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Why Didn’t You Rescue A Dog?

Why didn’t you rescue?

I didn’t “rescue” because I wanted to get the right dog for my family. After months of research we found the right dog for us through a local breeder.

This has nothing to do with choosing to “buy” vs. “rescue.”

It is about finding the right dog for us and meeting our side of the deal by providing that dog with the best home we can.

Adopting a dog is a wonderful way to go. That’s why I have three “hand me down” pets already.

There are likely dozens of “rescue” dogs out there that could have been a good fit for us at this time. Our puppy will also be a good fit, and in our case it’s the right choice.

It’s simply about finding the right dog. That is it.

Yet, of course, it’s complicated.

We spent years researching all options, meeting different rescued Lab and shepherd mixes, discussing buying a malinois from an old friend & client, emailing breeders.

Nothing felt right. I could not commit to any of these other dogs. I’m not sure why.

I kept coming back to these weims.

Why didn't you rescue

Some decisions just feel right, and this is one of them.

“I was hoping you would rescue,” one woman wrote on my blog.

She meant it from the heart, out of her great love for dogs. She meant no harm.

I’ll be honest, these kinds of comments bother me.

That someone would turn such an important, personal decision into a black-and-white moral issue. That her decision should also be my decision.

It’s right up there with:

“When are you having kids?” (Who said I was?)

And, “Why didn’t you take your husband’s name?” (Why didn’t he take mine?)

But I can either whine about the rescue question or I can show people about choosing and raising a dog responsibly.

Here’s a post on why I personally appreciate our breeder: CLICK HERE.

I love my three hand-me-down pets. I don’t call them rescues, but they are all adopted. I’m so thankful and lucky their three lives crossed with mine at the correct times. Beamer, Scout and Ace are so perfect for me in their own ways. They are loved.

Our little puppy will be “perfect” and loved very much as well.

This is why I don’t ask a dog lover why she didn’t rescue.

I say, “Hi, what a nice dog.”

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Why didn't you rescue a dog?


Wednesday 14th of February 2018

I used to live where people would dump dogs, so I've had many rescues, have volunteered with rescues and still do. I'm very proud of my golden girl rescue, she earned a championship at 11. I wanted to get a papillon to train for agility and looked for a year and a half. Finally got in touch with a breeder who had a 1 year old boy who was too big for the breed standard. So I bought him and have been very happy with him. So yes I did buy from a breeder and maybe I'll buy another one who is retired.


Tuesday 13th of February 2018

We too, after a lot of research & pros & cons lists bought a puppy, from a responsible breeder who did a great job. He’s our first dog, we knew the breed we wanted & we knew it would be hard work, but he’s now 7 months & doing great. I’ve had all the comments about how we should have rescued & it can be hurtful, but I’ve learned to just move was right for us & that’s it


Tuesday 13th of February 2018

The way I look at it is, once a animal is born it needs and deserves a good loving home. It matters not whether it's had a hard life so far or had very little life at all. I too chose to buy a puppy, the reason being I am surrounded by neighbouring cows, sheep and poultry I also have 2 horses. I didn't feel I could take the chance in bringing home the wrong dog, so I chose a puppy that not only will be too small when fully grown to create problems with the other animals but who I have the opportunity to train and integrate with the other animals. I would never purchase from a puppy farm or pet shops because I prefer to discourage them, but those puppies too deserve to find loving, safe homes. Get off your high horses people. The puppy I buy today will not replace the rescue dog you brought home yesterday, but many will. So as I said in the beginning - once born, just as deserving of being given a loving, caring home.


Saturday 7th of January 2017

Btw, you calling your own rescue dogs "hand me downs" certainly "bothers" me. As opposed to what? A puppy from a breeder is somehow more "new and shiny", made "just for you"? Let's keep propagating these attitudes and we'll really make a dent in the shelter situation, right? i'm calling you out on all your rationalizations and justifications. They. don't. work.

tracey oliveto

Saturday 7th of January 2017

"Why didn't you rescue a dog?" bothers you? If that is the case, you must not have a very good answer - because if you did, you would simply give your reason and not be bothered. Am I wrong???? "The Truth shall aulde" (be revealed), as they say.

If ANYONE should be adopting rescue dogs, it should be a trainer. Because if a trainer isn't doing this, it gives 1000 other average dog-people justification to go to a "local breeder", too. And when that happens, the bottom line/s is: another shelter dog dies and, another breeder continues to make $ on breeding...and the cycle continues.