Here’s a peek at one of the Super Bowl commercials we’ll be seeing this weekend. I’m interested in hearing your take on it.

I think it’s a well-done ad by Budweiser, as always. The cute animal story will appeal to a lot of people’s emotions (including mine). Plus we have a cute guy and a pretty girl.

Only thing is, this “adoption center” in the ad looks more like a woman selling purebred Lab puppies on her farm. I’m not against responsible dog breeding, but Budweiser missed a great opportunity to truly promote dog adoption. Instead, it seems like it used the “puppy adoption” sign so no one could accuse them of promoting breeding.

Or, maybe Budweiser purposely used the purebred Lab puppies to start a controversy.

Personally, I like the commercial and I think it will get a good response.

What do you think?

*Update: Check out the preview of the new Budweiser ad Lost Dog and let me know what you think.

Have you seen anyone’s reaction to the commercial yet? How did he or she respond?

(click here for the video)

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