That Mutt Life: What we’ve been up to

Totally copied this idea from one of my favorite bloggers, Sarah at Lola the Pitty.

Sarah does a personal update once a month or so called My Pittied Life, which I always enjoy reading.  I just think it’s nice to learn more about the person behind the blog.

So, here we go with That Mutt Life – what we’ve been up to …

My husband Josh and I have lived in the San Diego area for more than a year now. I’m in that awkward place where I don’t feel like a North Dakotan anymore, but I still don’t feel like a Californian either.

My dog running business

I started a dog running business here in Solana Beach and have built up an awesome group of clients. I have all the business I want, and I am focusing the majority of my time on this blog as a full-time blogger. I used to be a full-time dog runner with a blog on the side. I’m so proud to say I am now a full-time blogger with a dog running business on the side.

Traveling to Wisconsin

I was able to travel to Wisconsin to visit my parents last month. Mid-October was a beautiful time to fly into Minneapolis and drive to Western Wisconsin. The leaves were gorgeous.

Here’s a pic of me with one of my parents’ dogs, Elsie the golden. Elsie is 11, and I hope I get to see her many, many more times.

Me and Elsie

Visiting more family

We’ll be traveling to Northern California over Thanksgiving (my mutt Ace and the cats too!) to visit Josh’s family. This is where they actually have four seasons. I can’t wait for some cold weather.

Labs & More Rescue

I’ve started volunteering with a local Labrador rescue group that I love! Every other Saturday, I volunteer to handle one of the dogs at an adoption event in Carlsbad. It’s really rewarding and I feel like I’m making a difference.

Here’s the dog I hung out with last time, a 6-year-old girl named Gladiola (big name, right?). Her owners passed away and she ended up in a shelter until Labs & More took her in. Really sweet dog!

Black Lab for adoption San Diego

If you’d like to donate to a group that saves dogs from high-kill shelters in Southern California and finds them homes through a down-to-earth adoption process, please consider donating to Labs & More. Heck, the group approved me as a foster home so they can’t be all bad, right? 🙂

I’m also getting ahead of myself here, but Josh and I have been talking about possibly adopting a dog from this group. We’re just talking at this point, but hey, a girl can dream!


As far as my blog posts go, I feel like you all enjoy my dog training and behavior topics the best. Is that correct? Let me know your favorites, and if you have any topics to suggest or feedback of any sort, please reach out by email or leave a comment.

Anna S. had a great idea for me to lead some sort of 30-day training or dog walking challenge. I did this a long time ago, but it’s been years. I am thinking of planning something for the month of January.

Ace of spades

My newsletter

I’ve put a lot of time and effort into That Mutt’s newsletter lately. It’s not just a list of links to recent posts. My emails are written a lot like my blog posts, and then I usually end up publishing them later on the blog. My newsletter subscribers get to see my best content first, and I love to email back and forth with my subscribers if they initiate it. I try to be really informal with it.

If you haven’t signed up, you can do so here. I typically send out an email every other week. I have a small list of 1,000 subscribers after deleting about 1,000 inactive subscribers. I’m obsessed with open rates.

That’s about it!

I’m just trying to enjoy my time at the beach as much as possible, which is actually not very often considering we live literally 1 mile from the coast, including The Best Dog Beach Ever!

So, take care, and please leave a comment to say hi or shoot me an email at I like to know who’s reading!

– Lindsay (and Ace!)

Let me know, what do you enjoy most about this blog?

28 thoughts on “That Mutt Life: What we’ve been up to”

  1. Personally I enjoy a wide variety of topics so I can’t say what I enjoy most – all of them are well written and thought out which keeps my attention. I know it goes against traditional wisdom of maintaining a blog but I do enjoy a wide variety of tips/advice/anecdotes rather than just one single subject. That being said if you did decide to write on training more or exclusively I know you’d write great articles so I’d of course read them up and share. Personally what I love about the blogs I follow such as this is being able to hear the human personality shine through which you do excellently. And I love the idea of having a round up of sorts; it’s nice to have a look back at all the things going on; My Pittied Life is really onto something there.

  2. You’re training posts are what got me reading your blog in the first place (I wanna say the separation anxiety post?) and they are what I enjoy the most, I think. I like everything you post, though! I think you maintain a good balance of education/thought-provoking content, reviews, and helping rescues.
    I just moved to Tacoma, WA from Orange County, CA last week (did the whole driving-for-2-days-with-a-dog-and-cat thing) and I’m starting to appreciate how hard your move must have been.
    I look forward to your newsletters. I appreciate that it’s always interesting content, and that you respond back to emails.
    Also, congrats on being a full-time blogger! 1000 active subscribers seems like a big number, but I’m not a blogger so what do I know?

