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There are three things I look for in a high-quality dog collar:

Durability. Odor resistance. A built-in nameplate.

Please tell me you can relate …

So I’m trying to sleep in until, God forbid, 7 a.m. on a Sunday and then I hear it …

My dog is shaking his head around (does he do this on purpose?). Seconds later, he’s scratching at his neck as his tags go “CLANK! CLANK! CLANK!”

“That dog!”

Of course, the simple solution is to remove my dog’s collar at night, but there are always those moments during the day where the “Jingle! Jingle!” gets annoying real fast.

… trying to work from home … having an important phone call … trying to get the baby to sleep … OK, I don’t have a baby. But you know what I mean! “Clank! Clank! Clank!”

So that’s why you see Ace wearing his red Waterproof Soft Grip ScruffTag dog collar from dogIDs in most of my photos. It has a built-in nameplate. So no noisy tags.

Benefits of the Waterproof Soft Grip collar from dogIDs
Waterproof Soft Grip ScruffTag dog collar - dogIDs

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There are several benefits to this WATERPROOF collar. We’ve had ours for two years, and I can tell you it’s by far the best and most practical dog collar for the price (just $34).

Here are its benefits:


  • ODOR RESISTANT (truly!)
  • Waterproof
  • Extremely durable
  • Built-in nameplate (no lost or noisy tags)
  • FREE engraving up to four lines (with lifetime guarantee)
  • Corrosion-proof hardware


This collar solves a lot of problems I face with cheaper collars:

  • It doesn’t fade. Ours looks like new even after two years of San Diego sun!
  • It does not get that nasty mildew odor or smelly dog “fragrance,” even if your dog swims every day.
  • The material is STRONG but soft. If you have a puller, it will hold up.
  • Easy-to-read contact information

The best waterproof dog collars - dogIDs waterproof soft grip scrufftag dog collar

I know.

Seriously, the best collar.

The collar for people and dogs who love adventure!

If you have an active, sporty dog who loves to roll, hike, dig snow tunnels and dive head first into any body of water, this collar is the best option.

I love this collar because it’s rugged.

Sure, Ace and I love to visit the dog beach in San Diego and swim, but we are not really beach bums. Instead, we love to travel, play in the dirt, camp, backpack and race up snowbanks! (Yes, we travel to places with snow.)

I can’t tell you how awesome this collar is for people and dogs who love adventures. Have a hunting dog? I highly recommend this collar.

Ace wearing his waterproof Soft Grip collar dogIDs

The average collar for Ace lasts about a year before it’s tattered, faded or clawed. He’s a strong puller, smelly, drooly, and he’s always scratching at his collar with his Bear Claws!

[quote_center]We’ve had our waterproof dogIDs collar for more than two years and it still looks new. [/quote_center]

We’ve had our waterproof dogIDs collar for more than two years and it still looks new. In fact, I’ve never washed it or even wiped it.

I’m convinced it will last forever.

This really is an odor-resistant dog collar

Closeup of my dog's waterproof collarCloseup of my dog's waterproof collarIt seriously absorbs NO odor.

And my dog is plenty smelly. His dog bed has a strong odor. Heck, our carpets have a dog odor.

Ace’s collar does not have an odor.

How is this possible, you ask?

The Soft Grip material of the collar was originally designed for horse bridles, halters and reins, according to dogIDs. It’s serious stuff!

The material is tough but also soft. It looks like leather but it is easier to care for. It holds its properties and will not crack, even in severe weather conditions. And I mean severe! dogIDs is based out of Fargo, N.D., so they’re not joking around!

Don’t forget, it’s snowproof! Here is Miss Stella modeling her Soft Grip collar:

Stella wearing the waterproof Soft Grip collar dogIDs

Ordering information & coupon code

The waterproof Soft Grip Scrufftag collar from dogIDs is available online at

The cost is $34 and that includes FREE engraving.

Use code THATMUTT for 10% off ALL products. Click here.

The collar comes in 8 different colors and several sizes ranging from 8″ to 24″.

A few people asked about international shipping. Click here for that info.

Why should you buy this collar?

Simple: This is a durable collar that will last.

Waterproof Soft Grip collars from dogIDs

Giveaway – Win a FREE waterproof collar for your dog

Waterproof soft Grip collardogIDs is giving away one FREE waterproof Soft Grip ScruffTag collar to a reader of That Mutt.

