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10 Reasons to Buy Fake Grass Pee Pads for Your Dog

10 reasons to buy fake indoor grass for dogs

I have already given you 10 reasons not to buy fake indoor grass for dogs.

But even though indoor grass for dogs is lazy, enough people gave reasons why it works for some dogs.

Here’s why people will buy Indoor Fake Grass for dogs:

1. Indoor grass is an option for dogs with bladder control issues.

Some older dogs that were once able to hold it for seven or eight hours can’t wait that long anymore. Even young dogs have medical issues and can’t hold it.

2. A “Potty Patch” is an option for dogs that can’t move around easily.

If a dog is having trouble walking or getting up, then it’s nice to have a more convenient place for him to go to the bathroom.

I understand what this problem is like, because during my golden retriever’s last days she could not walk. We had to carry our 65-pound girl outside and hold her up.

Fake grass pads for dogs

3. Fake indoor grass pads for dogs is convenient for people living in city apartments.

I’m spoiled. I open my back door and Ace has a field to run in. Other people have to walk 10 minutes just to find a patch of grass.

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4. Using a “Pee Pad” is safer than taking your dog out after dark.

Again, it’s easy for me to overlook this one, but some people live in areas where it’s risky to walk your dog after dark.

5. Some dogs are allergic to grass.

So, they pee on fake indoor grass instead!

6. Using fake indoor grass pads is better than the dog having accidents in the house.

Tons of people leave their dogs home all day without hiring a dog walker or coming home to check on the dog during a break.

At least if the person has indoor grass, the dog will not have to hold it for so long.

7. Pee Pads for dogs allow more people to have dogs.

People tolerate a lot just to have a pet. Training a dog to pee indoors and then cleaning up after it is worth it for many people.

8. Some people put the fake grass pads outside on their balconies.

That way people who live in an apartment can let their dogs outside for quick bathroom breaks rather than traveling 15 stories down and all the way back up.

9. Some dogs are stubborn and won’t go out in the rain or snow.

You can train any dog to go to the bathroom outside, but some people just aren’t willing to do that. Some dogs get cold very easily and don’t want to be out for even 30 seconds, so their owners give in and let the dogs pee indoors.

10. Some people really are that lazy.

There’s no hiding it. Having an indoor bathroom for you dog is a very convenient excuse not to take him for a walk.

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