Win a Free Assisi Loop for Pain Management in Dogs and Cats

I’ve partnered with Assisi Animal Health to bring you this post.

Leave a comment below to enter to win a FREE Assisi Loop for your pet (prescription required). CLICK HERE for more info.

The Assisi Loop is a non-invasive, non-pharmaceutical healing device for pets.

It uses low-level pulses of energy to accelerate healing, reduce pain and reduce swelling, according to its developer, Assisi Animal Health.

The technology is based on the same treatment that is FDA cleared for humans.

You may remember I wrote a review of the Assisi Loop, and the company has a couple updates to its products, which you can read about below.

First, I thought I’d go over some of the common uses for the Loop.

Four common uses for the Assisi Loop

Since the Loop is designed to reduce inflammation and pain, Assisi said it can be effective for treating:

1. Osteoarthritis in aging animals

My 9-year-old Lab mix Ace has some arthritis/tendinitis in his knees and shoulders, so this is where the Loop has really benefited him.

The product is designed to increase blood flow and decrease inflammation, and it seems to offer my older dog some relief after trips to the dog beach or longer hikes.

My dog Ace using the Assisi Loop

2. Neurological inflammation

The Loop is able to help pets with neurological issues such as Wobblers Disease and Intervertebral Disc Disease. The Loop is excellent for reducing inflammation and pain, so any condition that is inflammatory and can fit inside the treatment field will benefit, according to Assisi.

3. Post-surgical pain and swelling

The Loop can help pets recovery faster from surgery or trauma, which I wrote about here. It even helped my dog’s paw heal when he had an infected nail bed, and I also placed the Loop over him when he had a hot spot to speed up the healing process.

4. Acute injuries

A fourth common use for the Loop is to help dogs with acute injuries that might occur during sports such as flyball, agility or other activities like playing at the dog park.

More info about the Assisi Loop

Below is a video which goes over the details on how the Loop works. It’s about 5 minutes and goes over some of the science behind the product. I found it helpful.

Recent updates – Assisi Loop 2.0!

The company is proud to announce several improvements to its existing product available July 20.

Here is a sneak peek!

Assisi Loop two sizes

1. A smaller option available – 10 cm

There will now be two sizes available, the original 20 cm diameter coil and a new 10 cm size.

The smaller option is designed for easier application when treating small animals or areas like knees or elbows. For example, the smaller size works well for treating my Lab Ace’s arthritis because it easily fits around a limb. More info here.

My dog Ace using the Assisi Loop 2.0

2. A tougher covering on the Loop’s coil

This will protect it against chewing or other damage.

Giveaway – Win a Free Loop for your pet – valued at $289

Assisi Animal Health is giving away a FREE Loop to one lucky reader of That Mutt. The winner will get to choose the size of the product (standard size or smaller size).

Assisi Loop 2.0

Two ways to enter:

*Congrats to the winner, Randy D.*

1. Leave a comment below that indicates your pet wants in on the drawing. This will automatically sign you up for That Mutt and Assisi’s newsletters (if you aren’t already), and you will receive a coupon for 15% off a Loop.


2. Enter your email in the pop-up form on this page if you’d like to enter without leaving a comment. This will also get you access to our newsletters and a coupon for 15% off.

*You must have a vet’s prescription prior to winning or ordering a Loop. Assisi can help you do so.*

I’ll choose the winner at random on Thursday July 23. Must be 18 or older and have a U.S. mailing address to win.

Ordering information:

If you would like to order a Loop, you can start the process by filling out the form here or by calling Assisi’s customer service at 415-814-2460. The cost for a Loop in either size is $289. Assisi will be able to help you obtain a prescription from your pet’s vet.

Dog using Assisi Loop 2.0

Do you think your dog or cat could benefit from the Loop?

Let me know in the comments!

54 thoughts on “Win a Free Assisi Loop for Pain Management in Dogs and Cats”

  1. Hey Lindsay, when you had this offer in the past, I almost entered but the prescription requirement made me decide maybe Haley wasn’t quite that bad yet where she needed this. She has the same issues as Ace, where after a longer hike or pretty physical day, she’s got her late night arthritis limp happening. If you think this might help her too, go ahead and enter me in the giveaway and I’m sure my vet will write a prescription. I’m definitely intrigued by the loop and I’m glad it’s been helping Ace with his pain.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      I definitely believe it’s helped Ace with tendinitis and arthritis issues in his joints, so it would most likely be beneficial to Haley too. I’ll enter you into the giveaway, and Assisi Animal Health is very helpful at answering any questions. Feel free to ask any questions here and someone from Assisi can answer them if I don’t have the info myself.

  2. My girl is taking cannabis for her tumor. I don’t want to give her any other medication that might interfere. I think the loop would be helpful to ease some of the arthritis in her elbos.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Sorry to hear of her health problems. I can relate to your feeling of not wanting to give medication that might interfere. The Loop is a nice option to have.

  3. As my girl gets older, her arthritis seems to be becoming more of a problem. I’d love to give this a try for her!

  4. It might be something for Katie, but right now the chiropractic treatments are working wonders along with her joint supplement. She is no longer dragging her back left paw which she had been doing for about two years.

  5. I have heard of this in the past. Marbury could really benefit from this with her lower back issues. Thanks for doing such a great job Lindsay!

  6. I would like this for my 10 year old Alaskan Malamute mix. He has trouble especially during cold and rainy days. I give him joint vitamins, but he needs more than that now.

  7. Hi Lindsay,

    We’ve contemplated getting a loop for our puppy for a while now, when he was one and a half he sliced his Achilles’ tendon and he will likely always have a more limited range of motion with it. It’s a year later and when he gets tired he limps on it still. So we would love to be entered! Thanks!