*Congrats Allison H.!

To enter the giveaway:

Just leave a comment below. Let me know which of the 8 colors you like best. I’ll choose one winner at random on Wed April 6. Must have a U.S. mailing address to win.

Are you interested in the waterproof collar from dogIDs?

Let me know in the comments!

I am a blogger for the dogIDs blog and will now be featuring some of the dogIDs products here on That Mutt. Stay tuned!

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105 thoughts on “The Best Waterproof Dog Collars And Why You Need One – dogIDs”

  1. these are perfect!!! Loving the biothane collars and a built in name tag makes this even more incredible. If I don’t win, I’ll be buying one!

    I continue to follow your blog and read your opinions. I must say, you present aspects of an issue I sometimes do not consider and I find it refreshing ( I learn new things about dogs/ products/ training) and frustrating ( because I hadn’t thought of it!). Thank you for challenging my thinking and educating me all at once.

      1. It’s almost as if you read my mind. My Two pit mixes wrestle and occasionally lose there ID tags. This is a great Idea and we would love to have these on our furry friends. Thanks

  3. Love the lime green ! Easy to see even at dusk or in the woods. My lab mix loves to swim, so this collar would be perfect !

  4. This collar is fab because Finn is only 6 months old yet already been through 2 tags which get caught when he’s busy investigating what lives in the bushes etc.
    A perfect collar for my perfect 4 legged friend!.

  5. Love your blog very informative,keep up the good work. Kisses to Ace.Purple would look good on my Kayla

  6. I need one of these for my parents’ Lab. He’s always in the nasty wetland water behind their house and his collar is always wet and stinky!

  7. Lindsay, do you know how those are on a dog’s coat? I see most of the photos are of smooth coated dogs. I keep my shepherd in a rolled leather collar to prevent breakage of the hair around her neck.

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Good question. I am not sure since my dog is smooth coated. Let me ask dogIDs and let you know. I would think it would be OK but I’ll find out.

      1. Lindsay Stordahl

        Here is what dogIDs said: We haven’t had any complaints from long haired dogs. We recommend not wearing the collar too tight and to make sure the fur and collar are fully dried when the dog gets wet to avoid skin irritation from continuous wet hair.

        1. Thanks, Lindsay! That’s good to know. I could see that being a useful one when we’re going on an outing. I think I’d need to grab her license # with the city and the number off her rabies tag, but I love the idea!

  8. My dog got skunked for the first time over the weekend, and while she doesn’t smell anymore, her collar does! We are outside in any weather and it would be nice to have a green or blue collar that doesn’t get soaked from water or snow. So much great information on your site, as a new dog owner I’ve learned a lot! Thank you!

  9. The collars are a great idea but im in two minds about it. Especially on a walk, I like having the “clank” noise on the collar. Because I have two dogs, I can tell who is coming up behind me depending on the “clank”. Its also quite helpful if walking dogs in the dark where I rely on my ears rather than my eyes to keep an eye on my dog.

    The non-odour aspect would be great with my mud/dirt/water loving collie though!

  10. allison hoffman

    I love collars that have the ID information right on them because its so easy for dogs to lose their tags, so in the case of the dog getting lost, their information will still be on them! I love this!

  11. Oooh I want one of those collars with a plate tag so bad! The clanking sound doesn’t bother me but they fade so fast and it can be hard to read a tag on a squirmy dog when it’s flopping around. Also, I didn’t know smell-resistant collars existed, but I now want one! I’ll never forget the time I went to Big Bear with my dog and he found a dead fish and just rubbed his neck all over it. I must have washed his collar at least 8 times (I think I even tried boiling it?!) before I gave up and just had him wear his training collar for the next couple days we were there. I was really worried because his tags didn’t really go on that one well.

  12. Your blog has really helped me out with my new puppy !! Hes is now 9 months and a handful! He is a jack Russell terrier….that says it all haha

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Haha! Jack Russells do have a bad rap of being one of the harder breeds to train. That can’t be true at all! 🙂

  13. I checked out the site – I need to pull some information from my girl’s tags before ordering, but I think I’ll get her one and we will try it out this summer. I can (just barely) fit her name and city on one line, phone number on the next, and then I’ll put her Minneapolis license # and her rabies tag number on the next two lines. Her tags are worn pretty badly, so this will be a good “out and about” collar. Thanks for sharing the info, Lindsay!