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Oh, wow. Moving from Orange County to Tacoma is a big move as well! Moving across the country was stressful for me, especially trying to sneak two cats into “pet friendly” hotels that didn’t allow cats.

      1. Yeah, we conveniently didn’t mention our cat at the motel we stayed at. As I was sneaking him in on his harness and leash, the manager spotted me from a distance and I could have sworn he said, “Wow, that is a small dog!” 0.0 I just gave a big friendly smile and bolted, fingers crossed!

  3. We are excited to be getting a nice snowstorm starting late tonight. We love the cold and winter! It is great to hear that you are at where you want to be with blogging full time and running dogs on the side. How does that work anyway? Mom runs with Bailie in the mornings, but do you just pick up a whole bunch of dogs on your route or run five times a day? That perplexes us.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Hi Emma. I have always taken the dogs out on individual running sessions of either 30 minutes or an hour each. That is one of my selling points, individualized attention. If there are two or three dogs from the same family, I will take them together.

  4. Congratulations on being a full time blogger!
    I agree with Jen and Jessica – I also enjoy the variety of topics, “everything dog” basically. You never know when it will become handy. (Example: I checked out “What the Dog Knows” by Cat Warren, now that we’ve adopted a devil GSD puppy ourselves. Thank you for the review!)
    I’d be happy to join the January challenge, but generally enjoy your blog as-is.
    Keep up the good work, Lindsay!

  5. Amanfa Buchmann

    Hey Lindsay, this is a fun post! Congrats on your success with this blog and your business in Solana Beach! On adopting another dog, talking is the first step! Before you know it you’ll have Josh at an adoption day meeting dogs 🙂
    P.S.-go spend some time at the beach for my dogs and I; Eli loves to run in and out of the water and Ezzie Mae loves to chase waves! I just like to enjoy my dogs, sunshine and bare feet 🙂

  6. Thanks for copying the idea ;). Even though most of us have an about page I think it’s fun to get a little personal with our readers 🙂 – can’t wait to read the next ‘mutt life’! Have a great Thanksgiving (hope to be reading about a new pup in the somewhat near future).

  7. I’m diggin’ the monthly recap idea! I did not realize you lived in San Diego. For some reason I think I assumed Oregon? Don’t ask me why. Anyways, how for North are you headed? It’s still pretty warm here in Oakland!

      1. Oh my gosh! I remember passing through Weed on my way to Tacoma last week! Too funny! For all it made me giggle, I will admit it was a pretty area 🙂

      2. I ran out of gas at 2:00 a.m. in Weed, California, driving north from Sonoma to Portland overnight to get my dogs to a show… Luckily a van filled with a 20-somethings (year-old) Christian band pulled in shortly after me, and called a tow truck to bring some gas, and they shared with me, so I didn’t have to wait until 8:00 a.m. when the station opened again. I made it to the show on time, and my girl won, finished her championship the next day, a hat-trick for the weekend, and won the specialty as a move-up 2 weeks later to round out her career. Fond memories of Weed, California! 🙂

  8. Thanks for the recap!!! It is nice to know what you’ve been up to! Though I do know your blog posts follow the ideas running through your head any given day of the week.

    We are adjusting to a two dog household and the special needs of a smaller, older dog, who does not have quite the training our bigger one does. She’s learning though. As are we…. 🙂

    Good luck with the new pup! It will be fun. And the right one will come along when you guys are ready.

  9. I’ve always loved your blog Lindsay, and it’s great to hear more about what you’ve been up to. You always have great articles, so please keep doing what you’re doing! 🙂

  10. As a native Californian who’s been here all my forty six years, I’d like to officially welcome you as a new Californian! What a difference it must be from N.D. My Mom was from Whapeton, and I always marveled at how she was from the coldest state in the lower 48 states. You won’t find much winter anywhere here unless you’re going up to the mountain areas. And you’ll probably soon get tired of hearing us weather wimps complain that we’re freezing to death when it’s 58 degrees or such 🙂
    I enjoy all your blog articles. It’s always fun to check in and see what the latest topic of discussion is. I’m so jealous of you, getting to make your living doing dog stuff! Good luck with the holiday trip (cats in the car, been there, yikes)!

  11. I would LOVE a dog walking or training challenge! We’re fine as long as the weather holds but I know in January motivation will be lacking thanks to Wisconsin winters!!

    And personally I like your troubleshooting posts! They’re so practical and non-judgmental.

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