  8. Aw this would be wonderful invention! Our kitty is pretty clumsy and she’s getting older, I think this is a must for any pet parent. :]

  9. Roxy, my 15 year old Dalmatian, is having a harder time each week just moving around at all. We have her on medication now, which helps somewhat, but the Loop is bound to help her more! I am passing this information on to the wife, so she can talk to our vet about it.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      If you have any questions about the Loop, you can leave them here and I’ll make sure to get them answered for you.

  10. Sara Elizabeth

    I would love in on this drawing! My poor sweet Ruby has been struggling with inflammation and joint pain as she gets older. Something like this might be really helpful.

  11. I rescued my American Bulldog/ American Staffordshire Terrier, Mina when she was 10 months old. She is now 26 months old. When she was about a year old, she began having a limp. Took her to the Vet and was told that she had really bad hip dysplasia. She has found relief with NSAIDS, but she is going to probably need a hip replacement later on. The vet recommended some kind of light therapy but it is expensive. If this is similar, I could buy one for less than the treatments cost at the vet. When I chose Mina, I picked her because she looked healthy and could run super fast. After dealing with hip dysplasia for several years of my deceased dog, Wrinkles’, life I was hoping not to have another dog with it. She’s so young to have this. Please enter me in your contest. Thanks.

  12. Reece is our 10-year-old chocolate lab. She was hit by a car years ago, which literally broke her hip and tail. Now she exhibits that she is experiencing pain after any exertion and in the morning by slow and seemingly painful movements. I’m a new subscriber, Lindsay, but I want to commend you on offering so much TRULY useful information on your blog, and all free. I am learning a lot to help me in my newly-launched pet sitting/boarding business.

  13. Our golden retriever Sheba has arthritis which mostly is under control but flares up from time to time. I’d love to see if this helped instead of giving her Rimadyl. She is almost 11 and her beagle sister who is about the same age has also started showing a limp. She hasn’t been diagnosed yet but since she is very active we might like to try it for her as well.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      That’s what I use the Loop for with Ace. He has Rimadyl too, which I prefer only to use every now and then. I’m able to use the Loop instead of the Rimadyl unless he’s really bad from too much fetch or playing at the beach. Then I use both.

  14. My sweet rescue pup was born with bad hips. We do everything we can to keep her active and pain free, but physical therapy is coating us a fortune. I believe the loop could help her hips tremendously

  15. Katelyn Wells

    Our dog, Mia, is 9. She is a rescue pit bull. She is the most amazing and patient dog, but she suffers from arthritis and bone spurs. her poor ankles look like golf balls! this would be perfect for her

  16. My dog, Mya, age 12 has slowly decreased activity with her age. I have tried almost everything to help ease her pain. She is on Rimadyl now to help her walk and keep mobile. I have had to up her dose recently to help her stay on the move and I worry about the side effects it is having on her body. (She has been on it daily for years now) We have days that I have to carry her outside and to her food after she has “overdone it”. I struggle everyday with the idea of putting her down but her good days give me hope that she is still living a fulfilling life. This option is one that I haven’t tried. I would love to try it on her and hopefully decrease her medication and save her kidneys!

  17. Tammy Onufreiczuk

    Our 12-year old boy, Kepler, who looks like Ace’s doppelganger, would love to try out an Assisi Loop!

  18. Dozer is a little over 14 and is having trouble getting up and down as well as issues with putting weight on his back leg. He gets chiro regularly and is on an herbal pain formula. I would LOVE to try this for him to see if it can make him more comfortable. He still LOVES his walks but they are getting shorter and shorter. I can get a vet prescription. Thank you for this opportunity!

  19. My sweet Darren is about 14 years old. The vet recently found arthritis in his back. He went from running and jumping to now just laying and walking with much difficulty. It sounds like this loop could help my sweet boy.

  20. I’ve heard of these before and they look pretty cool. Shiner is really showing her age this year. She seems sore after we visit the lake. I can see this being useful for a lot of things. I wonder what my vet thinks of it.

  21. I’d love to enter to win an Assisi loop….my CKCS has chiari and sym….and joint issues. The orthopedic suggest the Assis loop and she has been using for the last week and improvement is noted. She is finished therapy and finances are maxed out…but woul love to help you girl!

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  23. Hey not sure if this is still going on since it looks like it started 2015 but if you are doing the giveaway again this year would love to enter into this for my dog Roxy, I have a prescription for her, can’t wait to hear from you guys. -thanks!

  24. WOW how I wish my dog nora could have one of these there is chronic pain in her world but shes a very active happy 3 legged border collie ..hit by a car 3 years ago her hind leg on the same side she lost her front paw has had a fho surgery she always favors this hind leg it has built up scar tissue ,is tight, and she never lets me massage it!!

  25. The Assissi loop has really helped my Airedale girl, Micky with her arthritis. As soon as I put it on her hip she’d give a big sigh and relax looking so comfortable.
    Now our other Airedale is struggling with tendonitis in his shoulder. I put the loop on his shoulder and he gave the same sigh. Sadly the loop was well used and ran out of juice so I’m looking forward to getting a new one for him.

  26. Taylor R Brower

    My 2 year old Great Dane was diagnosed with Wobblers last year and I am hoping to get one of these bad boys for him!

  27. My Shiba Inu Bolt is 8 years old and had a partial torn ACL and has degenerated arthritis. Had the surgery and implant bands to secure the knee. Still limps. Did the cold laser therapy and still the same. Spent a total over $3000 . Will this work ? Trying to get our baby better

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