to bark or when she barks when I go out the door I go to the door and bang on it hard and that works immediately. She hasn’t been played with rough, it’s just me here, no kids. She is very smart but is stubburn. Hard to teach tricks, though I have got her to crawl on her belly and sit and stay for a very short time, when she gets a treat, except she will crawl without a bribe for a very short period of time. She gets up by hopping like a rabbit, then she’s up and all over me to play. She hurts when she plays. I’m an older lady and I get marks and bleed easy. She doesn’t mean to hurt but gets too excited and jumps around and paws at me. For all her strength, her being so hyper and her speed, I’d say she had a lot of Jack Russell in her and it’s hard for me but I love her and she is a beautiful dog. I’ve had her since 9 weeks old. I think I may have caused some of her behavorial problems because I had to have my 13 yr. old poodle put down and it hurt so bad that I ran out in a few days and adopted her. Because of this I petted her and loved on her like she was a baby. Please people don’t make that mistake. I think I have that under control now. Oh, and also she sheds a lot, any advice on this or anything else? Thank you.

  129. We rescued a cocker spaniel 3 years ago – she’s now estimated to be around 10 years old. She has NEVER cried once when we’re in the house (even if I separate her) but I found out by way of a neighbor that she does cry when we’re out and eventually came to hear it myself when coming home. We’re in a very typical NYC brownstone apt situation which is to say downstairs neighbors hear everything and I don’t know how to handle the situation. I’ve created a “crate” like situation in the hallway with our baby gate (we have an 18 month old) and have just started putting her in this space when we leave. The bedroom doors lead off from this space so I close them so that she only has the hallway space and the bathroom that adjoins. I came home today and she had her nose in the crack of our bedroom and was shaking nervously. How do I adjust her to the space and encourage not crying if she doesn’t actually cry when we’re home?

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Hi Tracy! Sorry to hear of your troubles! You might find my ebook helpful for your situation. Best of luck to you! The key is to keep leaving for short periods and help your dog learn that good things happen when you leave (yummy! A treat!) and nothing happens when you return (boring).

  130. I’m having trouble with my new Yorkie puppy. Both my husband and I are in the military and we work late hours from 10 pm-7 am. We try to get Titus into a routine where we let him out of his kennel/cage to relieve himself outside at 7:30 (b/c of distance between the military base and our condo), feed and give him water right after, wait an hr and let him out to relief himself, we put him in his exercise pen with all his toys so we can do errands around the house before we go to bed (my husband likes to stay up after work sometimes until noon so he feeds and relieves the dog for lunch), and we put an alarm to feed/relieve at 4 pm for dinner. Titus is not doing so well with the exercise pen. He starts yelping/barking/screaming you name it he does it. His exercise pen (is octagon shaped) is in the living room where all the action is happening. I would be doing stuff in the kitchen and he can see me from his cage. I try to follow advice and ignore him when he’s barking but I feel bad for my neighbors. His exercise pen is filled with toys and I’m hoping he would get distracted by them but instead he whines and barks and this can go for minutes to hours. I only go to him when he stops crying and after I finish my house chores I play with him until I’m ready for bed. Once my husband and I get ready for bed and start to leave the room, Titus starts crying again. He also does this when we are getting ready to leave for work when he is put into his kennel for bed. I’m not sure what to do. I want him to be able to entertain himself if we are gone, busy with errands, or in bed instead of crying. Please help me.

    * I do play with him when I get home from work, after he goes to relieve himself, and before I go to bed in the morning.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Ignore, ignore, ignore. The first time, it might take hours. The second time, 45 minutes. The next, 30. If you ignore the crying, he should eventually stop.

      Try filling Kong-type toys with the absolutely, most smelly treats you can think of, and freeze them. Try canned dog food, fish flavored or possibly chicken broth with kibble in it and frozen.

