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Old dog, new tricks

It’s your responsibility to teach your dog how to act in this confusing, human world.

Your dog can walk nicely on a loose leash. Your dog can be friendly with other dogs. Your dog does not have to cry, bark or destroy furniture every time you leave. Your dog can leave the garbage alone. Your dog can stop obsessing over bikes and squirrels. Your dog can learn not to jump on people.

Your dog can be calm. Your dog can be under control. Your dog can sit when told and stay when asked. Your dog is capable of running to you every time you call her name.

You can take your dog anywhere. She can attend softball games or visit outdoor cafes. She can go to the grooming shop and the vet without making a scene. She can visit nursing homes, schools and hospitals.

Your dog can have a cat as a friend. She can take food gently and be trusted around children. She can learn to roll over, shake and speak.

Take the first steps today and you can make all the difference for your dog. It’s never too late to teach an old dog new tricks.


Lindsay Stordahl

Saturday 11th of July 2009

You can teach a cat tricks if it is food motivated like mine is!


Thursday 2nd of July 2009

LoL Tammy, it's next to impossible to teach a kitten tricks, let alone an older cat! :O


Thursday 2nd of July 2009

I wonder if you can teach an old cat new tricks?! It doesn't seem to be working in the case of my grumpy old man, Oscar! :)


Wednesday 1st of July 2009

I agree, a dog's age shouldn't be used as an excuse. They may not have the same spring in their step as a young pup (even that is debatable depending on the dog) but they are still willing to learn a thing or two.

Esther Garvi

Wednesday 1st of July 2009

When learning is fun, age is never the obstacle for learning new things. I try to keep my dog as involved in my daily life as is possible. That way, there is always something new to discover and to learn.