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Don’t use puppy pads

My tip for the day:

Throw away the puppy pads and train your dog to pee outside. Puppy pads create an extra, unnecessary step in housebreaking.

If the ultimate goal is to get your dog to pee outside, then why do people insist on training the dog to pee inside? No wonder so many small dogs are confused about where to go to the bathroom.

Newspapers are a bad idea. Puppy pads are a bad idea. Fake indoor grass for dogs is a bad idea.

Cats use litter boxes. Dogs pee outside.

What do you think?

(This pup is my mom’s dog, Sophie.)

For help on potty training, see my post on how to potty train a puppy.

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Friday 2nd of August 2013

Do you mean that newspaper is bad for the health of the dog/puppy, or just for training? I guess what I'm trying to say is: would you still say that pads & newspapers are bad if THAT is indeed the ultimate goal of the trainer?

As for me, I don't really see a problem in letting your dog poop in your house AS LONG AS it has a designated spot, preferably in the bathroom, and you will clean it up (obviously). I mean, we eliminate in the bathroom so I don't find it unsanitary for them to do the same. We once had a cat who eliminates in our bathroom every time (NOT in a litter box), but our bathroom did not reek of cat poo at all because we always cleaned it up - and you know how they say that cat poo is the smelliest of all!

Also, I find that letting them poop or pee on newspaper easier to clean because you just fold the paper and throw it. It also lessens the risk of the dog getting dirty from going outside too much. And if we go to public places, we can just bring newspaper and let them do it there instead of letting them sniff around and find a spot to eliminate and the pick it up after.

But that's just me. I'm not saying it's wrong to let your dog, or any pet for that matter, do their business outside. But I would appreciate it if you didn't simply say that "Newspapers/Pads are a bad idea" (unless you're saying it is harmful to their health) and that "Dogs pee outside." It depends on the preference of the owner and maybe even the pet, the environment, and other elements that can affect their decision. Not everyone has a big yard or nearby park or whatever where they can take their dog to eliminate every single time.


Friday 3rd of May 2013

You're more than right. People who use them are just lazy/making excuses! I have a toy foxie that I rescued... She had bad separation anxiety and was resistant to training (she was 2 years old) but I just kept at it and she hasn't had an accident since! My neighbors downstairs let their dog pee and poop "on" pads. It's the most disgusting thing ever!!! I live in the upstairs apartment and am perfectly capable of taking my dog out 4-5 times a day! Their house smells so so so bad and there's just no excuse for this behavior. Make all the excuses you want ppl, but if you can't take care of a dog and keep it sanitary then do not have a dog!


Tuesday 26th of March 2013


I take issue with the letter where the person stated "I once had a client loose their kids for a week...." When a worker came to the door and saw a " log" .....on the puppy pad? What??? Give me a flipping break!!!! No one looses their kids for a week b/c a dog poops in a house..... All of America would be in jail! Obviously soooooo much more to THAT story!

Ok beware all puppy pad users .......if you have kids..... Jail ......just around the corner!

FYI.... My dog has her own "room" & most days you could eat off of any surface in my home.

I lost a chi after 15 years ...The chi left behind is a 4 year old rescue that is now experiencing separation anxiety . I suffer a spine injury , so am home bound most days. But the days I DO go out cause her great distress. The process of me getting ready causes her to start with symptoms. Only recently has she started to urinate "off " campus. I came here hoping for advice .... Not scolding.


Tuesday 26th of March 2013

I have raised 4 chihuahua's over the last 16 years. Strating with Chihuahua's 1-3 in South Florida, where I was specificially taught NOT to let the Chi's as puppies or Adults go outside to relieve themselves. The reason I was given was because of all the poisonous lizards,frogs,bugs,etc indigenous in the area that could harm them. Then I relocated to SouthWestern Pennsylvania .... Again, I can assure you more months than not, it would be almost impossible for MY tiny hairless 4pound Chi to sustain herself in this harsh inviorment. ( No matter how many layers I dress her in.)

It would be much more helpful if you/ your article... instead of making blanket assumptions about situations you seemingly have not given thought to , instead consider some of the various senarios where people are telling you why they feel compelled to use puppy pads as the norm, but still need some advice overcoming a tempory issue.

Xx Namaste : )


Wednesday 6th of March 2013

I just wanted to send out an update. The porch potty was one of the best things I have ever purchased. It is OUTSIDE though :) I installed a dog door to the closed-in patio, and now when the puppy (named her Reeses after the candy) needs to go to the bathroom, she just heads on downstairs, goes outside and does her business. I would definitely agree with not using pads though. It was a challenging first 4 weeks of regimented training, but we are almost now at 7 days accident free (inside her own house at least, she did pee out of excitement when out at a Lowes Hardware the other day...) She is also extremely well behaved. I couldn't ask more of a 14 week pup :)