      I have written an ebook with detailed suggestions:

  131. Hi, I have a Labrador 9 week old puppy, I live in a shared house and have had my puppy for 2 weeks now, he is good at learning and picks up fast, only problem is he crys when I leave, I have only left him 2 hours max and he just crys very loud, I leave him in my living-room and kitchen with an open crate, he starts to cry after about 5 min of me leaving him (after his kong toys) and recently started messing things up like chewing wires and knocking over the bin/chairs, also my main problem is that I will soon have to start leaving him 5 and a half hours! Mon – Friday on alternative shifts, and the next week will be 4 hours! Please help because if I can’t do this I may have to leave my job!
    Thank you

  132. Hi, I have a Labrador 9 week old puppy, I live in a shared house and have had my puppy for 2 weeks now, he is good at learning and picks up fast, only problem is he crys when I leave, I have only left him 2 hours max and he just crys very loud, I leave him in my living-room and kitchen with an open crate, he starts to cry after about 5 min of me leaving him (after his kong toys) and recently started messing things up like chewing wires and knocking over the bin/chairs, also my main problem is that I will soon have to start leaving him 5 and a half hours! Mon – Friday on alternative shifts, and the next week will be 4 hours! Please help because if I can’t do this I may have to leave my job!
    Thank you.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Leave him in his crate with the door closed and ignore him when he cries. Keep giving him Kongs to chew when you leave him. You can freeze them so they last longer, and you can fill two or three Kongs for him. Put the crate in a central room of the house so he won’t be quite as bothersome to everyone around you. Apologize and explain you are working on the problem. He should get better in a week or so once he adjusts to your routine.

      I know it’s hard and stressful. Best of luck!

  133. What about if its an 11 week old puppy?
    I am trying to crate train him. Today I went back at lunch for a quick walk. The neighbour told me he s been crying all day. I understand that he is probably missing his mom and brothers, but I have to disagree with your exercise theory, as I take him for a very long puppy walk every morning, and night, and play with him constantly.
    I feel bad when he is whining and it breaks my heart.

  134. Thank you for reply, what about the hours I will be leaveing him, what is the best thing to do? And am I been nasty by leaving him?

  135. I may consider doing that.
    I would like to know if leaveing him for 5 hours daily is a bad idia? As This will be something I will have to do, I want the best for him

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      He will be just fine. Plenty of people work full time and have dogs. The only issue you may have right now since he is still pretty little is he may physically have to go to the bathroom before you get home. He may only be able to hold it for four hours. If you have someone who could let him out once while you are gone, that might be best. If not, then don’t worry too much. Many people run home to let their puppies home during a lunch break, which means the dogs/puppies will still end up being home for 4-6 hours in a stretch. You’ll make it work. Don’t stress out too much. Dogs adapt.

  136. Hello, i’m 15 and I have a 1 year old cockapoo named Paisley, I got her the spring of last year. She was very quiet when i got her, but not at night. As time went on she got better and didn’t cry at night anymore. She has done pretty well with potty training, but now she’ll just go when and wherever she wants. She cries all day when she’s in her crate and out of the crate, even when i hold her or talk to her. her stomack area is pink, is that normal? She constanly chases her tail, bites her bottom, bites her hind legs somtimes and licks her area, especially at night when i’m trying to sleep. She barks at every person or dog she sees or hears and tries to bite them being over protective. She barks at every little sound she hears, even floor creeking. She’s a very loving puppy though, her favorite person is my mom, she gets so excited when she talks to her that she’ll pee whenevere and wherever. She jumps very high and cries whille jumping, braks while jumping, or even triens to bite while jumping too. The last time she’s been around a male dog was around thanksgiving last year. I try giving her treats when shes good or does cry, or when I leave but nothing works. Some days her nose is dry, and others it very wet. Sometimes she’ll eat A LOT and others she’ll eat little or no food. When I’m eat or my family is, she jumps and tries to get food. She beggs A LOT and if you’re not looking, she’ll swipe her had across the table and knock the food and other things on tnhe table onto the floor. Sometimes she’ll try to stick her paw in our food too. But the most annoying thing is her constant criying. I’m beggining to think this is hopeless and that I’m a bad owner. I love her alot and tell her that all of the time. Ieven give her kisses. And I let her kiss me once in a while. My parents are threatening to give her away but I LOVE HER SO MUCH AND WOULD CRY FOREVER TO SEE HER GO! I need help, SOMEONE PLEASE HELP!

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Wow, that’s a lot of different problems rolled into one. Here are some suggestions you can start with:

      1. Take your dog for a long walk every single day. At least 30 minutes. Keep her at your side rather than out in front. You can do this by not giving her a lot of slack in the leash.

      2. Work on some solid obedience skills. That may mean you need to sign up for a dog obedience class in your community, which will likely be once per week.

      Providing both exercise and training to your dog in general will help her feel a bit calmer mentally and physically. She needs some overall structure in her life and she needs to see you as a consistent leader.

