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Dog Shaming (10 photos)

I love sharing Dog Shaming photos every week, especially if they are submitted by readers. Can you believe the dog in the first photo ate his owner’s guitar strings?! I was concerned at first, but he turned out just fine.

What’s the craziest thing your dog has eaten? Ace managed to vacuum up a cigarette butt on a walk one time.

I’d love to see your Dog Shaming photos. Send them to and I will feature them soon.

1 – (photo from Julie V.)
Dog shaming - mixed-breed dog ate guitar strings

dog shaming mixed-breed mutt chewed up the couch

Dog plays dead all the time dramatically

Dog ran away when owner got mugged

Bull dog mix eats its own poop

Black and white Lab mix eats chapsticks

Dog lets the cat steal her food

Dog chews the stuffed animals

Dog pees on the carpets when no one is looking

Dog ate whole raw chicken and got sick

Send your dog shaming photos to to see them featured next week.


Saturday 1st of February 2014

Why would a cat eat dog food? Now a dog eating the cat food, well that is just desert.


Thursday 30th of January 2014

I love the all!



Thursday 30th of January 2014

Some of these doggies probably needed a trip to the vet. The one with the guitar strings probably needed an emergency room visit. Regarding #3 Maya and Pierson automatically start doing their spin tricks when I get out the treats. #5 Pierson eats Maya's poop. #7 is my favorite. I could so see Maya doing that, too.


Thursday 30th of January 2014

I'll vote for the elephant-dog cause i have (little trouble maker)Beagle and this breed is exactly what this picture looks like :) Greetings to all Beagle owners


Thursday 30th of January 2014

I love these and hate that they've become controversial...'making your dog feel bad'...please, they're funny. I have one of Jack and Maggie I will send.

Lindsay Stordahl

Thursday 30th of January 2014

I agree. People need to just chill out. :)