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      Great idea to put that info on it! Customer service is really helpful there too if you have any questions they will be glad to help.

      1. I don’t know if it’s required that she wear that info, but it can’t hurt to have so people know she’s licensed and vaccinated. Her current ID tag says “CHIPPED” so anyone who might find her would know to scan for one. Hmm. Rethinking what all to put in those four lines. Maybe the city isn’t necessary.

        Dogname, Chipped
        Lic# 123456
        Rabies 98765

        1. Lindsay Stordahl

          I think what you have sounds really good. Makes me rethink what I have on my dog’s info. I only have his name and then two phone #’s.

          1. Ours just has her name, that she’s chipped, and 2 phone numbers – but she is also wearing a license tag and a rabies tag. So I’m condensing from 3 separate tags to one tag with limits on the amount of text they’ll engrave.

  14. I would absolutely love to have one of these collars! I have a 6 month old mini aussie, and I haven’t yet put a collar on her…..I walk her with a harness. But, I do want to get her a collar so that I can place her license tag, rabies tag, and her microchip tag on it.

  15. I love these! The red one would be perfect for our mini lab ! With 2 fur babies and 5 fur grandbabies, I see why these collars are superior to others!

  16. Boy do we need a new collar just lost Cheyenne’s collar at the dog beach in Florida our favorite color is blue

  17. Great idea! We keep a coller off Sade Mae as much as possible, due to possible throat problems, but when outside it is a MUST!.

  18. Briana Trudell

    Hi I would love my daughter, Briana, an opportunity to win the waterproof collar. She rescued a very special bull mix in November, and even though we’ve never owned a dog before, this dog named, Stella, has been one special dog. She came only wanting love, petting, and attention. She is so sweet we call her our pampered pup. She loves us and her new home. We try not to think of the type of home she came from and how she was treated. But we are giving her all the love u can give a dog. Stella is the best!!❤️❤️❤️❤️

  19. Theses collars look really nice and I like what you have to say about them. The Red collar I purchased for my GSD a few years back, faded after the 1st year! So a red collar would be my choice because it looks so good on my girl (and it’s my favorite color).

  20. This is genius, love the red and orange collars. Great colors but most of all the ruggedness, odor resistence, and durability. My dogs love the water, so waterproof is great! Name plate is a wonderful feature. They actually look very nice too. Great company too.

  21. I am the biggest fan of personalized dog collars; seriously. I have no idea how it keeps happening but Laika has lost 4 sets of tags ( I guess that averages out to losing 1 set a year, still not good..) and it’s frustrating. I have yet to find one that’s been lost, I have no idea where they end up.

    I’ve gotten our last 2 collars from dog ids and I love them. And as far as colors go I think purple would suit Laika well 🙂

  22. Are these breakaway collars? I think Archie would love-love-love the blue one! Love that it can be customized with his ID information, however, I’m still going to have to attach his dangly dog license tag, no? Thank you!

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      These are not breakaways. They have stainless steel hardware. It’s up to you how you want to handle the rabies info. My dog doesn’t wear his but you could attach one or engrave that info as well as someone else suggested.

    2. I haven’t ordered mine yet, but I checked out the site and you get four lines of 15 characters each, so I’ll put those numbers (rabies tag # and license #) on their own rows. I’m actually about to steal my dog’s collar so I can pull those numbers from the tags.

  23. Motown's Human

    Motown The Wonder Dog approves of DogIDs’ efforts to manufacture products in the U.S.A., and to represent other brands with good products and values. Motown The Wonder Dog [we wonder what she’s doing] has found herself in Miami Beach instead of Fargo. She sends three tail wags and a four paws approval rating to the folks in Fargo. She wears a harness, not a collar, so wishes luck to all the other entrants in this contest. Good on you, Lindsay, for telling us all about this great company.

  24. Birdie Schantz

    My dog is “chewing ” her tags, so this sounds perfect for my girl! A pretty pink collar with a built in tag would be just the ticket! She also loves the snow so durability is a must.

  25. Hi Lindsay, we live in Florida and we spend a lot of time outdoor so for me is a priority that my dogs have theIr collars in good shape and its a lot of work and money. Actually they are wearing leather collars but when they get wet the leather doesn’t look good so I have to apply some leather cream to bring those collars to life again! So…I hope to be the winner because my babies really will enjoy it and so I am!. Thanks a lot !!!