      Try to ignore her when she’s jumping and crying. Try to give her attention when she is calm. In her kennel, you can give her toys called Kongs that you can stuff with goodies like peanut butter or canned dog food. Hopefully that will help keep her quieter for at least part of the day/night.

      1. Thank you so much Lindsay! This is alot of help. I forgot to include on her that she shivers alot and make sounds in her sleep and her belly is pink. Are those normal things.

        1. Lindsay Stordahl

          The shivering is probably anxiety and pent-up energy, along with any whining she does. Some dogs have pink bellies, especially lighter-colored dogs. If you are concerned, that would be a good question for her vet.

  137. I adopted a two year old Beagle/Basset mix three weeks ago. Her previous owner would just put her in the backyard every morning and then leave her there all day until late at night when they returned home. As soon as I met her she become instantly attached to me. She follows me around every where and always wants to be by my side. She is a great dog minds well but when I leave the house she is completely distraught. She begins whining and then starts howling like crazy. Now it has turned into her whining when anyone leaves my house and she is just left alone with my roommates. I got her a crate and it stays in my room. She has her own bed but always ends up in mine. Ill put her in her crate when I leave for work and she is usually fine until I return. But when Im at work and my roommates come home she will immediately start whining to be let out and then when they put her back in the crate and leave she starts howling. They will have her out while Im working and she will be calm for a minute and then beginning whining until I return. My roommates are getting frustrated with this. What do I do??!

  138. hi i would like to know how to stop my dog crying when i am not giving him any attention. i have a cross lab and newfoundland he is 11 months please some advice please

  139. I am Joyce A. and I posted about needing help with my dog. She is a problem that needs fixing if she can be but she doesn’t listen when she’s excited. My posts dates are Aug. 12 and Sept. after that. Why didn’t you respond to my post to give me some much needed advice? That’s why I signed up for this and why I posted. Thank you.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl


      I am sorry you are having trouble with your dog. How frustrating. Is her main issue still the barking when you are gone? Have you purchased my ebook? There are many tips in it you may find helpful for establishing a consistent routine for a dog. I’m assuming your dog needs a consistent schedule, some solid exercise and some solid obedience skills. Let me know if you need some suggestions for those things.

      Are you walking her every day? If she is as active as she sounds, I would try walking her with a dog backpack on for two 30-minute walks per day. During these walks, you could practice some obedience skills – sit, down, stay, heel, come. Also, taking her to some obedience classes might help.

      Is your dog kennel trained? Often, leaving a dog in a kennel when alone helps them stay relaxed. It sounds like your dog might be barking because she hears people outside and just wants to see them or scare them away. Some dogs become more protective of the house when the owners are away. If she stays in a kennel (with some goodies like Kong toys) she might be more likely to be calm and quiet. Otherwise, you may want to consider a citronella spray collar.

      Here is a link to my ebook:

  140. The barking while I’m gone has corrected itself apparently. I ask my landlord the other day if he had any more complaints and he said no. At that time the neighbor that moved in next to me doesn’t like people and doesn’t get along with almost no one. My landlord at the time said the neighbor may be making noise to get her to bark. The reason she may have done this is because when she first moved in, about a week, my dog ran out the door while a friend was leaving. She said my dog attacked her cat but I went out immediately and I didn’t hear any sign that she did. She probably went up to the cat out of curiousity. She ran her back in my yard and that should have been enough, but as soon as I got out she was hiding behind her brick wall and jumped out at me, jumped on me and cursed me out. She was so bad that I got very upset. She was moving around like she wanted to fight. I had not even met her before this. I’ve been here over 12 years and never had any problem with anyone or caused any trouble. Until she had been here just one week. It was about 6 months after that that she conplaimed about her barking. Why didn’t she complain before that if my dog had been barking that much. The neighbor before her liked my dog and I didn’t get one complaint about her barking, and no one else complained at that time she was complaining.

    I also started listening for her to bark when I left and when I came back. I would stop on the parking lot and listen and she wasn’t barking. When I went to a friends house just across the yard in front of my apartment. I stayed for hours most times and she didn’t bark. We sat on her porch and she didn’t bark so I think she just wanted me to lose my dog. She doesn’t like dogs, just cats. After that it was a big problem with her for about 4 or 5 months. She even called the police out while I was gone. I went and got the police report and the officer said he didn’t hear a dog bark.

