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Green Bark Gummies Review – Healthy dog treats for training

‘The soft and chewy treat that dogs love to eat’

Note: This is a sponsored post. Read more to learn how you can win a bag of healthy treats for your dog.

A company called Green Bark Gummies recently sent me some of its healthy dog treats for my dog Ace to try. And let’s be honest, my cat Beamer tried them too (Pretty much swallowed one whole).

The thing that’s so special about these treats, according to Green Bark Gummies, is they include a healthy “super food” ingredient called chia.

What the heck is chia?

Yeah, I didn’t know either.

Chia seeds contains omega-3 fatty acids, according to Green Bark. And they have other benefits, too. For example, they:

  • support joint function and mobility
  • are high in fiber and supports healthy digestion
  • are an excellent source of minerals


More details about Green Bark Gummies

Green Bark Gummies logo

I’ve been using the Green Bark Gummies while training and walking my dog lately. I also put them in his Kong toy.

I don’t mind giving Ace lots of treats as long as they’re healthy, and lucky for him he’s never had an issue with gaining weight (Yeah, I’m jealous too).

Green Bark Gummies treatsThese treats are soft and chewy (not actually gummy) and they are shaped like little bears. They are so cute! And my dog goes nuts over them. I usually end up breaking them in half when we’re working on training. They’re great for helping Ace focus on me when we pass other dogs.

The Green Bark Gummies are made in the United States and the web site says they contain no:

  • corn, soy, wheat or added sugar
  • GMOs
  • artificial flavors or colors

The treats come in four varieties: Skin & coat, hip & joint, healthy digestion and health & vitality.

“Chia delivers all the good oils that salmon delivers without heavy metals, ocean-borne contaminants or mercury,” according to

According to Green Bark Gummies:

Ace with healthy dog treats
Green Bark Gummies1.
 The treats are made with white fish or wild-caught Alaska pollock.

2. The treats were developed by vets and nutritionists.

3. The gummies are powered by one of nature’s “super foods” – chia.

4. The treats include a blend of antioxidant-rich greens such as alfalfa, kelp, green tea and chlorophyll.

5. Two sizes are available so dogs of all breeds can enjoy!


Green Bark Gummies uses its own ingredient called NutriCHIA. This is sprouted chia ingrained with three omega-3 fatty acids, ALA, EPA and DHA, according to the web site.

Green Bark Gummies says the omega-3s are in a bioavailable form, meaning they are easily absorbed by the body.

Would your dog like to win some treats?

Green Bark Gummies is giving away a bag of treats to two lucky readers of That Mutt. Must have a U.S. mailing address to win.

For your chance to win, just enter using the Raffelcopter below. It’s easy to use and will just ask you to log in with Facebook or by providing an email address. The contest ends at midnight PST Nov.18. Two winners have been chosen.

Ordering information

Green Bark Gummies are available on Amazon here (aff link).

Or, for more information on the company or to find a store that carries the treats, visit

What have you been training your dog to do lately while using treats?

Chuck Taylor

Tuesday 18th of October 2016

Interesting. In their list of ingredients, Dried Ground Chia Seed is 9th in the list. However, it still sounds like it is a good treat and I will try some with my GSD/Husky... next time I buy treats. I take it that these treats are in the same category as the hot dogs, cheese and steaks??? :-)

Lindsay Stordahl

Tuesday 18th of October 2016

Yes, the chia has lots of nutritional benefits, Green Bark Gummies says. These are not as good as steak for my dogs but they are higher on their list compared to other dog treats! I recommend them for training treats. They're not messy (like shoving cheese or real meat in your pockets)!

Barbara Rivers

Thursday 20th of November 2014

Oh wow, this is so awesome! I discovered chia seeds for my own benefit earlier this year, and have been adding them to yogurts, salads, and smoothies. I had NO idea they were also available for dogs! I will definitely try some; well, Missy & Buzz will :-) Thanks for sharing!


Monday 17th of November 2014

My puppy loves treats


Saturday 15th of November 2014

I'm always looking for healthy treats for my dog so this wouild be great.


Thursday 13th of November 2014

My pup loves Green Bark gummies so this would be great for him.