  26. Pete constantly loses his tags, right now he has none! Thank goodness he is also chipped! Love the orange, he has an orange collar right now, but is looking rather worn. Just bought him an orange backpack. He looks sooo good in orange, that’s what we would want.

  27. Miley would love the purple collar. She loks great in pink and purple. She’s lost her tags more than once. This would solve the problem.

  28. I would love the green, please. I’d probably buy the blue for my other dog. I think those two colors would look great on my boys.

  29. Wow I am from the UK and I would love these collars for my two dogs. Are they available in the UK please? We are always getting wet and muddy so they would be perfect.

  30. It seems like an awesome collar!
    I’m not from the US, I’m from Europe, how do you think I can get one for my black lab?

  31. Love the blue one! I get the tags from DogIDs, but I have to find someone willing to put them on with those rivet thingies (I’m not strong enough). A tag already built in would be awesome!

  32. We use biothane leashes and we will never go back. Trails here are muddy even in the summer due to creek crossings. And it rains a lot in Seattle so the regular streets are wet on a regular basis 🙂 With biothane, all I have to do is wipe the leashes off with the towel – no hanging to dry or sticking them in the washer to get the dirt off.

  33. Just rescued a German Shapard 9 to 10 yr, old with the slight hip problems that are inbred in Shepards but she still has a few more years left and I wanted them to be the best years of her life. I was going out today to purchase a coller or better yet order from DogsID.

    1. To be fair, GSD breeders have actually worked really hard to reduce the incidence of hip dysplasia in their dogs. OFA and PennHip, along with careful pairings, have been important tools in bringing those stats way down, and this is actually much less of a problem for shepherds now. I’m sorry to hear your girl wasn’t so fortunate, though.

  34. My Charlie is very active and goes through all four seasons with lots of outdoor activity. His tags are always scratched and now are so bad again that they need replacement. He is my very handsome rescue and would rock the blue one! Thx so much.

  35. I ordered mine last night! Thank you so much for sharing the coupon code, Lindsay! It took some SERIOUS finagling but I got everything on there: Her name, that she’s chipped, phone number, Minneapolis pet license number, and vet clinic name and rabies tag #. I was able to fit “MPLS” in front of the license number so hopefully that’s clear. The rabies tag ID# might not be so obvious. Still, I’m unreasonably proud that I can get my girl tag-free for active summer outings.

  36. We would love to win a blue collar. Lincoln is a long hair Shih Tzu and from the collars and the tags it breaks his hair. So we end up leaving it off and I have the fear that he’ll get away and not have a collar or tags. This would be a ideal for Lincoln

  37. My corgi Harry is a big fan of Ace and would like to grow up one day to be just like him. Until then, he would be satisfied to wear an orange, stink-proof, cool collar, just like his idol. We have been following you guys from your beginnings 🙂

  38. Melinda Polvado

    We are on our third collar in just over a year with our active dog. But what do you expect from a dog named Katniss!

  39. Great collar, I especially like it in red. Our pup is black and white and he looks really awesome in his red coat, and a red collar would be great! Thanks for the blog, Lindsay! I really enjoy it!

  40. Colleen Foerster

    I would like Purple My Mom Passed away and we gave the dog my moms favorite color in all we buy for her in honor of my Mom !

  41. Sandy Weinstein

    i have seen these collars before, they are very nice and good for dogs that stay outdoors alot. i know a hunting dogs use them alot. i like the red because my girls are black and silver and salt and pepper and red looks best on them. thank you.

  42. Cathy Witthoeft

    Lindsay, thanks for a chance to win. Red’s my choice for Wally, our black lab. Hope things going well with Ace and puppy!

  43. For all of you hoping to win – I think the winner will be pleased! My girl’s collar came in the mail yesterday. I do need to exchange it for a smaller collar (I forgot that this collar is meant to fit more snugly while she wears her rolled leather collar more loosely), but I was really happy with the way it looked and with the engraved tag. My dog wasn’t too thrilled, but she hasn’t worn a flat collar in over a year, so I’m sure she’ll get used to it.

  44. My Katia, a black goldendoodle, would love a red collar. I can relate to the shaking of the head. I think she does it to wake me up so she can go outside. We’ll learn another way for her to let me know she wants to go outside!

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