    Now my main problem is she loves company so much that she jumps on them when they get through the door and she is very strong for her size and I couldn’t hold her. She wants to be the center of attention while they are here. I finally put her ball up that she wanted them to play with her. That stopped that but she still wanted to be center of attention. I finally told my visitors to ignore her and when she was ignored she would chew on her bone laying still and quietly on the floor, but she still jumps and if they pay attention to her they didn’t get any peace. So far no one has cared that she did that but when she was still they liked that better. I cared but she either ignores me or is too excited to hear me. Ignoring works, but at the door if I can’t hold her while the door is open she will run out and she don’t come back until she got ready. I can’t catch her and no one else can. She is fast. This is why I think she has a lot of Jack Russel in her. She has a will and mind of her own.

    She is very smart. She has learned how to sit and now she comes to me when I call her when we are inside. She has learned how to lay down and crawl on her belly. I leave a pad on the bathroom floor in case she needs to go when I’m gone or I don’t get her out in time. She has learned to show me that she has used the paper when I asked does she have something to show me and she does for a treat. If she messes up and doesn’t get a treat though a few times because she had used the bathroom floor, then she messes up a lot. Get her back on treats and she does fine again. She doesn’t go any where but the bathroom though. The main trouble is her jumping on people and she can jump almost up to a womans face. I don’t know what to do about this except close her up in another room and I don’t think that will train her. She is strong but kind of small but she puts her front paws on you when she jumps and she can make you really feel it. She could make a weak person fall backwards. Jack Russel I think again.

    A man that worked on our apartments raises them and he said she was a lot Jack Russell but she has a beard and eye brows like a snauswer, so I think she is a mix there but they are both Terriers and I hear they do have a lot of energy and are very hyper. She plays rough and scratches me when I play with her. One more thing she used to do when she got canned dog food once in a while. I would put the can on the floor and she would pick it up and bring it to me when I told her to. That was cute but she doesn’t do that any more. I need help with this jumping on people and if company plays with her I need her to learn not to worry people so much wanting them to play with her. She has to have all the attention then unless I put her ball up and she is ignored. Please.

    I’ve considered having her put on something to slow and calm her down. When we’re here alone she sleeps a lot and is very quiet.

    Sorry about the length of my post. Any advice please and thanks for the reply.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      With the jumping at the door, keep a leash on her. Step on the leash so if she jumps, she self corrects herself. Once people are inside, put her on her bed or a specific place and teach “stay” or “place” as a command. At first, I’m sure this will be too much of a challenge, so keep her on a leash and keep have her stay lying down at your feet. You can step on the leash close to her collar so she does not have enough room to walk around. Or, you can tether her leash to a chair across the room. Ignore her when she cries and acts excited. When she is calm, quiet and has all four paws on the ground, by all means, give her attention.

      This will require lots of practice without distractions at first. As I said in my previous comment, work on some solid obedience skills. Work up to the point where she will stay no matter what with minimal distractions and then add mild distractions and increase the length of time. Practice every day in short sessions and in different environments.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      It sprays citronella when the dog barks. It doesn’t hurt the dog, but most dogs don’t like the smell and they learn not to bark. I would only use one when the dog is kenneled.

  141. I have had my puppy almost a week now and trying crate training he goes in and out crate freely all day and sleeps too but at night it’s a total nightmare my partner has to put the crate in the room this calms him a little but now he’s howling all nite my partner keeps giving in and bringing him in the bed!!! Causing fraustration as I have told my partner it’s worst move he could make! Any tips anyone as I’d prefer the crate downstairs as I don’t want dog too dependant on our company as we have a 6 month old son too

  142. I have a 3 1/2 snaswer (not spelled corr.) Jack Russel mix dog. My problem is when I take her out on a leash she slips out of her collar, harness, or body harnass. I can’t tighten her collar more. I don’t understand how she does this but I’ve never found anything to hold her. After she gets loose I have to wait until she gets tired, hot or cold before she comes to the door wanting in. Noone can catch her, she runs when I get close to her and she is very fast. I can’t bribe her with food or treats even human food. What can I do. I know the body harness is tight, the other one is very tight behind her front legs and her stomach. Also can you tell me a breed of small dog that does not shed and needs very little grooming? Please help!
    Joyce A.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Try putting two types of collars on her, such as a harness and a collar and either using two leashes or clipping the two together. Or, try a choke/slip collar, which will tighten when she tries to slip out.

