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My dog attacks bikes

Many dogs have issues with wheels – bikes, Rollerblades, strollers, wagons, scooters, motorcycles, wheelchairs, skateboards, even cars. The issues vary from dog to dog. Some act out aggressively, lunging and barking. Some would actually bite a person on a bike if they could. Other dogs pull frantically at the leash while trying to chase or …

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Outdoor dog photos

Anyone who visits this blog knows I love outdoor dog photos. Now’s your chance to show off the best outdoor pictures of your dog. They will be published on That Mutt every Sunday for the month of March. They can be whatever you want – snow pictures, beach pictures, group shots, action shots, agility or …

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A pack of dogs

No two dogs are alike. I spent the weekend with five dogs all in one house – my parents’ golden and springer, my grandpa and uncle’s two cairns and my mutt. And don’t forget about the cat, always a good sport. Five dogs in one house is pretty common for my family, but it’s too …

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