My Senior Dog Ace

Ace of Spades

My senior dog Ace seems to be doing really well. I try to remember how lucky I am to have him still and wanted to share this picture from a recent walk.

Last winter I truly did not think he would be around for another holiday season. But here he is! Feeling better than he’s felt in more than a year!

Ace and I walk together every morning (right after I walk the wild-child puppy). It’s a nice way to start my day. Yesterday, we even ran for about 45 seconds. He loved it!

And while he’s not a fan of our puppy Remy, Ace seems to tolerate him OK.

I am no longer concerned about any aggression issues like we were having earlier. Ace will occasionally snarl or even bite Remy, but it’s always deserved and it’s always my responsibility to keep Remy in line.

How are your dogs doing?

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Ace the black Lab mix -

24 thoughts on “My Senior Dog Ace”

    1. Meg, I’m (obviously) not Lindsay, but I suggest looking up the National Association of Canine Scent Work. NACSW is the entity overseeing the sport of Nosework. They have info on their site about the sport and how to locate a certified instructor in your area. You can also find info on how to compete if you think you might want to do that someday.

  1. My 15 yr old min pin usually snaps at new dogs. I’m afraid she’s going to get attacked so it’s super stressful meeting new dogs. What is the best way to make safe introductions successful?

  2. Good to hear Ace is doing well! He has such a sweet face. Reminds me of our Murphy (chocolate Lab) when he was older- the same gray and the same big brown eyes.
    Lambeau is doing much better. He’ll be three at the end of this month and you can see the maturity starting to show. We still work on some things- polite greetings with people, mostly. He’s pretty good with dogs now. But he’s starting to make the connection that if he gets wild and jumpy and out of control around people, I take him away from the attention. Slow, but it’s progress!

    1. Lindsay Stordahl

      That’s my challenge with Remy … polite greetings with people and dogs. I’ve been telling people they can’t greet him and they seem to understand.

  3. My dog is reactive to other dogs on walks. She started being unpredictable like this around 18 months old. She is 3 years old now. And she jumps on people, but she is starting not to as much.

  4. So happy Ace is doing really well. I think for senior dogs sometimes it is more frustration than anger with the younger ones. They can’t play like they want anymore. I hope Ace continues to do well.

  5. What a sweet and wonderful boy. I’m glad to hear he’s doing well. It can be very tough watching them age. My Maya is starting to show her age with how soundly she sleeps all day. But she still has her zest for life.

  6. Aw, sweet Ace! I’m thrilled he’s doing so well too and feeling good. I think I would have to ease into my day by walking Ace first, then Remy, haha! You’ve got two beautiful souls to walk with each day.

  7. What a fantastic photo of Ace. There is something very special about senior dogs, actually there are quite a few things. So relieved he’s doing better. He had us all worried for a while. Looking forward to seeing that face soon.

  8. My dogs are doing great. I’m sitting on the sofa with Zoey sleeping on my nap, Rodrigo sleeping next to her, and Sydney at my feet. Scout crashed on a bed in the other room. I just realized that we have five dog beds and four dogs.

    Love this update.

  9. It’s so good to hear that Ace is doing well! I also give my crazies separate walks, just because walking Hiccup by himself is so relaxing, and walking Link is so . . . not.

  10. Sandy Weinstein

    what a sweet boy. my oldest is 15, has a little dementia, almost completely blind, deaf and now has cancer which she had surgery for 2 wks ago. still waiting to see if she needs chemo/radiation. vet does not want to remove the toe b/c it is one she balances on in front. it was a hard surgery b/c there is not much skin b/t the toes. there is also some new method of chemo which does not require anesthesia which is bad for my girl at her age and with her dementia. started some new supplements that have mushrooms that are supposed to be very good for dogs with cancer. i hope Ace is not too bothered by his younger sibling and enjoys having him around. i am so glad that Ace is healthy and doing well, may he live a very long life. after all they are our babies. Evie was not a fan of her 2 younger sisters either, Evie was an only child for 8 yrs. she was mad at me. very mad, first there was Tressa and the next yr was Harley. Harley irritates her , takes her treats, walks on her, etc. however, she just does not bother with them now. Ace needs to tell Remy who is boss. Evie was never aggressive to her younger sisters, Evie would just look at me. Evie has never been aggressive.

  11. My senior beagle Bodie, is behaving like a puppy again since he got a little brother, Wilson. So good to see new life in him. I’ve never seen him play with a toy before. Makes my heart smile.

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