It’s time for another 30-day challenge. This one is different than previous challenges, because there won’t be a whole lot to say about my progress. That’s why I want all of you to participate and walk 50 or 100 miles with your dog in March. Think you can do it?

All you have to do is keep track of how far you and your dog walk (or run) in the next 31 days. Hey, if you don’t live in the tundra and are able to Rollerblade or bike with your dog, go ahead and count those miles too. If all the ice actually melts around here by the end of the month, I plan to take my mutt out biking and really add up the miles. The point is to get out there and exercise with your dog more than you normally would. That could mean 50 miles or it could be 100 miles. Pick what is challenging for you.

One hundred miles over 31 days is an average of 3-4 miles per day. Not too bad, right? If you and your significant other take turns walking the dog (what’s that like?), then add your miles together. You could walk 100 or even 200 miles between the two of you.

I know Ace will be excited about this challenge because he always wants to go for a walk. We all know our dogs need more exercise, so I hope you’ll participate. If you do, let me know about your progress!

How many miles do you plan to walk your dog this month? Ace and I will shoot for 100.