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Meet Your Meat

It’s not fair that dogs and cats are so highly valued, yet a pig, chicken or cow must suffer her entire life.

I am not asking you to become a vegetarian or to support any animal rights organizations. I am asking you to question your values because if you are reading this blog you love animals.

There is something wrong with the way the United States raises animals for food. Too many people choose to look the other way when it comes to the abuse animals take before they end up on our plates. These animals suffer endlessly before they are eventually killed in the worst ways imaginable.

Believe me, I love a good hamburger. But I chose to give up all red meat in 2007. I also limit the chicken and seafood I eat.

Ace is of course a carnivore and continues to eat his lamb and rice dog food. Many people are opposed to using horse meat in dog food, but fewer people stand up for the ways other animals are inhumanely slaughtered for multiple purposes.

If you have not watched PETA’s Meet Your Meat video, I suggest you watch it. I chose not to embed the video on my blog because some people will be very bothered by the images.

Why is it OK for this to happen in 2009?

Lindsay Stordahl

Sunday 11th of October 2009

Yeah, it is totally disgusting that 100 cows end up in one hamburger patty. Gross. I like your rule of not eating something unless you could have killed it yourself. I'll follow that rule. Every time I see a certain relative, she says, "Are you still on that vegetarian diet?" Followed by, "So, what can you eat if you can't have meat?" And people will say things like, "CAN you eat shrimp?" Or "CAN you eat chicken noodle soup?" I can eat whatever I want!

Ariel "Cats" Dumas

Sunday 11th of October 2009

I totally agree with this. I made a vow last year to only eat meat that had had a happy, humane life. (I.e., local, grass-fed beef, cage-less meat, eggs, dairy). I don't want to eat any more trash meat, like random-ass chicken sandwiches pumped full of hormones, or burgers that are actually made from scraps and bits of hundreds of different miserable cows. I follow this as best I can, although I have gone weak in the knees for a random corn-dog or plate of bacon. Or arby's. I do like cooking, and my grocery bill has gone way down.

I think a good rule is, don't eat anything you would not be able to kill yourself. And also that meat is a treat you should only occasionally eat.

Lindsay Stordahl

Wednesday 5th of August 2009

oh I know! I was thinking the same thing! i can't imagine how bad dog food is.


Wednesday 5th of August 2009

Ugh. We do try to get local when we can. What appalls me is - that video was for "human grade" food - can you imagine what is done for dog food?


Friday 31st of July 2009

Yeah, those are all good points, Shane. I hope people reading this will support small, local farms.