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Outdoor dog photos

Anyone who visits this blog knows I love outdoor dog photos.

Now’s your chance to show off the best outdoor pictures of your dog. They will be published on That Mutt every Sunday for the month of March.

They can be whatever you want – snow pictures, beach pictures, group shots, action shots, agility or whatever – they just have to be outside. Everyone who submits a photo will get his or her dog’s (or cat’s) picture on my site.

I will also include a link to your blog or web site if you provide that information.

You can submit as many photos as you want, but I will publish one photo per week per person.

Here’s what you have to do:

  • Send me an email to
  • Attach a photo at least 640p wide
  • Include your pets’ names

And these are optional:

  • Your web site
  • A sentence or caption explaining the photo
  • Who took the photo

I took this photo of my parents’ springer spaniel Sophie in Wisconsin. It’s so much easier to take great photos when the dog is not black!


Tuesday 3rd of March 2009

Fisher, It is the kind of luck that a black cat brings that gives people the willies.LOL


Tuesday 3rd of March 2009

Just want to remind everyone that black cats bring you luck!


Tuesday 3rd of March 2009

I do water color paintings of animals and sometimes I feel like most of them are black. I understand your point of view from the photographer side. We make it happen, though!

Alan Beling

Monday 2nd of March 2009

Hello there, Lindsay.

Well, like you suggested, here I am posting as a guest here.

Things in Brazil are much more different than in the US/Canada. The climate is hot, so it's hard making an outdoors kennel, like I said I'm trying to do. Everything here that involves volunteer work is also looked down upon, because of the general corruption. People always think you're going to use donation money for personal gain, even if you share the administrative information.

There's no government shelter for animals. They're put at Zoonose (sp?) Control Centers for euthanazing, but only when the dog offers a risk for the population, so there's only a few sparce cases. The biggest problem is what every no-kill shelter faces: overpopulation.

SUIPA is the biggest shelter here, with over 7,000 dogs. There's no more room for dogs, but they just keep coming. People tie them at the door, leave puppies, send dogs hit by cars... Well it's very sad, because there are dogs dying in there too, because of fights and other diseases.

That's why I'm trying to make a different shelter. There's no other shelter that provides information about their finances, so I'd be a pioneer. People who donated would know where and how their money would be used, and there would be an online webcam network connected there, so anyone could see in real time what was going on. Of course, it's a very expensive project, so I'm looking forward starting with only a few kennel cells. I already have a spot for this, but it still requires some work, as there are pigs, chicken and other stuff that need to be taken care of before making a shelter. Obviously, all dogs there would be taken to adoption fairs regularly.

Well, that's it. If there are donators from other countries, I'm looking forward making an English version of my blog, entitled Animal Hostel, if there are donators interested in investing in the project.

I'll stay tuned up on your blog, thanks for your attention and keep your good work too! Looking forward to hear your ideas about it.

Apryl DeLancey

Sunday 1st of March 2009

Cute idea! Now I just have to pick my favorite of Gus to send.