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Don’t use puppy pads

My tip for the day: Throw away the puppy pads and train your dog to pee outside. Puppy pads create an extra, unnecessary step in housebreaking. If the ultimate goal is to get your dog to pee outside, then why do people insist on training the dog to pee inside? No wonder so many small …

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Sporting dogs

I never put too much emphasis on a dog’s breed. That’s one reason why I love mutts. I try not to judge a dog by his breed or mix of breeds but on his individuality. At the same time, so much about a dog is influenced by his breeding, intentional or not. I have never …

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Old dog, new tricks

It’s your responsibility to teach your dog how to act in this confusing, human world. Your dog can walk nicely on a loose leash. Your dog can be friendly with other dogs. Your dog does not have to cry, bark or destroy furniture every time you leave. Your dog can leave the garbage alone. Your …

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