      Don’t pretty much all dogs shed or need grooming? Maybe try an Italian greyhound or a Mexican hairless-type dog.

  143. Would a weighted vest be appropriate for a puppy for walks? I’m nervous about running a puppy from what I’ve read about hip dysplasia risks, but I think the little guy would benefit from higher intensity exercise.

    I’ve been using a frozen kong in the crate (with peanut butter, dog food pieces, and greek yogurt), but it seems like once he realizes I’m really gone and has finished his kong, begins crying for longer periods of time. Do I just need more busy time tasks?

  144. Hello,
    I have been reading your blog and it has a lot of really helpful information!

    So, I have (my family has) a 6 year old Jack Russell Terrier named Charlie. We have never had a problem leaving him home alone until about a year ago. We were always able to leave home home for long days and he wouldn’t have accidents and he did not destroy anything. About a year ago, my last sister left home, and he has since been home with my parents. However, about a year ago, something happened to him while he was off by himself in our woods. (We live out in the country and he has always stayed in the yard so he has never been tied up). He was attacked by something, we are not sure if it was a neighbor dog or a wild animal, but since then, he gets very nervous when left alone. The first incident was him jumping on our desk and knocking everything off and he also dug at the door. Shortly after that, we bought a kennel and started kenneling him when we leave because he wasn’t trusted enough to be left out. He has since then almost destroyed the kennel, he moves the kennel across the room, and his latest thing is peeing out the door of the kennel… He is very well behaved when we are home, and has not gotten to the point of following us room to room. He even sleeps in his own bed on a different level of the house.
    I am really concerned about this behavior and even more so because I am taking him with me now that I am done with college. However, I will be moving into an apartment and I am concerned mostly about the barking when I am gone at work. Do you have any suggestions to help with this? I would really like to be able to take him, because I think in the long run he will be more happy because I will have more time with him than my parents. But, I need help getting over the anxiety!
    Thank you!

  145. i have a staffordshire bull terrier cross. i got her at 11 months old and she had already had 11 owners. i was unemployed when i got her, 6 months later i moved house, i got a job full time, 2 months after that. that was 15 months ago, and my dog still cries. we didnt know until 4 months ago, we now put her in the largest crate we could find. she is given a kong with cheese in every morning, when she is in her cage. she is walked before i go to work. i have recently started leaving the tv on to see if the background noise helps. she is still crying. we have had a noise recording of her, and nothing instigates the crying. there is no pattern or routine. it could be anything from 10 minutes after we leave, to 4 hours. but it is every day. please help.

  146. I have a 9 week old golden mix who crys and howls everytime we leave him alone outside when he is in his crate at night and during the day he crys a little after we go to bed but settles down and when we leave he crys a little too but seems to calm down no problem my problem is when i put him outside either on a long leash or in his pen the moment i leave to go Inside he howls and crys all he wants to do is be outside but unless one of us is outside and our attention is on him then he crys and whines we got him from a refuge over a week ago im not sure what to do we live in town and my fiance dosent want any complaints from our Neighbors any advice would be great

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      At this stage it’s probably best to just keep on ignoring the puppy and keep looking for ways to build his confidence. Leave him alone for short periods even while you are home. For example, tie the end of his leash to a chair, walk across the room and return to him the second he is quiet. Or, walk into another room, close the door behind you and don’t let your puppy in until he’s quiet.

  147. Manuela marhanka

    I just got a mixed female dog all she wants to do is whine we say the word no and reinsure her she is OK. I think the people before her hurt her or something. I was wondering if there is anything I can do for her.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Is she any better now? Usually sticking to a consistent routine really helps, along with regular exercise, obedience training and just ignoring the whining and rewarding calm behavior.

  148. OK I would REALLY love to hear your opinion on this. I have a 16 month old rescued dog, dachshund/beagle, that is fine in her crate all day but goes bonkers howling when she is finally let out. I usually run with her in the morning before leaving.

  149. I have 2 dogs. the male dog growls and aggressively attacks the female dog when it is feeding time, or when I give the dogs bones or treats. He never lets her eat food or treats at all unless I chain him up during feeding/treat time. Is there any other way to handle this situation?

    Also, this is bizarre, but my dog refuses to learn good behavior with treats. When I try to train him to do anything at all, he just turns his nose up at the treat no matter what kind of treat I give him. He would rather not take the treat than learn a new behavior. Any suggestions?

