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Distinguished Dogs (10 photos)

I love to feature senior dogs on the blog.

This week, I’m featuring five photos from readers followed by five senior dogs up for adoption in the San Diego area where I live.

If you have a senior dog you’d like to see featured in the next “Distinguished Dogs” post, or if you know of a special senior waiting to be adopted, send your photos to

This week’s Distinguished Dogs:

1 – Bella, 8, English mastiff (photo from Alison S.)

2 – Bella, 8, and Izzy, 6, English mastiffs (photo from Alison S.)
Senior English mastiffs

3 – Matey, soon to be 12 (photo from Lenya W.)
12 year old dog

4 – Billy, 9 (also famous for his Dog Shaming pic, photo from Lenya W.)
9 year old dog

5 – Matey again
Senior dog

6 – April, 10, spaniel mix for adoption with the San Diego Humane Society
Spaniel mix for adoption

7 – Coconut, 7, min pin/Chi mix, for adoption with the SDHS
Min pin mix for adoption

8 – Franklin, 10, poodle mix for adoption with the SDHS
Poodle mix

9 – Pac Man, 7, puggle for adoption with the SDHS
Puggle for adoption

10 – Randy, 8, shepherd mix for adoption with the SDHS
Randy the shepherd mix

All beautiful senior dogs who just want to be loved.

Send your Distinguished Dog photos to

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