I like to feature our dogs on their “best” behavior from time to time. I call these posts “Obedience School Dropouts.” Of course, the dog doesn’t really have to be a “dropout” to get featured.

If you have photo evidence of your dog’s naughty behavior, send your pics to Lindsay@ThatMutt.com to get your dog featured on the blog.

Thanks to those who have sent in pics so far.

1 – Obi (photos from Paws & Go)
Obi the collie mix likes to climb on the desk to get belly rubs!

2 – Gigabyte (photo from Allie D.)
Brown and white dachshund steals toilet paper

Black and white dog gets water and ice from the dispenser

Brown and white dog got into the eggs

Pug loves jumping in the mud!

Dachshund got into the chocolates

Tan dog destroyed her bed

Dog shredded a bag

Pom dog shreads toilet paper

Pitbull mix ripped up her bed in her kennel

Do you have an Obedience School “Dropout” at home?

Send your pics to Lindsay@ThatMutt.com!