    1. Hi Linda,
      I don’t know if anyone replied, but here goes. A hungry dog is an obedient dog. If your stubborn guy doesn’t want the treat, it sounds like he’s not properly motivated by hunger. So, don’t just feed him when it’s feeding time, but make him work for every morsel. He won’t starve himself out of spite. It may take a couple of missed meals for him to get the message, but dogs in nature usually don’t eat daily.

      Until my puppies were fully trained, every mealtime was a training session. My dogs learned quickly that there’s no such thing as a free lunch. And, they didn’t learn food guarding or other jealous behaviors because they realized that the food came from me and being a good dog–it didn’t just magically appear or be magically whisked away.

      The people who advocate “leave out food for 15 minutes and then pick it up” are really just giving advice to get a dog to an elimination schedule, which teaches dogs food scarcity, so then they bolt and guard because the food will go away. But when you feed from the hand, you bond with your dogs, you teach them bite inhibition, and you gently reinforce your position as the boss.

  150. Hello, I have a 6 year old Australian Shepard mix. I got her when she was 8 weeks old, from the day I got her until 2 years ago she was in a truck with me 24/7. I’ve since stopped driving and recently moved into an apartment. I get calls or emails from the landlord at least twice a week that she is crying. I have a bark collar on her (I don’t like it but she wouldn’t stop barking). I leave the radio on for her and give her a Dramamine before I leave. We walk in the mornings from 1/2 hour to an hour before I leave. I don’t know what else to do to get her to stop crying. Any suggestions? She doesn’t like toys, I’ve tried that. I giver her rawhide’s and she chews them up in a matter of minutes…

    1. Whatever you do, don’t give her a rawhide! She can choke on a piece of it. I have had this happen to me with a Rottweiler but luckily I was there and able to retrieve the piece that was stuck in her throat. PLEASE! NO RAWHIDES!

  151. I have a foxterreir/ jack russel x. She is about 7 weaks old and have something like epilepsy most of the time she is shivering and crying, day and night even if she sits on my lab she don’t
    stop crying

    1. She needs to be evaluated by a vet. A thundershirt might help as well if they make them that tiny. She is likely missing her family and needs security and warmth. Please update if you are able.

  152. I have a jackrussel puppy, 8 weeks old,sleeps at night now,but I can’t leave her at home in the day NOT for 1 hour she won’t stop crying howling! I have given her water bottle treats lovely bedding radio,I can’t take her for walkers or run,as she has another injection jab to go. Help would be so great any tips thanks. I really need to go shopping .

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Have you tried a small kennel/crate? Do you have Kong toys or other puzzle-type toys you can stuff with peanut butter/jerky treats? I’d leave a TV or music on. Most puppies will cry for the first couple of days but get used to being alone if they don’t get attention for crying. Might just need a few more days to get used to being away from her littermates.

  153. I’ve had my rottweiler/shepherd puppy for a couple of weeks now. We crated him during the day for the first couple of weeks but have just started leavung him in the kitchen because he just wouldn’t stop crying during the day. He’s great when we’re home and he sleeps in his crate through the night. I play with him outside in the morning for between a half hour and 45 minutes but he still cries all day. Any ideas on what we can do or will he just get used to it? We do leave the TV or the radio on while we’re at work as well..

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Can you walk him twice a day for 30-45 mins each time? That might help. Do you have some Kong/puzzle type toys you can put in there with him? They do generally get used to it with time.

      1. I tried a walk this morning, though a little short – about 15 20 minutes – just prested for time. So hopefully that helps until I can get home for lunch! Thank you ☺

        1. Lindsay Stordahl

          I know it’s stressful! Good luck! Are you in an apartment where the pup could be bothering neighbors? Or is he not really bothering anyone?

          1. We’re on the upper floor of a house and there have been comments frI’m the guys downstairs. It wouldn’t be a big issue except for them!

  154. There is two dogs next door that cry all day. I feel bad for them. The owner never takes them out of thier area area which cold concrete no shelter to be out of the rain

  155. I have a jack Russell mix, 12 weeks old and I work graveyard shift. He sleeps fine at night in the crate with my husband but he yelps, barks and cries the entire time I try to sleep during the day. He even bites and claws frantically at the baby gate and ex-pen fencing, which worries me. This has been going on since we got him at 8 weeks old. I don’t cater to his cries and I leave music on, a treat puzzle, a couple toys, a stuffed kong, food & water and he wears a thunder shirt, but nothing seems to help. I have him in an ex-pen in the kitchen with access to his little crate and a pee-pad. He’s both house trained and trained to the pad.

