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Because the best therapy is often ‘free and furry’

Note: This is a sponsored post that contains affiliate links.

My perfect day involves taking my dog Ace on a peaceful, relaxing hike.

I always wish for more days like that, more time to spend out and about, stress free with my buddy.

I know if I asked you what your perfect day might involve, it would probably be something similar.

This is why Aimee Cebulski came up with her idea for her branded gift line called TailTherapy while she was out for a walk at a park here in San Diego.

“I saw so many people out with their dogs, and I found that I couldn’t stop smiling each time I saw a happy tail,” she said. “I realized that nothing is better than the happiness we get from the tails in our lives.”


Branded gifts for pet lovers from TailTherapy.com

TailTherapy is a gift line for pet lovers and the “happy tails” in their lives, according to its web site.

Products include:


  • hats
  • water bottles and
  • leashes


The products are meant to show the simple idea that the best therapy is “often free and furry,” according to the company.

I received a water bottle from TailTherapy to bring along on all my dog-walking adventures. I’ve been taking it on hikes with my dog around Solana Beach, and it’s also great for bringing a cold beverage (we’ll just say water) down to the hot tub.

Aimee and Bailey

Each item from TailTherapy features a cat image or a dog image, based off of Cebulski’s own animals, Rio the dog and Bailey the cat (pictured with Cebulski above).

“Who doesn’t smile when they see a happy tail?” Cebulski said.

I think she’s right!

[quote_center]”Who doesn’t smile when they see a happy tail?”[/quote_center]

The items from TailTherapy retail between $12.99 and $24 on Amazon and would make great holiday gifts for dog and cat lovers. Check them out here.

More about the water bottle from TailTherapy

Ace with healthy dog treatsAce with healthy dog treats1. The water bottle is sturdy, but lightweight.

2. It has a screw-on lid (so I won’t spill!) and comes with a carabiner clip.

3. The bottle is made of aluminum and has a stainless finish, according to TailTherapy.com.

4. It features either Rio the dog or Bailey the cat.

5. Makes a great gift for any active pet lover.

Win a free water bottle

TailTherapy is giving away one FREE water bottle to one lucky reader of That Mutt.

To enter, just leave a comment below to let me know you want in! Winner will be chosen Dec. 9. *Update: Congrats, Alison!

Must have a U.S. mailing address to win and must be following TailTherapy on Twitter. The winner may choose either the dog or the cat logo.

If you would like more information about TailTherapy or would like to order a hat, leash or water bottle, visit TailTherapy.com.

So, do you have any adventures planned with your dogs this month?

*Large, top photo and bottom photo (with the hats) are from TailTherapy.com.