    There’s 8″ of snow outside and it’s 17 degrees so outdoors isn’t an option for exercise for a while. I usually run him up the stairs until he’s tuckered out. He’ll fall asleep in my lap afterward and even tolerate being moved to his kennel, but the moment I step out of his sight, the anxiety begins.

    I’ve also tried crating him in the bedroom with me and putting him in a bathroom instead of the pen in case the openness of the ex-pen is too stressful. Neither of those locations worked and he definitely prefers the pen. Oh and he doesn’t act like this when I leave the house, just when I leave his sight. He definitely knows the difference. Any suggestions? I’m at my wits end and so, so tired…

  156. I have a schnauzer/poodle that is 10 yrs old. She is from a divorced family. My ex had her at the house we just sold and is in the process of moving to an apartment that doesn’t allow dogs. I have her now and of course we have reconnected wonderfully. I live in a condo and my neighbors have informed me that she is whining and barking all day. I have been leaving the TV on and the radio in my bedroom and it doesn’t seem to help her relax.
    Any suggestions? I don’t want to be evicted.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      How long have you had her at the condo? She most likely just needs some time to adjust and get in the routine. I would double her exercise, long walks, etc. I assume you’ve tried giving her Kong-type toys with peanut butter?

  157. Hello!
    I have a 2 month old siberian husky and for the last 5 days he won’t stop whining when we leave him in the kennel and go into our house. I’ve been told it’s normal and that it will stop eventually but I was wondering in what period of time can I expect it to happen? Any help would be greatly appreciated because the whining is really loud and it might bother the neighbours. Thank you!

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Congrats on your new puppy. Are things going any better? I’ve had my puppy a week now and it seems he is doing a lot less whining in his kennel now that he’s used to our routine. However, our kennel is indoors (crate). How long is your puppy out there at a time? Are you making sure to play with him or walk him a bit before you put him in the kennel so he’s tired? Does he have some tempting chews and Kong toys in there?

  158. Hi, I’ve never had a puppy before and just got a pugalier, I’m on my 4th day with her but I work 3 days of the week for 12 hours, I have gone back at lunch time for 20 minutes, she is using her traing pads more now (not crate training) but she doesn’t stop crying and howling when we go out of the room or leave her alone. I have the radio on for her through the day but I can’t go upstairs for a second without her crying. Just waiting on the second vaccination so we can take her on walks but please any advise on the night time howling ??

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Most likely she just needs more time to adjust. Are you able to give her some quality exercise? If you can’t walk her, could you tire her out by playing indoors? I would ignore her crying/ howling. Do you have highly valued chews you can give her? Bully sticks, Kong toys with peanut butter …

  159. Hi, I have a Morkie girl that is 18 mos old. (Maltese & Yorkie mix). She is very stubborn (Yorkie), and is very much a companion dog. She did get through 12 weeks of Puppy Training thru Petco which was very good, more for me. I’ve had 4 prior male dogs and never did real training but I felt this time, to start out correctly. I’m having a really heck of a time potty training her. She doesn’t understand to bark at the door, or go sit at the door to go out. She was newspaper trained & only responds to newspaper smell which I have placed on top of 2 wee wee pads or she won’t go. On walks she won’t go anywhere, though at Doggy Parks she will.
    I have these pads&papers in the garage but I’m stuck. I never had these issues with my boys (who all 4 never lifted their legs-they squatted!) this girly has me stumped. She also has accidents in the house. I don’t yell at her, but take her outside to show her ‘the place’ , I clean properly and she knows.
    She also is not treat food motivated at all.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      So do you want her to go potty outside or on the pee pads ultimately? I would start from square one as though you just got her today and treat her like she’s not potty trained at all. So, that would involve taking her to the correct spot every 2 hours or so, rewarding her if she goes and keeping her either on a leash by you or in a crate/small room all other times. Might need to find something that motivates her as a treat too … maybe string cheese? Pieces of ham? Real chicken?

  160. PS, Tessa is also just now getting crate trained but will not sleep in it at night. I want to follow through with this because I need to eventually get her therapy trained for my chronic illness and traveling with her she will have to be crate trained. She weighs 9lbs by the way & I’m thinking of getting her a playmate to help her with her Barky Yorkie traits. Is that a good idea?

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      I recommend you get Tessa’s potty training and kennel training done first and then add a second pup if you want one. I don’t think you should get one for her but if you want one then great for you both!

  161. We run several miles or walk an hour every morning no matter what and don’t have issues with barking or howling. We are ready to nap when the car leaves the garage. So many dogs simply have too much energy and don’t know what to do with it.

  162. Hi! We adopted a little Affenpinscher who was 10 months old when we got her. We have had her about 6 weeks now. I take her to work with me each day but she stays in an ex-pen there with her crate, food, water and several toys and beds. She cries, barks and howls for much of the day if nobody is in the area with her. I walk her in the morning before work and then again at lunch for 30 minutes each time. I have the DAP diffuser a few feet from her pen and make sure not to make a big deal when I put her in there to go out to work and when I get back in where she is. We have tried food treats, nylabones and kongs but she has zero interest in anything food related and won’t eat if we aren’t in her sight. It’s hard to get her to eat any food regularly actually. We have tried several kinds of raw, kibble, canned, and re-hydrated kinds. She will chew her chew toys if we are sitting with her though. Hoping to get her to a place where she can just relax when we leave her. We haven’t left her alone at our house for weeks since she went crazy when we left her for about an hour. Her behavior is a little better than it was a few weeks ago but not a ton. Any help would be wonderful! I have spoken with my vet and several trainers who told us to ignore her when she is acting crazy or vocalizing. Thanks!

  163. I have a 6wk old Rottweiler/bullmastiff mix. I’ve had her for a week and I’m not making any progress!!! She was removed from her mom/litermates wayyy to early, I know, she was already taken from mom when I got her. She breaks my heart cause she is still recovering from a severe round, hook, and tapeworm infestation. I cant stand to hear her howl, whine, and cry anymore. I want to comfort her. She doesn’t stop while in the crate, and won’t stop for hours at a time if I won’t pick her up and snuggle, or allow her to sit/layy on the couch, or bed next to me atleast. After several hours she will curl up on top of my foot. She is already using dominant and aggressive try to force me to pick her up, what do I do? She has only had one set of shots, and isn’t 100% healthy…. So long walks, are not possible.

  164. I have a 2 year old deaf female border collie I ahem had her since 10 weeks old she has always been left for 4 hours a day at the same time every day for me to work but for the last few days she has been barking and trying to escape about a hour after i leave. She has a 1 hour run in the morning and I leave her with 3 kongs all full with something different and frozen her favourite teddy bear, water and her bed I don’t understand why she has started being like this? I have never had a problem before even as a pup she was fine being left as long as she had her teddys any suggestions would be greatly appreciated- stacey

  165. I have a three month old golden retriever and German Shepard mix. He is very attached to me and follows me everywhere. He will be sleeping in the living room and I’ll just walk to the kitchen(our apartment is very small) and he wakes up and follows me. We have to leave him alone some times to do stuff for our college. Other than that I am home with him all day. We are about to get kicked out of our apartment because of his excessive whining when we leave him. I don’t know what to do. I do not want to get rid of him. He loves jos crate I leave the door open to it and he naps in it throughout the day. I do take him for exercise to the park. We love him very much, but we also need our home. I have tried the crate training. If he can not see me he howls barks and whines like crazy.

  166. I know this is an old post, but I just got a puppy and having a hard time with her barking even if I’m only in another room. I do make sure she has lots of exercise and that she goes outside before I put her in her crate, but she she cries and whines without ever tiring. I’ve tried putting her in during the day so I can reward her when she finally does quiet down, but she never does quiet down! And the only way she’ll go to sleep in her crate is if I put her in there when she’s tired and then sit next to her until she’s fast asleep. I’m not sure what to do!!

  167. Sandy Weinstein

    i dont really mind that my dogs bark when i am not home. i live in the country and they bark when someone comes to the house. i think of it as a deterrent if someone wants to try to break in even though they are little dogs. i dont mind them barking when i am at home, if they are barking to let me know someone is coming down the road to the house. otherwise they know better. they do bark at the deer, which does not bother me, b/c i go out and chase the deer away to keep them from eating my flowers. my girls dont bark in public or when we are out.

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